Remmy’s Really Ready to Receive a Residence

dog and ballRemmy is a lovable, intelligent dog with great leash manners. He easily focuses on his handler, even during play with other dogs. Remmy gets along well with dogs of all sizes and adjusts his play style accordingly. He’s playful, enjoys toys, and has incredibly soft fur. Remmy loves attention, petting, and scratching, happily offering his attention to anyone who calls his name.  Careful, he might try to crawl into your lap though and he’s way too big for that.  Remmy is 3 years old and 70 lbs.

dog and stuffy

Call the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at 707-840-9132 to set up a meeting.  If you already know what you want, you can fill out the adoption application right here: Adoption Application.

dog in culvert


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tru matters
tru matters
1 month ago

Really recommend rescuing Remmy