Humboldt Last Week Ep. 307: Ex-Bungle mystery, Jeopardy!, Fieri tough love, strike threat, Crabs moves, zoo death, more

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A former Mr. Bungle member isn’t cooperating with cops after the disappearance of his girlfriend, investigators say they’ve got a suspect in a rash of false threats leading to lockdowns at McKinleyville High, workers are threatening a strike that could lead to a campus shutdown at Cal Poly Humboldt, one of the zoo’s two red pandas died unexpectedly, the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s 10,000 new acres in the Pine Creek area marks their largest ever land reacquisition, Cal Poly Humboldt was featured on ‘Jeopardy!’, changes with the beloved Humboldt Crabs could mean championship games, A program is offering $920 monthly to pregnant people and aged-out fosters in need over a span of 18 months, Ferndale export Guy Fieri says he’ll ‘die broke’ and leave his kids nothing unless they get two college degrees, questioning the classifications of cannabis into ‘Sativa’ and ‘Indica,’ and more.

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5 months ago

That is one of the coolest photographs I have ever seen. The balance, the theme, the combination of the elements. It’s such a good photo, it’s almost clichéd.

Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger
5 months ago

What, no mention of inflation back to normal , i mean falling? Fuel prices back to normal, I mean falling lol. Crack me up, election in less than a year , you’ve been had!