This ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ Lady is Looking for a Good Home

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Animal Information


Located At: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Animal Shelter

Description: My name is Pop.

I am a female, brown and black Belgian Malinois.

Age: The shelter staff think I am about 10 months old.

More Info: I have been at the shelter since Mar 02, 2023.

Pop is a bundle of joy and energy, with a tail that seems to never stop wagging! Her happy-go-lucky personality makes her an absolute pleasure to be around. She is incredibly sociable and loves spending time with people, always eager to join in on any fun activities. Pop is also a quick learner, and her enthusiasm for life makes her a natural at picking up new skills. She would be great in a training class! Her playful nature is contagious, and it’s hard not to smile when you see her having a blast with her best friend Lolli. She weighs in at 53 lb. Is it time she “popped” into your life? Pop is 53 lb. If you are interested in meeting Pop, please visit and fill out an application to be pre-approved to make an appointment.

Shelter Information

Location : Humboldt County Sheriff’s Animal Shelter
Website :
Phone Number : (707) 840-9132
Address : 980 Lycoming Avenue
McKinleyville, CA 95519

There are several other animals that need to be adopted that are listed on If you’d like to check them out, follow this link:

Note: Animals will be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter.


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Mendocino Mamma
Mendocino Mamma
2 months ago

What a lil beauty 💜