Celebrate Global Recycling Day March 18

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

City of ArcataGlobal Recycling Day is an annual event on March 18 that helps humanity acknowledge recycling as a key part of a circular economy and contributes to protecting the environment and Earth’s natural resources. 

Global Recycling Day started five years ago as a way to bring a different perspective to what people throw away. Old items must not be seen as waste, but as an opportunity to use something again. It is a way for individuals to recognize the importance of recycling to preserve primary natural resources. The City of Arcata encourages residents to celebrate Global Recycling Day by avoiding wishful recycling, properly sorting their recyclables in their recycling bin and reusing recyclable items whenever possible. 

“Wishful recycling” is when people toss items into the recycling bin that they hope are recyclable without knowing if they actually are recyclable. One way to ensure that items are recyclable is to visit Recology’s “What Bin” webpage at whatbin.com. 

Sorting recyclables properly and avoiding wishful recycling is critical to keeping recyclable material out of the landfill. When non-recyclable items are mixed with recyclables, the recyclables become contaminated and must be taken to the landfill. It is important that green waste materials go in the green waste bin or are hauled to a compost facility. Cardboard, paper, glass, metal and plastic containers should be placed in the recycling bin. Items should be clean and dry when placed loosely in the bin. There are also several recycling facilities across Humboldt County that can accept items that are not allowed in a curbside bin, such as electronics, mattresses or batteries. 

Instead of recycling an item, remember it can be reused around the house! Examples of this include using jam jars as drinking cups, organizing cables by using bread bag tabs, using aluminum cans as pen organizers and creating waterproof lint logs by reusing toilet paper rolls and dryer lint. 

Please visit cityofarcata.org/313/Recycling-Garbage for more information and a helpful flyer or call Environmental Services at (707) 822-8184.


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Canyon oak
Canyon oak
2 days ago

Beyond celebrating recycling, California needs to be ethical on the redemption value agreement.
If they get to tax us on the container under the premise of a redemption value, they need to legally be required to make ubiquitous, the locations to collect redemption value.
At this point, where I live, it’s a scam.
The closest redemption value location is 70 miles away.
‘Save trees, use computers.’
That’s their line also

2 days ago

There is little to celebrate

2 days ago

Recycling Best for our planet, essential for congress.