Humboldt County’s news podcast: Humboldt Last Week episode 255 | Tallest tree trampling | Seattle flights? | TV news bias? | ‘Fair-bound Fieri loves Rage | Packer pro | More

Humboldt Last Week photo by Myles Cochrane

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week

A local tree – the world’s tallest – is prompting fines and jail time for trampling, the airport is working to entice Seattle or Portland as a direct destination, the state’s largest fire this year is just northeast of us, concerns of bias surround the purchase of our NBC and CBS affiliates, ‘Savior Mountain’: A fire in Alderpoint was stopped before it became a nightmare, ‘Fair-bound Guy Fieri has a Rage Against the Machine habit, Gill’s by the Bay got some appreciation in the San Francisco Chronicle, Eureka export Jake Hanson is delivering impressive training camp sessions with the Green Bay Packers, Orion Cosce is the first local export to get a UFC win, former Humboldt Crab James Outman hit a homer in his MLB debut, Congressman Huffman is aiming to tax a ‘political’ organization accused of posing as a church, immense appreciation for another ‘Best of Humboldt’ nod, event suggestions, and more.

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