Frank Edwards: A Celebration of Life

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Frank EdwardsA celebration of life will be held Saturday July 9th from noon to 4pm at the Piercy Community Center located at 80651 Hwy 271 in Piercy California.

Bring a dish if you wish…some refreshments will be served.  Take the Piercy exit and turn right at the stop sign and continue about 1 mile on Hwy 271 and turn right at the Community Center Sign.

Obituary: Frank Edwards: ‘A gentle soul’


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1 month ago

I remember Frank from the deli in Redway at shop smart I always thought he was a very nice person with a big heart r.i.p. friend

1 month ago

Frank was the cook at Singing Trees when I spent 6 months there in 2004. He was always kinda standoffish. When I asked one of the counselors why he was like that, she said “because he doesn’t want to get too attached to residents, when he might not see them again”.

Once I graduated and left the facility I started seeing him around town and he was very different. Kind, and warm and would gladly give you shirt off his back. He’s gonna be missed

29 days ago

I wanted to come to this. We were friends for 20 years. I’m sure much of the crowd the same. I’ve been exhausted full stop since July 4th. If it’s omicron I’m not interested in testing or infecting.

I’ve thought about Frank a lot these past few months. Mostly about the moment he first left his body. Can’t fit that kinda ecstasy into the 10% we perceive with our 10% attention span.

Sweet Dreams to One and All~