Areas Around Hayfork Reduced Out of Evacuation Warning Status

Good News iconInformation from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department:

*** Monument Fire ***
NEW West Hayfork Valley evacuation updates
09/16/2021 at 10:00 am
Effective Immediately-
All of the following areas are reduced out of an Evacuation Warning:
All areas along Hyampom Rd from Cedar Gulch to SR 3. This includes Circle Drive, Highland Drive, North Vista Lane, Murray Lane, Bean Gulch and North Talco Way.
All areas east of Hyampom Rd, both north and south along SR 3 through Hayfork to Big Creek Rd. All areas south of Big Creek Rd to Morgan Hill Rd/ Coonrod Gulch. From Coonrod Gulch South West through Kingsbury Gulch to SR 3.
All areas south of Hyampom Rd along SR 3 to Salt Creek Growers. All areas northwest from the SR 3 and Salt Creek Growers intersection to the Tule Creek Rd/ Jesse Rd intersection.
All areas south west of the Jesse Rd / Tule Creek Rd intersection to FS Rd 3N08. This includes McAlexander Rd, Shangri La Rd, Hunter Lane, Green Gate Rd, and Land Acre Rd.

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