CDPH Ramps Up COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach with Public Education Efforts, Provider Programs and Community Events

cdph_logoPress release from CDPH:

With nearly 77 percent of California adults at least partially vaccinated, and more than 74 percent of those aged 12+ having received at least one dose, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) will continue work in partnership with local health officials and community organizations across the state to fight disinformation, spur demand for COVID-19 vaccinations and focus on equity as some communities contend with rising levels of illness among the unvaccinated. Vaccines remain the best protection against COVID-19, including the highly infectious Delta variant.

Unvaccinated Californians are not only at much higher risk of getting COVID-19 than those who are fully vaccinated, they are also far more likely to suffer severe illness, hospitalization, and death.

“COVID-19 remains a very real threat to those who are unvaccinated. It is imperative that we fight the disinformation that is leading Californians to be skeptical of this life-saving tool we now have. Californians must take action to protect themselves and those in our communities who cannot get vaccinated, including children under age 12,” said Dr. Tomás J. Aragón, CDPH Director and State Public Health Officer. “COVID-19 vaccines are free, safe, and our best tool in stopping the spread and mutation of variants.”

CDPH is continuing its focus on vaccinating the remaining population and maintaining vaccine accessibility through data-driven approaches that prioritize communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. As the communication and outreach efforts become more targeted, ZIP codes with low rates of vaccination and communities experiencing outbreaks will drive efforts through public education, provider programs and community events.

With the great gains the state has made in equitably vaccinating eligible Californians and access to an abundant supply of COVID-19 vaccines, the state’s third-party administrator has transitioned from facilitating vaccine operations to now serving in an advisory role. To continue supporting providers, CDPH has launched a $40 million CalVaxGrant program to bring more vaccines into doctors’ offices, giving physicians financial resources to safely store and dispense COVID-19 vaccinations.

The CalVaxGrant is intended to increase access in hard to reach communities by partially reimbursing small physician practices up to $55,000 to set up their offices as small, community-based vaccination sites. The funding will help offset expenses, including staffing, training, technology, infrastructure, supplies and equipment, and administrative overhead. Small practice providers with up to 200 physicians are eligible to apply. For more information, visit:

Partnerships with approximately 480 community-based organizations (CBOs) will be extended and expanded upon through the end of the year to continue their critical work in connecting one-on-one with unvaccinated Californians and continuing to provide information, direct appointment assistance and appointment referrals. CBOs are critical to reaching the most vulnerable communities, including those in low-broadband areas. As trusted messengers, these organizations are key in addressing mis- and dis-information, which can vary by community. Additional CBOs that cover specific geographies and conduct outreach with populations that are hard to reach and move are being identified to join the state-funded CBO network. The “Get Out the Vaccine” (GOTV) door-knocking and phone banking program through the Government Operations Agency will continue to operate in key areas of the state through October. The combined efforts by CBOs and the state’s GOTV program have resulted in over 8 million Californians reached through phone calls and canvassing, and more than 875,000 vaccination appointments and appointment referrals.

Californians who have not been vaccinated yet are encouraged to go to or call (833) 422-4255 to schedule their appointment or go to to find a walk-in clinic in their county. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccines, visit



  • Alternative Title could read:

    Censorship and Propaganda isn’t working on all domesticated Citizens, so more of your your tax dollars shall be used to shower you with another round of blunt force drama.

    The thing free and safe is

    unconditional love…

    which is none of the governments damn business.

    They are incapable of being trusted with anything that deals with these complex issues pertaining to the spirit.

    This is a war on the free spirit.

    My body , my choice.

    • If it wasn’t quite so serious I’d find it immensely amusing how frequently conservatives confuse “free spirit” with “stupid choices”. I’m all for people winning their own Darwin Award in all kinds of spectacular fashion however I’m not a big fan of taking the unwilling with you for the sake of your own selfish choices.

      You are certainly free to not be vaccinated but you must be willing to take every other precaution to avoid spreading the virus. Most of the anti-vax commenters here aren’t willing to do that.

      • I’m routinely called a conservative. Mostly. However I’m also pro vaccination. Mostly. Stupid choices are clearly not limited by political alignment. It is an equal political persuasion defect.

        • Agreed, lots of stupid choices across the spectrum. I’m routinely in the ill-defined moderate independent group — libertarian about some issues, progressive about others, and decidedly pro-science.

          It just seems that the preponderance of the anti-COVID vaccine comments are from a sub-set of the anti-government conservative mindset that views their own self-interest as the only thing to consider, not the greater good, so to speak. Tucker Carlson as a prime example.

        • I appreciate this comment. The whole conservatives vs liberals thing is counterproductive and doesn’t mesh with reality. Those of us who are not extremists agree on many things. Buying into division allows a small group of manipulative assholes to get over on the masses.

          I will give just a single example, the federal minimum wage. It is $7.25 an hour and has been since July 2009. That is poverty pay. Both parties have had a run in power during that time. Both parties claim to support us common folks. If you are a fan of either, please ask yourself if yours is really looking out for you. It looks to me like they are looking out for each other and the wealthy. Am I wrong?

      • I guarantee I would surpass your expectations with physical capabilities and nutritional application..

        I’m taking care of myself like the 1% do.

        If you feel weak and the need for extra comfort and protection, by all means seek out better counsel from a well trained trainer of endurance athletes.

        You can find a place where you are comfortable with other people’s poor choices, especially when you are taking care of yourself like a performance athlete.

        Cheers and good luck to all of you who truly want better health and understand the old fashioned hard work it takes to make better decisions

      • Essentially 50% of Humboldt has been/has not been “vaccinated”. Yet it is fair to say less than 50% are “conservative” so this is clearly not a conservative vs liberal issue. It is more like a free choice issue.
        There are plenty of reasons not to get a “vaccine” including there are treatments available if you get really sick but most don’t. This is not a FDA approved “vaccine” and it has not been fully tested on children or pregnant women or even on people who have had and recovered from the virus. The adverse effects are not being reported in an honest way and the full court press on getting everyone “vaccinated” is rather alarming.

      • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

        Quit whining. 96.4% of those infected will recover.

        This lamedemic ain’t nothing.

        Nothing in the constitution says people gotta stop living their lives because of any disease. And they definitely don’t have to live it the way leftists try to mandate.

  • Sooner or later, you will be vaccinated.

    Accept it. Get over it. Why get sick if you don’t have to?

    COVID isn’t over. It’s going to whack the un-vaccinated over the head this fall and winter.

    Just get your damn shot, and you won’t be able to spread it to people you care about, and, we will be able to resume our lives.

    Newsom hasn’t re-instated masking, cause he thinks we will recall him!

    Soon, we will be shut-down and wearing fucking masks again…

    Get your vaccine, get it now… It’s free, no waiting…

    • Interesting, some vaccinated family and friends just had to cancel a get together due to their feeling like shit.

    • VMG… please stop projecting. Unless forced vaccination is on the menu, Many will NEVER accept this poison.

      Take that nazi crap to the lostcoastouthouse! Lololol.

      • Rude…

        I can’t stand the LCO. It’s run by idiots…

        “Mondays with Michelle”:

        A lowbrow feature with no redeeming quality whatsoever…

        At LCO, the idiots are the publishers, at RHBB, the idiots are often featured below the item…

        • I don’t think you have any courage to do your marxist dirty work on your own.

          You think it should be someone else who needs to act out the medical dictatorship through proxies.

          You are looking for adherence to an outside entity, such as the who, or a group of experts who know nothing about the individual needs, and ultimately the desire to circumvent the parents role on knowing what’s best for their our children.

          The people who feel the need to dictate to the live’s of others, have a special place in hell waiting, if they don’t understand how important the failed communist/marxist experiments.

          Live free or die.

          Move to Cuba , Venezuela, or any other country ….you don’t get to push free people around without serious consequences.

          • Lighten up on the attacks. Confront the idea not the person.

            • Truth is a tough pill.

              We will know 25years in the future all the mistakes that were made, and all the innocent people who were led like lambs to the soft kill slaughter.

              Don’t mean to mess up your provaxx party, but there’s nothing worse like paving the road to hell with good intentions.

              It’s been done so many times before, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

              Some people ask how the Jews were loaded onto boxcar after boxcar,….

              its called domestication.

              And it’s not just for breakfast.

          • Now I just don’t even know what you are talking about…

            Remember, frightened and ignorant is no way to get through life…

            Go in peace and good health, Craze…

        • I see what you did there…Often?

        • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

          “Here’s your sign!”

    • They’d rather risk getting Covid.
      That’s right, it is turning into a disease of the unvaccinated. Whatever, let them spread it amongst themselves. They’ve built a wall around themselves of paranoia and disinformation that they think Covid can’t penetrate.
      It’s funny, out of all of the people I know that have gotten vaccinated, not one has experienced the maladies that antivaxers here claim happened to their “friends”, like multiple friends getting blood clots, multiple friends hospitalized after getting vaccinated. Why is that? Yeah, we know why….and for what? They haven’t changed any minds, they’ve just made us question their veracity.

      • One reason a lot of free thinkers are not getting the jab is precisely because of the hard push to get it. Something isn’t right and we don’t trust you and your ilk.

        • Wow, we’ve got some real live rebels in the mix… “rugged individuals “.
          Thank the vaccinated crowds you are able to hide in while it lasts.
          Eventually someone like you will give you Covid. Enjoy…

        • its called ignorance and the end result is fear from not understanding.

          • Paraphrasing Reagan: The trouble with our “vaccine hesitant” friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so….

        • Can anyone tell me if this “vaccine ” was developed for an engineered virus. It is looking more likely that this was actually engineered. Not sure about the Delta strain. If it was, then Maderna etc had to have known. If it was designed for a naturally occurring virus it may not end up being all that effective.
          There are 29 vaccines and only one of them is “approved” for emergency use. The Covid-19 one. All others have been fully approved by the FDA. I’m trying to find out how long one can be used under emergency use. Maybe someone out there knows.
          There has been no approval in any form for a booster.

          • There was an analysis of sars-cov-2 done by the Chinese very early in the pandemic and subsequently repeated by others. So the spike proteins were known before the vaccines were developed. That is the information used to create the mRNA vaccines and no one needed “the hidden plans” of an engineered virus to do it.

      • Can it be called a “disease of the unvaccinated” when every person at the latest high profile superspreader event claims to have been fully vaxxed?

        • It is disappointing that so many breakthrough infections are happening. The Fleeing Texas Democrats Fiasco is especially disheartening since at least one of them announced she felt like she had a cold even though the symptoms were mild. So far at least 10% of the people on that planes have tested positive. At least this is a very public demonstration of whether the vaccine really keeps serious illness away or not.

          This article has the most concise information on both the covid situation and the voting issues. Surprisingly from what is more a tabloid than news site. Which is a sad commentary on both internet news reliability and the integrity of politicians.

        • Why isn’t the question on the patents and the funding of gain of function research?

          Why are all sheep rendered responsible for a manufactured bio weapon?

          Ah……..because the tax payers don’t know they paid for it.

          Damn sad, tragic and incapable of being understood by most people who trade their time for money.

          The idea of so few people that have their hands on the levers, should be the larger and more pressing problem.

      • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

        Rigggggghhhtttt.:.. that’s why the Texas Democrat Fleebaggers had 6 vaccinated lawbreakers…errr!!! Lawmakers develop Covid while flying UNMASKED to the US Capitol and why Kamala Harris had to go to a “ROUTINE” medical visit at Walter Reed hospital on a Sunday. And now several staffers in the White House have developed Covid.

        I just flew to New Mexico a few weeks ago and all airlines and all passengers had to wear masks, vaccinated or not. But not our Overlords… errrr! Elected officials. The rules are different for them. Most likely because these “Elected Officials” know this whole lamedemic is a joke and just an exercise in control.

        Disease of the unvaccinated…in a pigs eye!

    • Is your Covid19 vax going to protect you from monkeypox?

      Covid19 is so passe’.

      Didn’t you know that monkeypox was in the spotlight, now.

      Move over Covid19, there’s a new kid in town.


      Coming soon, to a theater near you…

  • “With the great gain(s)”…

    –of function —

    • Yep, this meme is a total scam. Sen. Paul doesn’t even understand what he’s trying to ask and won’t take no for an answer.

      • There is no hard wall between abstract virus recombination research and gain of function research. Besides the NIH did lift ban on gain of function research, which they had been funding, and started funding it again. So,no, that meme is not “a total scam.” It is a real issue that can’t be dismissed according to political affiliation.

        So is it a coincidence that sars-cov-2 came two years after that? Choosing to allege it was is just as arbitrary as to allege it wasn’t. Maybe Rand Paul has better information. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe Fauci knows and maybe he doesn’t. But what is certain is that no commenter here knows enough to call it out. This article from 2017 makes it clear that it is possible.

    • We are headed for something like this…

      • Who provided the “humanized mice” that enabled gain of function bioweapon development at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

  • In my 1911 I trust

    Aren’t half of all hospitalizations and fatalities in the UK in vaccinated people now? Doesn’t seem to work very well. We also know the gene therapy doesn’t keep you from contracting and spreading COVID-19. Only thing that seems to be bulletproof is natural immunity.

    • It works less perfectly than could wished for but better than the nothing that anti vaxxers and their irrational beliefs would have it. Doing nothing is as poor a choice as could be made.

      • If you went and got jabbed you would have to think that wouldn’t you AO It wouldn’t be very good for your mental health if you didn’t.

        It would be pretty hard for most to admit they volunteered for a big mistake.

        • Methinks HotCoffee is on to something. Cognitive dissonance has destroyed civilizations before.
          God wrote a book about all this. Pray for the peace of Israel.

        • Getting sick or dying of covid when there is something that can prevent it is the big mistake. But yes, I would be much disheartened if getting vaccinated turned out to be bad. Luckily for me just the opposite is true. It has been taken by millions and not been seen to cause the harm that anti vaxxers are constantly announcing. No one turned into a zombie. Nor did millions keep over in the streets. Baby’s are still being born and Bill Gates did not come knocking on my door. Not one of the rumors anti vaxxers spread has come true. But then they tend to not take notice of reality because anti vaxxers are motivated by belief- they believe they are right and anything that is contrary to that belief is simply dismissed.

          “Paranoia is an instinct or thought process which is believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of delusion and irrationality” and that belongs to the anti vaxxers in spades.

          • Good quote about paranoia.

          • And gaslighting is projecting your control, anxiety or fear onto others and making it their fault..

            • You project your anxiety and fear.

              Then AO tells you why its silly.

              Then you say AO is projecting anxious fears.

              That is the end.

              Hella happy life you got there.

              • I’m not anxious or afraid.

                As usual, you pontificate about a person, people, you know nothing about. But if anyone speaks about you, you run to Kym. 👟👟

                • For Christ’s sake, both of you. I’m at the stage of the frustrated mom in the front seat that turns around and just starts swatting blindly at whosever’s leg is in the way.

                  Stop poking at each other. I’ve got a fricking fire and a gunshot vic story.

  • 9 new billionaires, covid vaccine producers’ skyrocketing profits, and no worries of liability under EUA, a Big Pharma paradise.

    53 deaths in Humboldt county in almost a year and a half, in a population of 135, 000…….yeah, gotta keep up the fear in people into their getting vaccinated.

    • So is your paradise that people should choose to die and get sick quietly so as not to bother you? Or do you really think that, like socialists, that technology to stem the destruction caused by a disease appear from spontaneously from the common people’s self sacrifice and no money?

  • Yeah. We did keep a pretty good handle on it didn’t we Everyone wore masks and keep our distance but that’s mostly over now.
    I had Zero side affects after each shot

  • I’d rather take my chances. Thank God for personal choice.

    My body, my choice!

    • Curious, do you feel the same way about abortion? Gender surgery?

      • Yup. Now what about you? Are you for allowing me to live without your injection?

        • Absolutely, as long as you are willing to take all the other precautions against potentially spreading the virus to vulnerable people. Like wearing a mask every time you are in public in a closed space or where crowding won’t allow for maintaining a distance.

          • and if not, you hope I’m forced… is that right?

            Let’s get to the point. Karen wants to control us.

            Hint (you’re Karen in this analogy).

            • I’ll phrase my philosophy simply — I believe you should be free to make choices about your own life but you should not be free to inflict the consequences of those choices on others. In other words, you want to take the risk of getting sick because you don’t think it’s a big deal then go ahead. But you should not get to inflict that disease on others, some of whom could get seriously ill or die. Kind of like smoking — I don’t care if you want to take the risk by smoking as long as you don’t make me deal with second-hand smoke, see your littered butts, or pay for your lung cancer treatments.

              You’re using the Karen analogy wrong. Karen isn’t trying to control you, Karen’s trying to assert that they are free to do any damn thing they want and fuck everyone else. If you call them on it, they try to get in your face. Kind of seems like you’re the Karen in this analogy.

              • The vaxxed contract and spread the virus. In fact the pro injection crowd BRAGS about that reality.

                They ask “why get sick if you don’t have to”… and in the next breath remind us that “…duh. Of course the vaxxed test positive. I mean, its exactly like the polio vaccine …”

                Who you gonna call?

                I’m banking on natural immunity. Covid party. My house. Lol

                • If a vaccinated person is bragging that they are shedding virus, they are badly misinformed. “Vaccines against the novel coronavirus are not infectious and cannot be passed from person to person.”

                  • That’s not what I said.

                    I said they can
                    contract and spread the virus.

                    That is the smug little pro-jab brag whenever anyone points to the possibility that the vaccines are actually not that effective.

                    From CDC and liar pants Fauci:

                    ‘A small percentage of people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will still develop COVID-19 illness

                    COVID-19 vaccines are effective. However, a small percentage of people who are fully vaccinated will still get COVID-19 if they are exposed to the virus that causes it. These are called “vaccine breakthrough cases.”’

                    Jun 25, 2021

                    It’s feasible that a fully vaccinated person can be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID, and potentially transmit the virus, including the more contagious delta variant, Dr. Anthony Fauci said during an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press”’ July 4.Jul 9, 2021

                    So imo, neither of those statements, builds any confidence in the jabs, coupled with the bizarre side effects from these rushed mRNA concoctions, in addition to the FACT that they are NOT required (per the CDC!!!) People like myself are totally justified in declining.

                    (No one is justified in coming at me, or at anyone with the bullshit guilt trip / magical thinking that the vaxxed are infused with this emminating power of “protection over others.” People need to stop that; it’s total rubbish, as evidenced by the planefull of dems — all vaxxed– testing pos all over the place!! What a joke. And if “the right” had pulled that stunt the media would be all over it. The bias and censorship in media rn are disgraceful .

                    • The story itself was not censored, obviously.

                      But it was presented in a biased manner.

                      “The righteous Dems fighting ‘voter suppression’ and oops ! Covid.”

                      If the right had pulled that stunt, we would have never heard the end of it.

                      The bias of some news sources is so obvious as to be laughable.

                      The censorship and sculpting of narrative around the dangers inherent in the vaccine, and super duplicitous vaccine campaign is far more covert. Insidious.

                      My reference to censorship and bias were lumping together my pet peeves about this time in our lives…sorry if I was unclear.

                      If you’re gonna come at me it might be more interesting if you address more than a single detail of minutia that you go to as a gotcha.

                      The vaccines are garbage.

                      People are still getting sick with them . And from them.

                      What’s your opinion on that?

                      I find it concerning .

                      I also find concerning the risk of hospitalizations (not death) to an adolescent is less than 2/200000. Yet the media including yourself has actually stood behind the suggestion they line up for the jabs.

                      Because the story about the unmasked Dems passing Corona particles is the sideshow. They WANT us thinking about that.

                      Let’s think about why they want our CHILDREN injected with mRNA.

                    • TS, I don’t see the point of trying to explain the math of getting the vaccine to you again. I did. You didn’t buy it.

                      One more time though: Currently, about 95% of all COVID deaths are people without a vaccine. Considering that about half the population has the vaccine, that means those numbers are even more skewed than they look on the face of it. You don’t want to get the vaccine. That’s on you. But I’ve got better things to do than argue what seem to me clear points that you won’t acknowledge.

                  • Good. Because no one needs the (new) math explaining (coercing) getting the vaccine, again.

                    Kym, can we just assume the numbers are reliable ? I dont think we can.

                    “600,000” (dead with or of; no one knows)

                    95% (effective, or unvaxxed , but dead)

                    Because I asked your thoughts on folks getting sick with the vax. And from it.

                    I ask about any shared concern you might have about “health” entities gunning to inject mrna into children. Children.

                    But you want to talk death.

                    According to the covid dashboard, the stats dont look as scary as you and many others want to believe. Everyone should wander by the dashboard.

                    53 in total have died in Humboldt since the start.

                    Here’s a death stat:

                    95% of those reported dead with or of covid 19 in Humboldt were OVER 60.

                    And 75% were over 70.

                    (And probably obese, overweight, diabetic, or blahahblah vit d. )

                    No one under 49 has been recorded as dead with or of.


                    Only 14 people have died since beginning of May.

                    (Death count is the yellow line PEGGED to the bottom.)

                    The risk of death from the corona is something each person gets to weigh for themselves.

                    They can weigh that info against the risks (and actual efficacy) of the “vaccines,” which are UNKNOWN. (PER CDC)

                    Subscribing to a cookie cutter belief when it comes to health and disease processes completely ignores innate differences and lifestyle choices that impact our vitality.

                    Some of us are already in the 5%that never or rarely get sick! So I like many, am absolutely convinced i already wrestled with this bitch. And natural immunity is the real gold.

                    Ah…. wistful 2011 when our human individuality was still recognized .

  • How can it be data driven when the Texas state dems have said they will no longer report on infected vaccinated members and the White House admitted to hiding infected fully vaccinated members of the administration? Plus the cdc only counts hospitalized and deaths of infected vaccinated people?

    • Yes. Indeed. Having started this half assed demonstration and rejoiced in making it public, they damn well should not try to stuff the genie back in the bottle. It won’t go back in and they only look more foolish by trying.

  • July 2021

    “The CDC received reports from 48 U.S. states and territories of 5,492 patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection who were hospitalized or died.”

    April 2021

    “A total of 10,262 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine breakthrough infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories as of April 30, 2021. Among these cases, 6,446 (63%) occurred in females, and the median patient age was 58 years (interquartile range = 40–74 years). Based on preliminary data, 2,725 (27%) vaccine breakthrough infections were asymptomatic, 995 (10%) patients were known to be hospitalized, and 160 (2%) patients died. “

    • 6,446 breakthrough cases hospitalized? Out of 159,000,000 people vaccinated? So far so good. With a 95% success rate with vaccination, that means a potential 17 million people can expect to get infected if everyone was vaccinated and everyone gets infected. If only 10% ( which is probably low) of those who are positive end up in the hospital, we can expect over a million and a half breakthrough hospitalizations.

      But of course the pandemic is not over. Not everyone who can be infected has been. And how many who recovered from an asymptomatic infection is also unknown. Until this pandemic recedes, that number will not be clear. But good so far for vaccines doing good.

      “Experts told KOCO 5 the patients often require ECMO, which is an even higher level of care than ICU. Doctors said those patients have something in common.

      “The report I had from one major health care system in the state was 100% of those patients were unvaccinated, and some of them were young,” Kendrick said.”

  • “Between January 01, 2021 and July 14, 2021 in California:

    Out of over 20.7 million fully vaccinated individuals, 14,365 post-vaccination cases (0.069%) have been identified.“

    May 2021

    “California reveals data on outcomes for breakthrough cases after COVID vaccinations
    By Erin Allday 5/13/2021

    California has reported 3,620 so-called breakthrough cases of coronavirus infections in people who were fully vaccinated since Jan. 1, state public health officials said Wednesday. Of those cases, at least 150 people were hospitalized and at least 20 died.”

    • So far so good…

        • I’m hearing you, AA.
          I’m totally hearing you.

          Apparently that is a risk that some people think we are all obliged to take on behalf of others.

          Maybe Tim will volunteer first to be the paralyzed jab victims full-time caregiver?

          How about it Tim?

          All for one, one for all?

          Until it inconveniences you, right, then all bets are off?

          You ready to constantly push a wheelchair right along with constantly pushing the jabs?

          Anybody else?

          • 👍📣…. ☕

          • I think you misunderstand my position on all of this. I am simply asserting that we all have a responsibility towards others we interact with and part of that responsibility to take reasonable measures to not cause them unintended harm. I believe that to be true whether we’re talking about vaccines, masks, smoking, distracted or drunk driving, or any number of other ways we interact with others.

            There are choices we make in all of those situations that can have similar effects on the outcomes towards others. With COVID-19 you could get a vaccination to dramatically reduce the likelihood of contracting or spreading the disease or you could choose to avoid contact with others or you could wear a mask when in contact with others in situations where you might spread the virus. None of those are perfect but they each have a demonstrated significant reduction in the spread.

            If someone does have a debilitating response to a vaccine then of course we (the pubic we that is) should provide the resources to help care for them. I’m much less inclined to help those who intentionally refuse to take any risk reduction approaches and then become debilitated because of their choices.

        • Will you volunteer to take care of the 25% of long term covid cases who were afraid to get vaccinated because of anti vaxxer misinformation and got sick? There are thousands of them. Trying to guilt people for the resulting casualties of choosing to get vaccinated or not is a losing proposition for those who dismiss covid effects and exaggerate the vaccine’s side effects. ” Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is an inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy associated with numerous viral infections. Recently, there have been many case reports describing the association between coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) and GBS, but much remains unknown about the strength of the association and the features of GBS in this setting.”

  • I lovebhow people on both sides of an issue just regurgitate the newest narrative… The ignorance is astounding.. rabid vaxxers are just as bad as ignorant anti vaxxers… All the while trusting different sides of the same establishment that doesn’t give a shit about you. Time to rise up and shift away from it all.. can u? All you old “hippies” that think you were so advanced and alternative have turned into the establishments little drones and all the ignorant rednecks have just been dipped because we’ll they are ignorant rednecks.. watching it all unfold is hilarious cuz you are all getting played.

    • Well you, like all of us are either jabbed or not. Therefore, you’re not sitting above it all as far as those “Old Hippies and ignorant rednecks” can see. You’ve chosen like everyone else.

      The everyone is radical except me doesn’t work. People are individuals, not labels.
      Many see the plays of both sides. There’s no room for superiority complexes.

      Otherwise, feel free to enlighten us.

      • It’s not a superiority complex. And yes… I have made a choice.. which is no one’s business as far as vaccinating goes but my own… But there is a choice beyond that..and to be stuck in a world divided by who is vaccinated or not is incredibly annoying..I am speaking more to the ignorant line towing of whichever “side” people find themselves on and then staying divided over all issues.. like there is no nuance to being a human being evolution involves entheogens and if you are not taking them then you are stuck because there is no changing the system or saving the earth .. shoot.. even some people that take them are stuck… [edit] the changes have to start on the inside of all of us. I would venture to say those of us that choose to be vaccinated are more brainwashed than others but there is equal brainwashing on both sides if you consume media in a daily basis..

  • Entheogens are becoming legal, so I’m pretty sure more will partake.

    Whether that turns out well or not probably depends on the mind and spirit you have to start with.

    • Legality aside the form into which they are gonna be squeezed is still controlled and that never turns out well… I doubt the establishment will ever let it be full bore legal because that threatens their very existence.

      • I doubt people will be getting them from the establishment, a new black market is born.
        Not many will want to pay the fees and track the spores.

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