Unattended Debris Fire Found at Grow Site in Stafford Area, Says Firefighter

Fire marijuanaAbout 8:40 p.m., a passing motorist reported a debris fire in the Stafford area west of Hwy 101. Firefighters arrived on scene to find an unattended approximately 10’x10′ debris fire.

Firefighters requested a type 3 engine from Rio Dell for a smoldering pile and a Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy “for an unattended, controlled burn at a grow site.”



  • Idiot!

  • I guess CDFW will have to make up a new penalty for that and add it to the master abatement fine schedule?

    • Rolling that engine cost at least a grand.
      I have no sympathy. The last thing anyone of us needs is a repeat of last summer. It only takes a gust of wind and minute before we can end up with a fire of epic proportions.
      And these few sprinkles will not make up the 50% deficit we have in our annual rainfall.

  • Ah yes Another Humboldt Mensa member

  • I do that all the time. Just like the commercial says, set it and forget it. Nothing bad can happen as long as you have proper burm around the pit. Are rural area is fine with this kind of thing. Now lettuce move on to more important stuff.

  • Yep. 40,000 per minute. Up to 60 minutes if u cant pay we’ll attach a lein to your children !!!!

    Maybe you people should consider showing up to newsoms special election coming up !!!

    Soon to be deleted !!! Lol

    • At least Newsome is responsible for every evil in California. Once he is recalled CDFW will go away, and so will weed, and even these pesky fires!

    • You should take your own name and think about the implications.

      • I can use auto-suggest too:
        the road now I leave earlier than that little guy. However, you want to do it enough to get back to town.

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