9 New Cases Reported Today

Covid-19 vaccinePress release from the Humboldt County Joint Information Center:

Nine new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Humboldt County today. One previously reported case was determined to be a false positive and removed. The total number of county residents who have tested positive for the virus now stands at 4,390.

Two new hospitalizations were reported today. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 192 people have been hospitalized and 46 local residents have died. None of them were vaccinated.

Humboldt County will remain in the “Orange” or Moderate tier under the California “Blueprint for a Safer Economy,” with a positivity rate of 3.6% and an adjusted case rate of 5 per 100,000 residents.

As California moves toward retiring the Blueprint on June 15 and reopening all industry sectors statewide, Public Health officials stress the importance of increasing the number of vaccinated residents.

“We urge all Californians to get vaccinated to ensure that infection and hospitalization rates remain low across the state and that we can all return to the activities we love,” said Dr. Mark Ghaly, California Health and Human Services Secretary.

Vaccination clinics are scheduled tomorrow through Sunday in Petrolia and Eureka. Walk-ins are welcome at all Public Health clinics, or people may schedule in advance through MyTurn.ca.gov.

Spanish-speaking staff will be on hand to assist community members navigate the vaccination process at the Sunday, June 13, vaccination clinic at College of the Redwoods. See below for this week’s schedule and a list of vaccines offered.

Petrolia – Wednesday, June 9 – 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Mattole Grange (36512 Mattole Road)
Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson

Eureka – Thursday, June 10 – 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
College of the Redwoods Gym (7351 Tompkins Hill Road)
Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson

Eureka – Sunday, June 13 – 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
College of the Redwoods Gym (7351 Tompkins Hill Road)
Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson

The one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is authorized for people 18 and older. The Pfizer vaccine is authorized for people age 12 and older. A parent or guardian must accompany minor children to the clinic. Minor consent forms are available online in English or Spanish and may be printed and filled out for each minor child before coming to the clinic.

Español: humboldtgov.org/MinorConsentEspanol
English: humboldtgov.org/MinorConsentEnglish

Many local pharmacies offer COVID-19 vaccines, and most pharmacies allow walk-ins. Check availability at vaccines.gov, or text a ZIP code to 438829 to find a nearby vaccination site.

View the Humboldt County Data Dashboard online at humboldtgov.org/dashboard, or go to humboldtgov.org/DashboardArchives to download today’s data.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit cdc.gov or cdph.ca.gov. Local information is available at humboldtgov.org or by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

Sign up for COVID-19 vaccination: MyTurn.ca.gov
Check for vaccine availability at a local pharmacy: Vaccines.gov
Local COVID-19 vaccine information: humboldtgov.org/VaccineInfo
Humboldt County COVID-19 Data Dashboard: humboldtgov.org/Dashboard
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  • How many times have these same people tested positive for covid?

    • “The total number of county residents who have tested positive for the virus now stands at 4,390.”

  • “Two new hospitalizations were reported today.” People are hospitalized nearly everyday, no? So why were they hospitalized?

    Then they “tested” positive? Sounds like orc mischief to me.

    “So we can return…”. Coersion. Why such the push for a jab which is neither safe nor effective and there is a good chance herd immunity has already been reached?

    Only one “case” proved to be false-positive? 😆

    How did they figure that out?

  • Cmon everybody let’s “flatten the curve“ , “ two weeks to slow the spread “.
    Are hospitals still overwhelmed?

    • Was Humboldts hospitals ever overwhelmed by this lamedemic, luckily we weren’t hit as hard as the rest of the world, yeah right, we live in a bubble. Cabo was better off than us, even with their lousy medical care system, they must have been in a better bubble than us. Hawaii was in an even better bubble than Cabo , hmmm, sure are lots of bubbles, maybe those bubbles had covid the previous year, before people freaked out about having a cold. We didn’t test so we don’t know, but science will tell us, in about 2 years lol.

      • Yeah, a lot of people in Humboldt remember and talk about December 2019 and January 2020, in having the worst “flu” in years.

        • Yes, mine though minor was in February 2020 the “worst” I’d had in many years — it traveled through my body hitting all my weak spots. It was airborne as I didn’t have much contact with people at that time.

      • I wonder how many in Cabo take HCQ because of the mosquitos.

  • “It’s all Greek to me”.

    Is everyone on board with the new and supposedly improved Greek alphabet substitution cypher system for easier
    standardized SarsCov2 variant of concern identification?

    Say that 3 times fast…

    Alpha. = B.1.1.7 = UK Variant.
    Beta. = B.1.351.1 = South African Var.
    Gamma = P1. = Brazilian Variant.
    Delta = B.1.617.1 = Indian Variant.
    Kappa =. B.1.617.2 = Indian Variant.

    Piece of cake right?

    Is this new information for any of you?

    If so, thank Kym, it’s her site she’s letting me share this on….

    [Self edit]

  • Transfer of wealth.

      • Except that almost everyone does the same thing only with a whole lot less money. Deduct interest on a house loan or home equity loan? Or pay capital gains instead of income tax when when you sell a home for more than you paid for it? Cities use tax avoidance when they sell municipal bonds. Get a tax write for charitable deductions? IRAs? Social Security or VA exemption? Some of the absolute worst “tax dodgers” are state employed teachers with their unions lobbying and public good will- there has been a number of shell companies set up for teachers over the years while they also lobby for others to pay more taxes. Only the wealthiest have legions of tax experts to mine the tax laws for ways to avoid taxes but we all (at least most of us) do a bit of it in our small way.

        The trouble comes from Congress and State legislators being so fond of using taxes for political goals. Want people to use solar power? Then offer a credit for installation. Want people to adopt children? There’s a tax credit for that. Clean energy? Lots of those exemptions, credits, etc. Simply old? Blind? You got it. There’s a credit for that. Many worthy and a whole lot of unworthy goals are written into the tax code. Some of these loopholes are the result of Congress not understanding what they are writing into law . Some is a deliberate way to benefit themselves and their special interests. But every tax benefit is of more use to the wealthy than everyone else. The tax code drives business, investment, housing, medical care, etc etc etc.

        Anyway the point is that, through continuous legislator diddling with tax law and a legion of court cases, the tax codes are easy to manipulate. And legislators like it. Taxes are a big selling point to gather election contributions and other perks.

        It’s easy to get outraged at the rich but we all contribute to it by defending our own “tax avoidance” strategies while somehow demanding that the rich will not be better at it. It would be fairly easy to have a sort of universal, no exemption, no credit, no mess income tax system but literally no one wants it. For themselves at least.

        • “Some of the absolute worst “tax dodgers” are state employed teachers…”

          Yeah, those darn public school teachers are right up there with Jeff Bezos! Isn’t posting from a parallel universe against the rules here?

        • One of the loop holes the really wealthy use is to put their money into a foundation.
          Clinton foundation, Rockefeller Foundation etc.

  • thatguyinarcata

    I’m always curious what people’s personal metrics are for when they will be comfortable moving forward from this virus mania? Is there anyone here who believes that it is important that local case counts continue to be reported until there are some number of days that it is zero? How many days? How long will the testing facilities be open? Once the state gets around to ending the (illegal) state of emergency will that be the time that we stop the daily tallying?

    Who out there wants a vaccine and hasnt gotten one? Hasn’t everyone accepted this new normal risk level yet? You will likely encounter unvaccinated people in any trip out in public from here onward, adjust your expectation of risk and let’s all move on.

    • I have asked for concrete metrics for “returning to normal” from day one. No one has answered that question or given any kind of qualifier to what a “general level of societal risk” is appropriate for any organization (much less; our “leaders”?) to recommend or promote. How long will the mob demand our participation?

      • Until you get vaccinated? Jesus, how hard is it to for you to wear a fucking mask in the grocery store, really?

        • They are completely put-upon. A piece of cloth is an affront to their supposed freedoms. Caring about susceptible people is a burden they can’t bear. Their lives are dictated by their own inflated self-importance. The goal of minimizing the seriousness of Covid has been a full time endeavor in these threads for these people. Yeah, a mask has these supposed rugged individuals reduced to whiny chronic complainers. At least they’re good for a laugh.

          • In my 1911 I trust

            If I don’t know you, I don’t care about you. If you die, that’s one less person my family and I need to compete with in this ever increasingly crowded world with increasingly fewer resources. I don’t advocate for anyone’s death, but if you die, that’s on you. If you think other people besides your family actually care, that’s on you too.

            The absolute majority of the world feels this way, if your feelings get hurt, or you think other people should watch out for you, that’s a failure to put your own survival first.

            That’s just the way it is.

            • The masking mandate is about preventing SOCIETAL SPREAD, not personal protection. Your personal liberties to not extend to knowingly spreading diseases to others. Even if you’re asymptomatic, you could be spreading it. This has been very public knowledge for more than a year. No excuse at this point.

              • In my 1911 I trust

                Except that Fauci explains in detail in his emails released by the FOIA that masks don’t work at all. The virus goes right through it or around it. Masks are for preventing the transmission of bacteria during hospital visits and surgeries from the doctor or surgeon to the patient in order to prevent nosocomial infections. That’s it. That’s all they have ever been used for, if a doc is sick with a virus they stay home, if they are dealing with a virus they wear far more PPE.

                People threw “science” out the window for a year. No asymptomatic people do not spread COVID, that was another lie, presymptomatic people spread COVID, just like it’s the main driver of every other respiratory disease from the cold to tuberculosis. Also, natural antibodies provide a far stronger and more robust response over a greater period of time than the vaccines do, just like every other disease.

                Many people threw the database of knowledge we have acquired as humans over the centuries regarding infectious diseases out the window with this one. It turns out, it follows almost all the same rules as wild-type viruses. Don’t be upset that common knowledge was thrown out for uncommon knowledge for an entire year and you fell for it Geist, many people did.

            • Some people have a completely jaded it’s all about me attitude, I see that clear as day. And no, most people aren’t like that thank god. Empathy is considered a good trait to have. Lack of empathy is usually associated with narcissism.
              Anger and narcissism , people that display it are a danger to society.

              • In my 1911 I trust

                That’s why after I recovered from COVID, I started being the go between for friends who had COVID to go to the store and take care of business for them. Even just hang out with them while they quarantine. Empathy takes many forms. Some of us are actually doers though, not virtue signalers. I have realized throughout this pandemic that we have a serious problem with people that have lost their need for self-preservation, weakness and godlessness pervades this society.

          • Free estimates

            I asked about metrics for “reopening” and you give me a rant about how I don’t care about others and masking is an “affront to my freedoms”. For someone who complains about “gaslighting,” you sure are contributing your fair share. Can you argue the point or are you just going to attack the messenger?

          • thatguyinarcata

            No one but you is talking about masks. Sure, the science supporting widespread mask use is weak as hell but it makes people in my community feel more calm so I wear one in the places its required.

            The question at hand is, at what point will you feel comfortable moving forward with life and leaving this virus mania in the past? Do you believe that we should live with this level of fear until this virus has been eradicated? Do we need to wait for multiple days of zero confirmed cases in a row? If a single case is identified in the future should we return to these limitations?

            I’m genuinely curious where the Highly Concerned among the community sit. From my perspective, we are passed this virus posing any serious threat to our health system and it is currently another infectious disease that is endemic and requires no special state level intervention in our lives. Others obviously feel differently and I’d like to hear their opinion.

            • Seriously, where have you been? The whole year of Covid comments has been people crying about wearing a mask and/or trying to prove that masks don’t work.

              • You didn’t answer the question. You moved the goalposts, again. When are you going to feel comfortable moving forward? At least geist answered the question (as ridiculous as that notion was).

                • local observer

                  you should ask the virus that question. everything is cause and effect, including this. there is no way to know. but one can speculate and use the existing data to base that speculation. I would say its going to be around 20 years or so before we are back to normal, we will need to wait until the majority of the delusional party pass on to the other side.

              • thatguyinarcata

                I mean, they don’t work. They may stop some of the larger particles associated with a sick person coughing or sneezing, but most viral transmission comes via aerosols that are little impeded by masks. But they make people feel safer, kinda like the ridiculous plexiglass everywhere or the security theatre we all enjoy at the airport. And hey, a calm disposition is crucial for proper immune function!

                But regardless of how you feel about the level of “crying” I’m still curious to know when you will personally be ready to move on from this viral fixation? What are the signs that you are looking for that will tell you that your neighbors are no longer a threat to your health?

                • I refuse to breathe or touch things again until all the natural antibodies-having meat sacks also get fully vaccinated (with seasonal boosters), wear spacesuits, AND all the heretics get banished to a domed gravel mining camp in Orick.

        • Free estimates

          I’m not going to get vaccinated. It doesn’t make sense for my age and health to do so. I’d rather build natural immunity to diseases. Been wearing a mask for over a year to help you and others like you to feel less dis-ease. Certainly glad I did with all the love I’m getting from you!

          • It’s good if that is what happens. Not so good if you get really sick or spread it to someone who does. Choosing not to get vaccinated is like playing Russian roulette with one chamber out of six loaded. Probability says the first pull of the trigger is not likely to release a bullet. But frankly most information says the probability of not suffering a devastating result is better with vaccination. If you are playing the probabilities rather than paranoia about the gun exploding no matter what. In which case it should be noticed that vaccinated people are not littering the streets.

            • Russian roulette if you don’t get the experimental with 1% absolute risk reduction?

              Or 99.97% chance of survival and perhaps lifelong natural immunity if you don’t?

              Makes sense to me. 🤔

              • I’m beginning to suspect Brian is right, with you posting the exact same wrong number as someone with another name did the other day. Or do multiple people follow the same bullshit non-news sources and parrot it here? And just like last time, it can’t be a 0.03% fatality rate, because more than 0.18% of the entire US population has died of it already.

                Research so far shows that immunity from getting infected is not likely to be nearly as long-lasting as immunity from being vaccinated. It’s part of why various agencies are advising people who have been infected to still get vaccinated.

                Absolute risk numbers are entirely meaningless. They do not mean what you suggest they mean. They are only useful as an intermediate step within a specific study on the way to computing useful numbers. They can not be compared between studies, and vary hugely based on how the study is conducted. There is a reason no one is tossing them around… except you.

                • Maybe it is an .03%
                  risk for them.

                  It certainly isn’t for everyone.

                • Got me Bushy, I was incorrect. It’s actually 99.997%.

                  Children are at .003% risk of covid mortality. At most.

                  Those who understand that drosten’s ole PCR test was used in the trials, financed by the jab-makers themselves, give little value to them.

                  Regardless, my point is why jab a child? And your answer is “because it’s effective”?

                  I can’t seem to wrap my noggin around the fact that it is now well known that those damaging s-proteins, created by the jab, are collecting in vital organs.

                  And ovaries/testes, potentially sterilizing the youth.

                  (eugenicists wouldn’t want that)

                  I like the “bullshit news source” part. Your 95% comes from….pfizer.

                  Proven bullshitters. 🙄

            • I’ll take my chances. Thanks for your concern. ✌️

        • thatguyinarcata

          So are you waiting for a specific percentage to be vaccinated? Is it 100% vaccination that will get you to your comfort level?

        • Until you have a self driving car,how hard is it to stay off the roads . You people are so selfish.

      • Exactly,

        When is enough, enough?

        What is the exact herd immunity, magical vaccination percentage, combined with how many with natural immunity from previous exposure?

        What is the exact goal?

        Why aren’t they testing for natural immunity prior to vaccination, or for determining the overall level, at all?

  • Cases of what?

  • I was out shopping today in Laytonville. About 4 people went into the store without a mask.
    This is the first time I’ve seen this so I suspect people are about over being told how to live.
    No one commented or said a thing about it in the store even though the wear a mask sign is still out front of the store.
    I was only there for about 10 minutes.

  • If SarsCov2 was patented in America, which can’t be done if it is naturally occurring, it will be kept secret for 18 months from it’s filing.

    There also can’t have been any published studies concerning the process involved in it’s invention, prior to the filing.

    We should find out very soon the name associated with the patent as we are very near from being beyond 18 months from any point in Jan, 2020, when it would likely have been patented.

    It would also explain why all of a sudden the shift towards it being man-made has begun…

    Time will tell.

    Also, for more fun reading for those still on the evolution versus creation, origin fence, research “no see um virus mutation method.”


    “Use of Esp3I in the traditional and no-see- um approaches. The …”

    It’s a sneaky viral gain of function viral engineering method that appears natural.

    As if no “connection”.

    And the name that pops up over and over?

    Ralph S Baric, U of North Carolina.

  • It seems I would be remiss, if I didn’t wish Brian a sincere, Happy Birthday.

    Really, I mean it, no kidding around,
    Happy Birthday! I hope it’s awesome.
    I really do.

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