1 Death, 29 New Cases Reported Since Friday

Covid death humboldtPress release from the Humboldt County Joint Information Center:

A Humboldt County resident in their 50s has died with COVID-19, marking the county’s 46th death. Humboldt County Public Health and emergency response staff extend their sympathies to the person’s family, friends and care providers.

Twenty-nine new cases have been confirmed since the most recent report on Friday. One previously reported case was removed from the local count after it was determined to be from another jurisdiction, and one antigen-positive case has now been reclassified as a PCR. The total number of county residents who have tested positive now stands at 4,382.

The Humboldt County Data Dashboard has been updated to reflect the latest information. This includes updates to the ZIP code section and the removal of one previously reported hospitalization, which has been determined to be unrelated to COVID-19.

Vaccination clinics are scheduled this week in Carlotta, Petrolia and Eureka. Walk-ins are welcome at all Public Health clinics, or people may schedule in advance through MyTurn.ca.gov. See below for this week’s schedule and a list of vaccines offered.

Carlotta – Tuesday, June 8 – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Cuddeback Elementary (300 Wilder Road)
Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson

Petrolia – Wednesday, June 9 – 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Mattole Grange (36512 Mattole Road)
Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson

Eureka – Thursday, June 10 – 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
College of the Redwoods Gym (7351 Tompkins Hill Road)
Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson

Eureka – Sunday, June 13 – 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
College of the Redwoods Gym (7351 Tompkins Hill Road)
Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson

The one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is authorized for people 18 and older. The Pfizer vaccine is authorized for people age 12 and older. A parent or guardian must accompany minor children to the clinic. Minor consent forms are available online in English or Spanish and may be printed and filled out for each minor child before coming to the clinic.

Español: humboldtgov.org/MinorConsentEspanol
English: humboldtgov.org/MinorConsentEnglish

Many local pharmacies offer COVID-19 vaccines, and most pharmacies allow walk-ins. Check availability at vaccines.gov, or text a ZIP code to 438829 to find a nearby vaccination site.

View the Humboldt County Data Dashboard online at humboldtgov.org/dashboard, or go to humboldtgov.org/DashboardArchives to download today’s data.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit cdc.gov or cdph.ca.gov. Local information is available at humboldtgov.org or by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

Sign up for COVID-19 vaccination: MyTurn.ca.gov
Check for vaccine availability at a local pharmacy: Vaccines.gov
Local COVID-19 vaccine information: humboldtgov.org/VaccineInfo
Humboldt County COVID-19 Data Dashboard: humboldtgov.org/Dashboard
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Humboldt Health Alert: humboldtgov.org/HumboldtHealthAlert



  • 8 more days of masking , all Newsome can push is for workers to keep masking. The rest of us will be streaking the streets.

  • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

    The fraud, Dr Fauci, needs to resign, now!

  • Keep your mask on, stay out of high risk situations and get vaccinated!

  • Last chance to give a shit about nonsense.

    Until the next pre-planned catastrophe that no one could have ever seen coming.

    Enjoy your month or two of freedom(TM).

    Try not to be too poor.

  • COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 683 studies




    • Those sites are run by the invermectin spam group. They are not reliable sources.

      • Chicken little

        Floppy fauci murdered 3,751,893 people to date with his gain of function experiments. That merits the death penalty.

        • There’s lots of problems with that.
          1) Calling people offensive nicknames weakens any case you make.
          2) There is no evidence that covid is genetically engineered or otherwise man made.
          3) There is no evidence that, if it is, it was a result of gain of function experiments.
          4) There is no evidence that, if it is, it was at Fauci’s direction.
          5) There is no evidence that, if it is, leaking it was intentional, which is necessary for murder.
          6) There is no evidence that, if it is, it wasn’t due to the actions of any other person.
          7) etc. I’m sick of typing.

          • The issue is that free speech was shut down.

          • Also there is no evidence of natural progression
            But there is evidence of the funding going to china ( or is this just Russian disinformation like hunters laptop)

            • There is no evidence of laboratory manipulation of the virus either. What there is is a virus that no one has documented previously either in a lab or outside of it. Some scientists say that means is was created in a lab. Others say it is not that great a leap from what is already out there and it simply wasn’t noticed previously. No one has any proof either way- just conjecture.

            • Bug on a Windshield

              Or, disinformation like trumps mouth.

        • I like how every article about Fauci’s emails either reads like “Fauci’s emails show he is working in collusion with the jews to inject people with reptilian DNA!” “Umm, where?” “I’m sure it’s in there somewhere!”, or cites an email that says the exact opposite of what the article’s headline said. For example, I just read an article that says the emails prove Fauci was intentionally funding gain-of-function research, and then to “prove” it, cites “Not sure what that means since Emily is sure that no Coronavirus work has gone through the P3 framework. She will try to determine if we have any distant ties to this work abroad.” – which really says the opposite. Someone having someone else try to determine if there was some distant connection just isn’t knowing and intending, somehow.

          So far there’s about a thousand articles about Fauci’s emails, and none of them I’ve seen can cite a single actual shred of evidence. If there were a proverbial smoking gun, it would be plastered everywhere, but somehow no one has one.

          The one thing I’ve learned looking at them is that Fauci has spent an incredible number of hours, day and night, writing coherent and professional emails about all matter of things. We would be lucky to have more politicians actually putting in the hours to earn their pay like that. Hell, we’d be lucky if half of them managed coherent and professional at all…

        • What Fauci said was:
          “In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic? Many ask reasonable questions: given the possibility of such a scenario – however remote – should the initial experiments have been performed and/or published in the first place, and what were the processes involved in this decision?

          Scientists working in this field might say – as indeed I have said – that the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks. It is more likely that a pandemic would occur in nature, and the need to stay ahead of such a threat is a primary reason for performing an experiment that might appear to be risky.

          Within the research community, many have expressed concern that important research progress could come to a halt just because of the fear that someone, somewhere, might attempt to replicate these experiments sloppily. This is a valid concern.”

          In other words, he judged that there was more risk of this happening naturally and that understanding what could appear was more important that the fear if an accidental release. That basic research needs to be done to be able to understand how to deal with the possibilities. That is not the same thing as some are alleging of promoting deliberately creating a deadly virus for its use as a weapon.

          • Woopsie, I guess grandma and grandpa dying in the name of research is ok. Killing in the name of science, and creating a pandemic in order to stay ahead of future pandemics, makes zero cents to me. That’s like blowing ourselves up with an asteroid to avoid future collisions.

            Commandment #6 thou shall not kill

            • I thought the Covid conspiracy anti-maskers were ok with grandma and grandpa dying of Covid. I remember many a comment here declaring so.

              • Nobody was ok with it, your just implying it. It is like your go to statement, maybe like someone’s safe place. I am a grandparent, and i trwveled all over this country and other countries in 2020 unmasked, I am still here amazingly enough, sheet even my parents are still here and the traveled all over unmasked in 2020. Cut the fear and the lies .

                • IDK it seems like there was an awful lot of “it’s only a flu” going on. For over a year. Now that a government conspiracy on origin is on the table there’s a lot of conspiracy theorists clutching their pearls in horror at the same deaths they dismissed as due to “fat, unhealthy Americans” when they wanted to attack governments over face masks. Either should have been pearl clutching all along or dismissive all along. The horrorible deaths shouldn’t be dismissed or cause outrage just in terms of their utility in furthering an agenda. Much less be so obviously flip flopped.

                  • There are no guarantees in life.

                    Death is inevitable.

                    Self fulfilment is optional.

                    Success is measured by ones expectations.

                    Lots of people who refuse to think for themselves.

                    That’s the difference between us and them.

                    Control of the thermostat and the TV show remote.

                    It’s been discussed in the past.

                    How to manipulate the flock.

                    I see people who are blessed with evil intelligence, who know how to manipulate those who are fearful.

                    It’s a jungle out there, and there is too much proof of unethical research and experimentation without consent.

                    Whatever your personal beliefs are, you must acknowledge the dark side of our humanity and the power to silence debate and ideas should be your first clue.

                    Light is the best disinfectant.

            • While it has yet to be proven Fauci was wrong, yes, if he was wrong it was very bad- but hindsight is easier than prognostication. The easiest and safest course for the self righteous is to wait until others make a mistake then announce it was obvious to themselves all along. If it turns out to be a natural mutation, then Fauci was spot on. Not that it will be possible to persuade to ever convince conspiracy lovers of that with any possible facts. They make their choice based on their own love of certainties even if they have to make them up and nothing will change their minds.

            • But Fauci sold Congress on the idea of risky research, by suggesting that it would be “irresponsible to not do” this kind of research, way back when.

              The words flowing freely, sweet as honey, from his forked tongue.

              “In order to be prepared”,
              he said.

              And they bought it…

              Now here we are.

              Caught unprepared.

              And the serpent still speaks.

  • I honestly cannot even tolerate the types of people and comments that Kym allows here. Some of the most extreme right wing folks post on this site on a regular basis. Sad. I get the freedom of expression and all that…but really Kym?

    • Right wingers, left wingers all the same, they both vote thinking that candidate gives a sheet about them.

    • If you don’t listen to people who differ from you, you are deaf and they are still there.
      ““Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it.”
      ― Maimonides, The Guide for the Perplexed”

      • The Real Brian

        You do not gain sanity from insanity.

        Incredible conversation and debate happens on well moderated forums without Alex Jones on Crack diatribes cloaked as truth seeking freedom.

        Seriously, it’s archaic moderation standards at RHBB.

        We would learn just as much at an ISIS gathering.

        Debate and good conversation happen WITH moderation, not without it.

        As DQ pointed out, the anti-vaxx trolling has taken full advantage of this lack of interest in moderating @ RHBB.

        I have nothing else to say than everyday saying “how shitty the comments” are here, like so many others.

        It’s why I won’t donate anymore.

        I’m surely not alone.

        • Ah, yes…said the fox to the little Red Hen, “I use your bread over and over again. I just won’t pay you for your bread because it doesn’t meet my standards…But I will use it right now and again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow endlessly and I will tell you over and over how bad it is.”

          And the little Red Hen said, “How very noble of you to use my pitiful little scratchings and not pay for them. Thank you, kind sir, for your corrections.”

          • Kym,

            I’m happy to donate again when you get with the times.

            Until then, I wont quit saying what others say but then quit saying before quitting your site.

            The trolling you allow on your site hurts your bottom line, not me saying that it does.

            If I’m wrong – Enjoy the capital and the trolling!

            The normal average readers are just suckers for giving a shit and reading.

            • My numbers keep going up, Brian. I had more visitors last year by quite a bit more than the year before and my donations grew by even more than my numbers. You may not like what I’m doing but so far you’re outvoted.

            • In my 1911 I trust

              Get with the times like Twitter and Facebook? Yeah Kym you need to start censoring, there is no room for dissent!

              • There is plenty of room for dissent.

                There also is plenty of room for directed destabilization, apparaently.

                If you can’t tell the difference from a “debate” to a “campaign” than I won’t make sense to you either.

                • BLM is a campaign. Antifa is a campaign. Defund the Police is a campaign. Etc. Etc. Etc. All openly wanting destabilization. As the point keeps being made- you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But that is what you insist be done. What you find disagreeable must be suppressed but, if you find the suppression disagreeable, you want the suppression suppressed instead. It is unworkable.

                  • The Real Brian

                    You keep saying that you think I want people I find disagreeable “censored”.

                    That is a continuous, large and ridiculous mistake on your, and many others, parts.

                    I haven’t agreed with Ullr in 4 years, and never called for his “censorship”.

                    He still think NAZI were some socislism orgy. Whatevs.

                    But I guarantee to you that there is a concerted effort by a group in communication to continuously anonymously blast RHBB with manufactured bullshit.

                    If you enjoy it, I hope the BLM founders come to RHBB and fuck with your brain anonymously, deceptively and manipulatively.

                    You can have your cake.

          • There’s is a huge difference between those with different perspectives, and those who understand what happens when we silence the minority voices.

            I have been aware of the increased skepticism of those who desire conformity of belief.

            You don’t have to agree with a Muslim, a Christian, A straight white male, or a gay female of color, we are all trying to be the best we can, and there are those who learn nothing about the importance of a free independent decision.

            Hat tip for allowing the dialogue to happen.

            • Free estimates

              Science is not concensus; concensus is not science.

              • Well said.

                And if I may add,

                “General Consensus”, deserves a demotion.

                • Or at least an honest discussion about the way the management class manipulates and profits on human suffering

              • In truth the consensus of scientists can be wrong but still nothing can be acted on until there is some agreement. So saying consensus does not prove anything is fine, ie is not science, but trying to prove something scientifically is the act trying to establish consensus. No one can say that consensus doesn’t matter. It does. If it didn’t, no one would bother to comment.

        • Lol 😂. You’re literally on here to argue with people that have different opinions than you. You seek it out everyday like everyone else , who are you kidding ?
          I think I’ll donate now.

        • And you’re still deaf and they are still there but now you have confirmed their ideas are important enough to be worth supressing. And as people say,there is no smoke without fire. All your demands to stop looking at the smoke does is confirm they have something worth seeing. BTW I have learned much more about viruses than I ever wanted to know because I keep looking up their allegations. And I also learned about conspiracy websites and their small but inbred group of crusanders. If not opposed, they do damage at the grass roots level. The Samoa measles outbreak was plenty of evidence that they spread their ideas whether you hear them or not. At least when they are public, there is a chance to counter them.

          How many people here have been “converted” by conspiracy ideas? No one as far as I can tell. It’s always the same 4 people with their ever evolving repetition from congenial websites. If you really fear their influence, then take the time to deal with rationally. Otherwise your massive outrage because they dare to offend your ears is both ineffective and dangerous.

          • Congrats on learning about conspiracies, conspiracy addicts, paranoia and delusion.

            Did you want a medal for your first 2 months of awareness?

            Are you still denying that Trump was a leader of the liars movement and tried to harness their mental instability for a coup on Jan 6th?

            (Starting with Kenya Obama)

            Please, provide your manual for “ignoring coup attempts” by sitting Presidents, thanks.

            • thatguyinarcata

              What is your fixation with January 6? Whatever that was it was a piss poor attempt at a coup. Hundreds of participants have been arrested and they are being charged with various crimes.

              What are you wishing would happen instead?

            • Yes. I was slow to learn that such things were organized. Because I find enough explanation in human stupidity. But then I was equally surprised when liberals started chanting their own nonsense in unison too. If Trump used birther nonsense to target Obama, then liberals equally used the Steele Dossier nonsense to target Trump. Both used Covid to blame their personal villains and both have no use for personal integrity. Both are characterized by clutching their misunderstanding with a death grip to keep fueling their own hates. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between their thinking processes. If you looked in a mirror, all you’d ever seen is the same obsession in reverse.

              The difference is I took the time and effort to listen to what was actually being said, researched as best I could and took the time to counter it as best I can. What have you done except make it worse? Somehow you have the delusion that if you shut someone up, they are powerless. And how can any rational person believe that is true or even possible ?

              • I guess you weren’t here when I was patient with HumCo etc. about laser beam planes starting our wildfires for Agenda 21 and her flat earth postings, etc.

                Talk to me about your methods of troll-debating in 10 years.

                Good luck.

                I like you. But you wont last, and your efforts are in vain, if you didn’t notice.

                More than likely they enjoy you spinning your wheels and wasting your time on their delusions.

                They need company.

                I’ve given you your kudos over these last months, maybe you didn’t notice.

                • I was but changed my name to be more consistent- or am trying to but keep forgetting- with my name when the new Guest hijacked it persistently. It was just as wrong to try to suppress the laser forest fire person as it is wrong now. Her theories found no supporters and were not the least danger to anyone. But she irritated you and had to be eliminated. There is always going to be someone that irritates you.

                  You conflate mechanically suppressing an opinion with winning an argument. And are willing to do it when you don’t win. It is not all about you. You can’t change some minds period. But that is not the only reason to debate. There is an audience whose minds are not yet fixed and posting anti anti vaxxer information reaches those people as much as anti vaxxer opinions do. Besides, looking into it expands my thinking too. That alone is reason to keep at it. At least for me. If I think it is important.

                  Shutting them up just does not work for any reason unless you are willing to drag dissidents off to some gulag. All of them all the time. Then you win like any bully does. Which turns a person into a brute who never notices when they are wrong and has create ever more brutality to keep their power.

                  Good lord, is the future? An homogenized pudding of society where no one can stand up alone? And that your approval is needed for pudding participation? Can I change your mind about that?

        • Exactly. I’ve been here from the beginning and it’s a fact that many considerate intelligent commenters left when the comment threads got taken over by some whacky shit-posters. It’s a fact. I don’t care if readership and donations and clicks on the site have increased. I’m deleted on the regular but obviously racist comments stay up.
          Conspiracies come and conspiracies go, they can be almost entertaining, but the racism, I’ll never understand why that is allowed. It’s mostly worded in ways that Kym will allow but it’s racism nonetheless. And it’s obvious as hell.
          Racist comments can be made here but if you call these commenters racist you will be deleted. Like I said, it’s Kyms show but there are some janky rules that actually enable shit posting.
          I love you Kym, nothing’s perfect and I know you have a good heart.

          • Right wing nuts see government malfeasance in everything. Left wing nuts see racism in everything. Both blame “big” money, pharma or whatever whipping boy of the hour they choose. Both are full of the same human failings of self importance, violence, ignorance and intolerance – they just choose different targets then apply their prejudices liberally.

            Does it ever occur to you that the rules you find so offensive allow you to keep posting too?

    • Kym has a full spectrum site full of local articles, it so easy NOT to read the ones that bother you.
      So, instead of monitoring yourself and choosing what parts of the site to read . instead you pressure and try to shame Kym in to censoring and monitoring what you don’t like for you.

      Never do for yourself what you can get someone else to do for you, sad.

    • I find it instructive of the kinds of mindsets that are out there in the community. While I vehemently disagree with many of them, it is useful to know that they exist even if just in the minds of trolls trying to get a reaction.

      The real problem is a lack of data that can assign significance to the range of comments since the shrill and unreasonable tend to be much more vocal than the rational and these anonymous comments tend to attract those of a certain mindset.

      • Don’t you think it would be a very boring comment section if everyone had the same mindset?

        The first person to comment would put out their thought and everyone else could put a thumbs up sign end of comments.

        I guess that would be fine for bobble heads.
        Just think no one to call a troll, racist, conspiracy nut, yep, boring.
        How many times a day would you come here if there wasn’t some one to argue with?

        But discussions get people thinking whether they agree or not and that can lead to more discussions for those that like to think.

        But bobble heads don’t like discussions it makes their head hurt, they want compliance.

        Life isn’t easy it’s complicated.

    • If you can’t stand to simply read opinions you don’t like…how do you expect to solve big problems like the Palestinian and Israel conflict, the right to choice vs the right to life, etc. And…you don’t even have to read these comments you don’t like, you just simply have to tolerate that other people have written them and ignore them…That doesn’t seem like such a hard stretch to me.

      What really fascinates me is people’s assumption that my opinion on what constitutes tolerable speech correlates perfectly with theirs…Don’t you think I might deny you the right to speak your opinions about something because I find it offensive?

      I remember when I was a teacher, there was always a child whose behavior other parents perceived as so disruptive to the class that they should be expelled…What they never thought about was what if someone else thought their child’s behavior was equally or more disruptive…

      • Oh, is someone solving something here?

        On anything?

        Link please.

        • Being aware that not everyone thinks like you is a gift that not everyone appreciates, but one that you can’t avoid if you read the comment section.

          • You mistake debate for campaigns.

            You have allowed an anti vax campaign to reign your Covid comments.

            You see it, and you’re not being honest if you say that you don’t.

            I know you arent THAT naive.

            • Anti vax is a supported decision
              when those vaccines are harming people, and those who manufacturer and distribute those vaccines are protected against their product hurting people.

              How does that become a mountain to defend in your eyes?

              It’s just pure ego that can’t accept that there are different ways see the world.

              People who think differently don’t need your assistance in their lives, they just need tolerance.

              Pretty basic concept.

      • Mike Pence simply had to ignore the fact that people wanted his head on Jan 6th!

        The Secret Service and Faucis security detail are professional ignorers!


        • Your Jan. 6th crap is being undone as new video comes out each day.
          Funny it has to be pried out of the hands of the Democrats.
          You won’t find it on Don Lemons show.

          Who murdered Ashli Babbit? The only person who died not counting natural causes.

      • You were a teacher who sells weed? Interesting. That happened in Maple Creek and his greed almost destroyed the school.

      • What really fascinates me is people’s assumption that my opinion on what constitutes tolerable speech correlates perfectly with theirs…Don’t you think I might deny you the right to speak your opinions about something because I find it offensive?

        If you were an anti-vaxxer Agenda 21er right wing nut bag who thought Fauci was the new Ghengis Khan and tyranny was 2 minutes away because of masks during a stolen election, why do you think any of us would give 2 fucks about your website and what you deem acceptable?

        You would just be given 2 minutes on Newsmax or Tucker.

        Have fun, see ya.

  • Why no Funky Cold Moderna?

  • When did Americans get so darned comfort with demanding censorship? It’s not like we didn’t do it but we were not so in bed with it that we don’t even bother to drum up a threat to justify it.

    • He who dares not offend cannot be honest. – Thomas Paine

    • Just for the record I enjoy hearing your point of view AO, considering it and then going back to mine.
      Thank you for responding to Guest and myself in a civil manner even though we clearly do not agree..

      I also thank Kym for not caving into the pressure to censor.

    • When did Americans open their homes to annonymous trespassing and harrasment?


      Kym is not the Government.

      • Did me saying thank you to two people really offend you that much.

        It’s funny that you would speak of harassment because it isn’t me that harasses here everyday to get my own way.
        But you right it’s Kym’s house not yours.

        And it’s funny that the people you complain about are mostly trying to have a civil conservation amongst themselves while dodging snarky comments.

        Nothing stops you from doing the same with the people you agree with.

        I don’t see anyone here trying to get you tossed out and the Rumpelstiltskin act gets old.

  • I dont appreciate the same users posting under several different handles of agreement via vpn in an effort to lend validity to their points of view. It’s dirty tricks and unfortunately some people will take them at face value.

    • Agreed.

    • To be clear, if someone uses more than one name in the same post and I notice, all but the first commenter name is deleted.

      • Way to squash their conspiracy theories Kym, sheesh , take all the fun out of your comment section. This place gets me rollin.

    • FogDog,

      I doubt that very many people would do that and if caught their validity is lost forever here.
      Seems like a self defeating practice to me.
      But it takes all kinds I guess.
      It also causes me to wonder about the people that keep bringing it up since they are the ones actually thinking about it.

      • Hot Coffee, and Kym,

        I kind of feel partially responsible for this issue. Sort of.

        So here is my confession, I may have inadvertently started the whole problem, or well at least I might have been part of the reason the rule was enacted.

        You see, I used to think I was clever, by using a different punny pseudonym, depending on the subject matter, every time.

        Yes, every time.

        I may have even changed pseudonyms midstream, so to speak, but not to validate or corroborate myself.

        It may have appeared that way.

        Only Kym knows if I , in a previous flurry of personae, posted the “proverbial” “last straw”.

        I never noticed any of my comments were deleted due to it however, so the notoriety may belong elsewhere.

        Using so many different pseudonyms was fun, but I didn’t intend to deceive anyone by it.

        It did seem to confuse some people, and that in itself, seemed to upset them, and, just by the way the comments fall sometimes, it may have appeared that I was reinforcing a previous comment.

        But it added too much time to when my comment would post, and I realized it created more work for you, Kym, so I just went with the generic.

        🤔”Generic”…🤔, no I’ll just stick with Guest.

        There are probably people that
        are “out there”, that legit have multiple personae, so should they, and I do mean “they”, even if there is only one of “them”, be allowed to post under different pseudonyms on the same article?

        Why not? Adds to the mystery.

        And doesn’t discriminate.

        They just need to be “certified”.

        (A vaccination card will suffice.)

        🤔The thing that bugs me the most, is quite the opposite.

        🤔Maybe I’m just paranoid, I really, really, don’t like the feeling that there are multiple people commenting under the same,
        non-generic pseudonym. 🤔.

        It should be against the rules😁.

        But not for “Guest”, of course!😁.

        That is perfectly understandable, more or less.

        I tried identifying with ✝️, but that just led to religious persecution.

        🤔🤔Now, “I” prefer to amuse ourself by “bending the rules”, using multiple personae, in the same comment!

        🤔🤔And, so do “I”!😁😁

        🤔 “I” am sure “I” am not alone”😁

        🤔🤔It’s unanimous.😁😁

        Seriously, though,

        I can refer to myself as “We”.

        No, not because “we’re” “certified”.

        I can claim it on a technicality…

        • Guest, what do you think of the Cleveland study that showed same effectiveness of those those having been vaxxed as those having had covid? Thanks.

          • Wow, AA, didn’t know what you were referring to, buy yeah, I just saw it.

            It’s six months old?

            And, yeah, they should be testing for antibodies before the jab, maybe then, if present, the jab is contraindicated, like I’ve been trying to say.

            Thanks for the heads up.

        • My confession….

          I was HotCoffee the first time I posted and I’m still HotCoffee today.
          If you post as one person or another it’s still one person and of course I would agree with myself.
          It does kinda of throw things off kilter doing it in the same article though.

          • ….Just to think about….
            the very few people at the top of the food chain who actually create and push talking points to the billions of people world wide.

            That’s trolling with the big boys!!!!

          • I’ve been only guest or guest✝️, for quite some time. I think I will keep it that way. Less work for Kym.
            Faster posting.
            Win, win.

    • Yep, this has been going on for a long time. At first Kym denied it could be happening. I know she can’t stop it but it’s deceptive and juvenile.
      Play acting to make it appear as if you have a huge public agreement to the theories you propose here is pretty sad. Why do it? They even have conversations with themselves. Oh well, the worlds a stage and trolls will be trolls.
      There’s no law against it but it does skew the conversation but I assume that’s the point.
      For all the traffic Kym says she gets I guess these comment threads are incidental and only an itty-bitty fraction of readers. I definitely know why most choose not to wade into these waters. The thinly veiled racism and conspiracy are enough to turn most people away.

      • Are some of you scared of possibly being in the minority? Kinda sounds like it.

        And it is, as pointed out, a conspiracy. 🙀

      • thatguyinarcata

        Who are the commenters who are all the same person?

        • 🤔 We must first rule out the ones agreeing with themselves and rephrasing the same unsubstantiated arguments (often with a surfeit of unread links—yielded from a biased search engine, using biased search terms—purportedly justifying the speaker’s fantasies), with the same stilted, condescending tone, within minutes of each other.

          Then, every post in disagreement with them over the course of several days will be a product of the Russia-linked white supremacist insurrectionist incel chatbot clone farm.

        • This is a great question to pose to everyone who throws the accusation around.

          Why not call out the offenders specifically?

          I occasionally, but rarely, use a different handle. (Once commented as Bob Marley because I thought it made for a funny statement.)

          Most of us know VMG regularly uses multiple handles (Taurus, Trillium, etc).

          The world’s biggest question mark fan sometimes goes real name and sometimes not (but his style is unmistakable!!!!).

          Who else???

        • thatguyinarcata

          So you’re saying you have no idea and its a baseless claim, the only purpose of which is to support a personal fantasy that the people with whom you disagree are really just one person, therefore your opinion is in the majority, and therefore is correct?

          Hopefully I can chime in with a rousing round of support for for myself

      • YS,

        I guess White people didn’t vote for Obama, Twice,even in 95% white Iowa. Yet even after being POTUS Twice plays the race card. Pathetic. He could have been such a great example for people.

        • Free estimates

          People don’t remember that Obama was an Illinois State senator before running for president. Anyone who is familiar with Illinois politics knows exactly how corrupt that entire institution is. Then governor, Rod Blagojevich (sp?) was impeached for openly selling Obama’s senate position. All Illinois governors between the time I was born and the time I left had been impeached for criminal racketeering and ties to mob activity. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Anyone who trusted ol Barry is ignorant of the extreme corruption and crony politics that are still practiced today. The “hope” posters were the best. Still makes me chuckle every time I see one. I “hope” we can pull the nails from the coffin of current American politics.

    • The worst thing about this website is that the commentariat isn’t paranoid ENOUGH!

      I’ve always assumed Kym is the Phil Hendrie of Humboldt bloggers.

      That’s fine—we all lean on schtick. But, I’m not donating until she quits jealously killing my jokes.

  • Some unhinged folks. If you don’t like the comments then don’t read them.

    I am happy to learn that your site, Kym, is the nexus for a global conspiracy. That should help your revenues. I’ll keep donating, but please keep the comment sections.

  • Time out, is right

    It’s become a platform for false mask obedience, deadly vaccine coercion, and now fawning over Fauci. 🤮

    • And it is also a platform for Covid disinformation, phobia and lies about masks and fawning over conspiracy theory.
      I think it’s all covered here.
      Time out is right, especially when you can get all that from Fox , Newsmax, and OANN

      • It is also a platform for the delusional social justice warriors and retread communists. What a surprise! It is a platform for everything. Welcome to life.

  • 🕯🌳How can something be a biological weapon that’s so uncontrollable??🦋🦋

    • Well Willie, there is an idea that as long as more of yours survive, then you win. Then too there is the idea that it was controllable when it wasn’t. Or the idea that a side of the conflict needed to keep pace with the armament of their enemies- you know just in case- then wasn’t up to containing it. Then there are those who just want to clear the planet. Or maybe it wasn’t a bioweapon at all. If it was, it certainly was a poor one.

      There are many reasons for deciding to go down that path. And many examples of literally getting hoisted on your own petard. Many a concentrator of hash oil has set themselves on fire.

  • Condolences to the departed. I hope anybody sick gets what they need.

  • https://youtu.be/PkQGvXJHtbY

    “John Lennon recalled:

    The thing was created in the studio. It’s gobbledygook; Come Together was an expression that Leary had come up with for his attempt at being president or whatever he wanted to be, and he asked me to write a campaign song. I tried and tried, but I couldn’t come up with one. But I came up with this, Come Together, which would’ve been no good to him—you couldn’t have a campaign song like that, right?”

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