Humboldt County Seeks Local Non-Profits for Collective Cannabis Branding, Marketing and Promotion

Humboldt Cannabis iconPress release from Humboldt County:

The Humboldt County cannabis industry for many decades has been a significant economic driver locally, and as cannabis emerges as a statewide industry the county is looking at ways to maintain a competitive advantage to preserve and strengthen the regional brand. To achieve this goal, the county has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking qualified local non-profits to work with staff on developing a marketing strategy for a distinct national and industry “branding initiative” for Humboldt County-grown cannabis along with local cannabis-related products and services.

The firm that is ultimately selected will serve as the county’s lead contracted agency for cannabis marketing initiatives and will provide a broad range of professional marketing services, including promoting Humboldt County cannabis as a unique, high-quality product. The successful applicant will utilize and employ specific recommendations and findings of the Humboldt County Marketing Assessment. This marketing RFP and the services that will be provided are one of three programs of the county’s Project Trellis, a broad-reaching initiative aimed at supporting the local cannabis industry.

Proposers must be Humboldt County-based non-profit entities or coalitions of non-profit entities, in which each of the members meet the definition of non-profit entity set forth in the Definitions section of the RFP.

Required format for proposal:
While each proposal needs to contain the sections outlined below, proposers are encouraged to take creative license in their format and presentation.

A. RFP Signature Affidavit
B. Proposal Table of Contents
C. Corporate/Company/Agency Profile
D. Description of Services
E. Technical Capabilities
F. Disaster Recovery Plan
G. Implementation Timeline
H. Training Plan
J. Cost Proposal
K. Documentation
L. References
M. Evidence of Insurability/Business Licenses
N. Exceptions, Objections and Requested Changes
O.  Identification and Description of Potential Conflicts of Interest

Please review RFP for additional details and requirements.

How to apply:
Applications should be submitted electronically by using the application form. If an applicant is unable to use the online application, a PDF download of the application is available and can be emailed to [email protected]. A hard copy can be requested by contacting Peggy Murphy at 707-599-0125. Hard copies can be mailed or delivered to the County of Humboldt CAO’s Office of Economic Development, Attn: Peggy Murphy, 520 E Street, Eureka, CA 95501. Applications must be received or postmarked no later than 1:30 p.m. on June 30.

Applications may be subject to public disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

About Project Trellis:
Project Trellis is a three-tiered program that was developed to support cannabis businesses and individuals involved in Humboldt County’s cannabis industry. The program’s three levels of support include a Cannabis Business Micro-grant program, a Local Equity Program and a Humboldt County Cannabis Marketing and Promotion Program. The Micro-grant program provides cannabis businesses an opportunity to apply for funding to cover business related expenditures. The Local Equity program provides resources to local communities and individuals who have been impacted by the War on Drugs. The Marketing and Promotion component is designed to promote and maintain Humboldt grown cannabis as a national and industry brand.

For more information, visit the Project Trellis Marketing Program.



  • A sad a day has come when humboldt county actually has to market its world famous product. The county once produced the worlds best small batch flowers . Now we have a majority of large grows producing a inferior product at a industrial scale .

  • Wolf in Sheep's Clothes

    1. HCGA was granted money from Humboldt County to write a marketing assessment.
    2. Based on that assessment HCGA somehow became the only qualified applicant to apply for this massive entitlement.
    3. HCGA has and is WORKING for the Government.
    4. HCGA advocates for it’s constituents, of which the Humboldt County Govt is ripe to be its biggest financial supporter.

    How can a trade organization who is supposed to be protecting the Humboldt Legacy accept MONEY from the Very Regulators who are trying their hardest to extinguish our way of life through the Satellite Spy Program, Abatements and ever increasing barriers to legal operators.

    I truly hope that HCGA pulls their heads out of the sand and does not apply for this grant as it will be evident of their true motives.

    • If you read the bylaws of the HGCA, it’s literally a group only for licensed (or licensing in progress) operators. It’s explicit.

      Not sure why you think it’s a mystery that applying for this grant will expose.

      • Little Red Riding Hood

        HCGA should NOT be bought and paid for by the Humboldt County Govt. Plain and Simple!!! They need to hold our County and State Regulators accountable for the missteps in regulating our Industry, which is hard to do after accepting upto $1 million dollars from the same agencies that they should be challenging. The way things are playing out, there will be NO Humboldt Cannabis Industry to market if the regulations are not adjusted to create a viable path to compliantly operate our Farms moving forward. Leaving the Marketing to qualified Marketing Firms! HCGA should focus on advocating for it’s constituents to create sensible implementation of County and State Code. The Marketing Assessment was well prepared so now let marketing professional create a plan for Humboldt to remain relevant.

  • Spot on Wolf in sheep’s

  • Unheard of Appellation

    We don’t need a local Humboldt County non profit to create a marketing program for Humboldt Cannabis, we need a professional marketing firm that knows and deals with marketing for business success in the most populated metropolitan areas in the State where our product can be sold. Having HCGA, run by the former director of EPIC who has zero business experience head Humboldt’s marketing is a ridiculous notion. Open the RPF to all, not only HCGA, otherwise what is the point!!??

  • Hahaha DeLapp is now a Marketing Professional? This is such a joke. HCGA should stop shilling for John Ford and try to advocate for real policy changes that will help the small farmer survive. Wake up people HCGA has done and is doing nothing for the small farmer. Please name one thing they have accomplished that put food on the table. The Humboldt Cannabis Industry as we know it is going to be nothing but ashes without some serious overhaul of the Ordinance as well as the Planning Dept. HCGA should be fighting to remove John Ford from office not support him. But hey DeLapp did her part to dismantle the timber industry here. Now she’s doing it to the Cannabis Industry as well.

  • Ignorance is not bliss

    Wake up Humboldt. This county will be dependant on welfare and handouts if not for the success of the local cannabis industry, more stores will close, petty crime will continue to rise, hard core drugs users will multiply as widespread depression takes hold. THERE IS NO OTHER INDUSTRY LEFT FOR US TO DEPEND ON! Environmental Extremists have their heads in the clouds and are out of touch on how to regulate Industry. We must create sensible solutions to solve economic, ecologic and socialistic problems, that allows industry to thrive while keeping income circulating through our local economy. I don’t know this DeLapp person, but it does seem strange that an “enviro” is leading the only cannabis trade organization in our County. Maybe there should be another organization created to actually represent the farmers?

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