[UPDATE: Located] Missing 78-Year-Old Man Out of Eureka

Christopher Wilkins

Christopher Wilkins

Press release from the EPD:

The Eureka Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating an at-risk missing person. 78-year-old Christopher Wilkins drove away from his residence and was last seen traveling eastbound on Harris Ave, approaching Redwood Acres, on May 6th, 2021 at about noon.

Wilkins is described as a white male, 5’9”, 140 pounds, white hair, brown eyes (he wears glasses). Wilkins suffers from dementia and may be confused. Wilkins vehicle is described as a white 1987 Ford Aerostar van, bearing California license plate number 3H62670. The paint on the van is in poor condition, there is heavy rusting on the sides of the vehicle and the vehicle has a cracked windshield.

Anyone with information on Wilkins’ location is urged to call the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4044 (Case #21-002448).

UPDATE: Missing Eureka Man Located



  • That confused look on his face says LOADS!!! He is obviously having a hard time dealing with life in general, from the look on his face at least!!!!

  • The Eureka Police Dept. doesn’t seem to know the names of the streets in the town it patrols. There is no Harris Avenue. Harris Street, yes. Harrison Avenue. yes. Harris Avenue does not exist.

  • just look for the broken down POS!!
    it’s that easy!! :):):)

  • Some real winner comments on here, jeeez. I hope he gets found or makes his way home some how.

    • I’m with you, KIDDZZ. It is sad that some folks just don’t comprehend that they’re defining themselves by what they say.

  • Not to many real nice comments on where the old gentleman might be. I hope that people that are shooting off their mouth will also keep an eye out for him and/or his van. Suffering from dementia is nothing to joke about, and I pray he is located quickly, and is taken home or placed in an adult living center if need be.

  • He also usually wears a baseball cap or hat.

  • Hope he’s found ok, sounds like he would be driving, winding old Arcata road

  • Hope he’s found soon.

  • I might develop his symptoms when I reach his age

    My father the same. My brother pulled the distributor cap off the engine so Dad couldn’t drive the vehicle. Dementia is devastating for an elder person. Emotionally my father would cry at a moment’s notice. I would ask him what’s wrong and he always responded, “Nothing”. His brain just didn’t work and it was difficult to see him. There is no medicine or treatment. Sad to think this, but I hope he goes peacefully and soon.

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