Man Accused of Entering Home of Sleeping Residents and Putting on Clothing and Eating and Drinking Their Food and Wine

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Michael James Robinson (39 year old transient male from Oklahoma)

Michael James Robinson (39 year old transient male from Oklahoma)

On 05-04-2021 at 11:46 PM, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Communications Center received a 911 call from a homeowner regarding an in-progress burglary at their home in the 31000 block of Bayview Drive in Fort Bragg, California.

The elderly female homeowner reported that a man, unknown to her, was found inside her residence and her husband was holding the intruder at gunpoint.

Deputies arrived a short time later and found the intruder, Michael James Robinson, being detained by the elderly male homeowner.  Deputies quickly detained Robinson and began an investigation.

Deputies learned Robinson entered the residence through the homeowner’s bedroom door, as they lay asleep.

Robinson had removed his clothing and changed into clothing that belonged to the elderly male homeowner.  Robinson consumed food and wine in the kitchen, until he was noticed by the elderly homeowners, at which point he was detained by the elderly male homeowner.

Based on the results of this investigation, Robinson was arrested for 459/460(a) PC (First Degree Burglary).

Robinson was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $50,000.00 bail.



  • UNHoly Crapola, talk about Cojone’s of Solid Stainless Steel…!!!

  • All respect to the elderly property owner for doing the “legal” thing and detaining the dude.

    Other people might not have been so thoughtful and this guy would be one more missing persons case that never gets cleared.

  • Vermin Supreme

    They said “elderly” a ton in that press release. Couldn’t they just be homeowners after the first adjective don’t ya think?

    • He just missed his Grammy and Grampy

      If the Elders didn’t go to bed at 7:30, maybe he would have realized people were home.

  • Touch Of Gray

    It is offensive to use the term “elderly“ in this age of cancel culture, please refrain from such an abusive term in the future. “Age afflicted,, like fine wine, not whipper snappers anymore” are better terms to use in this day and age.

    • Memy Selfandi

      There is some truth to greater vulnerability with age….such a macho culture we desecrate nature and deny aged need more help etc. “Age afflicted” sounds worse than it is and “Not whipper snappers anymore” fine for conversations but journalism not so much.
      Just a number? HA! Number of afflictions AND they vary depending on how privileged ones life was, particularly how stable and free from chronic stress.

    • Offensive to say elderly? How stupid. We say whatever we want, elderly, mother, father, old fart, child, boy , girl. You say what you want, but do not tell others what they can say, that is offensive. We will not refrain from any speech we want, grow up, it is not up to you and your kind to determine how I or anyone else speaks.

  • Looks kinda like Dermot Mulroney.

  • Good thing he was older if he were young they would arrested his ass also for being sophious of Soom dumb shit

  • That’s spooky. I’m glad he wasn’t a violent pervert to the folks at home.
    Great restraint homeowner. Not killing the guy outright. You could have!!
    I know someone that killed a guy and he has never been the same. He shot him in the leg but he died of blood loss Sad all the way

    • CA Castle doctrine & stand your ground laws

      California has one of the weakest/
      wierdest [castle doctrine]&[stand your ground law]. It pretty much states you can’t use deadly force unless your in imminent fear for your life and be justifiable beyond reasonable doubt. Like the intruder would basically need to posses a weapon. It gave an example of a drunk guy Breaking into his neighbor’s and the neighbor shot him while he was unarmed and the homeowner was charged with murder. So always be sure to cover your ass and think it through as best as u can.

  • Gimmie a break

    One great example of why law-abiding citizens should own a firearm. Kudos to this couple protecting themselves and their property.

    • Bug on a Windshield

      And a dog. Don’t forget the dog. Ours never would have let this guy in. Or at the very least, woken up the neighborhood as he the tried. A dog can buy you time. The homeowners are lucky they were alive to even get to their gun.

      Our dog barks at most everything, but after 10 years, she’s taught me to hear the difference between her barks for: the neighbors’ cars, rats and small critters under the house, or an unusual vehicle or large critter.

  • Wow. Just wow

  • The Trolls are disappointed that the situation was resolved without copious bloodshed and gratuitous violence,,

  • From the looks of this guy….notice….white, no tats visible and good hair….you’d probably be more effective with a barrage of psychotropic drugs. I would think his journey from Oklahoma to the kitchen of a place in Fort Bragg could be a new reality show.

  • Send him back to Oklahoma.

  • Very creepy and terrifying. To wake up to a stranger wearing your clothes and drinking your wine? YIKES

  • Good this the intruder was not a black guy in his own apartment eating ice cream. He’d be dead for sure. Sounds like a 5150.

  • He looks pretty good for 71!

  • ‘”This soup is just right”

  • In Grampa We Trust

    At LEAST he wasn’t wearing Granny’s Panties – that would have been even creepier!
    Was the door locked & dead bolted? It took a lot of talking to convince my mother to lock her doors, (she too was an elderly woman in Mendo Co) but she finally made it part of her routine.
    I bet they are traumatized but good reaction on their part & fortunately a quick response from LEO.

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