[UPDATE 7:57 a.m.] Early Morning Fire in Phillipsville

Fire in Phillipsville [Photo from a reader]

Flames crawled through buildings during an early morning fire today in Phillipsville. [Photo from JR]

About 5:30 this morning, a fire began near the backside of the Deerhorn Lodge trailer park in Phillipsville, according to witnesses.

Flames seen through the trees.

Flames seen through the trees. [Photo by Betty Lavender]

Reports from the scene indicate that the flames began climbing into the surrounding trees.

The fire

One witness told us that the fire began to climb into surrounding trees. [Photo from JR]

Although details are scare this morning, we do know that the Miranda and Redway Volunteer Fire Departments responded as did Cal Fire and the fire is now under control.

Firefighters as the fire came under control.

Firefighters concentrating a steady blast of water on the fire. [Photo from JR]

We’ve requested more information.

UPDATE 7:57 a.m.: According to Redway Volunteer Fire Department Chief Brian Anderson, an unoccupied, single-wide, mobile home caught fire. The trailer was destroyed. There were no injuries and the cause is yet unknown.

Phillipsville fire

[Photo from Redway Volunteer Fire Department]

Phillipsville fire

[Photo from Redway Volunteer Fire Department]

Phillipsville fire

[Photo from Redway Volunteer Fire Department]



  • Very sorry for the for the loss of the unoccupied home. Thank you to the Miranda Fire Department, Redway Volunteer Fire Department, and Cal Fire for stopping the fire before it got too big to handle. Glad no one was hurt.

  • Not the Dearhorn’s first rodeo.

    Just found this…

    Wish I could provide a link…

    ‘Lost Coast Outpost’,

    ‘Kym Kemp’
    Wednesday, Nov. 27, [email protected] 7:38/Fire

    Coffee Jim, his name was not mentioned, and that is his nickname, received burns over 60% of his body, and was medevaced to UC Davis.

    I am still searching for the article I saw somewhere that mentioned his death while still hospitalized.

    Unfortunately I don’t remember his real name…

    Anybody remember?

    That whole place is a disaster waiting to happen. Again.

    Unhealthy, unsafe.

    I seriously wonder how many of those old trailers don’t even have proper egress.
    Once someone moves out of them, no one should be allowed to move back in them, and they should have to be removed from the premises.

    Homeless or not.

    RIP Coffee Jim.

    I can still remember the dispatcher asking Hank what the percentage of serious burns Coffee Jim had there after Hank reported it over the scanner.

    Hank, being the steadfast, straightforward, brave, kind of man that he is, said loud and clear,


    Yeah, 60%, that is definitely allot.

    Coffee Jim finally succumbed to his burn injuries, still in the hospital after a long, long, long, struggle.

    I know it was at least many months in the hospital, and I am fairly certain it may have been more than a couple of years.

    I’m still looking for the article.

    I remember being shocked at how long he suffered.

    I see Hank’s truck is there yet again.

    He must have been very relieved that there were no occupants this time.

    Big thank you and shout out to Hank, and all the rest of them.

    Sometimes there is only one way out of old trailers.

    Where is code enforcement when you really need it ???

    I haven’t forgotten Coffee Jim.

    He was a friend.

    Don’t let something like that happen again.


    • Well I found it,

      Coffee Jim’s real name was James Utley.

      My memory was apparently way off.

      He died December 4th, 2013.
      Born Oct. 24, 1948.
      Aged 65.

      Buried in the Garberville Cemetery.

      Forgive me for the glaring errors.

    • There are many of us in this area who live in substandard housing.

    • “I seriously wonder how many of those old trailers don’t even have proper egress.
      Once someone moves out of them, no one should be allowed to move back in them, and they should have to be removed from the premises.

      Homeless or not.”

      Oh Bull. Create more homeless then complain about them I suppose. Many of the houses in SoHum and northern Mendo are substandard. That’s right, just destroy more housing then you can pay an exorbitant amount per unit for low income housing or better yet just let them live in the bushes near you and light cooking fires. Impressive reasoning here.

      • Lynn H,
        Coffee Jim finally got his Social Security.
        He got rented a death trap, when it caught fire, there was no way to escape.
        Many older trailers have one way in, and one way out.

        That goes a little beyond substandard housing.

        Most places have a back door or a window to crawl out.

        All I am saying is eliminate the death traps that have no emergency exits.

        Is that so unreasonable?

  • The county planners, code enforcement – they are only concerned with properties that will pay the outrageous fines from violations. It’s very hypocritical that they don’t help the disadvantaged get up to speed, safetywise. They would rather see ppl become homeless.
    A complete overhaul is needed- one that helps all economic levels. There’s plenty of resources to go around in our county…

  • I watched this from my porch a few hundred feet away.

    Absolutely terrifying when the flames were in the canopy, and a reverse rain of burning embers raced into the sky.

    I was waiting for them to land in my neighbours tree, and I would be in the same position.

    People were preparing to flee their home, to protect children and pets.

    I don’t have words to explain the relief I felt when the local volunteer fire departments rolled into town.

    I wish that I could thank them all personally.

    There was nothing we could do, people were trying, but ……

    If I ever donate any money in my life, it will be to the local VFD.

    Thanks again from my dog. She wishes she was a Dalmatian now.

  • So thankful no one was hurt, or worse. Bless our firefighters!
    Is there no Phillipsville Fire Department anymore?

  • When does it stop?

    The owner of the deerhorn tried to rent moldy leaky rat infested trailers to me. Never rent from her. Almost every one of of her property’s are falling into the ground. No maintenance since she bought them 15 20 years ago. She endangers her tenants with her negligence daily. Where’s the county enforcement? Coffee was my friend as well. I don’t know that trailer was the one he was burned in! How was it rented after it caught fire? Shouldn’t it have been red tagged? Shame on dottie the owner!

    • Just to clarify one thing.

      Jim’s trailer burnt to ash.

      The mobile home that burned up was totally different, in a different section of the trailer park.

      It’s all tragedy, but let’s keep facts accurate.

  • I know it wasn’t the same trailer, Dude.

    When does it stop must have misunderstood me.

    And Coffee Jim’s trailer didn’t burn before he rented it.

    And just to clarify, he died eight days after the fire.

    • James Utley aka Coffee was lucky to get what he called his “retirement home.” He loved it and it was only because of Dotti he got to live the remaining year’s inside after his community marginalized him for over 30 years!!
      I believe his trailer was burned down by a meth head.

  • Coffe Jim was about to be evicted by Dotti for letting a homeless person sleep outside his trailer. Supposed electrical problems in Coffe Jim trailer was the cause of the fire. The trailer that burned. most recently was used to grow weed & no one lived there .But was filled with mold & holes in the floor boards

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