It’s Snowing!! (Yes, Really…Some Mountain Areas Have Snow)

Today, April 25, after a long dry spell, rain is falling over the Emerald Counties. With the drought, this is a blessed event for most residents.

And, those in some of the mountainous areas are seeing a bit of snow. Above is a video of flakes falling in one place in northern Mendocino.

Anyone else have snow?



  • Just rain in Swain’s Flat!!!

  • Heard they had 3 plus inches somewhere by Ruth lake and snowING at kettenpom.

  • Snow this morning on Pratt Mountain.

  • I’ve seen snow above 1500′ on Mother’s day.

    People with open greenys and plants in the ground already have more courage, or whimsy than I do.

    The apple trees may be blooming, but soil is still 45*; so if you plant your green beans according to folklore this year, they will rot.

  • got about 3″ of snow last night here on south fork mountain a few miles past mad river (a little over 4000′ elevation).. been snowing on and off all day and hasn’t all melted yet. Sprayed us so heavily on Friday that there was a very noticeable halo around the sun.. almost 30 degree drop in our temp in a day.. def geoengineered precip, without a doubt.

    • Not agreeing, but the day before, maybe two days before, there were con/chem trails that stayed in the air quite a while and got real wide. The first plane flew from E to W. Later that day the same plane flew from W to E, looked like it was flying out to Ruth.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        And . . . . . what? Not agreeing . . . . . huh? Been snorting’ up those chem trails? WTF?

      • It can’t rain now without humans making it happen!?
        Ok usually rain forms at the boundary between cold and warmer air. These air masses move across the globe. One might be looking at the sun through cold humid air, or warm dry air. Moisture makes the halo. There is no evidence of all these chem trail planes, or why they pick Humboldt. There is ample evidence of passenger military, and freight flights between Seattle, Portland, and Japan, and LA, SF, etc. They fly North to South one after another all day. If the air is moving west to east, and the planes take the same path over land, their exhaust water vapor trail will line up in parallel as the contrail moves east with the air mass.

      • It happens every time there is predicted precipitation, about 2-3 day beforehand. Some say it’s alluminum sprayed for geoengineering, some say it’s just jet exhaust visible under specific atmospheric conditions. If it’s geoengineering, it’s no good. If it’s just exhaust, still no good. If it’s just exhaust, then it’s up there every day, and can only be seen on some days.

        California is doing geoengineering to some degree, no denying it.

  • I’ve woken up to 4″ on June 1st, the day after planting corn at 2600′.

    Just a smidgeon this morning…

  • Ernie Branscomb

    It was snowing on Cahto peak this morning. I didn’t get to see if it stuck.

  • We had 3.5 inches before 9 am at 4200′

  • Damn global warming again!

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    April is often a snowy month in our hills. One last blast of winter. Seasonal lag. Is Ruth Lake full?

  • Southern Humboldt Easy Rider Picnic Association

    Snowboarded the County line between the Lassics May 22, 2019. Documented!

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