Semi Struck Pedestrian in Eureka Yesterday (Warning! Possibly Disturbing Photo]

A little after 4 p.m., a semi collided with a pedestrian in Eureka near the intersection of Broadway and West Clark Street. According to one witness, the victim was dragged by the semi.

The number 2 lane of southbound Broadway was blocked for a time as emergency personnel helped the injured person. Then both southbound lanes were closed down for a longer time and southbound traffic was directed to use the turn lane.

City Ambulance took the victim was taken to the hospital.

We have requested information from the Eureka Police Department and will update when we have more information.

Injured person

Passersby and police attempted to help the injured person. [Photo provided by a witness]

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

 North Coast News posted this video from the scene.



  • I might as well be a trucker, I'm not qualified for anything else

    Hopefully the truck driver is in jail
    Truck drivers suck

    • Without knowing squat about what happened or whose fault it was, that is an incredibly useless and hateful remark. Especially considering almost everything everyone uses here from food to medicine is transpoted by trucks which- surprisingly to you apparently- are driven by truck drivers.

      • guest, I could not agree with your comment more! I wonder what type of truck that nasty person drives?

      • Yes, thank you. It isnt an enjoyable job for most. They do us a service tho not everyone is a great driver, but b grateful we get our food and supplies brought in, thru winds, rain and snow. Seniors and the ill appreciate them.

    • Truck drivers have substantially fewer accidents per mile driven than passenger vehicle drivers.

      • UPS sends 50 trucks up and down Broadway and the rest of the county everyday. You never read of them being in accidents

    • So do the homeless zombie pedestrians in Eureka who just walk out into traffic expecting people to stop mid block for them. Unfortunately, not all drivers are paying close enough attention for that to work out well for the pedestrians as a long term strategy. I’m not saying what’s what happened in this case but I see it an awful lot in the formerly fair city of Eureka. I hope the victim makes out okay.

      • Yes, blame pedestrians, all distracted drivers do. Today I saw a woman pull a u-turn in an intersection in front of a bus while on her cell phone. This is a typical Eureka driver. Careless, dangerous, entitled, arrogant cretins of pure evil usually piloting fuel-guzzling earth-destroyers. They all deserve jail. Or worse.

    • You are clueless. It highly likely the pedestrian stepped out in front of the semi. There is no stop sign/signal at that location so trying to cross is putting yourself at extreme risk.

    • Not Cool. 😡. Most truck drivers are very good at what they do.

    • Truck drivers do suck. Never pull over with 20 cars behind, either speeding or weaving, asleep at the wheel, 40,000 to 80,000 lbs. They may have fewer “accidents ” but when they do they are much worse. Good strategy I have enployed is to video the assholes (make sure you include your speedometer) make sure trucker is aware of your video and call the CHP and insist on a traffic stop. Citizens arrest. End of story.

  • Go take the written, pre-trip, and drive test for your class A. Truck drivers are way better trained than your average driver. That truck must stop most days for CHP inspections. That driver probably has to submit urine tests.
    Many underestimate how long it takes to stop a truck. You see cars darting in front of trucks all the time. And, if you can’t see the driver or their mirrors, they can’t see you.

  • Hope all is well after such a sad situation.

  • Bless ’em one and all.

  • That part of Broadway is kind of skinny and the road bends there. At one time CalTrans proposed putting in a traffic signal at that location.

    • Good suggestion Sam.

    • I don’t even like pulling onto Broadway from that intersection in my car and I would never attempt to cross there on foot. Of course I would not cross Broadway without using a cross with a light because you never know what a driver is going to do. Of course they could have been crossing the other way also and the truck could have been turning to or from the side street.

  • Divide a city with a freeway on surface streets.

    Residential on one side, necessary services on the other.

    Add cross streets.

    Put the courthouse in the center divide.

    And the dole.

    Let drugs flow unchecked.

    What could go wrong?

    • Thank you “Guest” for your reply to “I might as well…”. I had an 18 yr career as an O/O all over the US during the construction of IKE’s Interstate Highway System before city/town bypasses were completed. Your statement, “Divide a city…” is beautiful! I wish commenters/reporters would use proper terminology. The vehicle involved appears to be a tractor&semi-trailer combination, specifically an empty flatbed trailer from what I could see in the distance in the video.

  • Hope the pedestrian is ok. That’s a tricky spot. A light there is a good suggestion. Regardless of who has the right of way, a big truck like that can’t stop on a dime, it takes more time to stop than other vehicles, be cautious around a semis. Be nice to hear an update on the pedestrian, if they are ok. Blessings to everyone involved.

    • No he is not ok he died from his injuries. He was helping another person right before this happened it really is a sad thing to happen to a man who was just helping someone.

  • Sounds like Eutweeka

  • Forcing big trucks on hwy 101 to go thru middle of town with lots of drugged out and mentally ill people in their own reality is a formula for disaster.

    Build a bypass.

  • I avoid Broadway, period. I’ll take a longer way around if necessary. Even when my mother was a young driver one of the rules was stay off Broadway. Praying for all involved. 🙏

  • That kink is the absolute worst section of Broadway. I’m surprised more accidents don’t happen there with the combination of bad visibility and regular stupidity.

  • I was just reading and I noticed even they turned off comment sections. When tmz holds themselves to a higher standard you know your a shit site. This comment section is full of attacks on both parties fueled by speculation. It serves no purpose and has zero benefit to your community. People know how to reach you if they have anything factual and relevant to add. What bs do you tell yourself to help you sleep at night when you run such a garbage fire site? If you ever post a photo of my family members hurt, I will pray every fucking night the same happens to you.

  • If you hate trucks you probably shouldn’t use the bathroom, eat food, or fuel your car. Everything is delivered by trucks for you ignorant haters. Oh and if you keep cutting off trucks that way 80,000 lbs. you’ll end up dead eventually because we don’t stop on a dime like your cars. Btw I have a college degree and love what I do.

    • Just ignore the trolls and those who might have some severe challenges. If it doesn’t make sense and lumps a huge category of people together then just ignore it, it’s not worth ruining even a few minutes of your time paying attention to. Thanks for safe driving.

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