CHP Blitz Last Thursday on Hwy 101 Resulted in a Boatload of Tickets

Traffic stop can stock photoPress release from the CHP:

The California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) Northern Division and Golden Gate Division, having jurisdiction over the major transportation corridor of U.S. Highway 101 throughout northern California, partnered in a Major Corridor Enhanced Primary Collision Factor (PCP) Enforcement Campaign.

The enhanced enforcement detail took place on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

During the campaign, Area offices within the CHP’s Northern and Golden Gate Divisions increased enforcement efforts along the U.S. 101 corridor from the Oregon border to the southern border of Santa Clara County in San Jose. CHP officers issued 597 citations, of which 402 were for unsafe speed, including three citations for exceeding 100 mph. The remaining citations were issued for distracted driving, unsafe lane changes, unsafe turning, following too close, and seatbelt violations, The Area offices also reported issuing 102 verbal or written warnings and five total arrests.

Although this enhanced enforcement detail has concluded on U.S. 101, the CHP is planning to conduct additional enhanced enforcement details along the U.S. 101 corridor at various times and locations throughout the year. The CHP encourages to the public to practice safe driving habits anytime they get behind the wheel and to follow these basic traffic safety rules: always wear a seat belt, drive at a speed safe for conditions, eliminate distractions while driving, and always designate a sober driver.

The mission of the CHP is to provide the highest level of Safety, Service, and Security.



  • Revenue extraction.

  • Any tickets for impeding the flow of traffic (assholes refusing to get out of the fast lane)? Betcha notta one. Wonder how many accidents are caused by frustrated drivers trying to get around these self centered assholes. If this was actually about safety and not money as usual, that’s who would get ticketed.

    • Fully with you on this. Those selfish and oblivious drivers are the cause of many accident-like situations I’ve witnessed- forcing passing on the right and multiple lane changes. They also refuse to yield to a faster driver when lanes merge but oh boy are they sweating to pass you when the road opens up…only to slow back down when they get ahead of you on single lane.
      But let’s not kid ourselves. This swarm of cops was not about safety but about revenue extraction. If it was about safety then they would do more routine pull-overs for these violations. Not do nothing for weeks and then have a donut party with their large crowd of fellow revenue extractors. Tactics like this lead to less respect for them.

      • Drive the speed limit, boys…

        If you can’t line up and wait your turn, can’t follow safely, heck, can’t drive without endangering everyone, then turn in your driver’s license!

        Left-lane bandits are a myth. Safe drivers are a rarity these days…

        597 tickets is a start, but, there’s plenty more to come…

        COVID is OVER! Drive according to the laws of the State, or park it!

        Please, drive to your destination before you get your drink on, and before your take your favorite drugs.


        • “If you can’t line up and wait your turn,”

          The onus is in you to get the fuck outta the way. IT IS A PASSING LANE!

          “Left-lane bandits are a myth.”

          You don’t get out much do you?

          “Safe drivers are a rarity these days”

          Indeed. Lots of assholes camping out in the passing lane then wondering why people get angry.

          • When you get angry, it’s your fault.

            What you choose to do about the anger, also your fault.

            The driver in front of you could be going 5mph in a 75, so what. It’s what you choose to do in response that matters.

            • 2nd Amendment Security

              Tensions are high, and 5 mph is dangerous on the interstate.

              Go with the flow has never been easier.

      • There is no shame driving 2-3 mph under the speed limit.

        • There is if you’re blocking the fast lane.

          • Everyone has the right to travel. That highway belongs to the citizens of California, and it does not belong to just YOU!

            Please adjust your attitude…

            Too many cars, not enough road.

            Remember: I am not driving safely because I am old. I am old, because I drive safely!

            Please, drive politely! Thank you!

            • Sleepy Alligator

              Yeah apparently you and way too many other drivers haven’t noticed the signs along every 4 lane or more highway that state “Keep Right Except to Pass”, “Left lane for passing only”, “Slower traffic Keep right”. Cruising the left lane is not “driving safely”. If everyone on the road would just show some consideration for their fellow drivers and heed the signs that are clearly posted along every public road in America we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

          • I agree that people need to pass if they are going to and then get back into the right hand lane if there is one. Also people who pull onto the freeway and don’t even look until they are ready to merge and sometimes there is no place for the people already in that lane they are merging into to go. Do they slow down or speed up, no they expect you to make room for them. We have had this happen around Humboldt State pulling a trailer and someone in the fast lane and they seem to think if they put on their blinker that is enough.

            • People cruising along in the ‘fast lane’ confuse me. I’ve given it some thought and have come up with a couple reasons. First off, they’re afraid of possibly hitting a grazing Deer by the roadside, or due to increased truck use in the right hand lane, the road is tore up? You’d think driving along in the ‘passing’ lane, increases your odds of being involved in a head on collision. Cant count how many times I’ve come up upon one of these dick heads, and have to pull a ‘Kamikaze’ move to pass on the right before ramming slower traffic ahead of me! My advise, just stop it, read your DMV handbook, left or #1 lane is for passing only.

          • My thought exactly Steve!

      • I bet you two are the ones in Fortuna and Ukiah who can’t read the “ALL VEHICLES USE THE LEFT LANE 1/2 MILE” sign heading northbound. Otherwise left lane campers only really show once every few hundred miles. You are the only one responsible for your own mood.

    • Spot on…Those disrespectful egomaniacal and unsafe drivers have been the cause of many accidents and deaths…

    • I had one incident where one person was deliberately blocking the fast lane , and used me as a block in the slow lane, I slowed down, they slowed down, I sped up, they sped up. Before I could pull over, the driver being blocked behind us, passed me on the right at 20 to 30 over the speed limit.

      • When someone sticks next to me like that, I usually drop down a few gears and mash the gas pedal, getting ahead of them before they react. I don’t think that, most of the time, they’re intentionally using you to block traffic – rather, they’re impaired to the point that they can’t set their own speed correctly, and some part of their brain defaults to the same logic that keeps them walking next to someone else at the same speed.

  • Biden bucks recovery program.

  • I always felt it was very interesting that most of society is in favor of some form of criminal justice reform, yet I haven’t heard of any group address law enforcement operations like this yet. Particularly in California there is a push for what some might consider to be extreme reductions in the criminal justice system (No cash bail, no felony for theft under 1000$, no gang enhancements, dropping most gun charges…..the list goes on). Why hasn’t any group brought up operations like these? I’m not saying there aren’t some terrible drivers who shouldn’t be cited, but this seems like low hanging fruit. I’m shocked some leftist politician hasn’t addressed this in the push for “reform”. Just a thought.

  • It’s time to shear the sheep again. Simple as that.
    Two weeks ago it was a free for all which was vary spooky 75-85 mph.
    It should be good hunting for a few more weeks or until people realize the cops are back to work FINALLY doing they’re job

  • Thank you CHP! Speeding, distracted driving and unsafe turns and lane changes are out of control. This enhanced enforcement is good news!

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Enhanced enforcement should be 24/7/365…

    It’s a target-rich environment!

    Please, drive safely… Thank you!

    • Saying enhanced enforcement should be 24/7 cancels the enhanced part. I guess you’re advocating for permanently ramping up enforcement? You can volunteer to be a citizen patrol or donate to the CHP if you are truly motivated but please don’t advocate to give more of other peoples money for your ramped up idea to hire more enforcement. California can’t afford it and neither can our grandchildren. The grandchildren that will be paying for over bloated government you want.

  • Thanks so much, CHP. Responsible driving essential. So many innocents killed by irresponsible and selfish drivers!

  • Drive safely. Don’t worry about it. Be glad you’re not in accident with one of the >100 mph nitwits.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Good job o n this issue. Sick.of idiot drivers thinking they can do whatever they want. This guy blasts by me over a double yellow. Speeds up the turn lane going maybe 50 in a 25. At the light we stop, I snap pic, figure who knows he is erratic as F. Then blasts off the stop light in a straight traveled lane to hook a left and cut off everyone in the turn lane. RIDICULOUS!

  • William Shakespeare

    The comments are better than I expected…LMAO…🤣

  • What is stopping CHP from doing this every day? Must be pure laziness. Plenty of speeders, non-signalers, cellphone yackers on the road. They would possibly have fewer accidents to investigate if traffic laws were enforced. Why does it take an “enforcement period” to enforce these laws?

  • They claim “unsafe speed”, but what they actually mean is “exceeding the posted speed limit”. These are not the same thing. Not a single ticket for drunk driving – despite drunks causing the vast, vast majority (~90% according to the Journal) of local traffic fatalities. Hiding behind overpasses does not let you spot drunk drivers – you need to be out in traffic observing how people are driving. But hiding behind overpasses does let you write easy, profitable tickets… so guess which one they do? As always around here, law enforcement has no interest whatsoever in helping the public, only in stuffing their own pockets.

    • For once I agree with you Bushy, plenty of people on drugs driving that need to be parked and cuffed and stuffed. Impound their cars and auction them off.

      • I think I saw five CHP hiding around corners, overpasses, etc that day. Two northbound safety corridor, murray overpass southbound, the corner near the slide on 299 by the scales, and one more I can’t remember. I didn’t see them driving around with traffic.

        You _can not_ identify drunk or otherwise impaired drivers like this. The only things you can identify in that brief glimpse of a vehicle are its speed and, occasionally, whether the driver has a cell phone to their ear. That CHP chooses to do this indicates that they do not actually care in the slightest about catching drunks, people sending texts, aggressive growdozers, people passing over double yellows around blind corners, distracted drivers who aren’t obviously holding a phone to their head, stoned drivers, people failing to stay on their side of the road around corners (a major cause of accidents on our highways – how often do you see “for an unknown reason, the party crossed the double yellow line” on a fatal accident report?), etc – only writing easy profitable tickets.

        I drive most of the day, and I’d say that during daylight and evening hours, 5% of drivers you see are impaired, distracted, senile, or fucking idiots. You often can spot them from a literal mile away – drifting over the line and swerving back, repeatedly. Speeding up to match the speed of traffic passing them, or slowing down after they start passing someone, because they’re too impaired to set their own speed. Growdozers with texas plates (why is it always texas plates?) passing on blind corners. Big american sedans going 15mph under the speed limit and continuing straight until they almost hit a tree every time there’s a corner in the road, because the reaction time of the driver is so slow that they don’t notice the road is turning until they’re almost off it. Cars with drivers looking down at their laps with occasional glances up to see what’s happening in the world outside of their phone. Cars repeatedly creeping up on someone, slowing down, creeping back up on them, slowing down, repeatedly, as the drivers can’t maintain a proper following distance due to impairment or distraction. And on and on and on. All day, every day. Some times of night that figure goes way up – at around 3am, probably one in four drivers should be removed from the road. None of them are speeding, with the exception of the texas growdozer. Notice how, with all those speeding tickets, they didn’t catch even one drunk driver? The impaired and distracted people are often the slowest cars on the road. I’ve watched more than one car drive straight into a stationary object at under 10mph, or go right through red lights, even when other lanes of traffic were stopped, while driving slower than the other lanes were before they stopped. These are the people who are causing accidents. The people running late for work aren’t causing accidents. The old-time locals who drive 90 on 36 to and from town aren’t causing accidents. Faster drivers actually have lower accident rates.

        I checked the journal, and I had the number slightly off – they found 80% of traffic fatalities were drunk drivers during the period they studied. This is, clearly, the major thing we need to target to improve road safety. Distracted drivers, primarily texting, is second. But what does the CHP do? They have their cops hide around corners, where they can’t, even if they wanted to, identify drunk drivers or texting drivers.

        But they managed to rake in, what, $600k in one day?

        • BT:

          Your focus on “cop hating” is pretty silly… The CHP is the last line of professional law-enforcement in the state. Their job is to keep people from acquiring bad habits, like speeding for instance…

          The CHP has the doubty job of cleaning up fatal wrecks, delivering drunks to the hospital ER for “drunk tests”, and appearing in court to prosecute idiots who decide challenging authority is a good way to go…


          Driving safely means sharing the road with everyone… Watch the corporate drivers, the guys driving for UPS, the Postal Service, Fed Ex etc… their diving is monitored, recorded, and if they drive dangerously, they might lose that fat paycheck and that Union benefit package!!

          Learn to tolerate, co-exist, yield and “let-go”, or get the heck off the road, please!

          Go to some Al-anon or AA meetings, and learn some coping skills: only 1$/meeting!

          There’s a lot of people in the world, learn to love them.

          Namaste, BT! Be safe, be well…

          • Yep, I’m aggressive toward drunk and distracted drivers. We need much harsher penalties for them. I’ve suggested on here in the past that we bring back public shaming – texting while driving should get you a couple days in the stocks with a big sign saying what you did, and a bucket of rotten fruit for people to toss at you. I’ve said that the lot next to the old co-op would be a great place for this – bring some old-timey punishment to the boardwalk for the tourists to see…

            I think you misunderstand how corporate driving works. Drivers are ordered to get their routes done in the minimum time possible. Employers often order drivers to falsify timesheets and generally work as illegally as possible – it’s why we now have ELDs. UPS in particular is extremely harsh on drivers that don’t perform as quickly as they want.

            As to cop hating… Have you actually looked at what the police does? They entirely ignore property crimes. Other areas have bait cars, etc – we do nothing of the sort. They make no effort whatsoever to stop repeat offenders from doing the exact same thing the next day. Underfunded, too few hours, too small of a prison, hiring freeze, whatever the excuse is this week. But when there’s assets to be seized, we can get a convoy of 20 trucks together no problem…

            It’s fairly obvious their priority is lining their pockets, not benefiting the public. And then there’s the whole “let’s kneel on someone’s neck for 9 minutes” thing…

            • If it takes a few $500 speeding tickets, a $2000/year increase in your insurance, if it takes these increased costs to make people slow down, and drive safely, I say levy the tax…

              Driving crazy? Feeling stressed out? Try staying off the road.

              It’s a crowded world, try to enjoy something today, after you drive home and arrive alive and well.

              When someone pisses you off, try a prayer:

              1)God, please let that guy get where he is going without hurting himself or anyone else…

              2)God, grant me the serenity to let this guy go, the courage to continue to my destination, and the wisdom not to react by joining in the craziness…

              Aggressive drivers never get there any sooner. The guy running 6mph over, in Cruise Control, always catches up to the speeder, when the speeder gets in a box. Be cool, don’t flip people off, shoot em a shaka!

    • So you want CHP to just write a drunk driver a ticket and let them go? What kind of nonsense is that? If you read just a wee bit further in the article, you’ll notice 5 undefined arrests. Wonder what those were for

  • Everyday Pedestrian

    EPD needs to do something instead of hugging antifa. Speeding and red light/stop sign running all day and night especially Henderson Center area, Broadyway of course, I and H are a motor speedway, Harris is the highway to hell, and on and on. ZILCH enforcement. If there were massive fines these idiots might slow down. Eureka has the worst drivers in California. Middle aged entitlement queens in SUV’s (most working for schools or the county) and slack jawed yokels in their immense grow dozers (Ford F666). They are all homicidal. Chief Hugs-a-Lot snoozes.

    • Maybe we should raise the speed limits to reflect how traffic actually drives?

      • Yup. Imagine the results of that idea- who gets to decide “how traffic actually drives”? The guy who always chooses fast? The guy who hits his brakes at every movement in front of him? The guy who gets angry if someone impedes his chosen speed? There are other factors beside how fast a vehicle can negotiate a roadway. Like pedestrians trying to get across, someone trying to exit a driveway, someone needing to turn onto a side street. At anyone time there are as many ideas of what speed is safe as there are vehicles on the road.

        • Yep. Which is why california says speed limits should be set at the 85th percentile speed. That is, were there no speed limit, the speed at which 85 percent of drivers would default to driving slower and15% faster, to get an accurate representation of how drivers use a road. Our local authorities entirely ignore this. LA lost a lawsuit about it, had to raise all their speed limits – maybe it’s time it happens locally.

          • Physics not feelings

            Your feelings and notions don’t matter. All that matters is gravity, inertia, and friction, maybe a little angular momentum, recognition, and reaction time.

  • Save a life drive the speed limit

    The fast lane is for 65 mph 70 at tops, Slow the hell down we’re not having a race out there, Running late , plan ahead, make a little time for the unexpected, Like the person going 70 in the fast lane that you can’t wait to pass leaving in the dust

  • I had and aquaintance that would stay in the fast lane with cars behind her and say “They are going fast enough!” Narcissistic much….

    • Then again, having someone repeatedly running up your rear bumper because they wanted you to get out of their way when you are already going over the speed limit yourself makes me wonder just how fast they expect you to go. Narcissistic much…

  • In the past year on AP road. I have been almost very seriously T- boned at the Kettenpom/ Blocksburg Y Yield killer intersection by a VERY dangerously speeding CHP who ran the yield sign and almost couldn’t stop…. …..almost rear ended by a speedy fast CHP driver chasing a motorcycle subject in the narrows,w/ out siren in front of AP fire hall, and 3 days ago speeding L.O.C. CHP driver who didnt yield on Anzini ranch blind corner… all Friskity young hormonal CHP, one might have been a female officer.Not makin this shit up!

    • I’ve seen two almost cause accidents when they pulled out from their speed trap hidey-holes without looking for oncoming traffic…

  • State Game Warden has been pulling vehicles over on Spy Rock and Iron Peak rd. He’s also been spotted at the top of Iron Peak with binoculars and a camera stopping cars and photographing license plates and vehicle descriptions and documenting all the lit up grows down Simmerly rd. I know all this because he told me. I asked him what he was doing and he was very forth coming.
    He’s a real young guy, with a dog in his government truck, at night, stopping cars with zero backup, pretty caviler attitude.
    He’s making people very uncomfortable up here and it’s about to be the same for him.
    People paid the county lots of money to become legal , were denied due to incompetent employees, and now the state and county are coming to do what?0

  • Bug on a Windshield

    Most of y’all bitchin’ that the leos are busting folks for speeding are the same ones bitchin’ that they aren’t doing enough when some speeder, eradic driver, or texter causes an accident or kills someone. Some of you are even saying they should be doing this every day, and you’re right, but if they did, how many of you would complain that they have nothing better to do than pull people over all day? I’m not saying I’m squeaky clean. Speed? Usually, but rarely ever more than 5mph over. Cross a lane while cornering? Depends on whose around me. Text? I make a point of pocketing my phone or putting it out of reach. Ride the fast, er, uh, passing lane? As long as I’m passing. Do I get pissed when I get caught? Of course, at myself. Bitch bitch bitch. All of you bitchers are no better than the SoCal speed-racers you often bitch about. I’m not talking hippy dippy here, but, I thought one of the things we loved about this area was taking life a little slower.

    As far as I and this this story are concerned, you go chp. Bust one, bust me, bust em all.

  • last fall i saw a fortuna pd hit another cop car at a red light in front of west side pizza. the fender bender resulted in broken tail light but both officers continued driving as if nothing happened 🤣 wonder what wouldve happend if that was someone else?🤔

  • The purpose of the Northern and Golden Gate CHP Devision is asset seizure and revenue generation. If you drive from Arcata to Benbow via HWY101 you will see 1000% more CHP patrol cars than if you were to drive from Sacramento to Los Angeles via I-5. It’s a business. It has nothing to do with public safety. The Humboldt corridor is a gauntlet, and their sole intention is cash seizure. If even a fraction of that money went back into the communities it was seized in by means of social services, education endowment, public & mental health this county would exponentially benefit from that. But it’s not about the people and the health of the community. It’s about power, greed and a militarized police state. FTP.

    • Meanwhile, back in Reality

      Nope. Try driving a commercial truck. Guaraunfucknteed you will have more face to face time w CHP on 880, I-5, 80. Check the news. It’s the smaller police depts. Like Hopland Tribal Police, Rohnert Park, etc., That are robbing drivers.

      • You don’t drive the same 101 and I-5 that I do. And you probably don’t know many people that have personally been robbed by law enforcement. The northern corridor 101 CHP presence is greater per capita than anywhere else in the state. The 80 and the 880 are heavy as well. But nothing compares to Humboldt 101.

  • So apparently only certain laws should be followed. It’s nice you get to pick and choose which laws you want to obey. So don’t be complaining the next time you’re canibus gets ripped off. Maybe that guy obeys are traffic laws but has decided stealing in okay. Every single accident can be prevent because of speed. I personally go 15 mph over the speed limit and have been in 4 crashes. None of which have been my fault. Please continue the good word and get the blank out of my way.

    • There are hundreds of thousands of laws. It is only a crime if you knowingly break the aforementioned law. Unless your in the federal system where only a preponderance is needed. It is very difficult to prosecute someone for a crime they were unaware was an actual crime.

      I have been fighting asset cases for a long time. In most cases it costs more to get your money than the actual amount siezed. Chp use federal mandates for asset siezure. Where sheriff’s use state asset process. About 10% of chp asset theft is done using state court.

      With regards to the game warden in spy rock. He reminds me of old Bob Murphy the arcata ranger from way back when. I have seen him in court a few times. He also operates on the usms out of eurkea.

      • Bug on a Windshield

        “only a crime if you knowingly break the aforementioned law”

        While I’m sure that’s true in many cases, does it actually work in this situation; driving? If so, to get out of a ticket, I can simply claim ignorance, that I didn’t know my headlights were required to be on while the windshield wipers were on. Or that headlights are required to be switched on when the sun sets, not at the end of civil daylight or when I think it is dark enough. Or, one of my favorites, that I didn’t know lane splitting is legal in California for motorcycles and purposefully cutting off a motorcycle while it is lane splitting is, and has been, against the law both now, and before lane splitting became legal.

        Or, for some non driving offences, keeping a pig or chicken in Eureka city limits. Or, shooting a slingshot, Red Rider BB gun or other projectile in my backyard within city limits. Are you saying all I have to do is claim ignorance?

        Umm, sorry officer, sorry your honor, I, uh, didn’t know. Thanks for the warning.

        No wonder other countries think ‘Mericans are so dumb.

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