News podcast: Humboldt Last Week episode discusses cheap LA flights, drive-in movies, Sara Bareilles recording locally, local coffee going Metallica, a senseless dog killing, and more

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Humboldt Last Week episode description

Cheap Hollywood flights, Crabs baseball comin’, the Sheriff got a nod from the Governor, drive-in movies, Jimmy Fallon appears in a Sara Bareilles related promo before she records music locally, a seemingly senseless dog killing, grocery bonuses are declined, a cannabis farm proposal is no longer massive, Guy Fieri gets paid, an HSU export got a supersized NFL bonus, Jack London, local coffee goes Metallica, major crime and court updates, COVID vaccine appointments for all 16 and up, and more.

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  • Although killing a dog is extremely ugly, it’s questionable that anyone who was looking for property where” Sophie could run free” has the perspective to understand the damage dogs can do. Running free means free to do what dogs do- which can mean killing livestock, other dogs and even people. While they might believe their dog was perfect, I have had a pet killed on my place by a dog the neighbors thought was perfectly safe too. I can’t imagine visiting a property where I had no idea what hazards existed and simply letting my dog run loose.

    • Stray dog? Shoot pictures only

      They took their cue from the realtor showing them the property, who let her dog off leash.

      You can’t just shoot a dog because it’s loose. They are personal property and that couple can file and prevail easily in a small claims civil suit.


      • Right, pictures. Heartbreaking story. That was terrible. Condolences. People have been charged for that, in Cal.

        Penal Code 597 PC is the main California law that defines the crime of animal abuse. This section makes it a crime for a person maliciously to kill, harm, maim, or torture an animal. The charge can be filed as either a misdemeanor or a felony and carries a sentence of up to 3 years in jail or prison, and/or 20,000$ fine.

        In this article from 2018, it was slightly different but without provocation, as well. “California man accused of killing dog that peed on yard
        December 11, 2018 GMT
        TULARE, Calif. (AP) — Authorities in California say a man accused of using an assault rifle to shoot and kill a Chihuahua that peed on his lawn and car was arrested and faces animal cruelty charges.

        The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Monday that a woman contacted officials Saturday after noticing her white Chihuahua, named “Chavo,” was missing and told authorities she suspected her neighbor, 23-year-old Modesto Ramos.

        The office says Ramos was arrested later Saturday after he told investigators he became angry at the 8-year-old dog for urinating on his yard and car, fatally shot him.” Etc.

      • It depends on what the dog was doing whether it is legal to shoot it. Do you really think that that a trespassing dog of an oblivious owner has more right to safety than livestock on their owner’s property? That a goat, llama, sheep or chicken has less value because they are not your pet? Or that they suffer less when a dog rips off an ear or wing because you don’t care about them? Few dogs won’t give chase and that is all it takes. Control your dogs and they won’t get hurt. Put the Disney princess fantasy away when you’re grown up. [Edit]

  • A nod to the sheriff from the governor who has invested tons of money into cannabis thanking the sheriff for the help in busting pot growers instead of pedophiles and murderers. What a nod. Price control corruption.

  • Hi, did Humboldt County change their animal control laws? Because when I was growing up any dog that trespassed land where livestock was could legally be shot. I love animals. I also know that there can be catastrophic damage when a dog comes into contact with livestock. Especially a newly awakened prey drive. When you take on the RESPONSIBILITY of owning a dog it means you are supposed to be responsible. Allowing a dog unsupervised free roaming is not responsible. Nor is it showing actual caring about the dog. The numbers of bears and mountain lions are growing. I have seen more bears in the middle of the day this year than ever. A single dog is no match for either of those, or for a confrontation with coyotes. The be free thing with dogs isn’t right, the dog gave up freedom to sit at man’s side. Except for Livestock Guardian dogs that operate on their own, a dog’s location should be known to it’s owner. For the communities safety, as well as it’s own safety.

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