[UPDATE 2:47 p.m.] Structure on Fire Near Laytonville

Fire near Laytonville

Flames and smoke rising from the structure. [Picture provided by a nearby resident]

This afternoon, Laytonville Fire Department and other firefighters are responding to a fully involved structure fire nine miles northwest of Laytonville on a plot of land known as the Bowman Ranch. Ammunition is “going off at the residence,” as reported by the dispatcher to responding fire personnel. Scanner reports indicate the structure is engulfed in flames and the fire is spreading into nearby vegetation. UPDATE: 2:16 p.m.: The dispatcher told responding fire personnel the house is now on the ground and the vegetation is “exposed.”

UPDATE 2:31 p.m.: The Incident Commander reported the structure is completely on the ground and the fire spread uphill from the structure between 1/4-1/2 acre. He said a couple trees around the structure are on fire and the vegetation is burning at a slow rate of spread.

We were able to confirm the structure is located on the 5000 block of Hargus Road.

UPDATE 2:47 p.m.: The Incident Commander reported forward progress of the fire has stopped but requested all incoming units proceed to the scene.



  • Nip this one in the bud please! Thx firefighters. I wonder if we’re going to get anymore rain this season. Hoping for some decent storms like we had in May 2019.

  • No need of a crystal ball to foretell this summer’s fire damage.
    Equip borate bombers with Napolm and burn the hell out of this country, 3 days before our first big rain.

  • So sorry that the owner’s of the structure have lost every thing in the fire. I hope they are ok. Thank you to the Laytonville Fire Department and the other firefighters involved knocking it down and stopping the spread. Hope all the firefighters are fine.

  • Phoof that place is gone bullets going off when that happens the fire department won’t even go near it way to dangerous as for fire season get ready because it’s going to be bad probably the worst even on record

    • When bullets burn , the projectile doesn’t leave the casing with the same force as if it were fired through a barrel of a firearm, in fact in most fires the projectile is found within a few feet if not inches of the case simply because there is nothing confining the gassed released from the powder burn behind the bullet , meaning most if not all of the potential force is lost. With the exception of any rounds that happen to be chambered in a barrel.

  • 🕯🌳Damn already. 🖖🖖

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