[UPDATE 12:44 p.m.] One-Way Controlled Traffic on 101 South of Hopland After Three-Way Crash

Crash south of Hopland

Crash south of Hopland. [Photo by Matt LaFever]

About 11:50 a.m., three vehicles collided on Hwy 101 near La Franchi Road south of Hopland.

An ambulance is responding to the scene.

Emergency personnel have one-way controlled traffic moving in the number 2 or outside southbound lane. A white Jeep Cherokee and blue vehicle are blocking the northbound lane and one of the southbound lanes. Another vehicle is off the side of the road.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 12:20 p.m.: According to Matt LaFever of MendoFever who was on scene, “[T]he driver of the white Jeep Cherokee was distraught and it seemed that several individuals involved in the accident were huddled on the side of the road receiving medical attention from Hopland Fire. An ambulance was just arriving on scene [about 10 minutes ago.]”

UPDATE 12:44 p.m.: Hopland Fire Chief Mitch Franklin told us the traffic accident resulted in one individual being airlifted from the scene and three others being transported to the hospital via ground transport. The injured parties were driving a vehicle not pictured above because their vehicle went down a steep embankment on the east side of Highway 101.

crash south of Hopland [Photo from Matt LaFever]

[Photo from Matt LaFever]

crash south of Hopland [Photo from Matt LaFever]

[Photo from Matt LaFever]

crash south of Hopland [Photo from Matt LaFever]

[Photo from Matt LaFever]



  • Another nasty accident. I sure hope all the people involved will be ok. Another good reason for you to consider joining an Air Medical Rescue company. A big thank you to the Hopland Fire Department and Chief Mitch Franklin.
    Odd that the Jeep does not seem to have a large amount of damage at all. I don’t see any sign of deployed airbags.

  • Any updates? It was a nasty scene…

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