More Than 66,000 COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Administered Locally

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Press release from the Humboldt County Joint Information Team:

Humboldt County Public Health and other approved local vaccinators have administered 66,648 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, an increase of 9,322 doses since last week’s report.

Vaccination data has been updated on the Humboldt County Data Dashboard. Some highlights include:

  • 26,085 local residents are fully vaccinated, which represents 19.2% of the county’s total estimated population and about 23.2% of county residents who are 16 and over and currently qualify for vaccination.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 or 31.6% of the county’s total population has received at least one dose of vaccine, meaning they have some protection against the virus.
  • Of those most susceptible to severe illness — people age 75 and over — 62.5% are fully vaccinated and 78.2% have received at least one dose.

Go to to access the Dashboard. To view vaccine data only, visit

7 New Cases Reported Today

A total of 3,507 Humboldt County residents have tested positive for COVID-19 after seven new cases were reported today.

Vaccination Updates

President Joe Biden has directed states to open vaccination to all residents on April 19, but the State of California has already announced that all residents age 16 and over will be open to vaccination sooner on Thursday, April 15.

As of today, vaccination is open to the following age groups and workforces:

  • Age 50 and over
  • Age 16 to 64 at higher risk
  • Food and agriculture
  • Emergency services
  • K-12 and early education, child care
  • Higher education
  • Health care
  • Other high-risk occupations.

For details about high-risk factors and job categories that qualify for vaccination, visit

Registering for and scheduling vaccination appointments is now being handled through the State of California’s My Turn system. Go to to sign up as appointments become available. 

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

Some Safeway, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid and Walgreen’s locations are offering COVID-19 vaccination appointments. Learn who is eligible for vaccination and see if there are appointments available for your age group or sector at one of these locations by clicking on the links below.


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  • Ben Martin, Esquire

    So now we know the number of sheeple in the county: 66000, or 33000 if they were such geniuses as to get a second dose of the experimental gene therapy (in no way, shape or form a “vaccine”). Pathetic. Baaaaaaaaaa …..

    • Your tedious bs is getting so old. What do you care what other people do? Why is it so important for you to say this on every Covid thread? It’s not like you’re going to change anyone’s mind one way or the other. Since you’ve made such an ongoing ruckus, what is your objective?
      At some point are you going to quit harassing people that get the vaccine?

      • I get a kick out of how these people get their feathers ruffled and constantly whine on here about how others choose to live their lives and the health choices they make.

        They must be a real treat to live with, lol.

        Get over yourselves.

        • Umm so what about the health choices people make who decide against vaccinating? Will you respect their choice?

          • 2nd Amendment Security

            Is freedom a birthright or birth defect?

          • Sure, I could care less if you decide not to. Why should I care ?

            I’m certainly not going to come on here daily and call you names like sheeple and whine to the masses about how dumb i think you are being.

            Get over it, get back to living.

      • 2nd Amendment Security

        Birthright or birth defect?

      • Nobody is forcing you to read the covid threads , dude. I find them kind of entertaining watching people say the same things over and over again with the same people trying to convince whoever they’re arguing with that they are the truth tellers and everyone else are sheep. You play along too with all your rants. You aren’t any different

    • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

      You’re the “Repent” sandwich-board-guy that sits in the park screaming at the sky, aren’t you?

      No job. No life. Just a singular, 2 dimensional message.

      Curious… has any one screamed back from above?

  • Sweet, panickers hurry up and get your shot so I can throw this mask away.

    • You can throw it away now, whatcha waiting for?

      That’s the thing I don’t understand…to the ones who are mask wimps…quit whining and throw them away.

      Then find something else of more importance to cry about to the world on a daily basis.

      • 2nd Amendment Security

        Taxation without representashun?

      • Can’t enter grocery stores without a mask, that’s the only reason i have one 🤷🏻‍♂️

        • Kudos to the Holiday in Weaverville. (and the people who shop there)

          Mask-enforcers they ain’t.

          Never have been.

          And look at our pathetic little numbers….

      • How about that eel river, be dried up by memorial day. Sheet doesn’t even make one headline, what gives? Covid got ratings. I gotta keep wearing the mask cause it hides my smile as look at panickers.

        • You keep finding excuses to wear the mask you like to complain about so often. I think you simply get pleasure out of being a whiner.

          • I get pleasure from taking my mask off after I enter every grocery store, peoples faces are priceless, cracks me up.

            • I think it’s time that those of us in the “silent majority” simply refuse to where the mask. This thing ends when we do.
              Most of us have endured the ridiculous mask mandates out of courtesy and conformity.
              The masks do more harm than good, We should all simply remove them and breathe.

              • Agreed, we had swine flu no masks, bird flu no masks, but the bat flu requires a mask. Too funny, can’t make this sheet up.

                • Angela Robinson

                  Asian Influenza (1957): around 70,000 deaths

                  Hong Kong Flu (the next year): around 34,000 deaths

                  Bird flu? Deaths in humans in the hundreds, apocalyptic if
                  your were a bird.

                  Swine Flu: less than 18K deaths. And the then
                  admin stepped in early to bring a vaccine
                  forward, instead of denying it was happening.

                  I know maths are hard for some folks, but I think that just maybe

                  COVID: 560,000 deaths is a teensy bit higher and different than all of those.

                  • Only difference I’ve seen , is ALOT and I mean ALOTTTT more testing. I it seems dumb but when you don’t test for the bird flu or swine flu then there are no fatalities. Just people dying of natural causes.

                    • Angela Robinson

                      Or Covid was recognized for the danger it was/is.

                      There has been plenty of time to understand the excess deaths from those years when there were flu epidemics.

                      Of course, Covid is NOT an influenza. It is something else.

                      But I think you are mostly here to be THAT guy….doing it for the LULZ.

                  • C’mon Angela.

                    The “covid deaths” scam again?

                    How do you know they died “of covid”

                    (you don’t)

                    • You do. Thousands of doctors and coroners across the US have examined them and signed that they died of COVID.

                      And, if you read the local public health statements, you see they have once or twice said something like “one death previously assigned to COVID in our county has been taken off the list because though they died WITH COVID they didn’t die OF COVID.”

                      Which means that while they aren’t perfect, they make corrections. They wouldn’t bother making corrections if they weren’t trying to make sure the list of COVID deaths that affect the County (and affect the US’s numbers) reflected actual deaths caused by COVID.

                    • Well it’s just the $158,000 question eh Kym?

                      Of course those rtPCR tests are accurate.

                      Even your favorite rag suggests as much:

                      “Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.”


                      How many times do I need to link to these before you read one?

                      Afterwards, tell me how it’s inaccurate. (of course there are about 47 more)

                      There seems to be some denial here.

                    • I quit reading your links because A) I don’t have time right now B) you aren’t able to deal rationally with excess deaths. So why bother.

            • Oh yeah, you’re a regular comedian, I forgot. Strange thing is, you never say anything funny.
              You don’t tell any jokes.
              As an aside, you don’t really do that because most stores have a mask policy and they’d tell you to put on a mask or leave. If it’s a store that doesn’t require masks then you wouldn’t be shocking anyone, but, cool story bro, it’s just not “funny”.

  • 🕯🌳Some come on here just for the pure enjoyment of irritations of others and they don’t have a life your there only friends or people for them to talk to because no one else will. 🖖🖖

  • big picture
    everyone should take the time to watch this. Less than an hour, but worth every second.
    goes into 4th industrial revolution, world economic forum, event 201, rockefeller lockstep plan, tyrannical police and governmental actions worldwide…….

    To those that are believing that the last year has been about a virus, please watch this to understand why your neighbors have opposing views.

  • My left arm had spasm’s after mine, looked up side effects, not mentioned. Thought I’d “self report”. The CDC/FDS sites directed me to Moderna but I did find a link to do it on their site. Three pages with two telling me in big bold letters that misreporting is a crime and punishable with fines/prison asking the same questions over again with NO place to report symptoms yet…so..I left.

    Its clear they DON’T want to know side effects. If so there would be a single page with name/contact info/dosage manufacturer and they would follow up if you developed anything “threatening” with NO threats of prison/fines.

    I now regret taking it given how little they outright care about collecting this information. if they don’t care about side effects…well…doesn’t that speak for itself?

    • Reality, I’m sorry to hear about your side effects.

      I believe it was a Harvard study that found only 1% of adverse reactions are reported through VAERS……you’re experience is testimony to that.

      Side effect reporting is a nuisance to those who “really care about your health”……… I’m sure it’s just a coincidence anyway.

      Where is the informed consent?

    • [edit]

      • Wow. Strong rebuttal. You forgot to add, “with respect.” Somebody miss their nap time?

      • @ Kym

        Excuse me?

        The description given in the comment is absolutely nothing like the CDC link to report adverse afffects.

        And, being that there is no way to confirm this annonymous comments position of “spasms” and “regret” to the vaccine, along with the erroneous report of how to report affects, I ask:

        What the hell is your problem with calling this comment a lie?

        It is simply more anti-vax fake-story trolling, Kym.

        Why did you edit a one word comment that does not break your rules?

        • You can say that someone lied. You can’t call them a liar. The latter implies a state of being. You can criticize someone and you can definitely criticize their ideas but you can’t say they are a bad person. And yes this is splitting hairs but there has to be a line somewhere. This is where I draw it.

          • Yes ma’am.

            I understand.

            *splitting hairs can be time consuming to decide and explain.

            This is why I support you in creating rule zero:

            “I edit what I damn well choose.”

            • It’s actually pretty simple, TRB.

              Even I can understand it.

              It’s no mystery.

              No slurs.


              End of story.

              Your one word comment was a glaring example of what you can’t do here.

              I noticed it right away and knew it was destined for the trash, where it clearly belonged.

              Yes there is a line, and it is a fine one.

              I’m glad it’s been drawn.

              I don’t see why anyone would feel the need to shit their pants over it.

              That’s borderline.

              I follow the rules.

              You don’t have to be such an [edit] to Kym.

              Beggin’ your pardon, Kym.

              I totally respect the rules.

              (My dubious sense of humor is acting up again.)

              Hopefully that wasn’t a violation.

  • I love the fabulous stories told here so that a person can then answer themselves and agree with themselves. The level of disingenuous bs in these threads is unbelievable (literally).
    Just keep those multiple names and emails rolling, as if no one can tell. Silly games , and for what? The worlds a stage and play acting is really popular here.

    • 2nd Amendment Security

      Your grandchildrens children will wonder what it was like to have lived….BC,

      Before Covid.

      When children weren’t born into plastic bags 1.0.

      When humans were still 100% original biology. 1.0

      Before they could jack into your synthetic interface just like they do with computers, and all things hackable, and all the serfs could do was to pay top dollar for the latest anti virus that was never able to protect your biology from being hacked.

      Am I the only one to see where this road leads.

      Once they get this 5/6/6/6/7 G to blanket the earth, and everything will communicate with a number of control centers, we will begin to lose our collective awareness of life BC…

      Rise of the biological synthetic.

      We’ve been dipped in the idea of a science fictional future, yet it will simply allow the tyrants to succeed where those failed in the past.

      The key is interwoven technology and corporate hive mind that will give us….

      Peace on earth for the few….

      HELLON earth for the rest.

    • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

      And? Here you are!


    • ….with nothing of substance to add.


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