Attempted Home Invasion Northeast of Arcata

Home Invasion

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In what must have been an unsettling event to say the least, a 60-year-old resident of a home northeast of Arcata was the victim of an attempted home invasion.

According to HCSO spokesperson, Samantha Karges, “On April 5, 2021, at about 1:53 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on the 7100 block of West End Road for the report of an attempted home invasion.”

Karges said, “The victim told deputies that she was at home when she heard pounding on the door. According to the victim, an unknown possibly female suspect reportedly made vague threats towards the victim while attempting to get inside the residence.”

The situation then escalated. “The suspect reportedly attempted to kick in the door, and when that was unsuccessful, the suspect stabbed the door with a pair of scissors,” Karges told us. “The suspect then left in an unknown direction.”

A search of the area by deputies failed to locate the suspect.



  • I would never be a woman alone in this day and age without a scattergun and a large breed dog. Especially living rurally.

  • Stabbing the door?! Arcata certainly is… Stabbieville USA.

  • So this guy left there after that attempt and successfully kicked in my door and entered my home in the 6600 block of West End Road, at 4:05 am, after attempting to kick in my tenants door. The police report will have a supplemental report attached when officer Wolff is back on duty Friday evening to accurately describe what took place. The guy ended up exiting my home after verbally assaulting me, ranting on and screaming at me,running down the hillside with my iPhone, making calls. The police arrived and attempted to locate suspect. He fled further down the hillside and into the river, being caught 2 hours later on the north side of the Mad River between the bridge and north bank road on Hwy 299. The police escorted me by car, where I visually identified the intruder. William Michael German was subsequently arrested at approximately 6:15am on April 5, 2021.
    Kym, if you would like any further accurate details about these events, please feel free to contact me. It was an incredibly terrifying experience as he threatened my safety, my tenants life, my dogs life, after violently kicking in my front door and entering my home, coming up 2 flights of stairs towards my bedroom, yelling and screaming and acting irrationally. He had a 8-12 inch knife sheath hanging from his belt.

    • Wow! That sounds like the same MAGA idiot. Does he not have a stimulus check coming? Try that at my house and you will very well become very well acquainted with my hole punch, a Henry .44 lever action (holds 10 my man!) beautiful firearm. Loaded with Federal Personal Defense rounds. ( Although my CCW carry is my stainless Colt Python if anyonve wants to put their scissors through my door) Be my guest! It will be epic as the kids say.

      • A Henry 44 is a sweet rifle. I am a fan of lever action.

      • MAGA idiot? Yeah, sure. This nut job is catch and release liberal probably mad that Biden didn’t cancel his student loans yet or maybe he just wanted to show off his vaccine card?

        • he is just another product of a local conservative family. his dad has a criminal record and is a registered republican’t. just like almost every other criminal we get to read about. parenting seems to our problem locally. raising them dumb with guns probably doesn’t help, but the level of entitlement local parents show their kids is the main culprit. just like the 16 yo that had her b-day party at moonstone and left the mess for others.

          • Um his dad is also my dad and he is a great man. We have also been robbed by him numerous times while away from home.this is not because of his up bringing it is his own choosing to be this way ..thank you very much and don’t talk about a father you don’t know



      • BLM spouts nonsense again. The left creates street criminals, not the right. You burned the cities last summer and your Marxist “queen” threatened to do it again recently. YOU are the thugs, not the patriots.

      • Jay. Please tell us which closet it’s in.

      • Maga? The new residents of the White House want to take your guns, so with that said…you will need to get a kitchen knife out of the knife block.

      • I think he already got his check, and spent it on meth

    • Sounds like a nightmare.
      Unfortunately, my money says that this guy will be released from custody before the end of the day?
      Remember the unprovoked violent attack on an elderly lady in the Arcata March a few weeks ago?
      Out of nowhere the dude dragged an old lady down by here hair and started beating her. Then he took off on a high speed chase down South G Street while driving drunk and rolled his car. Got arrested for assault and battery, probation violation, possession of drug paraphernalia and DUI. He spent less than 4 hours in jail before being released at 1:30 in the morning.
      Unbelievable … Something needs to be done.

      • Right, duh. This is getting like the purge or something. And it’s not funny, people are being hurt and traumatized. The perps. committing violent crimes need to be locked up, the inmates are getting vaxxes now, so there’s no reason they can’t be behind bars.

      • I read this comment to my wife, the “old lady” dragged down in the marsh. We both laughed about the old lady comment. Thank you, we needed it. She’s not even close to being an old lady, but we both appreciate you keeping the public aware of attacks such as these. Hoping everyone from last nights attack are OK and able to recover from such an incident.

      • Holy shit! I didnt hear about that one. Thanks for the link!

      • Ronald Reagan had that idea it was best to shut down the mental institutions, this is the end result. Our generation pay$ for it over and over, just ask law enforcement!

    • June 24,2016, article from the lost coast. William German, 23. ” A vehicle arrived on scene and William German exited the vehicle. The parked truck belonged to German. German returned the hammer to the victim. Deputies ran a records check and discovered German had a warrant for his arrest. Deputies detained German in handcuffs. After German was handcuffed he ran away from the Deputies. The Deputies were able to catch German after a brief pursuit. Deputies searched German prior to arrest and located credit cards on his person that were not in his name, drug paraphernalia, and suspected heroin.

      German was arrested and taken to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia and a warrant for possession of stolen property. His bail was set at $10,000.”

    • i have not been able to find and arrest and or this on lost coast. any idea what they did with his dumb ass, as noted below he was the copper thief and it made headlines

    • Wow. He used to be such a nice kid. Eff heroin!

    • Thanks for the accurate version! You know I’m right down the road,call me anytime! So sorry this happened to you!

    • Horrifying Dede. I am super grateful you weren’t physically hurt. Feeling safe in your home is another story. I live off 299 and have noticed people between the Mad River bridge and North Bank rd exit numerous times. Our river areas from there south have become infected with the same sort of people. The sheriff’s department needs to start having raids and getting this situation under control. From your experience it is obvious to see that it has gotten WAY out of hand. No place is safe in Humboldt Co. anymore and it continues to get worse every day. Seriously, when there are no consequences of substance, well, these people rob, destroy, and defile without a second thought. Can nothing be done? Really?

  • Making threats and kicking and stabbing the door? Shoot, shovel, and shut up time. Who has a hog farm around here?

  • That person would have eaten a face full of lead in my families home!

  • It almost seems like the repeat criminals that were pretty bad before have gone crazy, lock them up

    It almost seems like the repeat criminals that were pretty bad before have gone crazy, lock them up. Condolences to his victims.

  • So so sad. He was the sweetest child. He had baseball pro dreams. He worked hard on prevailing wages by 20 years old, he had a good future ahead of him. Some where later he got hooked on heroine, just try it. Breaks my heart.

  • We need a free rehab. center around here, period.

    • Agreed. Funded rehab/ skills centers and/or capital punishment for lost and violent cases. We need to make some serious decisions here, folks! What we have been doing DOES NOT WORK and is eating up huge taxes. And vigilante action is almost here…

      • 👍👍👍👍

      • Fully agree Farce. Yesterday we needed this, but if we don’t do something quickly it’s going to get way worse. When the unemployment checks stop, the junkies will have hardcore habits needing a fix and there will be nothing left to do but steal. I have wondered who the ‘Fences’ are around here. Seems like there must be a couple huge ones, hauling off semi loads out of the county. But never hear of them getting busted. Heard there was one in Hoopa, just a rumor though.

        • Exactly guest. They are terrifying now, I’m almost afraid to read the paper anymore. A state funded rehab. center locally, to get them off what they’re on.

          • 2nd Amendment Security

            Self destruction of our means to a better life have created a hopeless atmosphere on those who are sensitive, and honest people.

            Then there are those who don’t give a damn about a society that hasn’t done anything to correct all the mitigating Co factors of an empire in decline.

            You cannot begin to understand the micro without a clear view of the macro.

            Easier to rent than town.

            Children are an investment and the bedrock to a better tomorrow. If you recognize the sabotage and undermining in every aspect of a commonsense approach to why parents are dealing with a built in operating error that results from either a poor environment , poor emotional, poor socioeconomic, poor training.

            The environment that’s been exploited by corporations to extract as much profit from opportunity has given us the culture we are dealing with now.

            The only error I see is our repeated failure to address those nagging root causes.


          I don’t know who is currently fencing, but I know of a person who was in the business a few short years ago. Someone in this forum mentioned a few days ago that this guy was back from his vacation.

    • rehab only works when you are ready. this guy isn’t ready and won’t be for a decade or so. it would cost more than our mental health budget anyway and it isn’t going to happen ever.

  • The Little House on the Prairie was situated in Tapo Canyon in Simi Valley, California. Back when they were filming that show Simi was the safest city over 100,000 population in these here United States of America.

  • Scary situation all around..I am glad it had outcome it one hurt and no innocent person having to take a life to protect themselves.
    . And why do people still attach political crap to posts? Is it that family friends tiring if your rants so now you just go to internet.

  • When are we going to get these people off the streets? Don’t blame liberals because I am one and believe people who pose a threat to a community (esp. repeatedly) need to be put on an island somewhere, undertake the task of hard labor and learn to remember what gratitude is. I’m sick of this crap, seeing the same folks arrested and released. You might as well list Career Criminal as legitimate employment because we sure have a lot of them in Humboldt. My condolences to the innocent people who were victims of these outlaws!

    • Welcome to the Republican party. Remember to vote 😀

    • "You might as well list Career Criminal as legitimate employment," lock up the violent ones

      “You might as well list Career Criminal as legitimate employment,” on point, and unfortunately true.

  • Hit the range and clean your guns it is going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Tweakers in Blue Lake…everywhere, sad. Epidemic…or just mentally ill???

    • An epidemic of mentally ill. Caused by street drugs, which addiction is often started by “pharm” drugs foisted on children, and underlaid by the lack of both a morality-based culture and parents mature enough to spawn offspring… no matter what the parents’ age.

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