Clones and Dried Cannabis Located During Search of Trailer Near Dinsmore Last Week

Cannabis worker pulled over by MET

Cannabis worker pulled over by MET. [Photo from a witness]

A week ago, on March 25, a reader sent us a photo of a law enforcement officer removing cannabis clones from trays in a trailer at the Dinsmore Store and putting them into bags. Janice Mackey, a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told us that the situation wasn’t the result of a traffic enforcement stop.

According to Mackey, wildlife officers “at the Dinsmore Store when an officer greeted an individual he had seen driving previously in the day walking by his patrol vehicle. Upon speaking with the individual, officers noticed he was exhibiting extremely nervous behaviors.”

She said that the driver was asked for his license and an investigation revealed that he was driving on a suspended driver’s license. She said, “Officers observed a package of cannabis in plain sight in the back seat of the vehicle he was driving and determined the individual did not have the necessary permits or licenses to legally transport commercial cannabis.”

Officers then searched the trailer. “Approximately one pound of dried and packaged cannabis and over 1,200 cannabis plants were found,” she told us. “Officers cited the individual accordingly for the violations and the unlawful product was seized as evidence.”

According to Mackey, “The subject was cooperative with the officers; making small talk even after the citation occurred.”



  • So…Never talk to anybody from CDFW. Fuck them all! If they ask for anything just keep walking. They do not deserve your respect or cooperation on anything. It used to be we liked them for helping with our critter friends. But they are all just basically weed cops now… Oh, and cover up your pounds, fools!

    • And don’t commit more than one crime at a time, like driving clones or weed without a valid driver’s license, they probably would have profiled him anyway or made up a traffic violation but at least you could fight that in court.

    • Let me guess. You grow illegal weed. Your next bud😂

    • Seriously Farce? You don’t know this guy or his story. It’s interesting watching your ever evolving stance on cultivation. You went from wanting more law enforcement busts to fuck the cops and permitted growers they’re all evil.
      This guy was stupid, like a lot of illegal operators in the Triangle. No sympathy from me for this guy, do stupid shit, get stupid prizes. Don’t blame the cops, blame his lack of planning.

      • Humboldt county is where good marijuana was born some say and yes it was because people were growing illegally!!! I don’t know about farce but some including me did want more busts ! our home was being trashed by thousands of outsiders primarily , most these Johnny come lately s blew shit up wrong then the county greedily grandfathered in the worst punks .That’s why I despise the legal ,enjoy being a corporate drone.

        • Lol, I’ve been in the game since 1975. I’ve witnessed it all. I’m mostly an observer now. I know people in every aspect of the business, from asshole illegal gro bro to stellar permitted farms and everything in between. You don’t have to school me about weed in the Triangle…

          • Thank you, you summoned up the truth of the issue. Let’s all try to be better and work with each other. (This person is playing the blame game. Stop pointing fingers and deal with your own issues. Tired if the sniveling babies

        • “Outsiders”? Are you part of one of the local native tribes?

      • My stance has been pretty solid. Get the destructive mega-grow greenrushers out- yes, pull up their profits. Stop over-reaching authoritarian agencies from expanding into becoming more cops especially the ones who we respected to protect the environment. Do Not feed into the “legalization” scheme which is really a “Tax, Regulate and Deliver to the Corporate State” scheme. I have always championed smaller mom n pop growers who live with their land and behave responsibly both socially and environmentally. They are the best economic drivers in our county and some of the best neighbors. Unfortunately they are being exterminated by the greed and plunder and corruption since the greenrush. If you do not understand me it can only be because you do not understand any of this..(Granted- I may rant a little bit some days and I may exaggerate my words due to my frustration at the legions of “useful idiots” that are enabling the destruction of a community I once loved. But my message inside the anger has remained constant)

        • Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes I wonder….

        • // “(Granted- I may rant a little bit some days and I may exaggerate my words due to my frustration at the legions of “useful idiots” that are enabling the destruction of a community I once loved. But my message inside the anger has remained constant)”//

          I respect most of your goals and I really do love your passion. I share your love of the small grower who respected the earth and the community. I share your disdain for the greenrush bums and new corporate shills who give no shits for either.

          My only suggestion is that your lack of insistence on truth actually makes you less useful to the cause. I believe that the only chance to succeed is through truthful education. (though I do sadly realize that BS is often more powerful that truth in today’s society.

          I don’t doubt for a minute Farce that your heart is in the right place and that is worth the world to me.


    • Should have had my fishing license

      Yup ! First it was wood cops turned into X military flak jacket wearing jackbooted thug‘s. Now it’s fish cops getting the drop on us poor growers! a local boy can’t win.
      On the other hand guys don’t get complacent and do stupid shit to get yourself busted.
      My guess is this guy would’ve pulled over and helped the fish cop change out a busted tire if the situation was a bit different.

  • “exhibiting nervous behavior” is ground’s for a search? It’s not illegal to be afraid of pigs. These cops bring new meaning to bottom feeding. Was there any other nervous people in the vicinity to harass? If im naucious and sickened by their presence is that also grounds for a search? What other human emotions can and will be used against us in a random parking lot? Fuck legal. Police are lower than dog shit preying on people’s fear.

    • If you’re going to grow a schedule one illegal substance “punk grower”, you really need to brush up on your constitutional law. The encounter above was a consent encounter in a public space—a police officer can ask you for ID at any time, you can say no if you’re not being detained/arrested. The narcotics were in plain view in a motor vehicle, thus triggering the Carroll doctrine—the police don’t need a warrant to search your vehicle.

      • The issue is that because of law enforcements role and the power given to then “requests” are often believed to be demands. The fact that the officers asked for his license was an over reach. There was no crime let alone for CDFW to be talking to anyone. Unfortunately because of the indoctrination LEOs do in schools at a yound age most people believe you have to talk to LE when they talk to you. Most LE belirve it as well, hense why when they go get what they want they start throwing a fit and really going on fishing expeditions.

        • If that’s the way it is then people doing illegal things should do everything to lessen their chances of getting caught, right?

    • There are ways to not get caught or at least minimize your chances. This dumbass obviously isn’t good at being covert in his illegal activities. Every one knows most of these cargo trailers are carrying illegal clones and processed weed. I’m surprised there’s not more pulled over.

  • justanotherperson

    Wow, law dogs hanging out at Dinsmore store. I used to work at a bar where they’d try to post up in the parking lot for DUI checks. Owner told them to get off his private property because they were hurting business. Seems to be a similar line of operation here. What’s next, undercover trimigrants? Jesus

  • I would suggest when transporting an illegal load, that you go from point A to point B directly with no stops at the Dinsmore store for a cookie and soda.

  • Toolazytotakethetrashcansin

    I despise all those on here defending the criminal. Go get a real job and stop being a shitbag. Plain and simple.

  • “then searched the.”

    Trailer? Kym .

  • Bro get your f-in license back. Your not an operator of any nature without a license. Cowboy up and make a step towards a legit life. Grower or not.
    Ive got a handful of employees w no license. I tell em week after week ” lets get it back and get you a raise”. Barely a peep is heard. WTF a license is no longer just a card ensuring your privilege to drive but has become a sign of your ability to operate and manage your life. You might pop a profit one day but its real real unlikely to happen in your current state.

  • Hahahahahahahaha.

  • Heh heh heh.. Burn!

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