Warrant Served at Eureka Home Today Tied to Vehicle Stopped in Utah With Marijuana, Says HCSO

Humboldt County Sheriff's vehicle parked by a home today in the 2800 block of I Street in Eureka as deputies serve a search warrant.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicle parked by a home today in the 2800 block of I Street in Eureka as deputies serve a search warrant. [Photo from Mark McKenna]

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department is serving a warrant in the 2800 block of I Street in Eureka this morning.

Van loaded with indoor grow

A van loaded with what appears to be supplies from an indoor grow was loaded by law enforcement. [Photo from a neighbor]

According to Sgt. Conan Moore, a car was stopped in Utah containing marijuana traceable to the resident of this home. Moore said that an active lab was located though it is unclear at this time what type.

We’ve requested more information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and will update when more information comes in.

Line of law enforcement in the alley behind the home.

Line of law enforcement in the alley behind the home. [Photo from Mark McKenna]



  • Geeeeez! If it’s the bust I am thinking of, days ago, did the busted dude not have any friends who would have known to clear out his house ASAP??!!

  • 🕯🌳I’m telling you Humboldt needs a better class of criminals there stupid. 🖖🖖

  • Super disgusted by the comments… Stupid?! What’s stupid is the idea that in America it’s socially OK to send men with guns to use force against caretakers of plants. No victim, no crime. These are peaceful citizens who don’t deserve to be robbed of their property and thrown in cages. Platoon420.com advocates for the victims of prohibition

  • Plant medicine heals

    Why can’t they spend their time busting the meth heads and heroin dealers pushing that shit to kids in eureka instead of busting good people for making medicine? Not one thing in her possession was a bad thing. It was all plant medicine used to heal the human mind, soul and body. That’s messed up she was busted for that. Weed and mushrooms. The universe’s medicine. Healing healthy plants and fungi. Not dangerous drugs! This is all bs.

    • There has to be a better way

      Yep are streets are loaded with criminals. Carjackings, home invasions, and visible tweezers everywhere. If they didn’t this type of resources for a house break in and other crimes our community would be safer. I get that a crime was committed at this residence but did this make our streets safer?? I highly doubt it. In fact this probably made them worse off. She obviously had money to buy things in our community, now not so much. Was there hard drugs found in this house or obvious signs of violent crimes? When you house or car gets broken into in Humboldt you get integrated over the phone as if you are the criminal and then if your lucky enough to speak to an actual office or in person they make it clear there are not interested in your troubles as they would rather be kicking the door in of some pot salesmen that actually spends money here and has no intention of crimes towards their fellow community member

    • I used to think weed and mushrooms were cool when I was 12… then I grew up lol

  • All that happiness, all that pain relief…all stopped for “law enforcement” by anti commerce facist government thugs. What a shame.
    Where is the task force for all the missing women in Humboldt?

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