Firm exploring class-action lawsuit against Suddenlink

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A law firm up in Washington state is seeking feedback from Suddenlink customers as the attorneys are apparently investigating the possibility of filing a class-action lawsuit against the company.

According to this form from the Hattis & Lukacs law firm in the Seattle metropolitan area, which according to their website is led by Daniel M. Hattis, the lawyers are looking into Suddenlink’s allegedly bogus fees and surcharges as well as a failure to make good on their Price For Life promotions.

Suddenlink customers in the Emerald Triangle have been reaching out in the hopes of participating, according to this Reddit post.

An inquiry to the firm about how much interest the investigation has garnered and if they think this is a strong case has not yet been returned. We’ll update this post when we hear back.

Suddenlink is a subsidiary of Altice USA, which is headquartered in New York.

Are you bummed about allegedly bogus fees and false promises? You can at least vent via the form above.

This story and several others are summarized in the episode below.

Episode Description: 

*Disclaimer* This episode’s summary of a recent triple-murder will be hard to hear for some…

Also, an expert’s take on the difficulty of obtaining a primary doctor in Humboldt County, a class-action investigation of Suddenlink, a new rock album with Eureka ties gets international attention, Sequoia Park upgrades explained, the courthouse in Eureka is getting a mural, SpaceX lights up the sky, a Make a Wish dream comes true, a KHSU-related lawsuit, tsunami siren failures explained, a local export longs to come back, crab poachers, and more.

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  • Well good. SL is is a sorry dinosaur trying to rip the last few dollars they can squeeze from their costumers.

  • Got my deposit for Starlink. Will be sending a box of gorilla shit to the arseholes at suddenlink as soon as Elon gets it up and running,. We pay 180 bucks a month for shitty internet service .

  • Maureen Jackson-Conwell

    I wouldn’t think one would find too many customers enamored with Suddenlink. It’s been awful from the beginning. How is this lousy service allowed to happen and with sky high prices?

  • I had the price for life and they didn’t honor it.

  • It is time for Suddenlink, AKA “Seldomlink” to receive a wake up call. Most of the people I know are really unhappy with their performance record, and many have gone to Direct TV or Dish TV, etc.

  • What’s another option for wifi and not streaming besides suddenlink near eureka?

  • They are thieves. I have a complaint filed with the FCC, I have never seen more than a third of the speed I pay for and they refuse to credit my account until the problem is resolved but never fix it so they will never have to credit me. We pay for gigabit but get less than 200-300 on average, less than their 400mbps plan. I’ve also had over a dozen technicians in my home in the middle of a pandemic because they rather replace the same equipment in my house than address their own networks issues.

  • Suddenlink has got a lot of problems. Everybody is so angry with them. People are angry at the Suddenlink office furious. Because Suddenlink has done things to us that we don’t like. Count me in the class action lawsuit. A crime has been committed. I signed up for the price for life $43 and one year later they tried to raise up the price of my Internet telling me I didn’t have it on my account when I did sign up for it. I was ripped off by $120 that sudden link didn’t get back to me

  • Brenda Williamson

    I am a suddenlink person who lives month and thay tell me I own them 887dollars and I don’t no what to do because they say I have two accounts and I don’t so please help me or tell me what to do I can’t pay this I pay my Bill’s every month my name is Brenda Williamson I live at 518 city view Drive logan wv 25601 304-601-3086

  • On their website I ordered an upgrade for an additional $10 per month to my bill, and two minutes later I receive a confirming email with a $37 monthly increase to bill.

    They increase your bill after 12 months, citing that you had a promotional one-year rate, which the notion that it was a promotional rate was never divulged when you signed up. When I talked to them they reminded me that they are free to increases rates at any time. My response was that they can have an across-the-board increase at any time, but a one-year clock is set when I hit the purchase buttons. Since the “promotion” is not disclosed I consider this a bait-and-switch tactic.

    I contacted the FCC. I am very ready for a class-action suit.

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