Vandals Splatter Red Paint on Laytonville Black Lives Matter Sign

Black lives matter sign defaced

A vandal splattered red paint on a prominent black lives Matter sign near Laytonville. [Photo provided by Suzy Barsotti]

A prominent Black Lives Matter sign along Highway 101 north of Laytonville has for a fifth time been defaced by unknown vandals. This time someone splattered red paint across it. Susy Barsotti, the owner of the Black Oak Ranch where the sign is located, said the vandalism occurred last night. One side of the sign reads, “Black Lives Matter,” the other reads, “A Change is Gonna Come.” Both sides are now splattered with paint the color of blood.

Barsotti said she will keep the red paint splatter on the sign because it “actually amplifies the message.” She said, “The original message with the addition of red splatters, possibly remind[s] the viewer of the systemic and bloody violence that people of color face daily.” Mischievously, Barsotti said, “Congrats, splatter-by. Now, you’re a part of the movement!”

On December 31, 2020, vandals actually cut down the sign and stole it outright from its place along Highway 101. Before the sign had been cut down, Barsotti said the vandals had conducted what she called “splatter-bys” in the latter months of 2020, similar to what happened to the sign last night. After the sign was cut down and stolen, Barsotti, along with members of the Laytonville community, replaced it.

Barsotti said that she, with her compatriots within Laytonville’s Hog Farm commune, chose to display the sign prominently along Highway 101 as a symbol of the commune’s support for Black Lives Matter. Barsotti described members of the Hog Farm as well-established political activists in the Laytonville community.

A friend of Barsotti’s told her, “We should thank the “artist” and congratulate them as a new member of the BLM movement.”



  • F****** punks… I’d love to have seen whoever it was that did this.. time to put cameras up so we can see who these losers are.. it’s easy to vandalize something but don’t be such a coward.. come forward and stand up for what you think, by telling us who you are.

    • That something I would expect someone to say who displays this sign. Ignorantance. And violence. The ones who are burning buildings and whos looting and vandalizing the local Walmart.

      • “Ignorantance?” Next time you’re about to post a comment, just don’t. Save everyone else the brain cells.

        • Pharmstheproblem

          Why just because they don’t like what you believe! Typical! Truth hurts…..

        • Google “who was the first slave owner in America”. This is what pops up-

          He was one of the first African American property owners and had his right to legally own a slave recognized by the Virginia courts. Held as an indentured servant in 1621, he earned his freedom after several years, and was granted land by the colony.
          …Anthony Johnson = first slave owner in America = he was a black man

          Turns out many black men owned land and SLAVES as far back as the early 1600’s .

          My question is if your master was a black man, are the descendants of these slaves still entitled to reparations from WHITES? Or Should the black pay the reparations in this case?

          I think Black Lives Matter owes their people some reparations!!!!

      • Did Ukiah Walmart get vandalized?

  • Laytonville must be too peaceful… so people just gotta find a way to antagonize each other.

  • “spattered with paint the color of blood.”

    Also the color of cherries. And strawberries .

    It is pi day.

    But, if it’s blood, and focusing on that crimson-colored blood, and the bleeding out of lots of blood-red blood that we are supposed to be focusing on then one needs look no further than the reprehensible murder/violent crime rate within the black community.

    Ask Candace Owens if you have a problem with that . Trigger alert.

    • Go back into your cave. Really.

    • According to Politifact, which fact-checks political statements, Candace Owens has a “100% False” rating. Nice try.

    • Poor confused Candace Owens.

      • Why do you think she is confused?

      • Read her latest book and then come back and tell me what she is confused about. I ask sincerely, I want to know why you think that. If you just come back and call insults, nevermind.

    • The point of the now-bloody image, according to Susie Barsotti in the article—
      African-AMERICANS are being killed by cops because their skin is too dark for comfort. That’s their blood being spattered.

      Candace Owens?! Puh…leeze!

      • I thought the left was supposed to be supportive of Black women, Changed your mind?
        Politifact tells you what to think?

        Susie Barsotti would be on the phone to the cops in a heartbeat if
        threatened by 3 or 4 Blacks from Oakland that showed up at her house to rob her. And so would you.

        People of all colors commit crimes and sometimes get shot for it.

      • “African-AMERICANS are being killed by cops because their skin is too dark for comfort”

        Uhhhh, no they’re not. But congratulations on endlessly pushing that lie so that the races can be more divided than ever. But you can pretend that you care, like Susan Barsotti, from her home in a place with a near ZERO black population. Why don’t you guys move to Oakland? You know, be the change.

      • 15+ shot at party on Chicago’s southside… MSM refuses to cover story…

        No BLM in Chicago?
        More Blacks are killed there in a weekend than by cops in the whole USA in a year.

    • Candice Con Owens

      That traitor is laughing all the way to the bank, sucker!

      • Not going to disagree entirely, but isn’t that the American way?

        You might appreciate seeing the fresh “sexy” video promo for her new, live talk show format that she’s launching in Nashville this month.

        I can understand why some people can’t stand her!

        But right now the Republican masses adore her, and more and more Democrats are paying attention to her .

        Her goal is a 20% party shift of black democrats.

      • CCO


  • But I thought BLM stands for BIG LYING MARXISTS! Why isn’t everyone on board?

  • We are pretty sure it wasn’t Vandals that did this. Vandals were not going to be satisfied with some red paint. No, no we are thinking they would have eviscerated some animal, like a hog, and hung it over the sign. Let real blood drain over it. Then they would have burned it, to appease what ever pagan gods they worshiped. Then ate the hog. The Vandals were entertaining to study, they were very creative in their methods of dragging out a victim’s death, making it as painful as possible. They had a formula which considered the pain before death ratio, very interesting. Accusing Vandals for something as passive as paint on a sign may get you in trouble with them. If I were you, I would retract your Vandal statement before they read your report, and split you alive over hot burning coals, and showed you your beating heart before you die. Just trying to help, lol

  • Looks more like black lives spatter

    • Now I’m tripping out on the the two words seemingly used interchangeably in this article:


      They are both a verb and a noun, but it seems their difference is defined by size of particles….

      Google says: “To spatter means to scatter small particles of a substance. A spatter is the pattern of drops that result from spattering. To splatter means to scatter large particles of a substance.Jul 25, 2016”

      (Edit : interesting to note: *spatter* is typically used to refer to welding spray, AND BLOOD.)

      So Kym does the editor trip now? Or go measure the spatters…or splatters…

  • Maby the red was for all the people murdered by communism! Wait a minute it’s red white and blue!

  • Trail cam. Cost like $100 and has night vision on most models in that price range. You need 2 so when they steal camera one you still get a picture. Then kym will post your pictures next time they trash your stuff.

  • Too bad that sign isn’t used to Honor a “well-established ” Black life in the community, maybe a new person every month.
    Could have been used for the honorary mayor before he passed.
    I bet he would have loved it…Knowing people cared about him.

    Might even encourage more people to be better people, no matter their color or circumstances.

    Who knows it could catch on, a sign for Native Americans, Latino’s, or just good Americans, etc.

    Got land? Use it for something good.

  • just to clarify one thing here. Suzy Barsotti is not the owner of Black Oak Ranch.She may live, work and breathe there,but she is NOT the owner.

  • BLM, Change is coming. Yes, we pulled it off and removed Republicans from office, thanks to our wealthy comrades, China, Dominion voting machines and many more comrades throughout the voting process. We now control the future of the country. So get ready for us to change the country and bring Marxism to everyone. And trust me, you will comply.

  • Yah. Like good luck with that. You think people are that stupid?

    • Woh man. Stop it with that true shit.

    • Even Bill Maher is telling you cancel culture sucks.
      The left is starting to eat it’s own, Today’s victim is Sharon Osborne.

      Cuomo’s done. Why? They can’t control him and don’t want him running for POTUS. He’s not their pick.

      Biden’s on the list as soon as he can no longer serve as a puppet.
      They want him to complete all the dirty work so Kamala can come in and shine as the good Potus.

      55 days and we are back in Syria…we’re finding out Assad chemicals is a lie.
      Just like the babies in incubators in Kuwait lie.

      Can’t let that opiate trade die in Afghanistan, too much dark money to be made.

      Disaster at the border. Even the President of Mexico is pissed.

      Spending away the next generations future.

      Won’t take questions and runs from the media.

      Even Dems want to take away the Nuke codes.

      Him and his whole family taking bribes from China and Ukraine and other countries.

      Yep, people are stupid.

      Keep watching.

  • Woh man. Stop it with that true shit.

  • No, Susi, it’s not right. Take it down. That’s awful. I’ve traveled with a Black boyfriend and I know exactly how we and many other POCs would feel coming across THAT in the middle of nowhere. It looks like a FUCKING DEATH THREAT and it’s on YOUR property.

  • If any of the priveledges whites in the town had a clue about how the projects and hoods are ran the killings on blacks on blacks wont ever stop thats what happens in the hood a BLM is a bullshit movement if u ever ask in real gangleaders theywill tell youfuck BLM and the bullshit white propoganda how many of you have ever spent any time in the projects other than the dope u send there

  • Yah. I agree. Please take the sign down. We don’t need any more divisiveness tearing the country apart. I’m calling you out Susy Barsotti. The big majority of people in Lattonville are not Marxist, and don’t support your Marxist cause. I speak with people there all the time, and they clearly don’t support BLM Marxists. Please take it down.

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