Forum Thursday at 5 p.m. on the Closure of the Obstetrics Program at Redwood Memorial

Pregnant womanInformation on Providence’s closure of the obstetrics program at Redwood Memorial Hospital:

Please join us for a virtual Town Hall Forum on the transition of the obstetrics program at Providence in Humboldt County – Thursday, March 4 at 5pm. Roberta Luskin-Hawk, MD, Chief Executive, will host the community discussion with a focus on how we came to the decision, our plans for the upcoming change and our efforts to harmonize the rich legacies of Redwood Memorial Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital.


…Community members may submit questions to Dr. Luskin-Hawk during the forum. Please access the virtual forum here:




  • They don’t need a town hall forum!!! They need to keep obstetrics program at Redwood Memorial Hospital. The extra time it takes to continue on to Eureka is going to lead to serious problems, and maybe some infant deaths.

  • I think it’s not yet set in stone. They want it but have to have a community forum etc. The more voices the less likely they’ll get their way.

  • Why hasn’t there been transparency to the community regarding closure? Ever since St Joseph Hospital has developed their own Obstetrical unit, administrative staff has not supported Redwood Memorial Hospital There has not been an ongoing effort to recruit physicians . The effort has come and gone, haphazardly. Even when a group of physicians show interest in supporting program, administration does not show interest in working with them. This shows that St Joseph Administration has an ulterior motive News of this has come out too late. This should have been brought to public attention a year ago. Why delay information to public? Why have you not supported the Redwood Memorial program?

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