[UPDATED With GoFundMe Account] Family With 10 Kids Loses Home; Needs Assistance

House destroyed by fire. [Photos from Telegraph Ridge Fire Department]

On Thursday, Febuary 25, a fire destroyed a family’s home near Ettersburg on Harrow Road. The family could use a little help.

“We do not have a go fund me page,” said John Rivera, the father of the family.  “Never dealt with that before.”

The family has a 30′ travel trailer they can move into, he said. But the family lost almost everything.

Telegraph Ridge Fire Department Chief Peter Lawsky told us, “I did call the Red Cross disaster dispatch, and put the family in touch with a Red Cross agent. He is going to provide them with motel rooms, and other kinds of support. Still, they can probably use all the help that is offered.”

If anyone would like to help, you can speak to John Rivera at (707) 273-9370.

UPDATE: A GoFundMe is now available here.



  • Perhaps John can provide a PO Box number so people can send donations and a list of most needed items for you to list on RHBB? If they are going to be living in a travel trailer they won’t have a lot of storage room.

  • I have a bag of women’s and girls clothes I can donate if needed..

  • Rhonda Lewis ED Fortuna Adventist community Services

    I called the number and it says they are not available. I was going to offer them access to my food and clothing bank/thrift store Tabitha’s Place in Fortuna. If John or any other family member gets this information call me. We answer the phones Monday through Thursday 9 am to 4 pm. 725-1166

    • Sorry where we live we have no cell service til the end of the road which is 2 miles out. Please leave a message

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