Suspicious Explosives at Office in Eureka

Law enforcement at the scene this morning. [Photo by Ryan Hutson]

Law enforcement at the scene this morning. [All photos by Ryan Hutson]

A building near the intersection of 5th and K Streets in Eureka has been evacuated this morning after an attorney notified law enforcement about 9:30 a.m. that he had some potentially explosive devices at his office. The devices which the attorney thought were not very dangerous had been brought by a client with the attorney’s knowledge so they could be turned over to law enforcement.

“The whole idea was to safely and discreetly dispose of the explosive,” the attorney who wished to remain anonymous said ruefully noting the bomb squad and the evacuated building.Law enforcement at the scene this morning. [Photo by Ryan Hutson]

Law enforcement has blocked all three access points to the parking lot in front of the building on Fifth Street up to the corner of L and around the back side of the building.

According to the attorney, law enforcement said if the explosive is detonated, it will basically take the roof off of the office building.Law enforcement at the scene this morning. [Photo by Ryan Hutson]

The attorney told us there are two types of explosives–“military blasting caps used for training” and “another one [that law enforcement] weren’t that familiar with.”Law enforcement at the scene this morning. [Photo by Ryan Hutson]

The attorney told us that his client brought an assortment of property to his office so he could turn the potentially explosive devices over to law enforcement in order to keep his client safe.Law enforcement at the scene this morning. [Photo by Ryan Hutson]

“Apparently they are more dangerous than I thought,” he said ruefully. “That’s why the cops are here and the bomb squad is here. I was just trying to do the right thing I feel bad about everyone having to evacuate.”


  • This could be “blown” completely out of proportion.

  • Don't Hire This Guy!

    “Trying to do the right thing!?” The right thing would have been to contact law enforcement instead of telling a client to bring explosives to a public building. Just because he went to law school, doesn’t make him smart! Way to selfishly put people in danger idiot….

  • Uh.. yeah.. that could have been better handled.

    • Indeed. Any number of ways his client could remain anonymous without risking other’s lives. He only recognized the danger when the police arrived and told him. Would have liked some detail on how they were safely handled.

  • Why would you allow someone to bring known explosives into your office? This doesn’t pass the sniff test if you ask me.

  • I have never liked attorneys with an Esq. included in the name. it also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know who is in Barnum’s old office. I would sue him for negligence if i worked in that building. one day loss of business can be big bucks if you are a realtor.

  • Its a good thing the guy had a lawyer.

    Those sound like some very “serious charges.”

    Serious enough that I sure hope they don’t get “dropped.”

  • lol, so, you get a call about high explosives and the response you give is “bring it to me,” wtf?

    I am disappointed in the owner of the high explosives as well. You had an opportunity to make big booms. Not one place you could think of in these hills to safely have a little mountain fun with friends, ugh.

  • I recommend use of the word “ruefully” not more than once in the same post.

  • They take reports of explosives seriously. When I was 17 I faced 3 years in prison for a facsimile bomb. Real bomb will get you 20 years.

  • Do you want to be represented by this guy?

    How did this lawyer ever pass the Bar? Sure get’s an “F” in common sense. No wonder he “wished to remain anonymous”. LMAO

  • Some attorneys seemingly forget they are Officers of the Court…

  • He’s to remain anonymous, but then pictures of the office is shown. Should’ve contacted law enforcement first.

  • I about a month after 9-11 I had to send an Israeli coworker, who was pretty much terrified of everything on Earth, to Sky Harbor Airport to pick up some Guatemalan carpet installers and I gave him an orange reflective construction vest with 6 road flares taped to it to wear. For the record, me and Shimshan (sic) were friends, it is just impossible in the construction industry to not mess with someone over their fears. At that time I was running a crew of about 50 mostly illegal aliens who mostly had been here since Reagan opened our Southern border 8 million asylum seekers so our industries could hum along without paying decent wages or have unions crop up and the guys who cheated on their spouses was , as far as I could tell, every single person but me, and they all feared that their wives were no more faithful than they were. So even guys feeling the same way would tell the most visibly fearful that that guys wife was entertaining a few neighbors right this very second. But I digress, because I can.

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