Pieces Unfold: More on the Loleta Triple Homicide

The aftermath of law enforcement forcing the vehicle carrying the suspect to stop and one of the suspects in that vehicle being put into a patrol car. [Video by KSL’s Andrew Adams]

Shelly Moon’s Instagram page, like that of many teenage girls these last few years, is full of starry-eyed selfies softened with filters. A video clip from two years ago with added special effects shows her being hit with arrows tipped with suction cups while her eyes become pink hearts–a cartoon version of falling in love. But, just four days before Valentine’s Day this year, the 16-year-old was allegedly shot and killed by an 18-year-old friend, Mauricio Edwardo Johnson, in a very dark end to her girlish, romantic vision of love.

Mauricio Eduardo Johnson (Mugshot from the Tooele County, Utah Jail)

Mauricio Eduardo Johnson (Mugshot from the Tooele County, Utah Jail)

Johnson is now in jail for her shooting as well as for the shooting of her mother, 40-year-old Margarett Lee Moon, and her mother’s fiance’, Nikki Dion Metcalf also age 40. (The two became engaged just before Christmas.) But, he first fled the area heading east on I-80 while law enforcement sought to capture him.

For law enforcement, the first report of multiple people being shot came at 8:12 a.m. on Wednesday, February 10, when one of Shelly’s younger siblings called 911. Shelly’s two younger siblings who were in the home that morning are now left without their mother or their older sister.

One of the two now deceased females–Shelly or her mother–was still alive when deputies reached the scene and she was rushed to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

Loleta Homicide scene

Gathering evidence at the residence where the shootings took place. [Photo from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office]

Law enforcement began gathering evidence at the scene and relatively quickly settled on Mauricio Johnson as their main suspect.

According to an article by the North Coast Journal, Humboldt County Sheriff Billy Honsal told the paper that “Johnson had been given permission to be inside the house by “at least one of the residents” and the family knew he was in the house prior to the shootings.”

Wednesday evening, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department broadcast a BOLO for three suspects in the triple homicide–Mauricio Johnson armed with a semi automatic handgun, Melissa Sanchez-Johnson, and Von Eric Keener. (Click on the arrow below to listen.)

Von Eric Keener

Von Eric Keener [Photo from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department]

The BOLO said, “Suspects are currently pinging in the Auburn, California area en route to Indiana via I-80. Vehicle is a white 2008 Highlander… .”

Posts on social media soon identified the woman as Mauricio’s mother and Von Keener as in a relationship with her.

The Sheriff’s Department notified law enforcement both within California and beyond the state’s borders. And, according to a press release by the Utah Highway Patrol, at approximately 1:30 p.m., troopers were notified that a suspect in a triple homicide might be traveling through their area on I-80.

According to the Gephardt Daily, a news site in the area, “Troopers were able to spike the tires of the vehicle…about three miles west of Delle at mile marker 73, and to take them into custody at approximately 3:30 p.m.”

The Highway Patrol press release stated,

Troopers located the gray Toyota SUV vehicle near mile post 61 about 2:45pm and put a plan in place to safely stop the vehicle and take the occupants into custody. The Department of Public Safety Helicopter as well as the DPS Special Emergency Response Team were on alert and prepared to assist if needed.

A traffic stop was initiated and the vehicle refused to stop. The vehicle’s tires were spiked shortly thereafter. The SUV came to a stop in the middle of the freeway near mile post 74. Troopers and deputies from Tooele County Sheriffs Office arrested two males and a female. One of the males was the suspect of a triple homicide and the other was arrested on outstanding warrants. The female was detained for questioning.

A Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department press release and the video at the top of the page, indicate that a woman was following the Toyota Highlander in a second vehicle and, though, she pulled her vehicle over when requested to do so, the Highlander continued to speed away before being stopped.

Both Mauricio Johnson and Von Keener were booked into the Tooele County Jail. Though the woman has not been identified, social media comments speculate she is the third person named as a suspect in the initial BOLO–Mauricio Johnson’s mother, Melissa Sanchez-Johnson. As of yesterday afternoon’s press release by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, “The female is still detained…with criminal charges anticipated.”

According to the North Coast Journal’s article yesterday,

At this point, Honsal said investigators have no evidence that Keener or Sanchez Johnson were involved in or present at the time of the homicides but that they “are investigating their roles after the homicides.”

“We take aiding and abetting very seriously, so we want to know through our investigation how they may have aided and abetted Mr. Johnson in his escape,” Honsal said.

16-year-old Shelly Moon, her mother, and her mother’s fiance’ are dead and Shelly’s two youngest siblings have lost their immediate family–whatever happened in their home this week will forever change their lives.

And Shelly, as well as her mother, Margarette Moon and Nikki Metcalf, who were newly engaged, will never again share cartoon heart Valentine’s or the warmth of their real heart with those they love.

A GoFundMe has been started by a family member for funeral expenses and to take care of Margarett Moon’s two youngest children, according to the summary on the fundraising page.

Loleta Elementary School where two of the deceased worked is offering “grief counseling for [students], staff, family or other community members that have been affected by this horrible tragedy. If anyone needs counseling please call our office so we can help you!…707-733-5705.”


*Please note: This story had two errors in an earlier version. Both have been corrected now. Our apologies to any who were confused or upset by the earlier version.



  • “And Shelly, as well as her mother, Margarette Moon and Von Keener, who were newly engaged, will never again share cartoon heart Vanlentine’s or the warmth of their real heart with those they love.”

    Shelly’s mom was engaged to the dude that helped the perp flee? I am so confused.

    • Not vonkeener.

      “40-year-old Margarett Lee Moon, and her mother’s fiance’, Nikki Dion Metcalf also age 40. (The two became engaged just before Christmas…”

      I think it’s just a typo,kym.

      Painfully poetic writing about ugliness. 😭

    • peace,love,coffee

      Mauricio Johnson armed with a semi automatic handgun, Melissa Sanchez-Johnson, and Von Eric Keener.

      I believe Johnson’s Mom and her boyfriend were with Johnson, the mom was driving a separate vehicle.

    • I’m sorry! I finished writing at 5 in the morning and was falling asleep at the keyboard. I fixed it now.

      • Kym, maybe next time when it comes to such a tragic and senseless crime that you’re writing about you could actually put a little more time and effort into the piece. None of the family members want to read your comment on how you were falling asleep while writing an article on their loved one.. the way you worded that sounds incredibly heartless. Way to make sure you get the story out first before anyone instead of spending the proper time writing this piece.

        • I wrote all night. That was a lot of time and effort because this story tore my heart. I wasn’t trying to beat anyone. I just had a need to write this piece. I don’t think there is vastly new information here that some other reporter will have been trying to beat me to.

          I’m sorry that I made mistakes–particularly the name error is going to haunt me for awhile. But if you think I didn’t care, then you misread what I said.

        • To the Moon and Metcalf Families, our hearts break for you!! We’re very sorry this happened.
          (Anon, None of the family members want to read your cold criticism of Kym either. Kym, you have a big heart, I imagine writing this was really painful. )

        • You do not get or deserve a Kymmie hoodie. The woman works all night, and you chastise her for a couple of stupid errors? I would block you big time.

        • Fellow anon,
          Emotions are running high.

          You have the wrong target if you think coming at Kym like that is it.

          Direct your anger where it belongs.

          And maybe just log off the ole internet , before you draw anymore negtive attention to yourself or your family. This might be the time to make no comment

        • First Anon, maybe next time when it comes to such a tragic and senseless crime, you don’t project onto someone who’s just trying to report the news and made a few errors because they’re, ya know…human. Way to make sure you get to the bullying first before anyone instead of spending the proper time coming up with a non-douchey response

          • No bullying here. Just pointing out that this is a sensitive topic- and all details should be reviewed extensively before being released to the public where family can see. Never once was anyone insulted, bullied or attacked.

            • Kym is an awesome reporter! The feeling She put into this article made me have tears in my eyes. Your faithful followers have your back Kym! Anon,Take your frustrations out where they belong, on the suspects. This is an extremely sad story The honest telling of it is kudos to,Kym.

            • Oh man. I tried to just ignore you, but can’t help myself when someone literally insults, bullies or attacks and then says it never happened!

              (The other) Anon says,

              …”you could actually put a little more time and effort into the piece…”

              Really. Not bullying. Okaaaaay…..

              I was insulted! And I got a full night’s rest that night .

              Kym is a homespun news hub that has become a heavy hitter. Your expectations are way outside reality.

              Can I help you understand? I doubt it. But I’ll try.

              and was falling asleep at the keyboard…”

              That’s not as an indication of her paying this story some sort of disrespect.

              Quite the opposite; see the tireless reporter, in the wee hours of the night, grappling with her own heart, as shes sorting out the sordid details of this *developing* and complicated story…until finally her body demanded rest. As bodies , and minds do.

              Nothing more.

              So maybe you just need to rest too.

              I suggested you log off before you said anything else regrettable, but you no listen. 🤷‍♂️

              • If that’s what you call bullying these days.. but honestly she could have taken the night to rest and continue in the morning. She wanted to get the story out ASAP which lead to family reading mistakes and feeling upset. The family is upset and you’re still going to defend the journalist who admitted to trying to get this article out ASAP instead of taking her time? Shameful honestly, if your family experienced such a tragedy and then every news outlet in the county was posting misinformation you would be upset too. Bullying.. imagine feeling bullied because the family of three murder victims spoke their peace. Have some respect.

                • The last thing I would be doing if any of my family or friends were viscously murdered would be reading any blog. Don’t read this stuff. Grieve with your family and friends. What she did wasn’t intentional. It wasn’t to hurt anyone or cause any pain or more hurt. She has apologized numerous times. Geesh. Let it go.

        • Wow Anon. I hope you’ve worked out your daily dose of ugly.

        • Facts we don’t want to read you fell asleep. It’s such a horrible tragic loss for all of us (family) also for the community as well. Our family is heartbroken morning the loss of our loved ones.

          • I’m very sorry for the family’s loss. And I’m very sorry for the errors I made.

            • We all make errors Kym. This is heart renching and im gladbit was reported as quickly as it was. Any freedom after that is too much freedom. Glad they were caught but heartbroke that it could happen in the first place.

            • That is all anyone can ask. And more than most get. Thank you for caring enough not to come down on people complaining.

          • I’m sorry for your loss. But don’t take your grief out on Kim. She apologized for her error.

        • AGREED!!! This tragedy should be treated with more respect than “I was falling asleep at the keyboard.”

          • That Karate Queen has thicker skin than me

            Wow. But no mention of the ultimate disrespect shown the victims by like, um, brutally murdering them?

            Or the disrespect shown to the witnesses by exposing them to traumatic brutality and robbing them of their mother, and sister?

            Focus, people!

        • If you think you know how to do a News blog so well, then start your own!!! Instead of criticizing show us ALL how to do it!!! Otherwise, kindly keep your NEGATIVE comments to yourself!!!!

        • Sarcasm, right?

        • Your remark to Kym was pernicious and rude…

      • This is top of the list of days I don’t envy Ms. Kemp

      • Never since the start, “web tv” have I read any journalist with such integrity, May I be the first.

        How to submit an entry
        All entries must be submitted through the Pulitzer entry site using our online entry form.

        Any person may submit material to the Pulitzer Prize competition, whether an editor of a news organization, an individual journalist or a reader. To be eligible for consideration, work must derive from a U.S. newspaper, magazine, wire service or news site that publishes regularly.

        Let’s go for it.

    • She helped him flee also.

    • The murderer looks proud in his picture. He has chin up high with a almost smile, like he’s loving the attention. I hope someone takes him down a notch or two . The death penalty needs to be reinstated for crimes like this specifically.

  • The news, lately, is full of awful stories, and this one is perfectly tragic…

    Excuse me for saying that you can’t really go East on I-5.

    • How cool, you correcting an insecutional part of the story magically brought the family back to life! Thank God you cared about what mattered and everything’s OK now!

      • I try to refrain from commenting unnecessarily, especially when awful crimes are committed, and when people abuse each other so horribly…

        Please excuse me for pointing out your misuse of the word “insecutional”, since it makes no sense here. “Inconsequential” would have been more appropriate.

        We all struggle to absorb the meanings, and there is not much to say here that will help.

        This is an awful story. May everyone concerned find peace.

    • My apologies. I meant I-80. Fixed now.

  • Murdered three people in front of kids. Tradgic and senseless violence in a small community. WTF? I live in Loleta and struggling to understand how something like this could happen. Then suspect flees with his mother? Mother should be locked up to for not turning in her son. How does one condone a triple homicide?

    • Exactly. I can’t imagine a circumstance where you help your 18 year old flee after he leaves a house where three people were killed. Looks like we’ve found a front-runner for the Marci Kitchen Humboldt County Mother of the Year award.

  • Young love. Gotta suck it up kid, I’ve been to that feeling but thank goodness I got through it. [edit] Sad story for all

    • Poor guy?!
      You are sick!

      • I don’t know who you are but any J that stands up to the people that Kym willingly let’s talk like that, is OK I my book! I rarely come on here, its nice to see other people that don’t like the garbage Kym let’s people write disrespecting the dead.

    • It’s the difference between having a gun on hand and not in those moments of desperation. Okay, cue all the gun people with their amazing logic.

      • I’ll bite since you’re comment is directed at all gun owners, under all ca laws he isn’t allowed to own a hand gun how’s that working out for us? If owning a firearm was completely illegal he would still be able to get one, it could also be argued that if one of the victims was armed they may have been able to stop it from happening. Logic? No just speculation.

      • most people can have a gun in their hand and still NOT kill three people. sounds like you have some issues, Glen.

  • I-5 runs North/South
    I assume you meant I-80

    • “Suspects are currently pinging in the Auburn, California area en route to Indiana via I-80. Vehicle is a white 2008 Highlander… .”

      There’s a lot of space between Auburn and Indiana. How did they know they were headed there?

      “Pinging”? Cell phone, I’m guessing…

  • Heading east on i5 I don’t think so

  • Thoughts and tears for the girl and parents the two siblings that had to witness that so sad , the shooter looks like he doesn’t realize what’s going on in the booking photo it’s gonna be rough for him which he deserves. The mother and boyfriend trying to help him is absolutely insane thus the reason the kid is so confused looking , looks like he’s not stressed or remorseful at all

  • Thanks for the information. Kind of paints a bigger picture.

  • So heartbreaking. I keep thinking about the trauma, especially, for the two younger siblings who weren’t “hurt”. Hope their community surrounds them with care and love.

    • I agree. It is so sad for them. I hope they are surrounded by enough kindness for it to penetrate the fog of misery they must be in and let them see something beyond.

  • How some rude attitude and rejection by someone you want destroys a town. The whole House of Cards came down
    I would just like to say on behalf of women out there that it’s okay to say no and stand up for yourself. And men out there please respect a woman’s words when she says no. Don’t be coming at her with hate and a gun, a fist, emotinal twists to get that compliance that action of control has nothing to do with love.
    And if you like a girl or a woman and you want her to think you’re something special, someone worthy to date or marry treat her like a queen. Don’t lay hands on her, love her and respect her show her what you’re worth. Work a good job. Be kind of others. And she will know your value.

    • Speculation without knowing more facts is a house of cards. Mauricio could just as easily have been put up to it with a planned getaway by his mom and her criminal boyfriend, who behaved suspiciously to say the least.

  • We need gun control now!

    • If it were possible. But “gun control” by government can’t be effective when people don’t respect others. Trying to impose it on people leaves law abiding people without options while doing nothing to stop those who disrespect the law.

      To reduce gun violence effectively, the whole populace must have enough trust in their fellow citizens to believe they will be safe without weapons. In other words, despising fellow countrymen can not be voiced routinely because people are going to believe the rhetoric and look to weapons to counter the threat.

    • Chris… I do not believe “gun control” would have stopped this. Where there is a will there is a way.
      Making owning a gun illegal will not make guns go away. 🤷‍♀️
      Prohibition didn’t work, illegal drugs have not gone away, prostitution has not gone way… there are 1000’s, if not 10’s of thousands of illegal or unregistered guns in our county alone. Making them illegal to own will not make them go away

    • I think you are probably just stirring the pot, so let me grab my spoon. There are already too many gun laws on the books. The problem isn’t lack of gun laws, but lack of punishment. Look how many of the Eureka meth and heroin dealers have a gun in their waistband when they are arrested. The intent baked into our gun and drug laws should already be putting these clowns in prison, but it never seems to go that way.

      • I agree with you 100%. The laws are already there.

      • Amen we already have the strictest gun laws in the country yet every clown with a drug habit has an Ak or an AR and a 30rd mag and the law abiding citizens are stuck with 10rds and a mag block. The when said clowns get caught there are no consequences, it’s nuts 🥜

        • Strict? I dont see it that way.

          And there are so many more unregistered guns.

          “Small Arms Survey stated that U.S. civilians alone account for 393 million (about 46 percent) of the worldwide total of civilian held firearms.”

          That is a shit ton of guns and gun crime ….and people wonder why the cops are on edge .

          • Oooookkkaaayy well you can see it any way you like that’s the beauty of the first and second amendments, we have the strictest gun laws in the country besides New York, just go try to buy one if you think it’s easy you will be pleasantly surprised I believe.

          • Just think … all those guns are actually in a smaller subsection of the population. Mostly white men and women … most of them also never commit crimes that would ban them from owning guns. So who cares about your numbers. It’s the people who don’t legally own 30 guns you are concerned about….and guess what ? Those criminals could still care less about gun laws. I seriously can’t stand people who are against guns but know nothing about crime statistics

            • Who cares about numbers?

              The person bragging about how they can’t stand people who are against guns not knowing jack about crime statistics should, right?

              What do you got that will refute this dim report?

              “About 1.4 million people have died from firearms in the U.S. between 1968 and 2011. This number includes all deaths resulting from a firearm, including suicides, homicides, and accidents.[13]

              Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the U.S. gun-related homicide rate is 25 times higher.[14] Although it has half the population of the other 22 nations combined, among those 22 nations studied, the U.S. had 82 percent of gun deaths, 90 percent of all women killed with guns, 91 percent of children under 14 and 92 percent of young people between ages 15 and 24 killed with guns.[14] ”
              From wiki https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States

              90% of all the women shot to death in the entire world, happened on our shores. 90%!

              I’m grossed out by that stat.

              We are a nation steeped in guns, gun violence, and deaths.

              And I’m not “against guns” per say. I own one myself….and probably need at least 4 more, AND a cc permit to get up to speed!

              Let’s be honest, it’s the sheer volume, and the unrestrained glorification of them, might be just a bit of a problem.

              • Every time Dems bring up gun control, back round checks and sales go through the roof.

                I suspect defund the police is also a great sales pitch for guns.
                Perhaps people just feel less safe under Dem political control.

    • We need domestic violence dealt with for real!!!
      Be it against girlfriends,spouses, siblings or parents, its a huge issue.
      Every single adult mass shooter had domestic violence in their history. Most of it known by law enforcement.
      Until crimes are prosecuted and real prison time is actually given to these perps, these killings will continue.

    • No what we need is punishment that fits the crime. California is seriously lacking in holding criminals accountable for their actions. Criminals always get guns whether gun control or not. This kid, if found guilty, should spend the rest of his poor pathetic life in prison. Not 20 years or 30 but the rest of his life. No pity party because he is only 18 and he is just misguided and must have lacked proper parental teachings. He is a murderer.

      • Gun control will only work on people who abide by the law… Criminals will literally make their own guns if they can’t get them anywhere else. That leaves only criminals with guns & law abiding citizens unprotected..derp.

      • Liberalism at work. Stop voting for feelings and vote for the facts.

        • When I was growing up, MANY years ago, “Gun Control” was hitting what you were aiming at!!! It’s sad that now it means Do Something about all the “Loose Nuts” with “Saturday Night Special” or some other type of STOLEN firearm!!!!

        • It ain't ME babe No, No, No it ain't me babe..............

          And again blaming Liberals. There are just as many Conservatives that should be blamed. Have you seen the White Conservatives storming the Capital building? This has nothing to do with Liberals or Conservatives. It have much to do with Americans who have LOST their moral compass. The Country has become a breeding ground of degenerates who are all about the ME generation. Me, ME, ME!!! And if you aren’t on my side…………. I kill you!

    • Yes! Yes! That for sure would have saved these lives!

    • 393, 600, 000 guns in America more than it’s population. America doesn’t have gun problem it’s citizens are delusional and live in fear of some invisible entity that’s out to get them. Americans are as soft as they come.

      • Not me, but some people, especially in poor rural areas use those guns to fill their freezer with food they can’t afford to buy, like they have done for centuries.
        Seems city folk and country folk use guns quite differently overall.
        Yet one size labels continue.

        1 small grass fed T bone steak $20.00 an organic 10lb turkey $50.00.
        A watermelon $4.00 organic $8.00.

        How come food that isn’t poisoned costs more than food that is?

  • There is the one thing we can do right now, and every little bit helps:


    Kym, thank you.

    • David Moon is in charge of that money. There is no bloody way in hell I’m donating a cent to that shit. David Moon is going to steal that money. There isn’t one ounce of doubt in my head about that. David Moon is an absolute piece of trash. I was going to donate, but no way.

      • Perhaps you can donate to one of the youth organizations that will probably be serving the surviving two children – I assume they may enroll with Wild Souls Ranch or another similar nonprofit. Or perhaps the tribe will start a scholarship fund for them.

      • Fast Freddy, I never donate until know that the person in charge is honest and looking out for the best interest of those who should benefit from the proceeds. An account set up at a local bank would allow those of us who want to help do it confidently.

      • Why do they need donations at all. Doesn’t the rez take care of their own any ways.

  • 7077335705 I’m sure Loleta Elementary can help facilitate and screen some donations. Call and ask the school to start a go fund me. The staff there now is amazing and well connected with the immediate family. Just an idea.

  • I remember Nikki Metcalf from when he got sentenced for murder along with Jeff Bowman and Lucan Keisner for the murder of Julius Aubrey back in 1999. I thought he was sentenced to life but apparently due to re-sentencing got out. It’s too bad that after almost 20 years locked up and apparently had gotten his life together that he was senselessly murdered. This is a tragedy for all and my heart goes out to the family and friends.

    • Sadness prevails,
      thanks. Condolences to the families.

    • Then wasn’t Aubrey’s son who witnessed that murder the one who killed his sister(?) a few years back? It’s insane how so many cases can be tied together like this, with so much intergenerational trauma. I hope these cycles can be broken.

  • He was tracked on snap chat literally every inch of the way

  • This whole awful situation is confusing! Some people writing on posts that the 18 year old murderer and the 16 year old female victim were cousins and others saying they were in a romantic dating relationship.

  • SVP, concisely, what really happened?

  • James Thomas Holdner

    The tragedys of this life for ever lived. At times met with stoic love. As Love and Light are battled. This by the Darkness ever met. Darks old freinds Jelousy, Greed, and Hate ever emboldended. This by silence of thousands never spoken. The silence met with Loves stoic purpose. A knee bent ,a tear drys ,and another of Loves Tragedy is Taken. Fear Regrets… “With tenderness to all involved” I cried when I read this tragedy. It sparked this poem which along with the art is donated to the go fund me page of the victims. Kym thank you….

  • An 18 year old can’t have a handgun in Cal., where does an 18 year old get a semi automatic handgun? Condolences to the families. Heartbreaking.

    • Semi- automatic doesn’t mean much- there are 2 common kinds of handguns, old fashioned revolvers and semi-automatic. Semi-automatic is not a high powered gun or anything unusual. Each trigger-pull only discharges a single round. It’s just a more modern gun. A revolver can hold multiple rounds as well. Semi-automatic has scary implied connotations to non gun owners only because of marketing hype when it first became commonly marketed. It’s often confused with full automatic which can discharge many multiple rounds in very quick succession. Semi is really a nonstarter.

      And yes, condolences to the families. So sad.

  • Mary Ella Anderson

    Kym, you are an excellent journalist and a way better writer and speller than a number of folks who post on this site. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they know the meaning of the word they are grasping for, let alone how to spell it. Sometimes I wonder if English is even taught anymore. I know a thing or two about journalism, and you are the best in the field. I appreciate everything you do and you do it with class and style.

    As for the events that unfolded, I can only imagine the suffering of those left behind by the violent attacks and the sorrow the community members of Bear River must feel. My sympathy is with them.

  • this POS is going to pay big time. even hardened inmates don’t like the killing of 16 year old girls.
    especially little bitches like this guy. i say make his parents pay. sell all they own and then give them parenting classes. i hate horrible parents.

  • Now the little punk will be somebody’s bitch for the rest of his life in the joint

  • Anon……[edit]!you are very rude!

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