18-Year-Old Suspect in Loleta Homicides Taken Into Custody in Utah; Two Others Detained

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Mauricio Eduardo Johnson

Mauricio Eduardo Johnson

The suspect in the homicide of three Bear River residents has been taken into custody in Utah.

The suspect has been identified as 18-year-old Mauricio Eduardo Johnson of Loleta. Johnson will be held on a no-bail warrant for charges of murder.

Through the course of their investigation, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Investigators determined two vehicles associated with Johnson to be traveling in the State of Utah. Sheriff’s Investigators contacted the Utah Highway Patrol and the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office for assistance in apprehending Johnson.

At approximately 2 p.m., law enforcement located the two vehicles traveling on I-80 in Tooele County, Utah.

Von Eric Keener

Von Eric Keener

One involved vehicle yielded, and a female subject was detained. The second involved vehicle failed to yield, and a short pursuit ensued. Law enforcement deployed a spike strip, disabling the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, law enforcement located Johnson and Von Eric Keener, age 46. Keener was taken into custody on a parole warrant. Johnson was taken into custody on a warrant for murder.

The female is still detained as of this release with criminal charges anticipated.

This is still a very active investigation and more information will be released when available.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Utah Highway Patrol and the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in the apprehension of Johnson.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

UPDATE: Pieces Unfold: More on the Loleta Triple Homicide.




  • Holy shit, Humboldt cops actually caught a murderer? What did the suspect leave his ID and a camcorder with a video of the crime at the scene? My minds blown they actually caught someone who wasn’t still at the scene.

  • Sad and strange beginning to the story. Meth deal gone bad?

    • Aw, come on! Do you have any information that it was a meth deal? Given that we have no information on the character of the victims, you have no business making insinuations that disparage them.

  • I just got off the phone with a co-worker a couple minutes ago. We were discussing the fact of why the hell do people have to be so horrible to each other. The world is rough we struggle. You have to work , there’s challenges, there’s health issues, heavy emotional stuff. No need to just be the most wicked vile person you ever could be to everyone you encounter 24/7/365. To treat your “friends”, “family”, “COUSINS”like this disgusting. Living a lie every time that you stood near them laughing, joking, playing around it was all a lie forever. Pretending u cared for them. Then to do THIS???? Wolves in sheep’s clothing when these kinds of things happen it makes the entire community question everyone’s validity. RIGHTFULLY SO. Cripe we gotta start standing up for what’s right instead of what’s easy.

    • Do you know that the suspect had such a relationship with the victims?

      • Reply to that is a few different things Thirdeye.
        It certainly wasn’t some random act of kindness.
        The associates of the perpetrators tend to get really irritated and offended when things are said in some way that they interpret it to be not to their liking.
        Loleta and the Bear River Community are extremely small populations with everyone being from that town it would be doubtful they had not at least run into each other.
        And if people don’t want people running away with speculation, judging, having terrible statements about them said then duh…don’t do stupid dismal things that result in you being the poster child for SHITSHOW UNIVERSITY’S class of 2021.

  • This is the kind of crap that happens when we just keep allowing violent dirtbags out on plea bargains and pretend they will magically rehabilitate themselves. Now he recruited a kid to do his dirty work….http://www.riodelltimes.com/EurekaPoliceDepartment/10.22.13ArmedWantedFelonApprehended.pdf

  • A lot of speculation on here.
    Seems to be a troubled kid that needed early intervention and didn’t get it.
    Instead of being negative and spreading gossip you could always take the time to go sign up to mentor through a youth program or at your local school and maybe you can be the change you wish to see in the world.

    • Pity party for no murderers

      Oh yea that’s it. Troubled kid who needed intervention. SMH. That’s the answer to everything isn’t it? Poor misguided youth who just needed to be guided in the right direction. Get so sick of hearing this bullshit. Some people are just born bad. I bet this punk was up to no good prior to this murder. Just wait and see. There will be more info. There are a lot of murderers in this area. Young and old. I guess they were all just misguided. Me, I think they are just assholes. Sick pathetic assholes. They are murderers and need to be treated accordingly.

      • The world isn’t as Black & White as you seem to believe.
        I was a mentor through Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Mendocino County, and I took on a troubled 15 year old with a minor police record.
        And within months after we started getting to know and Trust each other, his scholastic record improved and he stayed out of trouble.
        Now 10 years later he’s a proud father with his wife, has a steady job, is buying his own home, and is clean as can be.
        My story isn’t a rare one, all it takes is building trust and providing a positive role model.
        What have You done to help with troubled youth?
        I already know… Nothing but Complaining.

  • The people of Humboldt would like to thank the Utah Highway Patrol, the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office and the HCSO as well. Good work. Defund what?!

    • Read up what defunding means. It’s a transfer of funding to mental health services, counseling, juvenile support, etc. Dont be another trigger happy cherry picker. Get educated.

  • Utah grabbed them but Humboldt and/or the Weotts must have figured out who they were. I suspect the Bear River band is aware of everything going on with their members, as it needs to be.
    Folks just can’t help speculating on these kind of things but I think if we all just wait, lots of questions will be answered. It’s not good manners to bad-mouth the dead, especially when you know nothing.

  • First kid looks jovial. Tell me that’s his HS photo not his mugshot .

  • I wonder why this happened?

  • So sad all the way around. These poor kids never stand a chance growing up in the lowest levels of Humboldt County society. Then there’s Hollywood always standing up for what’s fair and morally correct these days, yet still showers our children and everyone else with normalized violence.

    • I grew up in the lowest levels of humboldt, I have a beautiful family a job and great friends (mostly) So ya plenty of choices to make, choose wisely.

  • Great interdepartmental cooperation between the HCSO, Utah Highway Patrol and the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office, for assistance in apprehending Johnson. A killer is apprehended and off the streets…Let’s not defund our police departments…

  • Why? 😭💔 RIP

  • Bear River Bandits at it again, What a bunch of loosers.

  • What a pair, Dead eyes and Goofy. Did they think they could take it on the lam in 2021, cellphones in hand? It’s not 1952 numbskulls.

  • My heart just breaks for this young man. When did we become so closed off? He’s really just a child. What has happened in his young life to cause him to shoot and kill others? Makes me Ill.

    • Just another narcissistic controlling homicidal male.

      There’s a pandemic (sic) of them.

      (Victim) “16-year-old Shelly Autumn Mae Moon.

      Honsal said the suspect — Mauricio Edwardo Johnson — was a “friend” of the family and ‘had a relationship with Shelly,’

      …though Honsal said their “exact relationship” remains under investigation. ”

      /\ (nice minimizing right out the gate, there by Honsal driving the reality this was domestic abuse further into the shadows. )

      From here : https://m.northcoastjournal.com/NewsBlog/archives/2021/02/12/details-emerge-in-triple-homicide-loleta-community-heartbroken

      Good writing by Thaddeus, he fleshes out the horrific story , including the fact the little narcissistic psycho
      -killer-brat was on the run WITH HIS MOTHER ffs. Because every gd murderer has a (typically) coddling and enabling mother who is naively convinced her little darling can do no wrong . I’m so sick of it.

      Fuck men. Even the BLM conflict it’s not race! It’s gd men. They are continually fighting , killing, and destroying; just stupid brutes betraying love, and trying to ruin every beautiful thing in this world ! It never ends! #breakthesilence

      • expanding insignificance

        Don’t you think that if men cared about their kids, stayed around for them, and were respected by people like you for doing it, maybe all this madness might start turning around?

        • Good heavens no! Everyone knows that single mother households have the best results for raising kids! To hell with statistics that say otherwise! It’s healthiest for kids to be raised in an atmosphere of misandry by a single mom!

          • Aw so sad. Too bad. Misandry? You crying?

            Who is a woman or child at greatest risk of being abandoned, or worse, murdered by?


            Maybe some of that dreaded “misandry” you perceive is but a just and equal, but opposite reaction to centuries of imbalance.

            If you think most “single mother households” are created from a spirit of misandry you are really playing a top-notch victim card.

            When men abandon their offspring women are forced to maintain a single mother household. And guess what? It fosters a perception that men are just no good.

            But of course in the victim’s mind the misandry came first.

            Remember, women are but a few generations out from being considered property! There’s some correction that is happening, and needs to, as the pendulum swings.

            “Will women always die? Let some men die too,” Dogan told police. “I killed him for my honor.”

            More epic men tears and misandry memes here: https://male-tears.tumblr.com/


        • “Caring about” and “staying around for ” your kids is its own reward.

          You act like it’s a special favor.

          The healthy men, what few there are, get that it’s not something a man does to garner “respect” or accolades from an external source.

          Only a self-focused POS sees that sort of “supply” from a random on the internet as holding the key to start ” turning the madness around.”

          IT NEVER ENDS !

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