[UPDATE 3:22 p.m.: Photos] Three Now Dead in Loleta Homicide

Homicide Investigation Feature IconAt 8:16 a.m., a dispatcher sent emergency personnel to the 200 block of Carroll Road in Loleta telling them that there was a need for medical because of violence. The personnel were told to stage outside of the area until law enforcement had cleared the scene.

According to the first reports coming over the scanner, there are two adult victims and one juvenile deceased in the back bedroom–the juvenile is reportedly an 11-year-old. Some of the parties were reported to be disrobed. (See below for updated information.)

There is also a fourth victim needing medical attention.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 9:32 a.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office just tweeted, “Humboldt County Major Crimes Task Force is conducting a death investigation at a residence on the 200 block of Carroll Road on the Bear River Rancheria.”

They followed with two more tweets:

“Two victims are confirmed deceased. A third victim has been transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.”

“This is an active investigation and the Tribe has restricted entrance into the Rancheria to residents only. More information will be released when available and appropriate.”

UPDATE 9:37 a.m.: We spoke to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, the first report over the scanner was incorrect. There are two deceased and one seriously injured victim has been taken to the hospital where they were stabilized.

“There were two juveniles at the scene,” Karges told us. One of the juveniles is the person who called 911. She is unsure if any of the juveniles have been injured.

UPDATE 9:57 a.m.:

The scene of a double homicide

The scene of today’s double homicide. [Photo from the HCSO]

UPDATE 10:22 a.m.: A photo from Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Activist Jesse Armstrong shows yellow police tape, a large number of law enforcement vehicles, and a group of people gathered by a special vehicle. Homicide scene

UPDATE 11 a.m.: According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “Third victim on Carroll Road has passed away from their injuries. Two females, one male victim. Ages of victims are still unconfirmed at this time. Investigation is ongoing. Please respect Tribal Sovereignty and avoid the area unless you live here.”

UPDATE 1 p.m.: This video was recorded before the third victim passed away.

 Video by Mark McKenna

UPDATE 3:22 p.m.: The following are images taken by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:
Loleta Homicide scene

Loleta Homicide scene

Loleta Homicide scene

Loleta Homicide scene

Loleta Homicide scene



  • WTF?? Killing people is horrible enough but then you add an 11 year old to your victims.. WTF?? Absolutely horrible.

    I hope there was no child killed…my heart is breaking for all involved. Poor kids! I just want to hug them right now..

    • I just want to know why everyone on here chooses to argue about violence in movies, video games or what news station is truthful or fake, or who voted for who? Someone’s family members have died and instead of sending along condolences, or giving helpful information as to what,why and how you’re sitting around arguing like a bunch of little kids! To the family of the victims involved, I’m sorry for your loss! My prayers are with you in this difficult time!

      • Well put. This is a terrible time for the family and instead of trying to guess what’s going on let’s just let the police do their job and put the pieces together and let’s pray for this family.

      • Yeah, not gonna name any names but my sister was the daughter of one of the deceased people. I hope she’s ok and I’ll have her in my heart.

  • does anybody else feel like there’s been enough body parts, death and missing people for like a huge big investigation like what The actual f is going on in Humboldt county. And why do we not have bigger law enforcement involved yet

    • It’s getting worse

      Because if doesn’t involve busting a cannabis grower it’s not that much of a concern. The further into the outskirts on the county you go the more you have to protect your own. In some places it can be an hour or more for response time.
      If you call for a car break in your lucky if they even show up. House break in same thing. Then they make you feel like the criminal for calling.
      Economic crash is coming and crime is about to get way worse.

    • You probably voted for this. There’s no greater conspiracy… simply a generation of criminals who are conditioned to know there won’t be severe consequences for their actions.

    • Law enforcement bad

    • Covid is why. Everyone is being let out or not even sentence for shit and here we are . This is horrible… my condolences to the family . I hope justice is served

      • Really? So Covid must have been around for decades in Humboldt. Are you living that far under a rock? Humboldt police are undertrained, understaffed and underfunded. There is no homicide detective that is anywhere near qualified. Basically if you are not caught at the scene you’ll get away with it. To add to all the issues, local Humboldtians are VERY willing to hide serious crimes like murder, domestic violence, rape, etc for other locals, especially if the victim isn’t local.

        But none of that matters because this is likely a murder suicide which happens with all ethnicities, income levels and locations.

        • I think things are much worse bc we dont punish criminals in Ca. anymore. And? What you say is correct. A friend of mines husband attacked her, was in jail on 1/2 million dollars bail, a teacher working for HCOE and it never made the paper till she spoke up a year into proceedings . He plead guilty to 3 felonies of the 5 he was charged with. Wouldnt u know his buddies at HCOE defend him to this day? Shameful. Despicable.

        • Here’s an idea. If they are underfunded, let’s hold the county accountable for wasting millions on stupid ladder trucks for the fire department, that require two engineers to drive, only to waste more money and fuel to show up for a crackhead who is overdosed. Add up how many times they respond in a week and on top of the purchase price, make sense of this unjustified spending.

    • Because. Law enforcment has been defunded, remember the riots this last year?
      Plus thats soveriegn territory being on a res. They should be calling for other agencies to investigate.

      • Uh… wrong. No police departments have been defunded as a result of the unrest last summer.

        Please stop watching Fox/Newsmax/OANN. They have no incentive to be truthful.

        • Oh yes because CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WP, HP, and the YT are so very honest.

          • You should try PBS and AP. Then go out of the US, Le Monde, El Pais, BBC etc, much healthier.

          • Actually, they are. Editors and news directors of each of those news organizations are held to higher standards by their networks and news bureaus than Fox, Newsmax, and definitely One America News Network.

            OANN is owned by one Robert Herring Sr who is a hardcore conservative Trump supporter. OANN takes most of its content in association with The Washington Times, which has been widely criticized for its racist content, conspiracy theories, neo-Confederate revisionism, and Islamophobia. OANN has been suspended by YouTube for falsely claiming a cure for Covid, and like the WT, it also broadcasts debunked conspiracy theories as fact and other blatant falsehoods, such as Trump’s lies concerning election fraud. Herring tried to sue MSNBC for defamation but instead of winning the $10 million he sought, wound up having to pay $250,000 to MSNBC for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

            So yeah. I don’t source Fox, Newsmax, OANN for information. I’m more discerning about the info I take in… I demand it to be truthful and factual. Too bad you’re not as picky.

          • We all know main stream media CBS NBC ABC are all democratic / socialist news they have wanted to impeach Trump before he was even elected like the Mueller investigation conspiracy theory and they still can’t except he did nothing wrong this country is getting so bad
            Democratic socialist are trying to take away our right to bare arms freedom of speech freedom of religion Pledge i’m allegiance in our schools playing The national anthem before games All the people who fought and died for our freedom and now the democratic socialist are trying to take it all way

        • Didn’t Minneapolis, MN notably defund their police department?

          • Seattle. NYPD. Entire state of CA CopsGrant funding? Defunding has, is and will be happening now that Twitter says ACAB

          • Nope. The Minneapolis city council just shifted $8 million of the police budget to other services such as mental health and social services, as well as police training. So, no. Again. Try sourcing real news.

            • Lmao whats real news to you the same dipshits that encouraged 30 deaths with the summer of love riots but 5 dead and we are terrorist worst thing since 9-11 parroted across every msm outlet you mentioned

              • 5 dead where. The Capital? Guess what… Every single one of them. Trump supporters. The mainstream media is falsely reporting this. 1 person died of a stroke, another possibly was trampled. The police officer that died was not from a fire extinguisher hitting him. He had no blunt force head trauma. He also called his brother at 9:30 that night and was fine. Possible reaction to pepper spray. Get the facts straight especially if you are backing that side.

            • So anything short of abolishing a PD isn’t defunding? Cute word game there.

            • So they took $8 million worth of their funding away. I’d call that being defunded.

            • I’m not sure if you realize it or not, but cutting 8 million from the police budget was defunding the police.

            • “Nope. The Minneapolis city council just shifted $8 million of the police budget to other services such as mental health and social services, as well as police training. So, no. Again. Try sourcing real news.”

              Perhaps it is you, cranky old liberal, who should try and source real news.


        • With each city budget the eureka police and firefighters are defunded.

  • Too much media exposure, video games, TV, violent movies, rappy songs singing of death, THUG LIFE, rape and guns normalizing all of these horrible things as entertainment.

    On Facebook there’s numerous people playing that game THUG LIFE. Wow, is it really cool to even play around that you’re a robber or you gave somebody a Beatdown or got charged with robbery or weapons? It’s not freaking a JOKE OR entertainment to be a criminal folks.

    No one would know of such horrible things if they were not exposed. We have no control over when we get to expose our kids or not. Most children are exposed to seeing violent acts and murders and deaths before they’re 5 years old as entertainment on TV. Numerous articles about this shaping the brain in a horrible way to normalize atrocious acts. Violence is not entertainment and until the entertainment industry can get a grip around that the problem is going to continue on all levels.

  • Mendo Mama, I totally agree with you!

  • A few months ago, weren’t a lot of residents of eureka and arcata marching to defund the police? Now there’s cries for more? Hrmm

    • Sigh. The effort to transfer funds from “hard” police response, i.e , responding to crimes that have been or are being committed, to “soft” societal protections, i.e., social services, mental health interventions, social benefits such as adequate food and housing, i.e., preventing crimes from happening when people are desperate, means that a problem such as someone experiencing a mental health crisis will not be treated like a violent criminal but like someone experiencing a mental health crisis. If you look at cities where this more sophisticated approach has been adopted, you will see a significant reduction in crime. Let cops do cop work and social workers do social work, and society benefits. It’s a better use of taxpayer dollars. If you want to educate yourself, check out the reports on Denver’s approach. It has made the city substantially safer for residents, reduced crime, and significantly reduced crimes of opportunity– muggings, break-and-enter crimes, street petty crimes. Or don’t, and stick to your assumptions. Now, let the shrieking begin

      • Yes!! It’s unfortunate that “defund the police” became the tag line because it’s not really what it means. Most people won’t take the time to educate themselves- they look at headlines and tag lines and that’s it. Mental health is a huge issue in our community. We have severely limited resources.

      • Thank you Onlooker

      • Do you know how many social workers and mental health workers I have worked with in Humboldt? Of those, there has been exactly one who was actually competent. I put my money on law enforcement. They aren’t perfect, but there are a multitude more good cops than social workers.

        • Right? Remember the guy that jumped off the verns furniture building? Or the guy who shot himself in front of semper virens? Or that lady that had a flare gun and the cops killed her? I could go on. There is no treatment in humboldt for mental health. That’s why this shit happens



      • The problem is, the consequences of sending a social worker into a situation that requires a police officer are worse than the consequences of sending a police officer into a situation that requires a social worker. If a social worker needs a police officer because of a violent situation they have to make the emergency call and wait for the police officer to arrive, during which time they could be in grave danger. If a police officer is in a situation that requires a social worker there isn’t the same danger before the social worker can lend help. There already has been a murder in Seattle of a social worker by someone who was agitated and acting out but the agency thought they could handle without police help.

        Most of the objections to police as first responders in mental health situations can be addressed with better training. And training is one of the easiest things to cut when budgets are reduced.

      • Give your links. The only stuff I could find shows only that Denver crime was higher than the national average.

      • You don’t have to de-fund the police to fully fund mental health and other services.
        California just needs to stop throwing away money such as the EDD just did, it was Billions.
        Miss-allocation of resources is rampant.

    • Would more police have stopped this crime that will likely be revealed to be committed by someone close to the victims? Or would access to mental health, substance abuse treatment, education and vocational training been more likely to have had a meaningful impact on this individuals life? 🧐

    • I will say this ad nauseam:



  • This area has a terrible problem with child trafficking. Not to mention the new laws legalizing marijuana has created an even bigger problem around this area so that people rather than worry about their crops getting ripped off will kill people and children they don’t care

  • Donna (James) Wilder

    So sad ~~ having grown up in Loleta as a child I remember we could go away for the summer and leave our house UNLOCKED and nothing was disturbed… We just didn’t have this type of crime.

  • Prayers for the victims, their families, and for all of the juveniles involved. Prayer for our law enforcement to have the clarity and professionalism to handle this very sad situation. May they bring further the person responsible for this heinous act of violence.

    Prayers also for the survivor of the attack.

  • Prayers for this family 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Prayers for the survivors and families of these people.
    Not the time for any political views

  • more info when available, please

    Sooo…is the killer at large, or is this a murder-suicide?

    • We don’t know and won’t know until law enforcement has investigated and all next of kin have been notified. And even then, we may never truly know or understand.

  • [edit] we are here for you, [edit] we miss you already. These were Parents protecting their child. Creator is with your family. Our thoughts are with you. Protection for the rest of the children. Burning a fire and sage in prayer.

  • But dont worry the casino is still open right across the street! Good grief ….. got to get that money right ?

  • I feel triggered.

    Pathetic thing is hoping it’s random mass killing , not another man destroying love.

  • What has happened to my beloved Humboldt County? 50 years ago it was scandalous if there was a car stolen let alone a murder. Now look where we are. Murders all the time, pounds of heroin and meth. What will it be like in 20 more years? Sad. I love you Humboldt but I wish the people would disappear.

    • There has never ever been a shortage of violent crime here. You just were not paying attention. There have been 4 or 5 serial killers, many many murders, too many missing women to count in my half century here.

      • My opinion is you’re wrong. Rarely was there a murder 50 years ago or car theft.

        • When I was a teenager here, two of my schoolmates, both girls, were murdered separately about four years apart. One was never solved. That was about 45 years ago. I’m not saying there was more crime then but I don’t think any other high school class in recent memory has had that happen.

    • Re, “What has happened to my beloved Humboldt County?” …

      It won’t be back, Guest. And it will be worse in 20 more years. But treating others with kindness and respect does give us something to cling to.

    • What has happened over the past 50 years? Families impacted by the despair of long-term economic stagnation, a collapse in values in favor of short-term gratification, and a wave of hard drugs. Sadly, those same things are happening over much of the country.

      • Thirdeye is spot on here.

      • A deep state sandwich

        Who benefits?

        China exports fentanyl, to poison the American people.

        China and her allies in Washington are the enemy of the American People.

        • Go stuff your conspiracy theories.

          • A deep state sandwich

            Look, I hate to burst your bubble, but you gotta do your homework on how people have been killing people since the dawn of time. When the government uses tactics to subvert and obfuscate in the name of science and safety and fighting terrorism… you become a willing accessory after the fact.

            There’s a war going on, Third Eye, and the DC crooks have themselves surrounded by concertina wire.

            You really think MSM has been looking out for us?

            • And, if you don’t trust main stream media….1000’s of people whose reputations and jobs rest on providing accurate information—you can always trust an anonymous person who hasn’t shown the ability to read a graph.

              • A deep state sandwich

                Take a step back, kym, our country is not in a good place. I think we can agree on that.

                Sometimes the best information, and the education that sticks is outside of the class room.

                We have become so focused on the details, while our country, and our economy is being consolidated by having the people distracted on whether or not trump is anymore guilty than any other president.

                If they can impeach him, then let’s start looking at those war criminals who lied to bring us into the gulf war.

                The whole house I f cards rest on the economic health of our collective society.

                People are born and die, every day, you can’t possibly argue that every life is important while supporting aborting babies.

                It’s not easy to step back and look at the whole picture, and we are all pawns in a larger game.

                We the people are struggling to deal with incoming BILLs and Debt and health care costs.

                We have to recognize that this Covid response is not worth alienating a generation with no promises or guarantees. …

                Just more hope and change.

                You gotta be blind deaf and dumb to not recognize the historical record of those in power.

              • LoL … So true, Kym. So unfortunately true.

            • One can be skeptical of government and MSM narratives without resorting to dredging up “Yellow Peril” tropes. Bozos blindly follow Democrat bullshit over Russia. Different bozos blindly follow Republican bullshit over China and Iran.

      • Third Eye I have to agree with you as well as Mendo Mamma. I understand “some” screen time can be beneficial, however, it should not be a babysitter. Third Eye to add to what you were saying, when parents stopped being parents and became friends with their kids instead of properly disciplining them well, it led to a bunch of entitled little brats in adult bodies! Not to mention everyone that is literally offended by everything!

      • Thank you Thirdeye. Your comments always seem sensible.

  • Let’s just call it what it is. It is sad plain and simple. People killing people is sad. May they rest in peace.

  • Much support to the family and community of these people!!!
    Beyond the shock of the loss is having such a traumatic event publicized esp in a small community. Lets respect the need for privacy & rumour control.

    Considering 2 of the 3 dead are females (RIP), Id bet we will find out domestic violence is involved and its probably not the first time the cops interacted with the perp.
    Every adult mass shooter had domestic violence on their background.
    Every single one. Cops knew.
    Maybe not but its a huge issue in our community.
    We need a sheriff who will investigate, tho i know its a pipe dream since they wont even investigate home break-ins. Then say no vigilante justice.
    We need a DA who actually runs a safe office enviroment and actually prosecutes domestic violence cases.

    We also have multiple cartels in our county, some of whom the sheriffs are too scared to deal with,they say the cartel takes hits out on them.
    After the federal bust of the bulgarian hitman at the arcata airport, theyre probably right. So we need help from the state and/or feds to support the sheriffs. They also of course get paid off.
    To me its time for a new sheriff and especially DA!!!!

  • Kym stop deleting comments. Can’t handle the truth you coward.

  • My heart goes out to this family and their friends. Some days are hard and some are just horrific. Heartbreaking. Sending much love and blessings to all involved.

  • This is heartbreaking. Love and condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

  • Please if you don’t know what you’re talking about out of respect for my family and I don’t comment anything negative

    • Sorry for your loss, this is horrible

    • I’m so very truly sorry for your loss
      Please try and do your best to ignore anyone who talks shit. They obviously have no life and they obviously don’t understand what the word respect means. I have no idea what happened but what ever the case May be I hope that you and all those effected get some kind of closure. Rest In Peace to the lives lost.

  • How many murders in humboldt this year?

  • The end of the world as we know it is here.

  • It’s Trumps fault

  • Deepest sympathies to the loved ones left. May the victims rest in peace.

  • Bear river tribal member

    This article is written wrong few spotts

    Remember when jesse armstrong reported abuse at this home and tribe covered it up then they fired him for doing his job

    This doesn’t relate today but where was dhhs in this case

    Minors drinking in a home where triple homicide happens u should listen to jesse he don’t bark for no reason he got no reason to

    • Ouch. If this was the result of a problem that got covered up…..

      • No, its not any cover up. Jesse Armstrong is just in love with having any attention.
        [edit] Now he’s telling his minions that this is a “cover up”

    • So many wrong things that you are alluding to.

      Underage drinking was reported at a different house.

      Nobody lost their job for reporting anything. Job loss is directly related to performance issues and personal conduct.

    • Why is this comment not being deleted, but comments to this absurd comment are being deleted?

      • Comments by new commenters are held until moderated.

        General comments are allowed. Allegations of criminal misconduct without generally available proof are deleted.

    • He does bark for no reason.

      And Your comment doesn’t have any relevance about what happened today.

    • There was no truth to those allegations. Which was why nothing happened.

      Underage drinking didn’t happen at that house.

      • But underage drinking happened at a different house with kids from THAT house there too?

        Genetically indigenous populations have different tolerances to ALCOHOL than non indigenous populations.
        ALCOHOL was not a staple in 15, 16, 1700s Americas so metobolic systems of indigenous populations cannot process alcohol as rapidly as populations that were exposed to alcohol for longer.
        Alcohol is highly toxic when you cannot process it.
        Populations drinking that cannot process alcohol suffer greatly.
        Diabetes can’t have sugar.
        High Cholesterol cant have cholesterol.
        Allergic to? Cant have it.
        Lactose intolerant? Cant have milk.
        Gluten intolerant? Cant have gluten.
        Indigenous populations have a rough time processing alcohol. It is a fragile thing to be sensitive like that and not fully understand the science of it. Sobriety is never a bad thing for the youth and the community to support. Let their loss not be forgotten. 💔

  • May the family find strength and peace. This is another tragedy in the native community. I feel so sorry for the people that have no respect or understanding of the history of the native people and how this is not just a damn Indians being indian story. This is a systemic problem that is not able to be fixed overnight it takes time and understanding to help heal the native community’s you cant just throw money and police at it.
    I can say I dont have the answers but maybe some community input would be a good start, I would hope the tribal leaders would gather and have a conversation with their people. Find out what they have to say and figure out reasonable solutions. To help future generations be successful.
    Housing, food, education, living wage employment, health care should be accessible to all especially when the tribe runs a casino resort.

    • Nobody raised the racial angle to this story until you did. But now that you’ve kicked in that door and started pontificating about this tragedy being a “systemic” problem, don’t complain if there’s some pushback. Somebody just committed a horrific crime. They bear responsibility no matter what their identity.

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to any and all who are affected by this tragedy….. much love

  • Wait? Wait? Wait? What happened to the two cops that sit there 24 hours a day and make sure only residents enter???

    • LoletaSovereignty

      Maybe they were out hassling people on the county road they have no jurisdiction over again.

      Either that or putting up an illegal roadblock on the other end of Singley two miles outside of their land.

      Or putting up a forged/illegal No Right Turn sign made out of poster board at an intersection where a right turn is perfectly legal.

  • First of all , they have no jurisdiction on Singley Road !!!! Not One !!!! I just drive up over the grass and smile as doing so? Why you would ask ? Because I can and that road is a county road!!! Not long ago I seen “security “ doing a “search” on a car , I said OH HELL NO !!! First , not law enforcement, so I would have given them the good old finger 🖕🏼 And just leave !!! May the family and friends find some peace ☮️….. this is sad in so many ways

  • Heavy, This is not due to lack of law enfore this is just a heartless, evil ,and tragic reality on how no matter what aspect there are evil people in every aspect of life community ,its as if god made man but then something made evil to make you question hummanity..I only hope that there is something bigger than this and on judgement day people like this get what they deserve..

  • NativeCommunityMember

    Thoughts to the family and friends. Guidance for the surviving children. Strength to the school staff at Loleta Elementary that are handling the fallout from this tragedy within our community. They are there providing support for all of our children. Prayers for our youth.

  • Maybe it’s the meth?🤔

  • May healing angels stay close to the hearts of the souls affected by this very sad tragedy. To those that are on the other side, RIP Comfort all Great Spirit, Aho ❤️🙏🏼

  • Uuhhh no! Its not cuz of the meth its because people are dirt bags! An its everywhere . only seems more clearer here being its a small town. theres no one faithful anymore, guys will hoe around with different females , an girls will do it to, it does more damage to people then they think, as i told my ex of 9 yrs who felt the need to still mess around with me, ang another women , u dont know what could make a person snap an just losse it. They should have something like they do with alcoholics a group for people that are dealing with breakups an how to get over someone . its been 3 months. Since me an him broke up an lets just say i still drove by his house today an with the lack of things to do i this town u really just sit around an think about all that you have been threw with them an what nots especially if u keep to ur self an dont have alot of friends supporters it can be real lonley it can go from sadness to anger to resentment to vindictiveness real fast. My prayers go out to the family thank goodness none of the children involved were hurt sometimes the person doing the crime can only see red an just shoot with out thinking… i hope he gets caught an justice is done. but regardless i don’t believe meth had anything to do with it

    • It’s having integrity. Integrity starts inside of yourself. And integrity is something that is built and people have to hold on tight to it and fight for it. It’s easy to get cloudy and lose your way to addiction and mental health things if you’ve been beaten down your whole life or seen nothing but horrible things it is hard to peel yourself away from those scenarios. People have lost all sense of integrity and self-respect and respect for the world, integrity starts inside yourself. We have to build that in our children from a very young age and if you don’t this is the results. Build a strong conviction know what’s right and wrong show and positively support our children. Dont laugh off addiction or crazy uncles DO SOMETHING BETTER. HELP OTHERS, teach them how to have some respect and they will have that as adults. We’ve been deflected in other areas for so long we forget that our children are our most important work for the future to be ANYTHING BETTER.

  • Yeah Seth Kinmon must have been playing too many video games back in the day…

  • This is a mental health issue. Yes it is a very sad situation but gossipy behavior is not a healthy way for people to deal with the problem. Yes some people are more desensitized then others, we live in sad times.
    I pray too my lord
    2 the familys
    I don’t know what happened i was not there.

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