Carry Chains on These Southern Humboldt Roads

Winter driving feature

Information from the County of Humboldt:

Carry chains on the following roads due to snow and ice:

Alderpoint Road

Bell Springs Road

Shelter Cove Road

Wilder Ridge Road

Tire with Chains on



  • No way, we’re in the grips of “global warming”. This is a virtual storm invented by the “vast right-wing conspiracy” to deny us the right to drive on bald tires. Next thing you know, they’ll have us cleaning our windshields. Bastards!!!

    • This is “weather” not “climate”. Big difference. The planet is warming faster than has ever been measured.

      But your comment is still funny.

  • It’s snowing like crazy at Casterlin school. Kids are going home early. Drag out the sleds it’s going to be cold couple of days. Woooo hooo.

  • Carrying chains in the mountain areas of Humboldt is always good advice. Just put them in your vehicle a little before winter. Don,t forget some good gloves, couple of hand towels to clean up with, and a tarp or mat to place on the ground to keep you from having to kneel in the muck. If you are concerned about the chains/cables fitting your tires check them at home to make sure all is good to go. Drive safe.

  • Chains required = Road closed

  • Just got to fortuna, all businesses are dark.

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