Structure Fire off of Spears Road East of Eureka

Firefighters at structure fire off Spears Avenue east of Eureka.

Firefighters at structure fire off Spears Road east of Eureka. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

Just before 11 p.m. a fire broke out in a structure in the 2700 block Spears Road east of Eureka.

Deputy Chief Bill Reynolds from Humboldt Bay Fire tells us that two Mobile homes and a fifth wheel caught on fire tonight. He explained that when firefighters arrived, both mobile homes were fully involved and the fifth wheel was exposed.

He said that shortly after arriving, a resident was able to tell firefighters that all residents were out of the structures.

Firefighters found the area difficult to access, according to Reynolds. The hydrant was blocked by a pickup so crews had to lay in the line by hand. All three structures were eventually destroyed by flames.

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  • They should have just pushed the pickup out of the way. I hope that person gets charged with something for parking too close and blocking the hydrant.

    • that place is/was a shyt hole. Trash all over, broken down cars …..

      • you know what, what the hell is wrong with people?! Does anybody have any kind of compassion anymore? Did you know those people personally? They could very possibly be nice folks. Maybe theres kids that lost everything…did u stop for two seconds to consider that?

        • Thank you,thank God we all got out(including animals)it was a horrifying experience.part that just makes me think”wow” is I’m pretty sure none of neighbors called 911 or even asked if everyone got out.even if I don’t like someone I would still try to help no matter what.esp if lives were at stake.also,thank you so much to all that responded.we have an amazing fire department.i can’t say enough on their behalf,they risk thier lives on a daily basis to keep others safe&couldn’t have asked for quicker response or better treatment.

      • Last comment must have been made by one of my neighbors.funny,but there was only one call to 911 on the call logs that night&I’m positive at least three of my neighbors had to have seen it when it was happening.yet not one person offered help,asked if we were ok,or even call for help.say what you want about us,but I would much rather be the kind of person I am rather then be someone that would just as soon see some one lose everything including possibly their life instead of offering thank you neighbors,you guys can stay on your high horses&honestly,I wouldn’t want the approval of someone like that.&what’s that they say about glass houses?I know if it was the other way around I would have been over the fence to see if I could help without a second thought.

  • Oh, what a mess!!!

  • The firemen should have passed their hose in one window and out the other of the pickup, and gotten on with firefighting. I saw that done in Baltimore, one time.

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