Bureau of Land Management to Start Paradise Ridge Forest Health Project in King Range NCA

blm agency idPress release from BLM Northern California District:

Crews from the Bureau of Land Management have started work on an extensive fuel break construction project along Paradise Ridge Road in the King Range National Conservation Area.
The Paradise Ridge Road Forest Health Shaded Fuel Break Project will consist of thinning and chipping brush and small diameter trees in a path up to 200 feet wide along both sides of the road. The project will extend from the junction of Shelter Cove Road north for about 8 miles.
 “Once completed, this network of shaded fuel breaks will decrease the intensity of wildfire, and provide improved access for firefighters,” said Molly Brown, manager of the BLM Arcata Field Office which manages the King Range NCA. “It will improve health of the forest and improve public access. An added benefit will be dramatically improved views of the ocean and King Peak, a result of clearing dense stands of brush and small trees.”
 Work will be completed in phases over the next 18 months as funding and staffing are available. The work could cause traffic delays, especially in narrow, winding sections of the road. Users of the area will also see piles of brush and trees that will be removed later.
 Those planning to visit the area can check on the status of Paradise Ridge Road by contacting the BLM’s King Range Project Office, 707-986-5400, or the Arcata Field Office, 707-825-2300.


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