Woman Killed in Northern Mendocino Crash

Screengrab from Jacob Jacob Whitney's video

Screengrab from Jacob Whitney’s video.

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On January 15, 2021 at approximately 9:05am, a female was driving a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe southbound on US 101, north of Bridges Creek, in Mendocino County. For reasons still under investigation, the female lost control of the Chevrolet before overturning multiple times in the roadway and coming to rest blocking all lanes. The female driver was ejected from the Chevrolet and came to rest in the roadway. emergency personnel arrived on scene and attempted life saving efforts, but the female succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced deceased shortly after. A preliminary investigation revealed that the driver was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the traffic collision.

Cal-Trans, Mendocino County Sheriffs Department and the Leggett Volunteer Fire Department assisted with this [incident]. The California Highway Patrol is investigating this collision. Drugs or alcohol as a factor will be determined upon a [thorough] collision investigation.

US 101 was closed for approximately 20 minutes for the vehicle recovery. One-way traffic control was in place for approximately 3 hours for scene investigation.

Earlier Chapter: Traffic Backed Up on 101 After Crash in Northern Mendocino



  • It’s amazing that it’s now 2021 and people still dont wear their seatbelts. Condolences to family and friends.

  • He was using the temlrm amazing out of respect.

  • 🛐🛐Prayers and Condolences to the family of the victim.💐💐

  • It was an indecent incident.

  • Covid virus strikes again. She just get her first shot? No seat belt!!! How foolish! That section of the road cants outward towards the bank and you automatically drive off the road and up the bank if going too fast.

    • WTF does covid have to do with this? Have some class.
      My condolences to family.

      • Covid has pushed it’s way into every aspect of our lives, and they’re turning up the static of our collective human need to connect with others.

        We are in unchartered territory and we must encourage our fellow students in this class of life to keep looking for a better way to communicate to each other.

        I miss the unity of humanity at the moment.

        Do we have to fight for peace..?

        • It’s still just a tragic, unfortunate vehicle incident. ‘No covid here, please move along’
          Yes, we do have to fight for peace unfortunately.

  • I feel terrible for the family of the victim. I think that maybe some see the seat belt law as a removal of their right to live the way they want to.
    A young friend of mine who died in a rollover, when not wearing his seat belt, used to tell his parents “God is MY seat belt”. His passenger who was wearing his belt got out unharmed.
    Seat belt laws are a good law.

    • The seat belt law is a stupid law. It is however common sense and good practice. But if I choose to not wear my seatbelt and die in an accident that is my choice. With allowing them to tell us that we have to wear our seatbelts that goes on to give them ground to tell us what we can and can’t put in our bodies. Oh wait they’ve done that! Next thing you know they’re going to be saying we can’t leave our house. Oh wait they’ve done that! After that they’re going to start letting religion dictate all of our laws. Oh wait they’ve done that too! Next thing you know they’re going to say we can’t own guns They’re trying very hard to do that! If things don’t affect other human beings they should not be a law in any way shape or form. If it puts other people in danger or risk then yes make those laws. You’re probably going to have some rebuttal about this and go ahead and type but I will not respond to it. That is my opinion have a good day. FYI I was the first person on the scene of this accident and I am the one that called 911. I feel bad for her family but that’s the choice that she made and it was her right.

      • I want to thank you for making that call. I’m her sister and it was that she was wearing a seat belt hers was broken and needed to be fixed. She was a beautiful mother and grandmother and sister and we truly miss her. Can you please give me a call I have so many unanswered questions . But I truly Thank you for whatever you did for her.. if you have any pictures of this scene can you please send them to me this is to last pictures i have to remember her i don’t care what they look like this is my sister my family my love one.. 901-652-1494

      • Brandon K….You might consider the State and taxpayer expense if you are injured/paralyzed and not killed.

  • I am so very sad that the woman passed away. I truly believe that is had worn her seat belt she would still be alive. There was not a whole bunch of damage that her vehicle. My condolences to her family and friends. May she RIP. People don’t let her life go to waste for nothing. PLEASE wear your seat belt, it only takes a second to put on.

  • My guess is, folks who won’t wear seatbelts won’t wear covid masks either.

  • I appreciate some of you all comments and some I just look over. First I want to say her seatbelt was broke. Yes she took a chance driving and this was the end results. This was very sad and the end result is I don’t have my sister her kids is without a mother. And my father less a daughter. And her husband is wife less. She was love by so many people. People will make judgment against people and not no there situations to why she had to drive this vehicle. But i can’t go into detail but she was loved by us all and we will miss her dearly 💔 she my Sister Marnice (Niecey) Toney Rest well till we meet again i love you sis. And for the rest of be safe buckle up and if its broken fix it. God bless my family and you all as well be safe😭😭😭 my tears want stop..

    • Thank you cousin if you can’t anything nice just shut the hell up we lost a loved one the rest of your stupid comments don’t matter Rest in peace Niecey until we meet again Love ya.

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