MET Arrests Man for Illegal Cannabis Cultivation

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Jesiah Gilbride

Jesiah Gilbride

On January 14, 2021, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) served two search warrants resulting from a neighborhood complaint regarding illegal cannabis cultivation in the greater Eureka area. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Humboldt County Code Enforcement assisted in the service of the warrants.

Two parcels were investigated during the service of the warrants. The parcels did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.

At the first parcel, located on the 1400 block of Freshwater Road, deputies eradicated approximately 1,568 growing cannabis plants. Deputies seized and destroyed approximately 87.5 pounds of processed cannabis, 5 pounds of cannabis bud and 8 pounds of Butane Honey Oil. Deputies also located and seized two illegal firearms and three high-capacity magazines, in addition to $140,500 pursuant to asset forfeiture proceedings.

Assisting agencies found the following violations:

  • Two water pollution violations (up to $20,000 fine per day, per violation)

Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

Jesiah Gilbride, age 21 of McKinleyville, was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the charges of unauthorized cultivation, harvesting or processing (HS 11358(d)(3)(C)), possession of a controlled substance for sales (HS 11359(b)), conspiracy to commit a crime (PC 182(a)(1)), knowingly renting property for storing a controlled substance (HS 11366.5(a)), destroying evidence (PC 135), resisting arrest (PC 148(a)(1)), possession of a firearm in commission of a felony (PC 12022(a)(1)) and possession of an illegal magazine (PC 32310).

At the second parcel, located on the 3000 block of Pigeon Point Road, deputies eradicated approximately 922 growing cannabis plants. Deputies seized and destroyed approximately 51.5 pounds of processed cannabis and 24.5 pounds of packaged cannabis bud. Deputies also located and seized $138,895 pursuant to asset forfeiture proceedings.

This case is still under investigation. Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

Cannabis plants growing in an illegal indoor cultivation site



  • Heck of a lot of cash that’ll be headed towards new Sheriff outfits and gear. Maybe this will help the kid get going towards another trade. It may have saved his life as well, because if anyone knows you have that much money, someone is looking to take it from you. On the other hand, tt looks like he has some knowledge of trades.

    But, this is another consequence of having nothing but dope in this county. Those water diversions hurt everything as well.

    • Cannabis is a legit trade. Just don’t be stupid and purchase permits. Do everything by the book and there’s always room for money.

      • The County just wants their cut of the profit. As long as you pay them and any other agency that has their hand out you can grow and sell to anyone. That is how you go from Drug Dealer to Entrepreneur. And don’t try to tell me the county keeps close tabs on how much they grow and where it goes.

    • Your wrong on so many levels! The “neighbors” that called in on this kid just ruined his life. That police department needs to be disbanded. Marijuana is medicine and that kid was doing his community a beautiful service. Weed is not a crime [edit]

    • the ‘trade’ of choice, or for some, by birthright, in Humboldt county NorCal IS weed growing. has been for decades. what’s ‘objectionable’ to the natives is ‘overreach’…by growers. this is a side hustle for many [most?] in Humboldt county with the wholesale proceeds going to everyday life in America, living expenses like: food, drinks, gas, and supporting the communities. when you go BIG you bring scrutiny. to everyone. and, it hurts everyone. so, ‘go big or go home’ isn’t a popular sentiment here. IMO

    • From my experience that is being made into a movie, the police cherry pick to get the maximum amount of cash. The cops are the criminals they even commit rape and murder if you find out. The movie will be the most justice any of us will experience. I’ll save the rest for the movie about the humboldt and trinity police family. Most damaging and incriminating with evidence and interviews of witnesses. I am already in InfraGard by the humboldt family so what else can they do. I’ll go over secret technology abused by law enforcement. We will be able to go back in time and expung records from humboldts finest all over the country. It took me over three years of espionage work to get the goods names and addresses. You will see me on TV. Ho Chi Mingh I am now famous.

  • It is something to note that while drug traffickers with pounds of heroin are released into the wind, citizens who dare compete with the State-sponsored cannabis market are incarcerated. Lesson: don’t mess with the State government’s drug revenue stream!

  • Nice set up, those plants are bunk though

    • Looks like they got badly mited out pretty recently.

    • Growing pandemic special?

      • Even my plants look better than that and I seriously never even wanted to grow before Prop64.

        This is what I love about us Humboldtians—we may have our differences and sometimes we may argue about presidents and things that don’t matter, but we share some core values and there’s nothing weird about your comment or my commenting on your comment.

        People who don’t live in Humboldt just aren’t going to understand that. Spider mites, huh? The Borg, right? Neem Oil?

        New 215 patient here; Prop64’s got nothing to do with me, my doctor says gardening is good for me, I don’t want to sell my babies for money, so I can be stupid If I want to be.

  • Jesiah is a product of our culture.
    If the guns or the water pollution were what the (old school, mom and pop grower) community would regard as egregious, proceed with a standard prosecution. Otherwise, cut the kid some slack.

  • I’m an Outlaw. Think I’ll get some T-shirts made up. And maybe some bumper stickers. Hell, maybe even a TATTOO! I’ve got the cash! Oh, wait…

  • I love 3″ of root mass in the morning.

  • Young in the game!

  • Welcome to humboldt, where you have 2 choices pay us or pay us.

  • We are arresting people again! When was the last time it didn’t say “detained and released”? And those grows had more illegal participants, plants, garbage, diversions, etc etc. Gotta be the ca$h! Jack up the bail (going to be big with all those charges, cha Ching!) get your 10% and make even more $ off this “bust”! Brilliant!!

  • Way over lighted n over fed. Plants can only absorb so much light. Runs +/-100 sqft per light coverage. When you over light it does not help the plants grow better. It does burn through your money faster, also keeps your temp up over 80 degrees battling the mites.
    The taco curling, burnt edges and spindly stems all are evidence of way too much nutrients, outta whack ph and subsequent lock up root rot.
    He had all that $ cuz he never got outta the shed. Running it all alone that was a fucking daily battle. Fast Freddy your right maybe he will have enough of it and figure out a new trade. Probation send his arse to a trade school get him on the right track.

    • His bags were AAA

    • He DID lollipop them tho,😉

    • Only problem, Mendo Mama, is that you’re giving him a better education than Oaksterdam U can IMNSHO.

      Out of work and out of luck here. I’d seriously love to work with the plants alongside the kids instead of playing the system. I’m not THAT disabled and I do WANT to work. I’d much rather trim than try to get a minimum wage job yawantfrieswiththatting or welcometowalmarting.

      Jesiah undoubtedly felt the same way. I’m not better than him, just older, so I see the humour in the situation. The fact is that more people want minimum wage entry level legal employment in “The Industry” than anyone could possibly need or want to hire.

      Even someone as knowledgeable about kids and plants as you seem to be.

    • No that’s not over lighted. Those plants are to close and no way to work them. He’s relying on eagle and forbid to get him through the crop. Plus that dude is most likely the worker

  • How’d he work on those plants? Way to crowded and no access for plant maintenance. No wonder they look like shit. He’s only 21 though. Lotta ambition for a young guy

  • Pretty sad when you lock this kid up, but you let the heroin dealers walk. Makes no sense. Cite and release him.

  • One run can change your life lol. This kid has more money than what they found, good for
    Him at that age making good money. There might be someone behind all of it but if not, he’s a badass. Everyone complaining about how he did it have to realize there’s money to be made no matter how you do it. Look at the Bulgarians, they grow whatever and the most with the least amount of money and resources.

    • I’m old enough to be way too old to be Jesiahs mother, lo (expletive deleted) l but I still see a naughty little stoner kid from the ’70s in the mirror.

      Mommy and Daddy LIED to me when they said money didn’t grow on trees, lol; where did they think our money came from? Giving each other lessons in yoga and underwater basketweaving?

      If that naughty little stoner kid I used to be had been born with Jesiah’s gumption, drive, and crackerjack boostraping investment self-made man juice and bulls and bears and bears and bulls (OH MY!!! OH MY!!!) entrepreneurial talent, I would be a very wealthy woman today and well able to have (my now octogenarian) Mommy and Dadddy medivacked out of their respective Covid hotspot nursing homes and hire round the clock private caregivers for them.

      I know it. You know it. We all know it.

      Even Mom and Dad know it, much as we all wish they didn’t. 🙁

  • Ok…I have to ask what is the difference between processed cannabis and cannabis bud?

    Is “processed” a new name for trim?

  • He may have learned to grow but didnt take the class on hiding your cash and moving your stash. All that under the same roof??? WTF Bro? Hasnt been reading the RHBB to see that that is a definite no no daffy. Im betting he answered a CL add and ended up with a “badass” job. Thats not his loot.

  • I don’t understand how he afforded the set up with all that bunk he grows?

  • Look at the property. It’s a 550k piece of land. Do a quick search. The property belongs to someone else. He’s not on the tax roll. Shit there are cars on that lot older than the boy. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s complicit but not the main wo/man.
    I’ll bet he can’t wire in a tractor battery more less a setup using lights from before he was born.

  • Free the worker!!

  • The shirt kills me🤣

  • I’m sorry if I’m being insensitive about this, but in the middle of a pandemic? Is this really THAT important? I can see it for the 21 year old water polluting kid, maybe, but one of our LEOs could pick up covid from a small potatoes green rusher and spread it around to how many of our elders for how long and for what????

    I get it. Not everybody likes this plant because not everybody grows it responsibly. No, I’m not from around here but I’ve lived in Eureka and visited SoHum as a tourist with money to spend and enjoy on regular “staycations” for 23 years. That’s long enough to voice my opinion.

    This was a waste of our limited resources.[edit]

    But we only have so many LEOs. A bad LEO can truly ruin someone’s life.[edit] A good LEO is rare and can save someone’s life so we can’t afford to lose any of them. We only have so many.

  • Looks like someone must have told him that the way to get that “gas” was to foliar feed with actual gasoline. Whoever owns those scenes must be in Costa Rica shaking their head and quietly weeping into their pile of coke right now.

  • Which one of those charges are felonies?

  • Grab the money lol

  • Who’s accountable for the cash and investment lost ? That equipment ain’t cheap and some, I doubt the 21 year old, paid for it and will want it back….

  • All this kid had to do with that money is buy land with proceeds like Alex Moore of Honeydew Farms then buy a politician to write the law and ensure that permits approved without any public review while also getting your violations glossed over. Or just make a campaign donation to Rex Bohne and Sheriff Hansol who we all know is corrupt using cannabis law as a means to enrich themselves. This kid just learned a important lifelong lesson that you need to grease the wheels of local politicians and pay off the bureaucrats in order to have a business in Humboldt.

  • If it is his operation he certainly is an ambitious young person. Might consider him for some mention in the Humboldt marijuana museum or a honorary membership in Southern Humboldt Marijuana Growers Chamber of Commerce, even if he is from Mc Kinleyville.

  • sooo the dude with 830 pounds and some badass guns was cited and case sent to DA office but this dude with way less was arrested? This state and justice system is a clown show, an absolute joke!!

  • Dude needs to pledge his person to another nation than a private, international, foreign, commercial military banking operation.

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