Citizens’ Advisory Committee Now Accepting Applications for Measure Z Funding

Measure ZPress release from the County of Humboldt:

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Measure Z Expenditures is a group that advises the Board of Supervisors on Measure Z funds and is looking for projects that will make Humboldt County a better and safer place to live.

If you have a project idea that provides a public safety or essential service to our community, consider applying for Measure Z funds. Applications for funding are open now, and the deadline to apply is Feb. 15, at 5 p.m.

Measure Z is a half-cent sales tax applied to most local purchases and was first passed by voters in November 2014, and renewed in 2018. Since then, the committee has recommended, and the Board has approved, projects that enhance public safety and critical community services including:

  • Investigating violent crimes, including rape and domestic violence
  • Maintaining 911 emergency response times
  • Ensuring on-duty Sheriff’s deputies
  • Providing drug treatment programs
  • Providing services for the victims of child abuse
  • Maintaining rural fire protection and ambulance services
  • Cleaning up environmentally-damaging marijuana farms and illegal dumping.

The advisory committee will begin meeting the first Thursday in March to review applications and recommend projects for funding. The application asks you to describe your proposal, as well as your plan for sustainability in order for your proposal to carry on without relying on Measure Z funding. In addition, the application requires an explanation as to how the request is an essential service or for public safety.

If you cannot download the application you can pick up a copy at the County Administrative Office at 825 5th Street, Room 112 in Eureka. Please submit your application to the same address.

You can sign up on the county’s website to receive notifications when new agendas are posted and when meetings are scheduled.


Members of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Measure Z Expenditures are made by the Board. The committee is comprised of one appointment from each supervisorial district, a representative for the Sheriff’s Office, a representative for the Fire Chiefs’ Association, two at-large appointments (from any district), and two non-voting alternates. The current committee members are as follows:

First District Representative: Glenn Ziemer

Second District Representative: Ernie Branscomb

Third District Representative: Ginger Campbell

Fourth District Representative: Nicholas Kohl

Fifth District Representative: Scott Binder

At-Large: Lora Canzoneri

At-Large: Richard Ames

Fire Chiefs’ Association Representative: Sean Robertson

Sheriff’s Office Representative: Sheriff William Honsal

Alternate: Justin Robbins

Alternate: Eddie Morganv



  • Could we use a little of that to clean up all the garbage on the sides of the road in Humboldt? Seems like everywhere I go, there’s garbage laying in the ditch.

    • My idea has always been to put dumpsters every 5 miles or so with signs so that people will stop throwing their garbage down in the forest. It would be well worth it in the long run. The problem is that the dump is far away and it’s $10 minimum even if you have only one bag of trash. Make it easier for people to off load their trash. When the dumpster gets full, call for a dump. Unfortunately as you say, trash is a big problem around here.
      I don’t want the grant money so if anyone wants to take this ball and run with it please do!

  • Measure Z money has gone for many clean-up projects. There is a link above to apply for the funding.

    I would suggest that any entity applying for funding read the measure-Z wording. When filling out the application be brief and concise. The committee has many applications to read, so it is beneficial to keep to the issues involved only.

    • Howdy Ernie.
      I downloaded the application and it seems you need to be an “agency” to apply for funding.
      I live on rt1 road. It’s the northern one connecting 299 with 36. We have seen an uptick in litter along the road. Burnt out travel trailer, 3 cars pushed over the bank and stripped, bags of trash left for the bears to strew about the forest, cans bottles, I even cleaned up 4 leftover road flares left by the CHP to disintegrate into our waterways.
      I’m looking for a way to get it cleaned up.

      • I’m not sure that is in Humboldt County. Is It? It would have to benefit Humboldt County Taxpayers in some way to qualify. We have helped Southern Trinity Area Rescue even though it is based in Trinity, but most of their services are to Humboldt county residents.

        • Yes, Humboldt County.

          • Find yourself a responsible agency, or form one to apply. The agency has to be responsible and may be subject to an audit. So keep records of your expenditures. It’s pretty simple really.

            SoHum has Eel River Clean Up. They do a great job. The homeless have few resources the deal with trash without someone to help them. Usually they help with the cleanup of their camps, but they can’t transport it, or get rid of it. Without options it ends up in the river to wash away.

  • Kym
    Am I the only one that noticed Zoro’s sword slashing out the “Z” in the upper right corner of the post? What is it about journalists that Can Not (two Words) resist a pun? LOL

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