Humboldt County Republicans and Democrats Denounce the Violence in Washington, DC

Humboldt County Democrats and RepublicansA Joint Declaration by the HCDCC & HCRCC:

The Humboldt County Republican Central Committee in solidarity with the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee would like to jointly denounce the violence witnessed in our Nation’s Capital on Wednesday, January 6th as the 117th United States Congress convened to certify this nation’s electoral college results.

These are extremely difficult and trying times. People fear COVID infection, job loss, business closure, and the stressful uncertainty of a nation pulling itself apart at the seams. In these trying times, we are thankful for our local elected officials, law enforcement and first responders.

Both local parties have suffered destruction of property at the hands of individuals who have decided to use unlawful actions to make a point rather than participate in productive dialogue and the principles and process of Democracy. We would ask our community to stand with us against the use of violence as a form of protest. It is time for each of us to reflect on the growing division between reasonable neighbors in our community and to ask ourselves, “What kind of a nation do we want to live in?”

It is Humboldt’s Republican Chairman Doug Brower’s and Democratic Chairman Danny Kelley’s hope and prayer that our two Parties can work together by supporting our long standing traditions of democracy and peaceful expressions of freedom of speech while strongly denouncing violence and destruction of property. Humboldt County is a special place and together we hope to be an example to the rest of our state on how we can coexist and even work together. As tensions continue to run high, we retain our faith in our  democratic system of government.  Our faith abides in the voters, election officers and governors (Republican as well as Democrat), who certified election results in every state. We call for a peaceful transition of power on January 20th and in the days to come. We the People, as we have done for the last 243 years, will persevere and overcome these trying times…together.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Danny Kelley at 206.550.1675, or email [email protected]. Alternatively, please call Doug Brower at 619.846.6807, or email [email protected].



      • That is funny and so true! Thanks for that.

      • You also love dumb memes.
        Ok, please explain the fevered obsession with China.

      • Kym Kemp does this post violate your policies? If not, the graphic is incorrect. The dog in the rear position should be labeled “Republicans ” and they are mounting America. America did not give consent. Well, her better half didn’t consent.

        • No it’s accurate, but the republican dog should be much larger!

        • So let’s see. here are two people who are asking if we could put aside our differences and live in peace. Perhaps we could invoke the “I don’t give a shit” policy. Start a movement of peace. Don’t give a shit if someone is republican, democrat, or anything else. Muslim, Catholic, even Baptist or Buddist. Don’t give a shit. MAGA hat, Biden hat, any “T” shirt saying anything. I love liberals, I love conservatives. Organize a picnic and invite everyone, and make it known you can wear or be whatever you want. Play a ball game, or frisbie. BBQ. Call it a I don’t care what you are picnic. Or gathering. Invite the police. We could do this, we can live in peace. This peace picnic could be a success, no yelling or anything, just polite conversation, and respect for other’s view. Perhaps a food bank could be organized, or blankets and warm clothing, a bi party contingency to distribute needed goods to the poor. Obviously, these two guys have put aside their differences, Danny and Doug, and reached out to all of us to put away our differences, and live in peace. Good for them. Perhaps this could become ground zero for a new movement of peace and reconciliation. It would certainly be better than some of the alternatives out there.

          • Sounds wonderful, except BLM already burned that bridge. It’s like I disagree with you, come to your house, break all the windows, beat up your cars, steal your TV and computer, threaten your family and then all of a sudden decide I want to be your friend. I expect you not to give a shit how I treated you. Without serious remorse, reconciliation, and a huge amount of time you would tell me to go to hell and you would be right.

            The RNC was vandalized what, 7 times and then the DNC is vandalized once and want Republicans to pretend we don’t give a shit and pretend it’s now even?

            The DNC truly doesn’t give a shit.

            • OK, what do you suggest? Continue on this reckless path of no reconciliation? Of hate and destruction? For us, those who are already in survival mode, we will be watching the 48 hours before the 20th, the 20th, and the 48 hours after. The people last Wednesday were trying to communicate something. They have not been listened to. Instead of providing them an opportunity to address their grevences at the highest levels, they are being hunted down, isolated, disenfranchised, and not allowed to communicate their ideas or thoughts on social media. Hollywood attacks them, universities attack them, politicians attack them, they are not accepted as full citizens. They can only be pushed so far, and then more Wednesdays.

              • The problem is the BLM denial. They are a terrorist based group just as much as white supremacists are. Republicans denounce white supremacists. Democrats refuse to denounce BLM. Now who do you suppose that suggests is the problem?

            • Alf,

              What is a cutoff time for the DNC to amend your concerns?

              If they did what you wanted in 1 year would it make you feel at ease?

              What if it took 5 years, would you accept their turnaround?

              And, in the meantime, you might still hold a grudge I imagine, correct?

              • The Republicans denounced the events at the Capital while they were going on. The DNC has never denounced the BLM events that have been going on for months. Billions of dollars in damages not to mention lives and livelihoods destroyed forever. If there was a national DNC denouncing of the BLM terrorist group today, tomorrow, whenever and it was sincere and adopted permanently I would accept it. I would not become a liberal, but I would accept it as an act of trying to unify instead of divide.

                • Definitely not trying turn you lib bud, just gaining perspective.

                  I wonder what black family dynasties have suffered from 100 years of free labor and trafficking.

                  I’m glad we are passed that, but is it fair to assume they are?

                  And really,is it that hard to deny that white supremacy groups exist and are thriving still?

                  I’m just saying, there is a lot of ground to cover if we want to correct wrongs of such proportions.

                  Not sure what the answer is other than trying to understand the problem.

      • Oh, so THIS is what Team Red and Team Blue are going to argue over today.

      • Third World County

        So posting animal sex on this website is OK? What about all the prudes?

  • I wonder how this thread is going to go…

  • Every one of these scumbags a traitor. Would George Washington have joined with King George to “denounce violence.” Laughable. RINOS are worthless. We need to clean house.
    Say you want a revolution -? Oh yeah, we know, we will save America from the plague of socialism.

  • For the DNC it’s a bit late. They should have denounced the violence and let law enforcement do their job months ago, but instead supported anything but peaceful protest. I have no faith the DNC actually means it. They are just trying to save face after the total debacle they caused.
    As for the RNC, they denounced the violence from the beginning.
    I would rather have a divided country than bow to the DNC and their insincere much too late, only after they were themselves vandalized decision to attempt “solidarity.”
    I too hope for a peaceful transition, but I will never give my support.

    • they did, tho. many of them were actively coordinating the cops that brutalized the peaceful protestors, which is notable in part because the police were clearly documented on video in sooo many instances being the instigators of violence. additionally, cops and fbi have arrested organized white supremacists and “boogaloo boys” for the bulk of the fires that made the news.

      it’s not their fault that you haven’t been paying attention.

      • That is certainly a “Have you stopped beating your wife” statement. First it assumes facts are established and the guilt proven. Any response is going to have to be support or opposition that those are not established facts. That is a merry-go-round that never stops. Is it not equally proven that protesters were not any more “peaceful” than police were “brutal”?

        • You are being willfully ignorant of the facts. That is your merry-go-round.
          You’ve made a lot of statements lately that proves you are not aware of facts.

  • that’s neat and all, but the republicans were entirely on board with the trump train up until nine days ago. the kind of violence seen at the capitol and that will be seen again in the coming days/weeks was the inevitable destination. i’m not moved by their politically expedient expression of discomfort with something they have actively been in support of.

    when they do something about the white supremacists and fascists within their own party, when they make meaningful effort to stop being the preferred party of literal neo-nazis, then i’ll take them some kind of seriously.

    • At least they didn’t push election lies.

    • If you were willing to look above your own bigotry, you’d have heard lots of disparagement about Trump from a lot of Republicans. In fact the Republican powers worked hard to keep him from getting the nomination both times but were unable to control their membership as the Democrats effectively controlled theirs when they eliminated Bernie Sanders’ repeated runs. But then you’d probably never want to do that. No professional Washington politician looks on Trump as anything but a loose cannon on the ship of state.

  • The swamp is becoming safe again.

  • I see the senile grandpa, aka traitor joe, today announced new social(ist) programs. Now you can come through his open border, collect welfare, bring and deal heroine and drive nice vehicles, and now get a nice stipend for children. Liberalism, the gift that keeps on giving.

    • biden is a neoliberal, not a socialist. he’s center right. the existence of european governments is hard proof that american democrats are centrist.

      here’s a rough break down, moving from left to right:
      anarchist —> communist —> socialist —> democratic socialist/center left (where bernie sanders and most european leftist parties fall) —> liberal (where most self-described progressives and many democrats fall) —> neoliberal/center right (where most american politicians fall, from the clintons to george w. bush) —> fascism (where trump, his prominent advisors, the third reich, mussolini and franco fall).

      granted, there’s plenty of variety within each of those… varying levels of state-organized economics, varying levels of authoritarian tendencies, etc. but biden is no socialist. just ask any self-described socialist. they’ll all tell you that he has more in common with george w. bush than any socialist.

      • Straight from “neoliberal’ to fascist?

      • Biden, Bush, Clinton all one big happy family….Bush and Billy collecting money for Haiti and putting it in their own pockets…and all of them selling our Country to the highest bidder.

        And Biden using his own son to do it. You don’t get lower than that.

        • Trump & Giuliani, one used to be big happy family.

          I wonder if Rudy’s son will continue working for Trump now that Trump isn’t going to pay Rudy.

          He did have one of the longest serving roles in Trumps admin..

          Trump lost the election, Rudy lost the court cases, Tucker lost the laptop,
          Sidney and Lin lost Twitter, Cain lost to Covid,
          Mike Flynn never had anything……and they all lost the coup attempt.

          Is that what you call winning MAGA style?

          Never mind Ivanka and Jared…..

          Thanks for the family story, its a cute fiction… for a simple minded conspiracy story.

    • I think the real traitor is your orange leader hiding in the White House bunker.

  • Republican congresswoman Marjory Taylor-Greene announced today she will be filing Articles of Impeachment against joe Biden on her first day in office. For abuse of power and conspiring with foreign governments. I.E. China, Ukraine.

    • Monkey see, monkey do, an in the end they all fling poo.

    • The Republicans can’t rebuke or oust her and Hawleys Q bullshit soon enough.

      They lost all power when they had all power.

      If they can’t survive themselves when they have no power, there will be no return in 2, 4 , 6, 8 or 10 years.

    • And…parler suing Amazon for 2 Billion.
      Comey wants Joe Biden to pardon Trump…lol
      I wonder if a pardon has ever been refused and declined before… hmm

      Nancy screwed up…the last thing Biden wants is a trial in the Senate where Trump can present evidence.

    • If the Impeachment is successful (it won’t be), then won’t Kamala Harris be president? Don’t I remember you saying that she is worse than Biden?

      • Glee?

        Under democrat thinking isn’t Kamala complicit raising funds to release Anti-fa from jail and pay their bail? Supporting terrorists?

      • It won’t be successful, requiring 2/3 of Senate. However, if it passes House vote w simple majority, it would be a “Historic” (lmao) event and strike 1 against Biden. Biden’s second impeachment should be in final month of his notmy “Presidency”. I can deal w notmy President Kamalala for a few weeks.

        • SCOOP: President Trump discussing appointing a Special Counsel for Chinese spy rings and those compromised by CCP operatives such as Fang Fang and others –

          • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


            Odor of Ass News Network.

            Shouldn’t you finish one of your stories properly, just once?

            Hydrochloroquine, hunters laptop, stolen elections, agenda 43…..

            You’re below 0% on your social score, and you just keep pumping it out there.

            No regret. No shame. No knowledge.

            All FEAR.

            that’s you.

            • Someone should put you in time out, in front of a mirror, with headphones where you had to listen to yourself and you could see yourself as the rest of us do.

              Hint your the fear monger always looking for someone to hurt or shutdown.

              Did you apologize for wasting the PD and Samantha’s time?

              • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

              • Same to you. You are clueless how you post complete conspiracy theory bs as if it’s true and you don’t even see that none of the stuff comes true.
                I was one of you 25 years ago. Alex Jones was a staple. Back then it was all about Chinese troops in America, FEMA Camps, stacks of plastic caskets, and on and on. NONE OF IT WAS OF ANY CONSEQUENCE. Alex Jones went off the rails. I realized the conspiracy theories were part of the conspiracy theory. Being played doesn’t feel good. You’re getting played. You might realize one day , maybe not.
                Find a middle road. Being skeptical is healthy. Don’t swallow everything. Take it from someone who went down that rabbit hole.

                • I was really disappointed, again. when I found out Barbara Boxer just unregistered as a CCP foreign agent… Consistently surprised at how many times I voted for these people, only to be duped.

                  How many CCP involved Ca. reps do we have now? Not counting the msm, big tech and entertainment whom all make lots of money in China?

                  I think I listened to Alex Jones once on the radio and promptly changed the station. It’s amazing how many assumptions people make.

                  • Back then it was Alex Jones. Now it’s OANN, News Max, Fox, Parler, etc.
                    Alex wasn’t as off the rails back then, he was more convincing.
                    Same shit, new day.

          • Scoop from OANN equals a scoop out of a cat litter box.

          • Know your sources:

          • Well tRump better hurry he only has 5 days left 😂

        • The House has a majority of Democrats. Unless there’s some evidence that hasn’t yet been presented, it is highly unlikely that even one Democrat will vote against Biden. And with the split in the Republican party, it is likely that more than a few of them won’t vote to impeach.

          • The Durham report is yet to be released.
            I’ve heard the are lots of sealed indictments.

            • You sound like Rudy Giuliani. Just wait until we show you our evidence!!!


              Evidence never shows.

              • They are waiting for Jan 19th for the big reveal. I heard Powell is waiting to release the “kraken”. 21/2 months is not enough time for tRump and his “elite strike force “

          • That is a major stupidity of identity politics. The adage “What goes around comes around” is something that those who are haters should remember. The Republicans are not really split over ideology- they are and have been split over whether Trump should be supported or not despite hating him personally as much as the Democrats do. That division is over in the middle of January. Some bad feelings will remain but politicians are not generally as emotionally anal as agenda-ists are. They will find common ground.

          • Impeachment has become a technique of politics. Apparently impeaching means nothing but making both parties look silly.

    • She can file all she wants, doesn’t mean the Qanon nutcase is gonna get any where with it.

      • Pelosi didn’t either. That’s what happens when moral outrage is disingenuous.

      • More Pelosi B/S

        Just days after banning “gendered language” from Congress, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) described herself as “a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter.”

        Pelosi made the “gendered” references during a speech before Congress calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday.

        On January 4, Pelosi led Democrat members of the House of Representatives in adopting new rules that include a requirement for gender-neutral language.

        The updated House Rules include the elimination of gendered pronouns and references to “father,” “son,” “mother” or “daughter.”

        The vote was strictly along party lines, 217-206.

        Taking care of the really important stuff like trying to destroy the family unit as usual.

    • Marjorie Taylor-Greene is a far-right Qanon conspiracy supporter who has expressed racist views on numerous occasions. I wouldn’t take anything she says with any seriousness. Even her fellow Republicans have largely disowned her.

      • Doesn’t it bother you at all to have created an atmosphere where so many of the electorate believes that stuff because the rhetoric has become so extreme that they really believe you hate the country? That you really would be such an enemy of so many Americans that only such outrageous ideas could explain it?

        • I’m not exactly sure what you are asking.

          The information on Marjorie Taylor-Greene isn’t a secret. Or a surprise if you had grown up in Georgia like I did.

          The only atmosphere I’ve tried to create is one where evidence and rational thought dominate the conversation and not false information or outright lies as in the case of many of the things DJT has put out.

          Debunking extreme viewpoints is an attempt at bringing the conversation back to the middle ground where we can find actual solutions to real problems instead of trying to rally the gullible to solve a made up problem (i.e. a “stolen election”) to the point where they try and take over the Capitol. One way to do that is to bring up the credentials and stances of people like Taylor-Greene so you can understand what her motivation is.

          • Guest blames the Republicans bad behavior on Liberals. It’s her basic tenant. Liberals spur the Republicans into being bad actors. Trump is a lying, seditious inept joke of a President because the Liberals made the Republicans vote him in. Liberals coerce the Republicans into throwing out their morals to worship a Cult Leader. Liberals made them believe the election was stolen. Everything the Republicans do is in reaction to Liberals. When Liberals say jump, Republicans say how high.
            This is her philosophy and it never changes.

  • Most of Trump’s serious local support – thousands – came from real estate and property interests.

    Chips on shoulders and nasty imaginations don’t really count.

    For an education, try’s donor look-up.

    • Except they do count. Unless you weren’t paying attention on 1/6/21. there was nothing but nasty imaginations with chips on their shoulders invading our Capitol…..

  • Too late Humboldt Republicans. You threw your lot in with the Trump parade. You lost. You helped create this mess, so unless you want to cop to your responsibility for creating this environment, shut your mouth.

    Yes Doug Brower, I am speaking directly to you.

    • Gaslighting is a Republican staple. They light the house on fire and when you’re pissed they gaslight you about your anger and pretend they’re not arsonists.
      After that they call you Communists, Maoists, Radical Left, Unpatriotic, baby killers, Socialists, fake news as they mass consume Qanon, OANN, FOX, Newsmax, swill Cult 45 and call everyone uninformed and stupid.

  • 2020 was a hard year, 2021 is off to a rocky start. This is my anthem for this year, I know not all people believe the way I do and that’s OK. Take the part you can embrace and leave the rest.

    • Thank you for sharing this. It’s a great song with a great message.

    • The spirit of redemption? Really? When you speak only for yourself and are silent about others who are abused, you have not been redeemed. You have created what needs redeeming.

  • I think the whole nation needs the truth revealed however it turns out, Yet we don’t have to dislike each other, be hateful or violent.

    Every American should want whats best for our country, sides be dammed.

    • We’ve been waiting for you to accept many truths…or one.

      Let us know when you’re ready!

      • Even if you were right- and you are not anywhere so righteous as you give yourself credit for- you still push personal satisfaction even at the cost of gaining the point. And that’s a worse contagion than any virus.

      • Here is a truth, maybe you should call Nancy Pelosi and ask her why the national guard is sleeping on the floor of the Capitol.

        Use your influence to get them some cots. After all they are protecting her sorry butt, they’re not eating ice cream at home with their families.

        • The National Guard is sleeping on the floor because false patriots are trying to storm it.

          Use your influence and call off the storm of white nstionalists.

          • HotCoffee, although you and I probably disagree on a lot of things, I hope you’ll be pleased to hear that you and I agree on the fact that our National Guard deserves more comfortable sleeping accommodations than a hard floor. I actually did call and email my elected representative first thing this morning to tell him that I hoped the women and men of the National Guard would be given more comfortable sleeping accommodations, since it appears they’ll be there for a while. Someone from his office called me back within 2 hours and said they’d make sure my message of concern for our military men and women was passed along. I don’t blame (D) Nancy Pelosi, or (R) Kevin McCarthy for the fact they’re sleeping on the floor, though. This situation is incredibly chaotic, and they’ve been called up to duty in haste. I have every confidence that better sleeping accommodations will be given to them asap, especially if people call our elected representatives and calmly and respectfully express our concerns about them sleeping on the floor. I cared enough to make the call, and I hope others will do the same.

    • If the world is divided into people who want more government no matter what they want that government to do and those who want less government no matter what they want to do with the freedom it gives them, there will only be less tolerance. The road back from a massive sink into incivility is not easy as it is generally not seen as anything but a surrender by the uncivil. So yes, Hot Coffee, it has become necessary to be Hateful and embrace its sister Violence.

      • Unfortunately I suspect you’re correct, while hoping for better than that.

      • The world isn’t divided into those who want more government and those who want less. Frankly no one really wants more government except perhaps heads of bureaucracies who get power from bigger budgets and more employees.

        But government is the only tool for solving some of our problems — like building and maintaining a common transportation infrastructure, providing for the common defense, and protecting the public trust resources like air, water, wildlife, and land. Individuals are limited in what they can do for those needs and so we establish governments to do those things in our name.

        Where we argue is what else should be under the umbrella of the government, like health care and a safety net for the poor and the elderly. And unfortunately those are big problems that requires big government to manage and they are yet to be adequately addressed, hence the ongoing arguments.

        None of it requires hate or violence, just a recognition that there are problems that are not being addressed and then deciding if they should be addressed and then how. Not every problem can be solved by the government — something the State of California has yet to learn. Nor can every problem be solved by pretending it doesn’t exist (e.g. climate change) and hoping it goes away. But reasonable people can come together and debate the merits of different approaches as long as they leave their political baggage at the door.

        And that’s the rub. No one wants to leave their political baggage behind — it’s why only 10 Republicans had the courage to impeach DJT this time around despite the ample evidence that all of them should’ve condemned.

        • Would you address this?

          Antifa-Insurgence leader John Earl Sullivan is in custody after being arrested in Utah on Thursday.

          As reported previously Antifa protester John Sullivan was caught on video posing as a Trump supporter during the rioting at the US Capitol last week.

          And this….

          The identity of the policeman who shot Ashli Babbitt is still unknown after more than a week since the shooting. This goes against a recent measure passed in DC mandating more transparency in police shootings.

          • Yes we get it. One person with ties to aunt tefa was at the capital. So does that mean all the Trumpers are somehow justified in trying to overthrow the counting of the electoral votes?

            • It’s not worth it, Skitty. Some folks here believe that Portland, Oregon is a smoking crater and that “conservative” folks would NEVER behave like the mob at the Capitol (or in Portland for that matter). But apparently, the “conservatives” are so easily led that they only went on a rampage because of one skinny kid from Utah.

              I don’t think they should run with that “theory”, though. Because if one skinny kid from Utah can cause a huge number of people to lose their shite, it might lead some of us to question their gullibile willingness to fall for anything.

              Not to mention it’s a load of bull. Some of the people that came to “stop the steal” had been planning this for quite some time.

  • Kym, can you tag all the related articles since the capital riots with “capital ritos” or something?

    I’m looking for articles and comments and it’s just brutal.

    I want the OES/law enforcement statement post and cant find it through searches with;
    “Law enforcement ”
    “Capital riots”

  • Well lets look at some of the experts and scientists….

    More Than A Dozen Researchers And Professors At US Universities Have Been Arrested For Ties To The Chinese Government

    • Did you ever wonder how many American government operatives are in China doing the same thing? Espionage is practiced by all nations.
      It’s like a huge international chess game.

    • Know your sources: At least these guys get a slightly higher rating than OANN

  • TRB
    Sorry I can’t reach into your imagination, where the bad guys live.

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