State Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, and Military Leaders Issue Joint Statement on Presidential Inauguration and Physical Security

oes chp National GuardPress release from Cal OES, the CHP, and the California National Guard:

The following may be attributed to CHP Commissioner Amanda Ray, Cal OES Director and Homeland Security Advisor Mark Ghilarducci and California National Guard Adjutant General David Baldwin:

Following the events that unfolded in our nation’s capital last week and subsequent information from federal law enforcement officials, our agencies want to assure Californians of the following efforts to ensure their safety:

Our collective agencies are working closely together and remain vigilant to respond to potential threats that may occur anywhere in the state, including the Capitol. Collectively, we maintain strong relationships with our security and intelligence partners at the local, state, and federal levels and are continually monitoring and sharing information about possible emerging threats to the state.

Together, our role is to safeguard lives and property and ensure that California remains a safe place for those who live, work, and travel within the state while ensuring the ability of individuals and groups to lawfully exercise their First Amendment rights.

For security and safety reasons the agencies will not be commenting further on specific matters involving local preparedness plans or personnel deployment.



  • Thanks for being the WORST president ever!!! LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!

  • Ya I feel safer already

    • lol … I c what ya did there

    • Yesterday, we were listening to an interview with an expert about what could happen in the short future, during and after after the inauguration. Especially with twitter and Facebook having taken down over 60,000 accounts already, conservative ones. He told MSNBC that in all probability they will go underground, and communicate on very hidden sites, or use other methods, like earth radios. He said they will organize, and be vigilant about the actions of congress and the president. You will not know who they are, and they will maintain their cohesiveness in secret. But, he said, they will act. how and when, he does not know. In this recent event last wed, there was a great deal of chatter with violent overtones, and speech of insurrection. It is how they have caught so many already. He said this will not be the case next time, there will be no warning. I wish I could remember his name, he was very serious. one more thing I can remember;, they consider Antifa and anarchists mortal enemies, and he thinks they have extensive lists of who they are, where they live, where they work. i am so glad I live 30 miles from town, this is becoming very serious and frightening. I hope things just settle down, and we can all learn to get along. Dang.

      • It’s sad that you or anyone thinks Q-Anon equals conservative.

        And it was 70,000.

        • Yes it IS sad they people think that Angela.

          Perhaps the 150 or so ‘conservatives’ who refuse to recognize a valid and fair election result should have ALSO pointed out they reject Q-anon?

          But they DIDNT. They support trump Angela.
          Guess what? That means they ALSO support Q-anon! You cant have it both ways dear.

          They made this evil. Its on the GOP. I’d start looking for a new party if I were you.

          • If Angela is a Republican, she’s a good one, but I’m quite sure she is not.

            She’s a bit too smart for that junk.

            (I was a registered Republican when Trump took office and I switched for the ’18 primaries. Trump didn’t get my vote in ’16, as he had never bedazzled me with anything like he did other readers here- in short. I was a smart Republican and there might be a couple left out there….like Mitt!)

        • We never mentioned Q-Anon, nor did he. I think the number was on TV, thank you for the correction. I never understood the pizza for kids thing or whatever it was. It was on the radio, and I was doing my scratchers, I must have misunderstood. I would never belong to such a group. We would never go to a protest or march. We like to participate in positive things, like helping the Salvation Army, and other such groups who help people. No Antifa or Proud Boy march has helped anyone. Wall Mart fed 7 million people last year for free with volunteers to help distribute the food. Helping start and maintain community gardens to lower the food worry or have enough to eat is far more important than spitting on and hitting one another. Truly these activities are done by very stupid people, people who do not posses the IQ a grasshoppers asshole has. Perhaps these two groups could embrace this commonality, a grasshoppers asshole, and learn to enjoy each others company. Oops, I said learn. They are too stupid to learn. Look at the section about “we all need a little help when we get older”. The people volunteering for this are way smarter, have much higher IQ’s than Antifa or Proud boys. When we help those who are poor, or struggling financially, we are doing the Lord’s work. Helping a child go to bed with a full tummy is far more important than what some of these groups do, which is spew hateful venomous poison. Helping someone feel joy is the way.

          • You didn’t mention QAnon, but you, perhaps mistakenly, conflated the Q accounts being cut with “conservativess”.

            That is something I have seen elsewhere. remarkably, there are a lot of actual conservative voices out there. Don’t fall into that trap, though. The recent whining by leading Trumpers (including Trump) crying that Conservatives are being silenced, when it is the nutbars that are getting the axe.

            That is a form of gaslighting.

          • A huge percentage of Walmart employees are on food stamps and government subsidized healthcare anyways I stopped reading your comment as soon as I got to Walmart

          • “Rising” by HillTV is online at “The Hill” and is one of the better shows that attempts to bridge the gap between left and right and have an intelligent conversation. There are good ideas on both sides.

            An intelligent conversation is so much better than a literal bloody civil war.

      • Trump shaming and cancel culture, shades of Mao’s cultural revolution.

      • Doggo the commie ☺

        All those “secret” and underground groups planning revolution are so easily infiltrated that it matters not a whit that they don’t have twitter. Anyone who uses any kind of communication device, from land line or ham radio to the most sophisticated 5g thingy, even with encryption, is not hidden.

  • As a crucial part of ensuring your safety we will continue to release dangerous criminals back into your communities to victimize you as they wish.

    • I love the irony…the American people have essentially “released” Trump back into the community even though his community in Florida does not want him there.

    • This is just more selective law enforcement and justice by the left…Democrats have ignored 9 months of violence, rapes, murders, riots and mayhem in our nations streets but suddenly feign concern. Petulant Pelosi is as despicable and un-American as the traitor Jane Fonda. She cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment! She has developed a full-fledged case of what many in the media call Trump Derangement Syndrome and it’s turned her into an evil and hateful miscreant. It is a terrible thing she is doing, but she will have to live with it. The abuse of power article being levied against President Trump is a completely disingenuous, meritless, and baseless invention of her destructive and demented imagination. Our system of a free-market economy is being destroyed by the likes of her. She rides around in a Gulfstream airplane at the tax payers’ expense while criticizing the presidents of companies who produced something for the economy. She’s added nothing to the economy of the United States; she only subtracted therefrom. I would like to suggest that Pelosi return to her city of fruitcakes and nuts and eat her husband’s canned tuna and pineapple – produced by illegal immigrants and by workers who have been excluded from the protection that 90% of the legal workers in the United States have.
      Don’t ever use the term un-American again for protesters who love this country and are exercising their rights upon which this country was founded. By the way, while I served in Vietnam, I was spit on by the same type of lunatics who support you and who you probably supported in the 60s and 70s. You are an embarrassment to all of us who served so that you would have the protected right of free speech to call us un-American. But at the same time, I have the right to write you to notify you that I consider you to be un-American, as do the majority of the people of this formerly great country. You are a true disgrace to most of the people who served this country by offering themselves for public service in the United States Congress.
      I urge you and every member of congress to avoid actions that will further divide and inflame the passions of the moment. Work to unite. You should be working to lower the temperature and unite our country as we prepare to inaugurate President Biden but you’re doing to opposite. Americans take refuge in the fact that you are 80 years old and will soon be forced to face final judgment by God and pay for your evil deeds. You and your despicable ilk are on a race to the moral and ethical bottom.

      • This narrative that police and politicians did nothing about the BLM protests is garbage. More than 14,000 people were arrested.

        • wikipedia again Geist? 🥱

          Since I don’t like your links how about putting a quote in that I can read rather than just a link.

          And if you really have some time on your hands, choose two quotes from two different sources. One from your usual left-leaning and one from a right-leaning.

      • It is Super duper completey un American to become the white ISIS and try to steal an election with violence.

        Vanilla Qaeda sucks.

        If you’re proud, sign your name.

        • He’s an Oath Keeper enthusiast. He’s known to many. He wears an Uncle Sam costume to the gatherings at the courthouse in eureka.

          • Eugene Womack from this article?


            Prometheus or Mlr Squirrel, would either of you admit to this charge if true?

            • Yep. Talked about his Oath Keeper affiliation on Loco threads years ago.

              • What a great team the two of you make.

                Brian – Did you enjoy it when one of the others from this comment section found and discussed personal information about you?

              • Unlike ‘Sid’, I have no interest in threatening Eugene, following him or putting myself in legal jeapordy.

                I’m pressuring him to be honest and non-anonymous, if he has any courage left..

                I’m interested in honest debates and quoting peoples bullshit to scrutinize their position.

                Kym might not be allowing my response to YS, but I’m just asking Mlr Squirrel and Prometheus if either is him, and would they tell us if the charge were true?

      • Ah, Eugene, you fool no one.

      • We love your stuff Prometheus, share it with our students. Very good, thank you

      • You aware “derangement syndrome” was created by a republican hawk to describe Bush Jr, and that in the end the term creator found Shrub to be screwed up? And as to Pelosi, you write “She cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!” Oh, really. Nixon psycho-phants broke into an office. Trump psycho-phants broke into and threatened the lives of the Congress.

      • Third World County

        Prometheus, Donald Trump invited one of your” fruitcake “San Francisco couples to Mara Lago when he first bought the place around 91′ I think it was before it became a club. He was much more “liberal” and kind back then. [edit]

        • Trump is kind? Only if you’ve got your nose up his ass and are licking his balls! Complain about the [edit] flavor, you’re getting thrown to the wolves!

      • You aware that “derangement syndrome” was created by a republican hawk to describe Bush Jr, and that in the end the term creator found Shrub to be a screwed up? And as to Pelosi, you write “She cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!” Oh, really. Nixon psychophants broke into an office. Trump psycophants broke into and threatened the lives of the Congress.

        “The abuse of power article being levied against President Trump is a completely disingenuous, meritless, and baseless invention.” Orwellian, in the truest sense of the word. Most maga flag carriers, and their leaders who invoke Orwell, don’t have a clue.

        Vietnam vets “protected right of free speech”. Um, no. The vast majority of those who served in Nam served with honor (thank you) but at the direction of a twisted wrongheaded Presdential policy. My father served in WW2, a just war helping to protect most everything we hold dear. If you haven’t already, read up on Hitlers early years. Trump is only so far off in how he’s manipulated far too many. The “majority of the people of this formerly great country” actually think Trump and his ilk are a disaster. Case in point is real Republican voters and politicians who’ve been cringing since the day he came into office.

        “Work to unite”. Like Trump, et al? “You should be working to lower the temperature and unite our country”. Trump did the exact opposite and now you embrace it. Godspeed.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        OK, whatever. Bit convoluted and labyrinthine but I guess you hate Trump sort of. OK.

  • What about purging neo NAZis from the ranks?


    Are there active efforts to review social media of officers by their superiors?

    • Wondering how many locals attended the insurrection.

    • Kym, in calling TCSO for Saxon, I left a message for him with these 2 questions.

      I doubt I’ll hear back.

      But how can I find a list of Sheriff deputies so I can investigate?

      This link provides no help:

      Do you have a link?

      * left message for Billy now too.

      • Law enforcement doesn’t provide lists. You can use Transparent California to gather a fairly coherent list I think. But doesn’t it make you feel like you might be stepping over the line to actively search people’s accounts for evidence of wrongdoing without prior indication there’s a problem? Rather like stop and frisk? Invasive, intrusive, and more likely to widen a divide, than to really catch wrongdoing.

        Also most but not all law enforcement use pseudonyms or privacy methods to protect their social media accounts.

        • But doesn’t it make you feel like you might be stepping over the line to actively search people’s accounts for evidence of wrongdoing without prior indication there’s a problem

          No, I don’t think that looking through public information is wrong, especially when it is evident that a systemic problem exists.

          I want to how many deputies subscribe to Q and promote it, I want to know who supports Start the Steal events.

          In a press release trying to reaffirm that we as a State are safe, I’m curious: What is actually happening to make sure of that?

          I would put any deputy that went to the Start the Steal insurrection on leave pending investigation.

          There is merit.

          I’m not talking about firing some guy that wore a MAGA cap in one pic, I’m talking about the extremists of Start the Steal, Proud Boys, Boogaloos, Q and more.

          If those guys are in the ranks, and we all know they are, we should know… not later.

        • He gets a double ration of chocolate if he IDs a thought criminal. Big Brother will be pleased.

          On a serious note, thank you Kym for declining to participate in TRB’s witch hunt.

        • It is of crucial importance for the community to know if our local LEOs are conspiracy driven white supremacists working to overthrow the US Government. The GEO tracking data from the Parler data dump already shows there are some individuals in our area who are participatory. With Sheriff Honsal already spreading QAnon based conspiracy theories over the summer this is an absolutely critical question to have answered. I would also note that the FBI has been warning for ever a decade about violent far-right extremists infiltrating law enforcement nation wide. Generally I deeply appreciate the reporting you do for the community, but in this instance your attitude is very concerning. It should be paramount for our local reporters to be investigating to what level, if any, our local LEOs are sedition supporting terrorists.

          • If I see any evidence leading me to believe one or more of our officers are involved, of course I would look into the situation. But to dig around in hundreds of innocent officers’ private lives without any hint of wrongdoing hoping to find evidence of treason is morally repugnant.

            Also, I can’t even find time to write awesome stories I have from six months ago. Where am I supposed to find time to do this?

            • Morally repugnant, indeed. It seems that self-righteous indignation trumps morals in our current era. Thank you for sticking to your principles.

              • Lost Croat Outburst

                Who won the election, man. WHO? You’re so brave, who won the election, Biden or Trump? C’mon, spit it out. This nation could collapse because multiple millions of people believe they were robbed of the continuing love of Supreme, maximum Leader Trump.

                That’s a lie, BULLSHIT. Sure, you can have your opinion. My opinion is that Trump dead-Enders are a threat to us all. I do not advocate violence and if you had a lick of sense you wouldn’t either.

                • I can say that I don’t really care who won the election. Biden/Harris were certified and will be inaugurated. What the people won was a shit sandwich.

                  “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

                  ― Thomas Jefferson

            • Looking through public information is not a crime.


              Get real.

              • Imagine someone decided that all Brian’s were likely guilty of high Crimes and misdemeanors and began pulling every public record they could find on you.

                • Kym,

                  You’re commentors have made me file a police report for my security already.

                  I doubt any of your commentors are more at risk in a real political purge than me.

                  You taking me to task for ‘privacy issues’ when I’m talking about reviewing public information for national and state security seems slim.

                  • So you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable knowing that someone who didn’t like Brians was combing through your public info looking for evidence of wrongdoing?

                    If I remember the Police report incident, there was nothing there that wasn’t public info, you were just uncomfortable with it in the hands of someone creepy.

                    • The commentor made a violent threat against me, after countless personal attacks.

                      And used public info to make those threats.

                      Have I advocated making threats in any of the above comments in regards to ‘our safety’from potential internal divisions; people possibly are NOT willing to protect the Constitution?

                    • Blue Lives Matter.

                      How ironic that he is looking to Out a member(s) of law enforcement who might support Trump, privately, because he doesn’t call for defunding the police.

                      Yet he obviously has no problem asking them to keep he and his family safe from the real problems in Trinity Co.

                    • I believe Brian is talking about outing people who traitorously broke and entered into the capitol with the apparent intention of hurting Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi as they were carrying out their sworn duties under the Constitution.

                    • Blue Livez,

                      I want good police, not oath breakers.

                      The Orwellian named “Oath Keepers’ group are made up of tens of thousands “current and former” law enforcement officials.

                      They broke into the capital and literally broke their oaths by attacking the Constituion.

                      They are terrorists and I want to out them.

                      Oh, boo hoo, they’re public information is being scrutinized!

                      Get real.

                    • Blue Lives Matter,

                      If you want my professional retired military and law enforcement opinion, there were private contracting /mercenary elements involved at the Capitol. I do have sources that verified some of the questions I’ve had, on the operational aspect.
                      Plenty of information available if you know where to look. Consider reaching out to some local LEOs with military special operations experience, and ask them for their opinion, off the record.
                      You might learn more than you think.


                      Tell me what you see in this article that might apply to the current episode at the Capitol.

                    • I don’t doubt there were military types/law enforcement types involved.

                • Lost Croat Outburst

                  I agree. Mindless record-searching with no probable cause is reprehensible.

                  It looks to me that all the potentially offensive officers and others were identified by The pictures and videos that they participated in or were identified by associates watching the disaster. That’s different than what the “Rover” is jumpin’ up and down about. Rover’s happy-go-lucky attitude about the Capitol disaster is a bit unnerving, to say the least.

        • It’s for your safety, Kym. Anyone with a dissenting opinion is dangerous. It does not matter if they have done anything; just the fact that they may do something is enough. You should know, you’re either with us or you’re against us.

          • Q is not dissenting opinions, it is Vanilla Quaeda terrorists.

            Proud Boys are terrorists.

            Boogaloo are terrorists.

            Get real mr. ‘neutral’.

            What a joke.

            You’re so obviously fucking biased and that your lie is only working to fool you.

            • “What about purging neo NAZis from the ranks?

              You seem to be lumping all dissenting opinions into a single group of domestic terrorizers. That’s both idiotic and dangerous. You’ve been turned into a Zealot… as radical as any group you call terrorists.

              • @ Kym, I’m waiting for a response to your comment to appear.
                It would addressUllrs concerns.

                Do you see it?

                Is it forthcoming?

                • I think we need to be on the look out for a dangerous brew that is happening in our country. For those of us that want a peaceful, normal life we need to be vigilant and not let the fascism spread like a disease in this country.
                  It *is*fascism, ULLR- we haven’t had it break out ever in this country, due to our strength and freedoms, but we are not immune to it. It can happen here if we aren’t careful. I don’t know what the solution is but we need to know our history, learn from other countries and be careful with what’s happening now. It’s very dangerous.

            • But Blm and antifa aren’t “terrorists”? Why, because they are on your “side”?

              You still sound very angry Brian.

              Didn’t take my advice and breathe deeply(lose the mask first)?

          • “eVeRytHiNg I DoN’t lIkE iS cOmMuNiSt”

            Trump got banned by private for-profit companies for TOS violations. They’d been letting him skate for years. Get over it [edit]

          • “Our collective agencies are working closely together and remain vigilant to respond to potential (potential?) threats that may occur anywhere in the state…Collectively, we maintain strong relationships with our security and intelligence partners at the local…levels and are continually monitoring and sharing information about possible (possible?)…emerging threats to the state.”

            What really sucks is that ultimately, on all levels, good people are being duped into working against their own best interests in the long run.

          • Here is the bottom line. NO ONE has the right to tell us how to live, who and how to worship, what books to read or have our children read, like Huckleberry Finn, how many guns we can have, or ammo, be republican or democrat. As long as people do not try to impose their beliefs on others, they can be Antifa, Nazis, and everything in between. If you are in an eatery , no one has the right to interfere with you, or scream at you to say her name. NO ONE. NO ONE has the right to tell us what school our children have to go to. No one has the right to impose a tax, after we buy something, again. We do not have to be group think people, we are individuals, and think for ourselves. We do not have to follow the narrative others want to impose on us. In our freedom schools, the 10 most banned books in public high schools are required reading. Our students learn history, here is an example. Before Mohammed, pre 650-700, the slave trade was well established from Central Africa to the middle east. In Africa, there were, and still are, two centers for slave trade, Janus, and Timbucktoo. This was 700 years before Columbus. Mohammed came along, and organized many tribes in north Africa and Palestine, and Arabia. Mohammed and his follower warriors brought back thousands of slaves from Janus and Timbucktoo. They also went north into Europe, and captured thousands of blonde women, just for a change of pace. You just try to teach this in a public school. I learned things like this in a Catholic school, they teach real history. EVERY culture, as we are all ONE race, has enslaved others of different cultures. The Blackfoot enslaved the Dakotas, the Dakotas enslaved the Souix, the Mayans slaughtered the Aztecs, or visa versa, every culture enslaved others. The founders of this country were just people from a long line of slavers, from europe, asia, and africa, south america. And while the colonists were just beginning to move west, ALL tribes in North America had slaves. The Japanese slaved the hell out of the Chinese and Koreans. Raped the hell out of them, the infants born as a result were slaughtered, so as not to dilute the Japanese culture. When the Russians took Berlin in WWll, they raped thousands of German women and girls, and took many of them back to Russia as slaves. Our countries slave activity pales in comparison to so many other cultures. And remember, the Republicans of the north freed the slaves of the democrats of the south.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            “With us or against us” and ‘it’s for your safety Kym” are hallmark comments of a political nut job ready to pop his cork. Very disappointing, ULLR Rover. I thought you were better than this. The “with us” comment is a direct quote from Dubya Bush after 9-11 to justify the disastrous invasion of Iraq. Warning, carbon units, warning.

        • Thank you Kym.

          It’s the bigger picture folks. Politics is just the catalyst.

          And it IS dividing us, much to the pleasure of those with some “power”.

          Divide and conquer? Surely that’s been heard a few million times? Why is it not sinking in?

    • Do you suspect that thought crimes have been committed? I blame Goldstein. Are you excited for today’s 2 minute hate? You’re leading right? Should be a good one!

    • Weren’t you an Oath Keeper enthusiast? You talked about it a lot in the past.

  • Its amazing how evil and brainwashed you commenters are. I pray for your ignorant, twisted souls.

  • Oh, I’m sure that Dragon Lady and her dopey sidekick will be just fine on Inauguration Day. That thing that happened recently in D.C. was really all about a whole lotta nothing. Nothing but the twenty-first century U.S. Democrats’ version of the Reichstag fire in 1930s Berlin. As for the above statement put out be a slew of paramilitary agencies, pledging to “ensure that California remains a safe place for those who live, work, and travel within the state while ensuring the ability of individuals and groups to lawfully exercise their First Amendment rights,” do it, okay? Presently California is not any of these nice things that you so solemnly pledge that it remains.

  • Thank God Biden is in Santa’s Sleigh now.
    Get used to it liberals!

  • Is America great again yet?

  • Thanks for posting that thing. I looked at it. And you’re right: there is nothing to see here, folks. Nothing I hadn’t already seen, anyway. Bunch a moe-rons–that one dressed like an extra in a Flintstones movie–actin’ silly. People can do that, though. Those five lives snuffed out, including a police officer and that Air Force veteran, okay, that takes it beyond the pale. One of the things that’s so tragic about all this, at least in my opinion, is the way that it’s going to be so opportunistically used in the coming months and years as a pretext to clamp down on civil rights. As I stated in my earlier post, this will go down as the twenty-first century America’s version of the Reichstag fire.

  • Manufactured outrage

    • Thank you for bring truth and facts to the TDS fueled conversation…

    • Talk about manufactured outrage, many of these numbers seem to be made up. More than 100 police were injured during the Trump Coup. 19 people were killed in 7 months of BLM protests, not 23.

      I don’t know if I’d count the Trump family and Rudy Guiliani as Political fringe groups, either. And its hard to say the coup attempt was condemned by ALL republicans when there is video of republican politicians PARTICIPATING.

      • wikipedia again Geist?

        Cnn, npr too?

        Add a couple “fact checkers” and the truth is right there for all to see?


        • They have citations for every single BLM-related death at the bottom of the page. How many citations does “Me’s” graph have? Zero? Keep believing whatever made-up bullshit that makes you feel better about your terrible political views.

    • That’s some bullshit right there.

      First, the seditionist Capital siege was promoted by many groups who are not fringe, including the President.

      Second: one terrorist was shot dead that you mention, but you dont even mention officer Brian Sicknick who was killed by another terrorist.

      Third: over 50 officers were injured, not ’14’.

      4th: let’s do some math.

      730 hours per month.
      730 x 7 (BLM riot months)
      Over 5,100 hours.

      700 injured officers ÷ 5100 hours = 0.13 officers hurt per hour @ BLM.

      (But I bet less were injured as your facts are biased and wrong.

      50 officers hurt ÷ 3 hours of siege =
      16.6 officers attacked per hour @ Trumps coup

      Cops killed by BLM in 7 months: 0

      Cops killed by seditionist traitors in 3 hours:1

      5100 (BLM protest hours) ÷ 3 (Coup hours) =1,700.

      1,700 x Brian Sicknick = 1,700 Sicknicks.

    • There was NO outrage over BLM riots? Weird. I guess you and every other Trumper were respectful and supportive of the movement then…

      • You all know the context of “manufactured outrage” right?

        I think you are missing the forest for the trees.

        It’s happening right here in these comments and is more akin to “controlled demolition”.

        It’s not a red vs blue thing.

        • Conspiracy mongers are jumping ship now that Trumps done.

          “Not a red vs blue thing”.

          Careful democrats, the leeches are coming. Don’t let them attach and bring you all down too.

  • This country was indeed founded by very devout Christian people who left England because of persecution. The US Constitution was written based on the same Christian values. The left has made a mockery of the Country and its values for over 2 decades, trying to dissolve these values. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Demonocrats in Congress has gone so far they are clearly demon possessed. They have even gotten a few RINOs to join their side. Their demonic chants call for “unity.” What they really mean is if we don’t join their Satanic Cult they will persecute us into submission. Nancy claims to believe in god, but her god is indeed the devil as well as her disciples.
    She will not win. There will never be unity, because true US Patriots will not allow her kind of unity. I just hope and pray she and her evil culties give up before she leads the Country to either a second civil war or the world to WWIII.

    • Q bullshit.

      What they really mean is if we don’t join their Satanic Cult they will persecute us into submission. Nancy claims to believe in god, but her god is indeed the devil as well as her disciples.

    • Which Christian values would those be? Was Jesus a fan of Roman Republican-style government? Does our consitution have provisions against Idol Worship?

    • The LEFT???? I think you need your vision as well as your hearing & reading comprehension as well ALL CHECKED Thoroughly, ASAP!!!

    • “Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind, and unfits it for every noble enterprise, every expanded prospect.
      ― James Madison

    • LOL.

      As someone who has actual Mayflower ancestors this argument always makes me laugh (a few of them, my ancestors, were outright assholes). Firstly, you are ignoring all early English settlements that aren’t the Puritans/Pilgrims. Jamestown and other colonies weren’t the same and were business ventures.

      Secondly, I am sort of glad that the “Christian Values” of the Puritans/Pilgrims have faded. The Salem witch trials being a great example of things to not aspire to bringing back. Though that kind of madness can be seen today in QAnon.

      Not to mention the Quakers who were executed. And other “Christian” farkery.

      And the myth that the Founding Fathers founded the nation on Christian values is a retcon of the Enlightenment based thinking of many of the Founders. Some were, some certainly were not, giving a nod to the “creator” at best.

      History is complicated. I know that doesn’t lend itself to quick one sentence slogans, though. Sorry about that.

    • Let me guess, you actually believe Obama was a liberal and not just an extension of Bush Sr.?

  • Will QANON conspiracy nut job Sheriff Honsal be there for the Insurrection Part 2?

  • If it weren’t for the first, you wouldn’t have your second! If you don’t eat your pudding, you can’t have any meat…

  • “The US Constitution was written based on the same Christian values.”

    Really? Which ones? Can you highlight something in one of the Articles of Confederation that supports your view?

    “Around the time of the Revolutionary War, most American Christians belonged to Anglican, Congregationalist, or Presbyterian groups. In 1776, there were also around 2,000 Jews (mostly Sephardic) and five synagogues in the colonies. The average size of a church congregation was around seventy-five members, and religious adherence amounted to only 17 percent of the total population.” — excerpt from article on religion in 1776 by Maria Mayo, M. Div., PhD.

    The Anglicans in particular were often loyalists to the King — their clergy had to swear an oath to the King.

    The document itself is decidedly secular in nature — it’s the rules for governing the country, one of which explicitly states the separation of church and state.

    Article 6 of the Constitution also includes this: “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

    So your argument appears to be unsupported by actual evidence.

    • A large part of the philosophy behind the Declaration of Independence and subsequent founding documents is very Christian in that we all have a soul and a connection to the divine. This was revolutionary in that previous governments handed down “rights” through a monarch or pope or ome other divine figurehead. We have Natural rights that supercede any government, any document or any person.

      • I don’t doubt that Christian philosophy played a role, albeit a minor one in the founding documents. But there is evidence that the founding fathers deliberately avoided specific religious connotations because of the tight association between the Anglican church and the English royalty (as well as between the Catholic Church and various European royals).

        In the Treaty of Tripoli in 1796 John Adams wrote “The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” And he was one of the people who helped write it so he should probably know.

        • Gotta disagree. Christian philosophy played a tremendous role as it was what infused the whole culture. Fortunately the Founders seperated those ideas from the Church and expressed those ideals as God-given or Natural Rights without monopoly from any religion.

          …and I’m a heathen…

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            I’m a heathen, too. Religion, long term, has been largely a failure and drag on civilization. We do have some wonderful religious folks. Some great essays have emanated from the local Episcopalian church of late. I honor their commitment to the LOVE of Christ rather than fealty to lunatic Trump.

            The Founders knew that religious strife and insanity were a source of evil, so they went out of their way to separate church and state. Christianity was essentially a blood bath as Charlemagne spread Christianity by the sword throughout Europe in the ninth century. The bloodbath continued against Jews and Muslims for centuries thereafter., with thousands burned to death or put to the rack for the love of Christ. The Founders may have been largely Christian, but they knew religion had a down-side. To this day, we see people as diverse as Roy Moore and William Barr actively trying to drive their spirits-and-demons mentality down our throats.

      • Christianity can be used to justify Democracy, Monarchy, Slavery, Abolition, War, Pacifism, Capitalism, Anarchy or whatever you want. Its an empty vessel that justifies anything and signifies whatever you want it to.

    • In other words, consistent.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Right as rain. The Southern Baptist Convention did not formally apologize to Black folks until about 1993 for using Christianity as an excuse for the enslavement of human beings. Nice, huh? See, Jesus never condemned slavery and the “servants” mentioned in King James Bible WERE NOT free agents able to offer their skills and bargain for wages in a free society. Oh yeah bwah ha ha ha.

  • First be afraid of your neighbors because they may have cooties, and now be afraid of your neighbors because they may be domestic terrorizers… those are easy to pick out because they’re not wearing masks.

    Sounds like a psyop.

    “I sometimes wonder if the world is run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who mean it.” -Mark Twain

    • That’s very unsurprisingly simple minded.

      “Sounds like a psyop”


      The FBI has warned for A VERY LONG time that white supremacy is our greatest threat. Yep, even before Covid.

      You, being one who argued that ‘nigger’ was an acceptable word and that NAZIS were socialists, did not listen because it did not fit your narrative.

      You found nothing wrong with the Charlottesville neo nazi rallies.

      You found nothing wrong with Trump’s psyop; The only way Biden will win is if they steal it

      Now, the white supremacists invaded the capital in an organized coup attempt for Trump, and all you can do is associate AOC, who’s life was threatened, with Stalin, because extremists are getting kicked out of private property.

      You, the libertarian, think that you can go onto someone’s property, threaten violence, follow through with the threat, and not get kicked out of said property?


      • Kym, I’m not asking you retract your edits, you make your decisions on my words often, but I did not mean any of that offensively, I just see it matter of factly. I hope it doesn’t extend my probation here.

        • “You found nothing wrong with Trump’s psyop; ‘The only way Biden will win is if they steal it'”

          So orange=bad, and bad orange says such, therefore the opposite must be true. Do I have that right?

          (I don’t support either puppet)

          • Do I have that right?

            Of course not.

            The fact was, the ONLY way Biden could win was by having more voters vote for him than Trump.

            And they did.

      • You are very good at misrepresentation. Perhaps you should run for Congress.

        • And you are great at obfuscating.

          You should stay put.

        • Ullr,

          For y-our benefit, I would love it if you clarify explicitly your position that I am incorrectly representing.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Yeah, run for Congress and if you win a fair and free election, and Rover and his team of “patriots” don’t like it, they will post lies about you and foment a violent attack on the Capitol itself. Oh, yeah, and then blabber on about how they love freedom and democracy as long as it’s THEIR way. Just like Trump. Leave THEM alone but SCREW you. Dee da dee dee dee, strike up the “Deliverance” band.

          • Salem Witch trials 2021

            Do you know what a psy OP is?

            Have you read the confessions of an economic hit man?

            Do you think that people who want accountability from politicians are racist and all the other weaponized terms forced into our national consciousness?

            You understand how ugly and dirty, the political arena is?

            The communist Marxist agenda is AntiAmerican, period. If you want to see this country implode, keep hurling insults at your fellow Americans, at the people who slave to pay for opportunity to raise theit children with higher morals and values than the knee jerk (do as i.say not as I do) Kindler softer authoritarianism.

            We should not send one dime overseas, or spend another billion for military weapons until every woman, man and child has FREE HEALTHCARE in the USA.

            Let’s stop blaming our neighbors for askin the political class to start working for the people.

            Governments have used manufactured crisis for centuries to maintain power over its subjects.

      • “The FBI has warned for A VERY LONG time that white supremacy is our greatest threat. Yep, even before Covid.”


      • TRB…
        Can you get through one paragraph without accusing someone of being something vile?
        You’re anger and hate is off the charts.

    • Well said Ullr Rover and [some]others.

      We are entering a very controlled experiment in totalitarianism and the fact that some would fight FOR it is mind-boggling.

      It’s not about orange or sleepy folks.

      One word: psychopaths. Not you who disagree necessarily but those who pull the strings, of which many of you blindly follow.

      • The totalitarians are the one trying to stop the god-chosen soverign from dissolving the legislature by force. Also, its Orwellian censorship if corporations are not forced to publish the sovereign’s tweets.

        Opposite Day ends on January 20th.

    • Mark Twain never said this it is a false attribution. You may want to reconsider your news sources, they seem questionable at best.

  • Fed Up with the BS

    We had an election, and Trump lost; get over it. I personally listened to several men laughing about the 2016 election, because young women were crying about the outcome, and they wondered how anyone could be that ridiculous. Four years later, we have this. Thanks Donald, you did a great job of making Russia great again and sending the USA into a tailspin.

    • Those men may have laughed at the crying women, but at least they didn’t try to put their names on a list and persecute them for exercising their right to vote freely.

      • Fed Up with the BS

        Who has been “put on a list” for voting? Provide a few examples, and maybe we can talk about it. Being “put on a list” for storming the Capitol and causing a few deaths could be considered a wee bit more serious than shedding a few naive tears.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        What list? When did that happen? More Trumpista lies, lies, lies.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yes, exactly, precisely right, Fed Up with the BS, Those of us who grieved at Hillary’s majority win and electoral loss were ridiculed as “snowflakes” and now we see the handiwork of Trump insanity coming full circle. Listen to ‘em whine. Watch as they destroy America, taking on the mission of Osama bin Laden and proud to do so.

  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    How does Joe Biden get a spotlight on his new policies with all the media focused on the impeachment trial for the first month?

    • This is just a question. Wasn’t Biden elected because of Trump hate and not policy? The reason for the question is that he never brought up actual policy in a single speech, debate or during his months as a hermit in his basement. I need to be enlightened on whether or not we will ever find out what his policies are.

      • Biden had policies:
        He supports expanding the Affordable Care Act (public option). He does not support Medicare for all (sadly)
        $300 billion increase on Research and development of technologies
        Proposed a 10% offshoring penalty surtax for US Companies sending jobs overseas and bringing back goods.
        Increase Corporate taxes to 28%
        $2 trillion on developing clean energy and eliminating emissions from power production (Sadly not supporting Green New Deal)
        Bunch more. You can read them here:

        • Shh !! That takes away the Trumplicans narrative that Joe just hid in his basement. They voted for tRump because they liked his “policies”. Helps with the guilt when they know they supported a completely incompetent person to be President.

        • Biden owes many favors to many very rich and powerful men and women.
          I sure wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.
          I wonder how many people will watch his virtual inauguration.

        • The NYT is hardly a place to go for anything factual. They’ve been given more pinocchios than I care to count. Maybe provide a link with integrity.

          • High Rating:
            Everyone makes mistakes–witness your statement that Biden doesn’t have any policies. But they are consistently rated as high on fact checking. They do lean left though so, for those of you can’t read a reputable site that doesn’t lean right, here’s Google’s extensive list of sites covering Joe Biden’s policies. Choose one.

            • “Choose one”

              The divide. [edit] I’ll remind you there is no left/right and the NYT is a tool of the manufactured illusion of divide. The bottom of the pyramid gets an illusion of support in controlled scenarios that never has and never will veer from script.

              What’s happening is a monumental distraction. The drought is going to get exponentially worse very quickly. Humboldt will experience heretofore unheard of ice storms within 15 years. As the environment tanks, all the while natural resources continue to be stripped, tighter control will be mandated on the global first world population. The third world is SOL. It’s all been discussed ad nauseum for decades.

              Good morning!

              • I’ll remind you that I offered one of a list of hundreds not two false choices.
                And though I have found you amusing in the past, calling me a dog, no matter how you couch it, is not endearing and it violates the rules here. Next time, you’re banned.

                • There’s never animosity of any kind in my comments (especially in the morning), and I’m sorry that you chose to add a negative tone to my words.


                  WWBD? Code switch, of course. Did you vote for that sleazy two-faced sellout crook?

                  The NYT is a propaganda rag. It should be recognized at all times as a source of intentionally misleading information in that there are legitimate “sides” to political stories which they never have, and never will address. If you ask for exampkes, that’ll only tell me it’s not important enough for you to give what I just wrote a modicum of sincere intelligent consideration. And I wouldn’t blame you for that because I’m just another anonymous knowitall on the stupid internet.

                  Have a good evening, kitten!

              • How are “unheard of ice storms” in the next 15 years “discussed ad nauseam”?

                That is a Qlusterfuck if I ever saw one.

            • My point is, I guess, I don’t take the word of any media source. I want Mr Biden to actually say to the American public what his policies will be. He has unlimited TV networks willing to give him seemingly unlimited screen time, yet he hasn’t spoken. He has dodged more questions than there are liberal draft dodgers. Just have Washington DC quit the BS and let him speak, without his VP taking over.

              • The third entry on the Google list is Joe Biden’s website with all his policies. He has repeatedly laid out multiple polices.

                • The concern with any large website is that it is run by a group of people. I’ve emailed many political leaders. Many times I have received a reply. I suspect, however, there is a crew of people set up to reply and seriously doubt I have ever actually received a message from the person I emailed. That’s why I want to actually hear it spoken in real time. I just don’t generally trust anything online or in print without a lot of evidence it is true.

                  • You think President Elect Biden would allow to be posted on his website, policies that aren’t his?

                    Wait….even worse, you think that you can’t trust anything online so you are waiting to find a TV spot, that isn’t online, that somehow is long enough to outline all Biden’s policies? So, there isn’t anything but you watching in real time Biden name his policies that would convince you that he has any?

                    I think I’m beginning to see the problem.

                    Can you explain where in real time you watched Trump outline his policies?

                    • I’m not sure Biden even knows he has a website.
                      He can barely read his teleprompter.
                      He never answers a question not pre scripted.

              • 1 There is none so blind as he that will not see

                2 Trump was a draft dodger

  • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

    One of the things I love most about Humboldt is how the hippies and the cowboys get together and drink beer and trade each other’s produce in the fall.

    The Mattole Grange is the greatest place on earth at that time. Everyone sharing and sampling each other’s bounty.

    Roll on, Mattole. Them folks get it figured out.

  • Sorry your team lost. Maybe you should get a better coach and try again next season.

  • Here is a question I pose to anyone who wants to philosophize with me.

    Would Hitler and the NAZI party have found it easier or harder to rise to power with the internet?

    I find my thoughts leaning towards a quicker rise of power, yet a potentially quicker end to his reign due to a potentially more informed and unified resistance.

    • I tend to believe everything sped up with the internet. I’ve heard the antique market was greatly affected. Things people once thought were extremely rare started to be common reducing their value. I’m pretty sure the Revolutionary War would have been faster too and the outcome? The internet is far faster than a ship at crossing the Atlantic! And just look how human trafficking changed with technology just as another example.

      • We disagree on virtually everything, but I would like to say thanks for your response. I think it’s an interesting thought excersize.

        • You are right about disagreeing most of the time, but most of the time you disagree with thought without insult which goes a long way. You also think things through pretty thoroughly.

          • I appreciate that, and you opening up is a good reminder to me to try to be better civilly, it is my biggest fault here. Kudos to us both.

  • I recieved a call from Samantha @ HCSO.

    She recommended a 15 minute interview of the sheriff @ KMUD.

    They have reviewed deputies time off around the inauguration, acknowledging that “time off around those dates does not necessarily mean they were at the Capital”.

    The SO is “confident” none of it’s deputies were at the siege.

    Ultimately I am thoroughly impressed by the callback and answers. I’m a nobody and that was incredible public communication.

    Thanks Samantha!

  • Has anyone heard who the capital cop is that shot Alisha?
    I haven’t heard his name mentioned.

    • They’ll never give you his name because your groupies will threaten and kill him – and he will no doubt get a silent medal of honor for his heroic actions.

  • Raise your hand if you saw this coming.

    Lori Lightfoot and Cuomo Wants To Reopen Restaurants And Bars cause everyone who pays taxes or has a business is moving.

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