Two Surfers Rescued in Rough Seas Near North Jetty Sunday

Two U.S. Coast Guard 47-foot Motor LIfeboats search the surf just north of the North Jetty after a woman fell into the ocean.

Two U.S. Coast Guard 47-foot motor lifeboats searched the surf just north of the North Jetty after a woman was swept to her death there in early December. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Two surfers found themselves in a precarious situation Sunday just before 3 p.m.. According to Coast Guard Petty Officer First Class Joe Castro, about 2:55 p.m. a citizen on the North Jetty called 911 to report that two surfers had been swept out and needed assistance.

“The station is right there next to the jetty,” Castro explained, so it took only 10 short minutes for a boat from Station Humboldt Bay to reach the two people in distress and bring them safely aboard.

The surfers didn’t need any medical attention, Castro said.

There is a High Surf advisory from this morning until tomorrow morning and high tides predicted for today could make the situation more dangerous. Please continue to be cautious along the Coast.



  • Those boats are so awesome, I got to see some training going on some years ago it was bad ass! Balls of solid tungsten. Thanks coasties!

  • Sorry but the Coast Guard has to put their lives in jeopardy to rescue Surfers that voluntarily went into that mess and got in trouble. Not good. Natural Selection needs to take it’s course. Call me an ass or whatever! Just saying!!!

    • That’s a selfish and lame attitude.
      Rescue is part of the coast guard’s job.
      Should the cops not answer a domestic violence call because one of the people involved made a stupid choice. Of course not. Mistakes happen.
      I realize you might never make mistakes but the rest of us aren’t that perfect.

      • Guest, are you looking in the mirror?

        • You come up with that all by yourself? What are you 5? Letting people die because they made a mistake when we have a whole dedicated force of hero’s just for that sound right to you? If anything it’s the best training they can get, rather my tax dollars went to that then free needles or phones. Yes they are stupid and maybe they should be fined but not dead.

  • Being a surfer, I find this a little disturbing. As always, I have to say that I love the coasties. I would even be very proud and supportive if any of my kids wanted to join the Coast Guard…I have mixed feelings about the uniformed services.

    Back to the point, I was not there that day so I don’t know the conditions first hand but we (surfers) have a responsibility to know not only our own limitations but also when not to go out.
    As someone once said (in a movie), “that’s death on a stick mate”.

    Glad that everyone is safe and back on dry land. 🏄‍♂️🤝

  • Those in uniformed services will defend you nonetheless.

    • Unless you are a democratic congressperson, eh?

    • I absolutely agree!

      That’s why I have mixed emotions. I personally know fabulous, heroic people who are veterans but I don’t always agree with the military industrial complex (as they say)…and the occasional nut jobs in the positions of decision making.

      • Sounds like your real problem is with politicians, not the military. Pay attention to who sends our troops on missions. Since WW2 it has mainly been Presidents.

  • Buster’s right. Go, no go is the pilot/driver/surfer’s decision. These guys got lucky. If you’re counting on rescue, perhaps you shouldn’t take off/go/get into the water.

    • I’m a go way out on a limb and guess that they weren’t planning to count on needing to be rescued.

      • I am sure that you are correct but an interesting fact about modern day big wave surfing is that the professionals have multiple safe guards in play to make sure that they get out of the water safely and without the help of government agencies.

        That said, mistakes happen. I have felt that I came close to drowning a few times and one thing that brings me solace is that, no matter what, if I can stay with my board the Coast Guard will eventually find me.

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