[UPDATE: More From Fortuna Police] Fortuna Union High School Locked Down; Armed Individual at Business Nearby

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A little after noon Fortuna Union High School locked down in response to an armed person at Gobles Funeral home, confirmed Fortuna Police Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht.

He said the situation just began and he doesn’t have more information at this time.

UPDATE 12:25 p.m.: Fortuna Police Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht confirmed that the lockdown at the School has been lifted. We’re getting word that parents are streaming in to pick up their children.

Ellebrecht confirmed that the suspect shot himself.

We’re awaiting more details.

UPDATE from Fortuna Police:

On Monday, January 11, 2021 at approximately 11:58 am Fortuna Police Department received a report of a subject in the 500 block of 12th Street in Fortuna who was in possession of a handgun. The subject reportedly fired a round into the air and was holding the gun to his head. As a precautionary matter, Officers immediately initiated a lockdown at two nearby schools, Fortuna Union High School and Fortuna Middle School and utilized reverse 911 to send out a shelter in place order to the surrounding area. Officers arrived on scene and quickly located a fifty year old deceased Fortuna resident and a handgun. Once the scene and handgun were secured the lockdowns and shelter in place orders were lifted.
Evidence and witness statements indicated that the deceased suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound. There is no evidence of any danger or threat to the public. Humboldt County Coroner’s Office was called into investigate the matter further.
Further identification of the deceased may be released by the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office at a later time.
Fortuna Police Department would like to thank our emergency services partners who assisted in this matter, Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department, Cal Fire Law Enforcement, Ferndale Police Department, Fortuna Public Works and the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office.




  • Give me a large pizza and a pack of smokes or nobody leaves here alive…

  • biilyjoebobtaylor

    alright you stick ups, this is a son-of-a-bitch
    Get your ass’s in the air before I blow your hands off

  • You two are disrespectful. Gazoo and biiljoeebobtaylor. Someone shot themselves. I hope they make it. But it doesn’t look good. 🙁

    • I agree, disrespectful. I read that the situation was over. Nowhere did it say that there was an injured person.

    • They died at the scene. Ambulance was cancelled and the coroner called.

    • They were confirmed dead by the time fire got there

    • Gazoo is one of the most controversial trolls on this forum. They hide behind their fictitious name to spew hate and harsh words about everyone else’s lives, projecting their own insecurities onto those who are even less fortunate. I sincerely believe this forum would have less than half of the bullshit comments if people had to use their real names.

  • Self inflicted gunshot wound after the armed take over of a funeral home…there must be more here than meets the eye.

  • Hey y’all watch out for potholes, sinkholes and ASSHOLES, RIP so sorry things were so bad u had to leave this world in such a hurry, God Bless u and urz Amen 🙏

  • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

    Excellent choice of location for such a drastic measure, but overall not a good choice of action. Hope he missed vitals or grey matter and recovers to gain some of the excellent mental health care available in our area.

    • You assume he had grey matter to miss. A stick-up in a mortuary??? And no I don’t have a lot of compassion for this person, just a lot of gratitude he didn’t shoot anyone else.

      • Nowhere in the article does it say it was a stick up there’s nothing even saying why he did it so sit down and shut up… Someone obviously lost their shit and didn’t know what to do learn some damn compassion and please keep your mouth shut if you can’t!

      • I apologize for my remark

  • Maybe he was distraught over a deceased loved one. Hope he found his peace.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • He didnt find peace he found in this order.
      1 a bullet.
      2 darkness. In all the sense of the word.

      Peace comes to those who let the emotion pass and either forgive, let go, or forget.
      They lost their shit made a rash decession. No emotions worked through to gain peace.
      If he found peace, hed be alive…. >.>

      And if your Christian he killed himself so….. not in heaven….
      🙁 overall.

      If ya are having bad thoughts or need to talk.
      Suicide hotline

  • Half of these comments are disgusting you people need to learn some damn compassion or don’t open your mouth at all it’s disgusting

  • Damn hope everything is okay

  • This was a kind and compassionate man. Without his compassion and understanding, I don’t know how my family and especially me, would have made it through the resent death and burial of my Mom. My heart breaks for whatever drove him to this! May his soul forever Rest In Peace.

    • @Molly, I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

    • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Somehow, some way we all need to have some compassion and understanding. Our community is small and time and time again I have seen the bigness that many bring to our community. Volunteer fire departments, SoHumSearch and Rescue, the Coast Guard, our veterans groups, local businesses and, incredibly, the indigenous tribes in the area…. giving and giving and giving when so much was taken from them. I don’t know the circumstances. Don’t know him or your mother. But all of you are in our circle of commitment and community. Take solace in the fact that you are surrounded by people that give a damn about you.

      The healing of this nation starts HERE! Right here, in Humboldt County.

  • Well you all need to read Fortunas police report for Friday he was arrested for a domestic violence incident

  • Maybe you could be kinder considering people who knew this person are trying to make sense of this as well.

  • Maybe you could be kinder considering people who knew this person are trying to make sense of this as well. RIP. You gave so much to so many. I’m sure this past year was a lot to bear. I will miss you and your service to so many.

  • Suicide is no laughing matter in any way shape or form. It not only destroys the one in pain crying out for help, but it destroyes everyone who loved them while they were alive. So shame on you guys this persons greiving family can see your imature and cruel posts making fun of the situation. Would you like your Mom to have to read that kind of garbage if you died? Think before you speak.

    • You are so right Kristie! This past summer I tried to commit suicide by swallowing a bunch of pills. Not only was that one of the most scariest times in my life as my mind wandered around in my head while laying in the E.R. They woke me up and made me breathe deeper every time my oxygen sats dropped. I just wanted to stay asleep. As soon as I did it I regretted it and wanted to live but actually almost died. Afterwards seeing what it did to my poor son and my Dad was extremely heartbreaking and made me feel awful. This poor man’s family has to live with his choices and it is going to be hard enough without having asshats like these commenters to deal with!

    • Too true. The grief’s gnarly enough on it’s own. Add a healthy dose of guilt for not preventing it and I think a lot of people end up with a dividing line through their life of before the suicide and after it. Finding the person after suicide can buy you even more mental/emotional trauma as you can end up with ptsd from it. Ain’t no joke for sure and it’s super fucked when you lose a loved one to it.

  • How sad for all involved, and yes some on here need help whether they realize it or not you should be ashamed‼️

  • Molly, I’m so very sorry for u and his family, I can never understand what is so so bad to not ask for help but it’s not for me to judge or understand, his heart must have been hurting so bad, we can’t understand, it is very final, now u know his troubles r over and his is out of pain, God Bless all here 🙏 💙

  • Life isn’t always easy, especially in these times:
    National Suicide Prevention Hotline:

  • RIP So sad . Condolences to the Family.

  • Where's the Love Humboldt?

    As I read this thread I’m disgusted by the remarks of this community.
    When we lose Love and compassion for humans were done. Looks like many on this thread is steamrolling in that direction.
    A life was lost! My condolences go to the family and friends of this person.
    We don’t know what this person was dealing with in their life.
    This world is in it’s worst times, and we need each other more than we ever have.
    I have lost loved ones to suicide, and it’s painful. Remember that persons loved ones is reading your awful remarks.
    Where is the LOVE?
    I always thought Humboldt was better than this but all I have to do is pick any thread on any of these stories and I’m proven wrong.
    Much Love and Respect to this person and their loved ones that we have lost.

  • 🕯🌳Sorry for my earlier comment Kym but live about a block away from where it happened and heard the gun shot. Sad.🖖🖖

  • I was married for 30 yeats to the man who committed suicide on Monday January 11, 2011. He lived accross the street from the funeral home and was employed there as well.. he did not try to hold it up. He has had mental issues for quite a few years and tried to conquer his demons with alcohol. He was in an abusive relationship in CA and had moved their a little over a year ago from Indiana. His accuser knew of his issues and just cared to get him away from his family.
    He had never raised a hand to me. Please know he was a good man. But even when your 50 you can get in with the wrong crowd.. His family loves him and he has a daughter and 2 grandsons that are devastated by the loss of their dad and gpa.

    • So Very Sorry for Your Loss Melissa. I Will Keep You and Your Family in My Prayers. I had just met your husband/or ex husband a few weeks ago when I picked up my brother’s ashes. He seemed like a very kind and caring man. So Very Sorry.

  • He was my son- a caring compassionate man who helped many people in his short life- he helped after 911 and many other tragedies in our country. He was a loving father, grandfather, son and brother and we all loved him deeply. We wanted him home to help him- not like this. Prayers for others who may suffer as he did. I love you, my son!

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