Two Airlifted From Round Valley With Dog Bites

Flight path of one of the CalStar medevac helicopters carrying the patients to the hospital.

Flight path of one of the CalStar medevac helicopters carrying the patients to the hospital. [Image from FlightRadar]

At approximately 3:30 p.m., two individuals within the Covelo Fire District were medevacked to the hospital due to hypothermia and frostbite with bites from the adult male,s own dog, scanner traffic indicated.

According to dispatch, one woman lost a finger on her right hand and the man lost skin on his forearm after necrosis set in from the frostbite.

Both patients were being treated for “shock and exposure.”

Two air ambulances were dispatched to pick up the two patients at Round Valley Airport. records indicate the air ambulance deployed from the Ukiah Airport to retrieve the patients.

More information was sought from both CalFire Howard Forest and Covelo Fire Department but no one could be reached as of Saturday at 5:40 p.m.

Please Note: We’ve now corrected a misunderstanding. The patients were suffering from dog bites.



  • Hoping for an update soon…

    Best wishes for the patients but I would really like to know more about how they became in need of medical assistance.

    • They have 3 pitbulls in their cyclone fenced yard. One or more of their dogs attacked them.
      Thankfully it wasn’t any of the school children or parents with their children in strollers that walk by.

  • What did they do to the dog to get him to bite them?

    • Existed?

      Seriously though, there are a few dogs that will attack almost anyone particularly if they’ve been running feral for a while.

      Others trained as guard dogs will attack anyone who comes near “their” space whether or not that happens to be public road in front of the house. Or they could’ve been trespassing, there simply isn’t enough information in this release to make any kind of reasonable guesses. And some dogs are just mean assholes. Kind of like people.

      • Depending upon the human that raised them to be aggressive. Just like a messed up human… typically raised by a messed up human.
        Probably guard dogs considering the location.

        • Pit bulls were bred to fight. It’s not how you raise them. They are aggressive because of genetics.

          • Right, that’s why Germany euthanized all pit bulls. Every one. And if you get caught with one, which is not hard, since they are a country of snitches, they find them out. We think it is a good idea to do so here in US. Start with the factories, and then take them from owners. No, it does not sound cruel to us. What sounds cruel is hearing about children and others being ripped apart and killed by any small pack of these dogs, which happens a lot. To their owners mostly. Germany also rid themselves of most of their homeless, by creating Homesteads for the Homeless, sponsored by large corporations, like VW, Porshe, Audi, Bayer, and others. One reason our homeless here suffer, and are homeless, is because the corporate assholes give money, tens of millions, to a bunch of corrupt stupid asshole politicians. Neither group helps the poor, or people who need it. And why do they give politicians money? to increase their bottom line due to the politicos influence in congress. Euthanize the pit bulls, stop giving money to assholes, like the one who cheated his way in tomorrow. #Not my president. Resist!

    • They were trying to break up a fight between their two male dogs.

      • Oh rats . Need to google that before you try it.

        There are entire websites devoted to raising awareness to that issue with graphic images , like no fingers.

        Even though it is our instinct, most of us have no idea how dangerous it can be to just jump right in to break up a dog fight .

        They are in an instinctive phase at that point and your shouting or tugging on them only feeds the drive !

        Short of stopping an attack *before it happens,* we are
        pretty limited in what we can do without putting ourselves at risk.

        A water hose, bucket of water or any wet substance tossed over them can do wonders at shifting the drama and maybe giving you a chance to regain control.

        Or a creating loud noises .

        Or last resort, throw a blanket or coat over the head of the attacker, sometimes if they can’t see they stop .

        🎆🔥🎆A red hot match (OR as noted below: a finger) up the ass of the offender is also purported to get their attention. 🔥🎆🔥 Heh heh

    • You’re saying it was their fault? The dogs were Put Bulls!

    • They acquired it. They acquired THE dog that all UK and North American dog fighters choose: bully dogs.

      They acquired a dog intentionally bred for centuries to suddenly “start” or “turn on” and act on the flood of instinct to attack and kill its family, its own kind.

      They acquired the dog created to attack unprovoked, prolonged, without external reason… on instinct alone, without first trying to avoid conflict, without warning, without reason other than mutant man-made instinct to do so.

      Good pit bulls were and, more importantly, still are bred to act on the suicidal, game insane instinct to “kill or die trying.”

  • Seems like non life threatening injuries to be medevacked(a new verb?). I guess it depends on if the dog swallowed the finger. Either way, bad dog!

  • pit bull guard dog gone wrong?

  • Pit bull owner gone wrong…

  • Breaking news the dog in question was a relatives chihuahua! The nastiest little creatures known to man..

    • You’re insensitive comment has thrown my Snuggles into a grave depression. Tell her you’re sorry!

    • I always wondered how many crazed chihuahuas it would take to defeat a man. I mean give them 10 pounds each 30 of them ought to be able to take down an adult, I would say 100 to be on the safe side. Terrible way to go, death by 100 chihuahuas

  • All dogs go to heaven

    I bet the humans we’re trying to abuse them again and they fought back, now unfortunately the dogs will pay the untimate price and be put to death because the owners ways. Maybe with the injuries they will think twice about abusing another animal.
    If not abused pitbulls are great dogs, not for everyone and not in packs ( 2 or more) they need love and training like all dogs. They’re often over bred and mistreated and become vicious killers, with that a bad reputation and high rates of unadoptable dogs are left to turn to ashes. It’s really a sad cycle

    • Pitbulls seem to attract so many bad owners.

      The pitbull is responsible for the most fatal attacks in the U.S. by far, killing 284 people over the last 13-year period – 66 percent of total fatalities. That’s despite the breed accounting for just 6.5% of the total U.S. dog population.
      I don’t understand how people can look at these statistics and turn a blind eye.

      Maybe just ban pitbull owners?

  • I had 2 rescued pit bull dogs. Came from bad human owners. They were so appreciative of their new home. They knew bad times. I had an elderly mother and these dogs would lay by her feet when she sat in a recliner and watched tv. They preferred close proximity to her over their dog beds. Very Good Dogs.
    An analogy with dog breeds would be to compare breeds to cars. Some dogs might be like sport cars , fast and quick. Other dogs like trucks, not fast but lots of pulling strength. Pitters are like high performance muscle cars, strong and quick. Before a person can legally drive, they generally go through some sort of driver’s training and knowledge of road rules So, so much has to do with training, socialization and the owners attitude and attention to the responsibilities of owning this breed of dog. Our pitts were so friendly, I did not consider them particularly good guard dogs. In a situation like this story consider all the factors, not just the breed of dogs involved.

    • Funny how poorly trained nd socialized poodles, labs and Goldens aren’t out killing people.
      Maybe, just maybe, if you need to treat a dog exactly right for it not to grow up to attack and kill/ maim, its NOT an appropriate pet?
      Maybe, when one type does almost all the killing and serious attacks, its a breed issue….. despite your personal experience.

    • That’s like saying no one who has taken a driver’s education class will ever have a dui. Maybe good training decreases the likelihood of bad behavior from an aggressive dog but it never reduces it that much. There are people who are attracted to dog breeds with a bad reputation because they like the feeling of power that it gives them. The “my dog will attack you but never me” in your face owner. And that’s just the sort of people who should never have that kind of dog.

  • There is one sure way to stop a dog fight and the dog is so stunned it sits down and just looks around.
    Sounds difficult but isn’t. I’ve done it 2 times and it so much better than beating the dogs or getting bitten.
    Grab the aggressor dog by the tail and shove your thumb up its butt. Just making contact usually stops the fight..TRUE

    • Not with a pitbull…

    • that is a good way to get yourself bit.

      a better method, if you have that kind of access to the rear of the dog, is to grab both it’s legs, pull them apart and lift them like handles of a wheelbarrow. then start to spin the dog, “helicoptering” it. then look for something solid to helicopter it into, a light pole, corner of a wall, side of a building.

      since we are talking about pitbulls here, and they are renown for their near supernatural constitutions, you’ll need to do this with vigor and repeatedly. anyone who has seen a video where a person is trying to stop a pit from locking onto something, knows that they can withstand multiple blows to the head with 2×4, and not be phased nor dissuaded from the jawlock.

      you’ve got to literally beat the fight out of an attacking pit, and not tire before that fight is gone, because you’ll be turned on as soon as you drop it if you don’t.

    • Hilariously not true. I had a friend do this to both dogs that were lockjawed on each other, to no avail. Get the hose out and blast em in the faces.

    • Is lube a good idea in such a ‘tense’ situation?

    • There’s a video taken at some pit bull training event, with two pits who won’t unlock their jaws from the other’s flesh, one does have a human thumb in his anus for a long time but still doesn’t let go.

  • Very true my friend

  • Only in the RHBB troll zoo can one read such precious advice….

  • Brian Hugh Barrick

    Yes you will be able to stop a dogfight by putting a finger inside the attacker rectum. It is true and I have had my old cattle dog saved from a mean dog that way .

    • This is correct! This method was invented by someone on Castro St. in SF.

    • absolutely not true, watched someone try it and fail. if you want to put your finger there and still have a dog fight going on, go for it.

      • You are correct, I tried it once and it didn’t do a damn thing. But now the dog the dog follows me everywhere with pouty face.

  • I hope these people had insurance that covers the air rescue, otherwise the shock of the bill for this will probably kill them

  • I adopted a 4 month old purebred pit puppy from the animal shelter. She was born there, and had never had a harsh word directed to her. Here at home she has always been the perfect dog, sweet, affectionate, loves to snuggle at night and wont sleep anywhere but by me. When other family members show up she howls with delight and greets them at the door with a gift for them in her mouth. (might not be something they wanted, like a dirty sock but she gives it to them). She is going on 4 now, ….no, I dont’ believe its genetics with pits.

    • The pitbull is responsible for the most fatal attacks in the U.S. by far, killing 284 people over the last 13-year period – 66 percent of total fatalities. That’s despite the breed accounting for just 6.5% of the total U.S. dog population.

      They are fine until they aren’t.

    • The true experts of unprovoked, prolonged, game-insane, suicidal, neutral ground, deadly dog aggression are the dog fighters.

      All North American and UK dog men use only bully dogs for their dog fights.

    • If you acknowledge that retrievers are bred for their superior retrieving instincts, border collies for their superior heading instincts and German Shepherds for their superior guarding instincts, just what do you think pit bulls are bred for? As for thinking a dog has to never hear a harsh word in order to live safely with a human family…

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