[UPDATE 9:06 a.m.] Law Enforcement in Pursuit of a Pickup on Dyerville Loop Road

Vehicle PursuitThe California Highway Patrol is in pursuit of a pickup headed southbound on Dyerville Loop Road in Southern Humboldt. Around 8:35 a.m., the pursuit was passing mile marker 19.

The vehicle, a double cab, green Toyota Tacoma, is wanted for a Failure to Yield, according to Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office which is assisting in the attempts to stop the fleeing vehicle.

Karges reports that the driver “is possibly a suspect associated with a burglary investigation yesterday in Eureka. However we have not confirmed that at this time.”

Airops is being requested to monitor the pursuit, according to the dispatcher speaking over the scanner.

UPDATE 8:45 a.m.: According to a dispatcher speaking over the scanner, The pursuit is no longer in progress. However, law enforcement is continuing to look for the suspect. The pickup reportedly was last seen headed eastbound on Fort Seward Road. Airops will soon be over the area.

UPDATE 8:52 a.m.: The California Highway Patrol Airops is now in the area.

Screenshot of Flightradar at 8:52 a.m. shows the flightpath of the CHP airops as it traveled from Redding to the Fort Seward area.

Screenshot of Flightradar at 8:52 a.m. shows the flightpath of the CHP airops as it traveled from Redding to the Fort Seward area.

UPDATE 9:06 a.m.: The Airops caught sight of the suspect vehicle headed southbound from Fort Seward on Alderpoint Road.



  • I would think since the plane saw them on AP road headed south that they would be able to easily see where they were going to.

  • Who are they looking for? I bet if you say the name people will comment here if they have seen him or where the person hangs out or hides out. And a description of the person.

    • Lil’ Donny Trump, likes to hide out in central Florida.
      Mature, remarkably handsome man with impeccable hair and witty personality…not to mention great taste in music.
      Please alert the authorities if you have seen this suspect.

  • It is clayton miller. The thief and punk that he is. Lucky for him he got to have the police chase him. As my pursuit ended because the cops took over… If he is up there still everybody lock your stuff up. Hopefully he gets…

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  • Chp has a bumper mounted projectile that is a GPS tracker that gets stuck on the vehicle. Surprised I haven’t heard them use it yet.

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