Covelo Six Charged with First Degree Murder, Kidnapping, and Torture of Traci Bland and Kyle McCartney

The Covelo SixSix Round Valley residents face grisly charges in the November 19 killings of Traci Bland and Kyle McCartney, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office. Those charges include murder in the first degree, kidnapping, carjacking, and torture.

The Covelo Six include Joseph Joshua Hoaglen, Samson Musellini Little Bear Joaquin, Joaquina Patrice Joaquin, Britton Leonard Azbill, Sr., David Joaquin, Jr., and Janet Faye Azbill. The criminal complaint makes clear they are the purported perpetrators of the November 19 kidnapping and subsequent murders of Traci Bland and Kyle McCartney

Traci Bland

Traci Bland

Regarding the two counts of murder in the first degree, the Covelo Six are accused of killing Traci Bland and Kyle McCartney “with deliberation and premeditation.”

Kyle McCartney

Two special circumstances levied at the accused–involving kidnapping and carjacking–provide insight into the act of killing Bland and McCartney.

All six of the accused face charges of participating in a criminal conspiracy to “forcibly, and by any of the means of instilling fear, steal, take, hold, detain, or arrest” both Bland and McCartney.

Perhaps the most troubling detail revealed in the charging document is count six and seven asserting the Covelo Six “willfully, unlawfully, with the intent to cause cruel and extreme pain and suffering for the purpose of revenge, extortion, persuasion and/or for sadistic purpose” inflicted great bodily injury on both Bland and McCartney.

The charging documents reveal strike allegations against three members of the Covelo Six. A strike allegation is a previous felony conviction that will inform subsequent sentencing.

Joaquina Patrice Joaquin

Joaquina Patrice Joaquin (2017 mugshot)

In September 2016, Joaquina Patricia Joaquin was convicted of felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon in Tulare County.

Britton Leonard Azbill, Sr

Britton Leonard Azbill, Sr

In September of this year, Britton Leonard Azbill Senior was convicted of felony Assault With a Deadly Weapon in Mendocino County.

David Lee Joaquin

David Lee Joaquin

David Lee Joaquin also faces a strike offense stemming from a 2017 felony conviction of Burglary in the first degree.

Also, Joaquin was arrested by Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office on November 23, 2020 for possession of a dagger and drug intoxication.

Outside of the criminal complaint’s scope, the other members of the Covelo Six, Joseph Hoaglen, Samson Joaquin, and Janet Faye Azbill, have an extensive criminal past.

Joseph Joshua Hoaglen

Joseph Joshua Hoaglen

In December 2018, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office featured Hoaglen in their “Warrant Wednesday” post describing him as being wanted for assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats.

In January 2018, Hoaglen faced charges of robbery and vehicle theft.

In March of 2017, Hoaglen was stopped by MCSO deputies while driving in Round Valley, and a record check indicated he had outstanding warrants for second-degree robbery and use of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Samson Musselini Joaquin,

Samson Musselini Joaquin

Samson Joaquin’s criminal past includes where he was arrested and charged with domestic violence battery after allegedly attempting to choke and hit his pregnant partner.Janet Faye Azbill

In 2006, Janet Faye Azbill was booked into the Mendocino County jail on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving with suspended privileges and probation violations.

As per the criminal complaint, in upcoming days the defendants will present any witness statements, physical/mental exams, scientific tests, or evidence they intend to use at trial to the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office.



  • What a handsome bunch. Their mothers must be real proud.

    • I suggest to these criminals that the one who tells first gets the best deal . Also you criminals should tell on neggie fallis and what he did it’s either save yourself or spend the rest of your life surrounded by thousands of murderers rapists and child molesters types in prison just waiting to prey on you for the rest of your life. And your family members are left for the rest of the wolves . Your choice . You got kids and families , so who cares about these criminals do your self a favor and set yourself free and give a family closure by sharing what happened to there loved one . Nows your chance to make it all right . I bet the person who tells on neggie fallis gets the best deal of all .

      • Ummm? I don’t care if they tell on nigi at all.these people deserve the death penalty. Torturing someone when they kill them. Why would you even consider these people being free again is beyond me.

    • Attention Kym Kemp /Mendo Historian

      Why were my comments deleted?

    • “The Curse of Meshakai”
      “Mesha-kai” with the translation of “valley of tule or tall grass, Round Valley Ca

    • The Sick Covelo Six.

  • Great job LEOs. Great job citizens for pulling together and making it happen..
    NOW LETS GET CONNIE HER GIRL BACK. Let mama Connie know she deserves some peace too. Everyone knows but no one speaks. It is time for the Kadijah case to be full circle too.

    • Maybe, just maybe there will be something good that comes out of all of this evil and horror. It is certain that the detectives are pressuring these people to talk. Something may break, someone may do a plea bargain with information that extends beyond these crimes, and the long, heartbreaking vigil for Khadijah may finally be ended. We can only hope and pray.

      • im curious now???

      • Word is the first ones arrested are signing songs like Canaries, the last ones arrested better tell the truth and come out with what they know about Neggie Fallis and the disappearance of Khadijah. MCSO is learning and using some new interrogation tricks, there will be many more arrests in the coming weeks as more people come forward as they grow sick and tired of the Covelo Criminal Element of Cartels, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin and Weapons being traded and openly sold. The entire area is under real time surveillance satellite. Information is being gathered, expect a major bust soon, people get ready. The Feds are active in Covelo. Enough is enough. Time to take out the trash!

  • Reads like a who is who of covelo mayhem and madness. Got almost all of the regular players; azbills, hoaglens, joaquins. If im a purist though there would be some lincolns and brittons in there too.

  • Torture?! Okay- that’s it…Can we please see some death penalties enacted here? I don’t want my tax money being used to house and feed these subhuman pieces of shit for many years. Sure- let them have an appeal or whatever but please- let’s start putting down the mad dogs. Not with torture! Just quickly and as humanely as possible. Crowded world- overpopulation killing the planet- let’s make some decisions, people….misplaced compassion is not helping!

    • It won’t happen, it should, but it won’t. One will testify against the other five and walk free. The women will get the usual pass, and the remaining 3 or 4 will do some time. Why, it’s Northern (why don’t we do it in the road) California where irrational compassion runs amok.

      • DBZ, I’m going way off topic here. I used to have a psychology textbook that had a photo of an “amok catcher.”

        It looked a bit like a long-handled pitchfork with two opposing curved points. Curved to fit around a human neck so as to pin the amok runner to a wall.

        I have tried to find that image on the internet without success and it pisses me off.

        $50 donation to Kym in the name of anyone who can locate a picture of an amok catcher.

        On topic: What transpired to make six people kill two? My guess is drugs, theft, or?

      • That is odd. I find a severe lack of compassion to be driving most of our problems.

      • I have to agree, the new prosecutor, Alex Diener lets criminals go even when there has been prior arrest and TWO eye witnesses!! He just dropped a case, and I won’t mention a name but the guy’s girlfriend came up missing a couple years ago, so if he is the prosecutor on this case I am POSITIVE they will walk if left up to him!!! He is a criminal’s dream!!!

    • Argue for capital punishment on the merits if you like, but there is a broad consensus that capital punishment inevitably ends up costing a lot more than lifetime incarceration. Complaining about the cost of keeping murderers alive in prison doesn’t make any sense.

      • It shouldn’t be expensive. Fast track appeals and a yellow jacket to the nape of the neck.

        • That’s how you wind up with wrongful executions.

        • Sadly our criminal justice system isn’t perfect and 2-5% of incarcerated people are actually innocent and others are responsible for the crimes they’re incarcerated for. There have been many cases where innocent individuals have been executed only to be exonerated after new evidence has been found or the correct perpetrator has been caught and confessed. These people should be locked up for the rest of their lives certainly but execution cuts their punishment far short.

        • Oh, you mean just like in China? Yeah, they got it down there – except the appeals part. For execution to work as a deterrent it must be swift and inexorable, and must be made public. None of that happens in America, nor do I see it moving that way.

        • Which will invariably lead to the death of innocents as even current death penalty with appeals has allowed.

      • It costs so much because of…misplaced compassion tilting the scales for decades. I believe we are finally getting past that point as a society and will reinstate it. I do wish we also have a clause penalizing over-eager district attorneys who pursue death penalties for innocent parties. IMO it should only be used for extreme and cruel murders like this, where guilt is obvious- not as a platform for political advancement of bloodsport politicians as has happened in the past. I think we can all agree that this kind of torture/murder is quite different than a bar fight accidental murder.

      • The reason people believe the death penalty is costly is because of the many appeals that can take years to sift through.I believe a DRI (death row inmate) is housed separately with a guard at all times. So it is very expensive to house an inmate whether one on death row or life without parole (lwop). Take away the years of appeals and it would be more cost effective to execute.

      • As a long time tax payer I am happy to pay the cost to carry out the death penalty.

    • Entering a World of Pain

      Unfortunately that would be a waste of time and resources because they would end up sitting on death row with the hundreds of other death row inmates California will never execute. Better off sending them to Corcoran or pelican bay and never let them out on parole

    • Sounds back asswards but it cost more to give someone a death sentence then a life sentence without parole. It’s the liberals it’s the republicans yadda fucking yadda.

    • First off, do you have children??? If so, then you will not be eligible for a Darwin Award when you follow your own advice & take yourself OUT!!!!

  • There was a time when you called 911 in Round Valley and no one would show up. The lawless faction there has ballooned to the point of fucking chaotic mayhem, and it is because of… Anybody?

  • Geat job judges. Why where they not in prison with feloney charfes? Beacuse CA liberals look at criminals as.vistims that want to do good so give them probation and a drig.program all will be okay. These animals need to be put the animals they are but no it is mean to exicute people remember? The death penalty is a bad thing. Tell this the victims family.

  • Mendocino Historian

    Covelo Azbill is the same Asbill as in Frank and Pierce Asbill who in the mid 1800’s were notorious kidnappers and indian murderers. The two were the first white men to find Covelo, as well as some of the first men kidnapping women amd children to sell in the Bay Area And Sacramento Valley areas as servants and concubines. They were known as, excuse the derogatory phrase of the mid 1800’s as “Squaw Men”, men who took indian wives. All of the Asbill amd Azbill offspring in Round Valley are descendants of these two evil amd wicked men.
    Asbill Massacre:
    White immigrants flooded into northern California in 1848 due to the California Gold Rush, increasing the non-Indian population of California from 13,000 to well over 300,000 in little more than a decade. The sudden influx of miners and settlers on top of the nearly 300,000 Native Americans living in the area strained space and resources.

    In 1851, the civilian governor of California declared, “That a war of extermination will continue to be waged, until the Indian race becomes extinct, must be expected.” This expectation soon found its way into law. An 1851 legislative measure not only gave settlers the right to organize lynch mobs to kill Indians, but allowed them to submit their expenses to the government. By 1852 the state had authorized over a million dollars in such claims.

    On May 15, 1854, six Missouri-based explorers led by Pierce Asbill happened upon Round Valley while searching for a route between Weaverville, an interior mining center, and Petaluma, an important river port. Round Valley was in an isolated, difficult to access region of the Coast Range, allowing it to remain relatively untouched by settlers and miners to this point. While crossing a meadow, the explorers spotted movement in the grass and realized that Indians were in the valley.

    Asbill stated, “We’ve come a long way from Missouri to locate this place… an’ be damned if wigglin’ grass ‘ull keep us away! Git a–hold of yer weapons—we’uns are goin’ in!”

    The party proceeded to a creek bed in Round Valley where they encountered a large settlement of Yuki. Through the combination of superior weaponry, horses, and focused intent, the party killed approximately 40 of the people.

    Neither Asbill nor any of his fellow settlers were charged with any malfeasance for killing the nonthreatening Indians. Asbill stayed on to hunt the land and eventually began kidnapping and trafficking Yuki women and children to be sold to non-Indian men outside of the valley. Asbill sold 35 women in this manner by 1855.

    Due to Round Valley’s remote location, it became a destination for other Indians the settlers had forced off their lands, and soon its native population swelled to 20,000, while the White settlers in the area remained a few dozen. With their concentrated and vulnerable position (along with the 1850 California law “Act for the Government and Protection of Indians,” which legalized the kidnapping and forced servitude of Indians by White settlers), slave raids against the Round Valley Indians became common. Further conflict soon led to terrorist attacks meant to drive the Indians from the valley (see Round Valley Settler Massacres of 1856 – 1859 and Mendocino War). By 1860 all remaining Yuki Indians had been forced into reservations. In the 1880s, settlers began taking over the reservation lands which instigated another “war” (see Round Valley War), resulting in the further loss of land and lives by the Yuki Indians

    • A majority of the settlers to first arrive in Humboldt were men.  The lack of available women ( and a lack of common decency) resulted in many native women being taken as “wives” by white “squawmen”, though these were seldom legal “marriages.”   Some women apparently entered these unions willingly because their families feared  if they remained unmarried and unprotected, “their fate might be worse” [Interview with Josephine Beach, published in Town and Country, G.R. Robbins, July 8, 1933].  Many other women were taken by force.   Frank Asbill, in his unpublished manuscript, The Last of the West, (Unofficial History of Round Valley book)  describes his father’s efforts to capture Native women in Northern Mendocino and Southern Humboldt County to be sold or traded as “wives” to interested  buyers.   Bill Woods, one of Asbill’s partners, caught his own squaw, Clowie, when she was gathering clover with a friend.  Some have doubted the authenticity of Asbill’s  account (which is pretty graphic and awful) , but I did find Clowie with Woods in the census… Asbill also said that another of his father’s partners, Jim Neafus decided to settle down with a squaw “he’d seen… in the valley that had taken his eye” and that this union resulted in “ little Neafuses “    Within months of Carrie’s birth, Lucy was taken as the “wife” of Jose Romero.    Romero was a packer and  an “Indian fighter”.    He was also considered the father of Lucy’s two younger children,   her daughter, Annie, and son, Charles.

      • Wow. Thank you very much MH. Seems to add a bit of clarity.

      • Nice synopsis of a local historical dynamic that undoubtedly happened across the globe since time immemorial, and to all cultures and continents.
        I wonder how the cannabis green rush of the last 40 years will far under historical analysis, when critiqued by the future.
        What are the settlement patterns of Mexicans in modern day covelo in relation to cannabis and distribution?
        What sorts of euphemised slavery and trafficking networks existed in our areas to facilitate the wealth of the grower/owner class?
        Are we just a “Diet Coke” version of the same old colonial pattern of conflict and coexistence based on the ebb and flow of competitive human population drifts?

      • That is all true and undisputed (except the part about the Asbills being the first white people in the valley, that is disputed by some). What does it have to do with these individuals’ choice to murder two people? I have a lot of empathy for the sad future that that community was set up for long ago, having grown up there, but I’m not sure why people bring up things that happened 160-170 years ago in this kind of context. The majority of the people of native heritage in that valley are good people that don’t make those kind of choices. These people acted based on greed and I’m sure they weren’t thinking about what the Asbills did to the Yukis (btw, most natives in the valley are not Yuki).

        • “The majority of the people of native heritage in that valley are good people that don’t make those kind of choices. ”

          Yeah, I think that was his point. Or part of it. It wasn’t that long ago. I’m sure family stories are still raw. Maybe they’re still active in other ways.

    • Great read. Thank you for sharing this information Mendo Historian…

  • Nasty lot! Now that these fine specimens are locked up, will Covelo/Round Valley now be a peaceful, quiet, near utopia?

  • Ahh the evil liberal excuse for societies ills and for attempting to reform prisons to steer away from mass incarceration which leads to many more ills in society than it benefits is an always present blame game in the comment section and I see today is no exception. Remember we’ve had mass incarceration AND the death penalty here in California before and, alas, crimes were still rampant? It’s not the deterrent that we wish it was. The war on drugs has reduced use and crime by nothing, but damaged millions long term and still keeps doing so today. Nobody wants to talk about what actually leads to crime. Poverty, lack of hope and opportunities to better oneself, a lack in stable, safe places to live, enough food and income to survive. THOSE are actually the things that lead to most crimes being committed. And by the way things are looking in this country as we face mass illness, death and poverty just knockin on the door, logic says we haven’t seen nothing yet. But please let’s keep doing the same shit over and over again and avoiding the cause and wonder why things never change and/or get worse.

    • Right on, Beth

    • I’ve done some time. There are prisoners who can be rehabilitated. Mostly drug prisoners but some others. But prison/jail rehab and education programs are not enough. On release I had $0 and no job, no place to live. Nobody would hire me. I ended up back growing weed because…that’s the only job where people hired me! Want rehabilitation? We need to commit to it and give these people a purpose- a job and a shelter and something to have pride in, not a kick to the curb. Sure- many will not make it but a bunch will take that opportunity and pull back up into life. Just my opinion based on what I saw and experienced…

      • Which is which? Hiring a felon is as much a crap shoot as hiring anyone, only with worse odds of success. Actually the best I can think of is a prison system to support a felon while he volunteers at a business. Someone will who gets free labor will be more likely to try it although the liabilty will still be a risk. Frankly part of the penalty for choosing crime is that they will have to work like a dog to overcome the hole they dug for themselves while others were choosing better. There are always unfairnesses for anyone but it is not unreasonable to expect more when a poor history is known.

      • other countries do it much better and are successful.

    • WELL SAID, indeed!!!!

    • Beth, It’s just not that simple. People have to be willing to change. I don’t have the answers. Although, my brother was murdered and I always thought, give the murderer to the family. Unrealistic and simplistic I know. Like I said, I just don’t have the answers. My brothers’s murder was never solved.

      • [edit] I have been incarcerated plenty of times and with every one of these individuals your bad mouthing and not one of them are animals. Of course you all are going to emediatly believe what you read in the paper because that goes to show just how simple minded you all are. From what I remember it’s innocent until proven guilty right. Get your facts strait before you start bashing on someone child. They all have a right to a fair trial and you all should know what the he’ll your talking about and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What if they were your children. What would you be saying on here then? Guarantee you wouldn’t be talking about death penalty’s but your whole train of thought would be completely different. You all are wanting Kadijas death to come to light but what if her family is already at peace. You should want the truth about what happened that night instead of talking about these 6 turning on each other. Come on is there any adults on here? I bet you wouldn’t last a minute in any of there shoes. Grow the fuck up

        • Ha, what nonsense, I suppose you think Wade Harris was a saint

        • Hey Rez, you are right. Don’t call these people animals because that is insulting to animals. And you seriously suggest that K.B.’s mom may be at peace? She pleads constantly for you people to come forward so she can bury her daughter, since apparently all you tough guy tweakers are patting yourselves on the back for protecting the human vomit that killed her. You make me sick. You know what would be brave tough guy? Standing up and putting a stop to your buddies who do nothing but shit on your community and people. Quit being a bootlicker and man up.

        • Your comment wont convince anybody that these people are good people no matter how hard you try. We see there past present and future clearly. But it shows your true colors trying to help murderers.

        • Hey rez , Sounds like you know what happened to kadija. Sounds like you know what happened to kyle as well . You should go tell the sheriff your story .

        • RE: round valley rez ….Well I’m sure most of our children would get out of that shut hole and make something of themselves and be successful in life and have zero thought about kidnapping or killing another human. EYE FOR AN EYE…. But you are right inocent until proven guilty, if you ask me these are just a group of spoiled rotten people that have gotten free money and never had to worry about any responsibility in life they probably got raised to do the same thing to animals so I’m sure it was nothing new to them accept they are white and have two legs! Now that these strange psychopathic people are behind bars maybe there families have a chance to break the chain…. If there are anymore of them. I bet that Asbill doesn’t even know his own family history or he would have left Covelo in shame , and I wonder why the local natives never delt with them in a manner suitable, you know something like maybe kidnap ,torture and kill em’ pretty sure they would have many moons ago if they could have …..I sure hope nobody is proud to call them family,that is no name to be proud of. Stay wholesome and help your folk not hinder them.

        • Well, ya know, this really is just the kind of public outrage you can expect when someone beheads some one else and leaves them by the side of the road.. You couldn’t hope for any other statement to make more of an impact. Maybe your buddies got more of an audience than they intended.

          I hope the sheriffs descend on those who are sociopaths like angry hornets with a rock thrown into their nest.

        • Trust me, her family is not at peace. If you know the truth and where she is why don’t you tell LEO or her family. You say you are from the Rez, stand up and say her name!

        • your right because i would be in their shoes because i have compassion for human life , i hope they get what they deserve , they tortured and killed someone else’s baby , they are animals with no respect for a human life

      • I am an ex felon, and I have lived in covelo. I grew up with theses people. The background that they have was established by their upbringing. How they were raised. If you have never been on the reservation and witnessed the crazy shit that goes on there, then you really wouldn’t know. But I do know. Covelo is beautiful, and can be very dangerous for people who get involved with the wrong things. And covelo has alot of the wrong things. If you really want to know covelo and why these people were murdered, you should find out what kind of shit they were into before you scream for blood. Those victims weren’t innocent. They did some baaaad shit, and got found out by even worse people than them. But, looking at covelo as a whole….. Cartel. Alot of cartel activities. Yeah they pay the people who work for them good enough, but you might as well call covelo the property of the CJNG.

    • Most of this crew are habitual violent criminals with serious recent charges, not someone who got desperate and made a mistake. They are not examples of the system being too carceral, quite the opposite. The system failed Covelo by allowing them to walk free.

    • Like no rich person or one from a good family ever commits a crime. The difference is being surrounded by people who don’t expect good behavior. So stop so stop making excuses for bad behavior. Especially when literally no one “needs” to torture anyone no matter how poor they are.

      • Exactly. Low standards, expectations, and social accountability are more important precursors to crime than is low income. The real poverty in Covelo, an area where people make money hand over fist in the pot industry and have federal subsidy to fall back on, is moral poverty.

  • The Asbill , Azbill name is the same as what Christopher Columbus name is to the finding of America. Before the Asbills came into the Yuki Valley from Eden Valley on May 15, 1854 and killed the first 40 Yuki indians, there has been no peace. Before the Azbills there had been peace and harmony for centuries. After the arrival of the Azbills there has been no peace, instead only violent mayhem stemming from the mass forced relocation of Tribes to round Valley from around the State and the establishment of one of the most bloody reservations in the United States. Round Valley has been a living hell for over 170 years since that fateful day in May 1854.

    • I really doubt that there was a idyllic peace of any permanence before europeans showed up.
      Why do natives all have different languages? Are they not human and prone to the weaknesses we see in all our circles?
      Surely it was a better time before settlement, no question there..
      But I highly doubt the idealized native narrative.
      They are killers too, and they want to be killers.
      European culture just kept records of what we did, that’s all.
      The time of idealizing native Americans is over.
      In a broad sense, It doesn’t really matter who did what to cause the contemporary dynamic to be twisted..
      it just is.
      Colonialism is still happening now in the flesh, and even worse in the ethereal realm of technology…

      Thank you for not breeding

      • Sometimes people naively romanticize indigenous societies as “harmonious” and “peaceful” in ways that ignore the use of violence and coercion within those societies. Violence and exploitation seem to be part of every human group.

        It doesn’t seem accurate, though, to hold that the only difference between “them” and “us” is that “we” wrote down what we did.

        To think that is to ignore the special focus of European colonial empires on never-ending expansion of territorial conquest, material consumption, and accumulation of wealth.

        It seems to me that many people have a hard time really believing that societies other than ours are, and have been, vehicles for living fully realized human lives. No, they didn’t develop the wheel into machines, escapements, and circuit boards. On the other hand, they were able to live in the world without making it uninhabitable for themselves and others.

        Celebrations of “western civilization” typically highlight its obsession with technological development, and portray indigenous societies as primitive because they are seen as lacking it. It’s important to resist this idea, and to remember that “we” are on a path of our (collective) choosing, and not simply prisoners of a human nature that would inevitably create this world no matter what we did.

        Let’s not pretend that “squaw men” and “Indian fighters” didn’t know that, according to their own professed Christianity, enslaving & selling or killing people who’ve done you no wrong, or who justifiably resisted your aggression, is a moral evil. That kind of revisionism is just as bad, maybe worse, as lions-lay-down-with-lambs simplicity about indigenous pacifism.

        • I agree with your comment generally, Mathew.
          I advocate for my presence here on this continent only half heartedly.
          I believe it is true that people have a place and place has a purpose.
          European Americans were meant to be in Europe, not America.
          The same holds true for every other group, traced back to homelands since time immemorial.
          This is why I so fundamentally oppose In theory ANY immigration, wether inter or intra national.
          Wether colonial or occupational.
          It completely upsets established order.
          That’s good news for some, but bad news for people who want to protect their lifestyle and traditions.

          • This had nothing to do with immigration… It has to do with methamphetamines heroine drugs stolen and a horrific upbringing for 5 of these 6. These people were abused since the day they were conceived. So if you have not walked in someone shoes since the day they were born you just don’t know.

      • Read your history and study the history. It is non-important what you think, back your thoughts up with knowledge. The knowledge is out there if you have the time and will to look for it and be resourceful. This entire area had a very good peace among the tribes except for the Wailaki in the Island Mountain Area who few neighbor tribes got along with.

        • Good stuff Mendo Historian, and point taken.
          I would do well to get out of the petty realm of opinion.
          Let me know if you do any work with mentorships or at distance correspondence regarding local history and the settlement era.
          I will check back on this thread to see, thanks

    • You are so very wrong. Yuki means enemy in the language of the other tribe that was actually here as well. The Yuki were never peaceful people [edit] You are bias

  • The Covelo masters of mayhem took a step backwards…..
    Go play bad ass in the penitentiary you rotten fu#$’s


    Covelo is a lawless mess, Sheriff Kendall. It’s a war zone. The November 19 kidnapping and subsequent murders of Traci Bland and Kyle McCartney are only the tip of the iceberg. Mexican cartels are taking over where Native American tribal rivalries left off. The criminal violence will soon be unprecedented.

    So Sheriff Kendall, if your still planning on that big interagency bust with ICE, then you’d better do it now. After Jan. 20th, the Biden Administration won’t allow it.

    The following anonymous letter has been recently making the rounds. I’ll quote it in its entirety.

    _ _ _


    Dear David Eyster:

    The entire county is watching. The citizens of Covelo are frightened. There is only one main paved road in and out of this cursed valley of genocide and death. The kidnapping, torture, and murder of Traci Bland and Kyle McCartney only echoes what has been the “norm” since the 1850’s when the white settlers and the County of Mendocino relocated, then exterminated, the Pomo families who were victims and survivors of the 1850-1870s forced relocation to Covelo, Round Valley.

    Nome Cult Farm and The Rez is our Auschwitz. .

    A little history. There has been bitter family and tribal feuds ever since the 1850s, because many of the tribes who were force-relocated to Round Valley were historic enemies. They were forced to live together on a reservation in lockdown conditions. The Reservation was more like an internment camp where Native American Indians were subjected to cruel punishment, starvation, and no opportunities for education, employment, or self improvement. Genocide, exploitation, and oppression continued into the 1960s in Mendocino County.

    And now? Now there is a Cartel which has moved into Covelo, bringing with them methamphetamine, cocaine, and synthetic opiate and heroine derivatives. And the Cartel is bringing guns, especially assault rifles, and almost all are stolen or smuggled. The weapons being brought into Covelo are arming some of the worst criminal elements, while a new drug epidemic is devastating young people and old people of Round Valley alike.

    Round Valley needs some real law enforcement and not just bullshit eradication efforts aimed at asset forfeiture dollars. The Valley needs some real patrol and investigative work, even a local Sheriffs Substation in Covelo at the Rangers Station.

    Start by serving the warrants for the criminals already wanted in the area.

    The time is now. White powder drugs, synthetic opioids, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, and prostitution are making Covelo a very dangerous place to be. Combine this new criminal activity with poverty demographics and we are facing a looming disaster! A local tragedy will soon become a national scandal.

    Please prosecute these new Cartel gang bangers to the fullest extent of the law. The next generation of Pomo is watching. Round Valley belongs to law-abiding Pomo, not thugs and criminals.



    • I wrote the above open letter to David Eyster, Mendo DA. It has been slighty changed: certainly never claimed that Round Valley belong to the Pomos, ot was and remains “Yuki Proper” but the gist is still there. The Little Lakes (Pomo) from Metumkai (Willits Little Lake Valley) were forced onto the Nome Cult Farm (Round Valley Reservation) and were not allowed back into Willits untill the 1960’s. The arms and automatic weapons have been flowing at a steady pace into Covelo and being traded along with hard drugs from the Cartel players who have taken over Covelo.
      Not only are Covelo People scared and terrified and rightly so, but so are river users. The Eel River along Highway 162, once a treasure for Mendocino County residents and visitors has become a dangerous place to visit and enjoy.
      The people have had enough and we are all fed up!
      Bring in the feds and Federal Marshalls and clean Cursed Meshakai, “tule valley,” as the aboriginal name of Round Valley up. Enough is enough!

    • This has gotten out of hand

      Wasn’t it in Round Valley some young PUNK was busted with a AK47 next to the driver, near the center console..?

      I would not want to live in Round Valley… I had a chance to buy land there along time ago, glad I didn’t.

      Yes, a sheriff substation WOULD be good

  • Oh look, more psychopaths.

  • Pull the reservation back. Property is no longer theirs. They blew it. Comments are correct that Covelo is a meth slum. As an independent sovereign nation, we can take the property back.

    Shame on the Sheriffs for booking these idiots just months prior with same same offenses. Can’t arrest anyone anymore because of Covid. This is what we get.

    • Mendo Historian - Mendo

      Reservation was always theirs and it has already been reduced in size 2 times. In fact the entire Valley had an estimated population of 10,000 people before Frank and Pierce Asbill rode into the Valley in May 1854 and killed 40 Aboriginal Yuki indians on the very first discovery of the Valley, Meshakai, “tule valley,” as the aboriginal name of Round Valley has been a blood bath and cursed valley of death and suffering ever since. Culminating with the Mendocino Trail of Tears, searchable online…. do your homework and learn the local history. Covelo and Round Valley is a lot less bloody and murderous today than 170 years ago.

      • Where can I find this story of the curse? And if the Yuki’s were so peaceful why would they get cursed? And excuse me but it would have gotten cursed when the person who made the curse cursed it

  • Mendo Historian - Mendo

    Attention Kym Kemp!
    Please post the Historical Background posts I made. They are important for people to realize how we ended up in this place today. Thank you Kym.

  • Why is someone that was convicted in sept for assault w a deadly weapon not in jail. Makes no sense and the reporter should ask this question even when f we already know the answer.

  • They all voted for Biden.
    This is the quality(?) of people living in Covelo???? I wouldn’t set foot in Covelo. Between burning down their buildings on a regular basis and the war between the locals and foreigners growing, the only cure for this area is a nuke!!

    • STFU, it’s all legal and tRump lost. Time to sack up and move on.

      • This whole ordeal is an example of what happens when democrats are in power like our state. Wonder why things are getting worse and worse with crime and drugs and our families safety is diminishing. Sanctuary state means illegal criminals from other countries can flock here and stay and feel comfortable to be illegal criminals to do what they want. When do we draw the line ? And thats our beautiful state if California thats looking not so beautiful anymore . They freed all the drugged out zombies and criminals and now theres no death row. Who’s decisions ? Thats the democrats . Get it now people. The feel bad for criminal bullshit has to stop. But the reason history repeats itself is because people forget why we did something before because they haven’t experienced it in a while so they have forgotten why we locked up drug addicts and criminals and use the death penalty. But here we go with the stoking of the memory to remember why we locked up criminals. You remember now dont cha… now just admit if republicans were running this state this would not be going on period. And the reason why the next election definitely will be won by the republican candidate is because democratic boohoo feel sorry for everyone attitude doesn’t do anything but ruin what was built and fixed before. So the unfortunate 78 year old joe biden reminder will be strong, by showing that we need strong republican leaders that stand up not back down and dont give in to the leeches of society. Wether its illegal immigrants or iran or drugged out zombies or habitual criminals, republicans stop this behavior and democrats literally support the oh poor little criminal attitude . Democrats are to blame for the rise in crime . If money is to be spent by government i d say spending money on families safety is most important by locking up criminals for very long sentences. Like the real meaning of punishment remember that word everyone and what it means that word that keeps people from committing more crimes . Maybe theres a democratic candidate that be can tough on crime but help the truly needy people too.

        • Get ur facts together

          Uh maybe none of you actually paid attention but the Obama admin deported more “illegal” immigrants than any other president. His admin wanted to change ICE facilities to govt rather than private prisons. Bidens not going to be any different except that facilities willbe more humane than under trump, like not tricking women into being sterilized at the cost of us taxpayers. Yes thats what trump admin did.
          Im left leaning and i hated his policies, too centric for me!
          Btw your family were immigrants too. Maybe we ought to throw some of your kids into concrete cages since your ancestors were illegal.

        • blah, blah, blah. Has the Republican war on drugs worked Guesty?

          • The war on drugs never stops obviously. But the republicans actually do something to stop it and dont hold the druggies hands and let then commit crimes to feed there habits like democrats. Id make the druggies pay for there rehabilitation housing by work too. Democrats are more blah blah blah boo hoo hoo id say Jay. Republicans are action action action .

    • I doubt they voted. Actually, yeah, they didn’t vote.

    • Use your head THEY CANT VOTE!

    • Please don’t suggest that my family that lives there should be nuked

    • I am always surprised by peoples opinion on Covelo/Round Valley especially after they have moved away from here. Previous community members have the awed asity to verbally run down a community that helped raise them…what the hell is that. Do something, do something for the community that helped raise you. By doing this senseless negative public attack is an utter disregard for your family, and friends still inhibiting this place we call home!
      I’d be willing to bet anything these “Covelo Negativity Spreaders” still refer to this as home….when they are asked where they are from!
      I feel embarrassed for these previous community members to run down a place that I remember being the best place in the world to grow up and have family history! I feel blessed.
      I’ve traveled outside of here enough to know that there are plenty of places that are more dangerous, we just have a MUCH smaller population. The Demographic location that puts us all together in this small valley where family wars still exists.
      All we can do is move forward in the most positive way possible. I beg of everyone not to give up on this very special place, I always keep hope in my heart it can be great again!!!

      I’m trying to deal with one of the loves of my life, my home town, changing so drastically. I have to admit, it’s definitely hard not to pass judgement. For me my judgement is simple: Take care of the land, Take care of our water, grow your own vegetables. Start teaching kids to take care of themselves, the world isn’t going to get any easier. I support all the wonderful people that live here in Round Valley, and I still feel blessed to have been raised here and had the friendships and relationships that have become a part of my soul.
      This is my home and I am proud to live here and I am blessed to live here!

  • Just a giant group of eight meth heads is what I see. It’s too bad people have lost their lives, but folks, this is where the drug life gets you. All of them have lost their souls.

  • Blame it all on trump, you blamed everything else on him

  • you can’t buy reading like this anywhere in the world,,,,, thanks Kym, I can only imagine the shite you delete

  • Drugs, and alcohol is a drug too. This is heartbreaking for society as a whole. Truly Pathetic. Teach your children…addiction is a cunning enemy of life, nobody wins. There is nobody to blame, drugs are the problem, turn away from evil

  • Free lunch matters

    I’d have my favorite handyman build a gallows for 6.

  • Shaking My Head In Dismay

    THESE ARE CAREER CRIMINALS. I shake my head in dismay at the state Judicial Council “catch & release” covid book & release ORDER… There should be a “golden fuckup”award created for that body of regulators.

    The “pot scene” is NOT well regulated… and cops would rather target places for asset forfeiture than clear out the cartel & gang bangers…

    This is NOT a Democrat vs Republic issue, so folks in this topic STOP making it so, you’re are just barking to make noise.

    Because the pot scene is not “well regulated”, and state & county govt has fucked the small mom & pop growers with outragious taxes, fees, and reg’s, and as such it opened the door for well funded criminals to come in with fast buck schemes to HIDE amongst the legit growers, and they’ll grow a bunch & play the odds, and then move on… just 1 or 2 good mega crop years and the gang bangers have a pile of pot to sell to their “clients” and they make big bucks… and the money IS addicting…

    MendoLand was never like this… this has been building up… Are we are the frog in the gradually warming water, until it’s too hot to jump out…?

    Maybe CalTrans can install traffic cameras to monitor Hwy 162… and start a MASSIVE local security cam campaign… thugs don’t like their pictures being taken.

    Get off the politcal soapboxes folks… that garners no actual solution…

  • Population of 1100+ in Covelo proper. Probably similar amount in the surrounding hills. Over half of the 911 calls for service in Mendo come from Covelo. Mendocino Counties’ entire population is under 90,000.
    As kids pretty certain none of these thugs n thuggettes had any normal parental guidance. Then consider they are all parents who will never be parents. Probably never have been. Have recently had a few come forward talking about how the 9, 10, 11 year old boys were raping and forcing their 5 year old COUSIN to suck their [email protected]☆&s. CPS closed the case due to lack of evidence. Does a 5 year old make this stuff up? NO they saw or experienced something to know. Tragic ass terrible never ending bullshit. Come on wake the hell up. Its not ok to be so out to lunch and support this dismal destruction of your community. Then pretend nothing happens. Ugh. So… KEEP TALKING. BRING KHADIJAH HOME TOO. THE REWARD FUNDS ARE WAITING FOR YOU. The key players in that are safely tucked away in the.whoscow. Now is the time to sing.
    Let Connie have some peace in her soul. It is time.

    • Thanks, Mamma, well said. Years ago a friend did a study on incest and sexual abuse on the rez, the percentage was horrifying. That’s gotta be addressed for any real change to occur. Good kids get pulled in by force, lose their self-respect and turn to drugs and the gangsta life. I live in RV and have personally known two men who’ve openly had children by their daughters. Sweet Jesus.
      You can’t make this shit up.

    • You know what that comment totally discusted me, but I did appreciate hearing the truth.
      It sickens me that CPS can be called on a vicious personnel attack, that I know about that was bullshit, a waste of time and funds all for no reason but personal vendetta!
      Meanwhile this other shit gets tossed out/ignored…. No attention paid! That is F…ing messed up. Do your job CPS and EQUA!!!

    • Word has it she is in a barrel on the Hopland Res

  • They torture murdered these two for what, a few thousand dollars? They could have been more successful forcing them to work full time at McD’s for a few months then taking the paychecks. Pretty sad.

  • Jaquina gonna bankrupt the prison system with her dietary requirements

    Figure about 42,000 calories a day?

  • They all look like tweeked out deliverance types

  • Killing for Land in Early California: Indian Blood at Round Valley , Yanks in the Redwoods, Genocide and vendetta by Lynwood Carranco,

    Nome Cult Trail
    The Mendocino War The Mendocino War of 1859-1860
    Testimony Taken Before the Joint Special Committee of the Mendocino Indian War /Majority and Minority Report
    The River Stops Here
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    An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873
    The Lamar Series in Western History
    Author Benjamin Madley,
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    Round Valley Settler Massacres of 1856–1859–1859
    Families: A Pictorial History of Round Valley 1864-1938 –

    History of Mendocino and Lake Counties, California: A. Carpenter 1914

    Mendocino County Remembered: An Oral History

    Indian Tears Along the Mad River: The Story of the Destruction of Northern California
    The Destruction of California Indians: A Collection of Documents by Robert Heizer 1993

    We Were All Like Migrant Workers Here: Work, Community, and Memory on California’s Round Valley Reservation, 1850-1941
    Front Cover
    William J. Bauer Jr.
    Univ of North Carolina Press, Dec 15, 2009 –
    As well as numerous Newspaper Articles Available from the California News Paper Archive :——186-en–20–1–txt-txIN-Mendocino+reservation——-1
    Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 18, Number 2747, 16 January 1860


    On Friday the member of Assembly from Mendocino, J. B. Lamar. introduced a bill for organizing and equipping a company of fifty volunteers to serve against the Indians in Humboldt and Mendocino counties, the campaign to last ninety days. We printed the bill in full among our Assembly proceedings of the above date ; also, the discussion which ensued on a motion of the author to refer it to a Special Committee, to report within twenty-four hours. The subject has assumed some interest from the exertions made by the Mendocino Representative to carry the measure through at rather a brisker pace than the usual legislative gait. The bill was referred to a Special Committee, with instructions to report the next day (Saturday). On Saturday the subject took a new interest from a special message sent into the House by the retiring Governor, Latham. The communication approves the plan embraced in the bill referred to, and in support of its conclusions submits a bundle of documents relating to the Indian troubles in Mendocino county which appear to have covered nearly half the term of office of his Gubernatorial predecessor. A

    glance at the contents of these documents, in the order in which they are filed, will no doubt prove acceptable to those members of the Legislature and readers of our paper who have made up their minds to watch a little more closely, hereafter, the process by which our Indiun wars are manufactured.

    The first information filed in the Executive office of the bad conduct of the Mendocino Indiaus is in the nature of a petition from the inhabitants of that district, sent to the capital early last Spring. The signers ask for military aid and protection against unruly Indians in the northern part of the county. A copy of tt letter follows, addressed by Governor Weller to Genoa! Clarke, Commander of the Pacific division, in which he asks the condition, number and character of the United States military posts in Meudocino county. This letter is dated April 29th; no reply accompanies.

    A petition of the citizens of Nome Cult valley, signed June lsth, complains of the depredations

    of the Indians and of the ineffectual conduct of the United States troops under Major Johnson to repress the evil. They ask the raising of a volunteer company. The petition is signed by forty-one citizens. A copy of an agreement, signed by sixteen men, dated Eden valley , July 11th, electing W. S. Jarboe as their Captain to co-operate against the Indians of that vicinity, accompanies it. An extract from a report of the Grand Jury of Mendocino county at their August term, complains of the inefficiency of protection furnished by Act of 1850, granting jurisdiction and limited powers to Justices of the Peace over the Indians in their townships ; states that there are from 8,000 to 12,000 Indians

    in Mendocino county, aud notwithstanding that one reservation and several stations are maintained at great annual expense to the State, within the county limits, the inhabi tants are unable to prevent the loss of stock and other property from the thieving propensities of thousands of miserable Indians who roam half starved over the conntrv. It recommends that

    the Senators and Representatives from that district urge upon the Legislature the adoption of some adequate remedy for these evils. This

    extract is transmitted by ex-Judge S. C. Hastings, who writes a letter dated Cloverdale, Oct. 6th, in which he mentions a petition of county officers for the increase of Jarboe’s Volunteers, then in service against the Indians. Also, ceinmends Jarboe’s achievements and his efficiency as Captain, concluding as follows :

    The truth is, Jarboe is the only man who can command the volunteers; for if you drop him one hundred captains will spring up (all brave).

    Rather a novel reason, this, for his preferment. The petition referred to accompanies the documents, and is signed by W. Henry, County Judge; J. B. Price, Sheriff; J. W. Morris, Treasurer, and S. Canning Smith, County Clerk. This petition was forwarded with a letter from J. B. Lamar (present Representative), dated Ukiah, Oct. 6th, and which, after referring to the Indian depredations in the vicinity of Long valley, aud the necessity of keeping a military company ou their tracks, goes on to say : “I think that so long as a military organization is necessary in that region that no more suitable person could have command of the company [than Captain Jarboe”). He has already encountered many dangers and endured many hardships, aud last but not least [brought all his men to the polls and voted the straight Democratic ticket]. So far as my indorsement goes, it is for his bravery and efficiency, [and Democracy.”] The portion inclosed in brackets appear in the original letter, but is erased in the copy. As it is a part of the history of the war, justice to posterity as well as ” Democracy ” requires that it shall be preserved. Under the date of Sept. 28th appears the copy of a petition signed by twenty-six citizens of Long valley, asking Governor Weller to increase the number of men in Jarboe’s command. Per contra, a document signed C. H. Veeder, dated Calpella, 3d October, informs Governor Weller that the acts of certain white men in the valley are enough to bring on an Indian war. Does not doubt but that portions of the tribe in the northern part of the county are mischievously disposed, and require looking after ; but thinks the excitement and talk of an Indian war, and the killing of Indian* there going on, a great outrage. The United States troops, the writer says, are powerless to check the depredations of the evil disposed. About the same date is a letter from the County Judge, certifying to the Governor the necessity of an increase of the volunteer force.

    • What is yours goin? Your seriously getting on my nerves why do you think if you keep pulling up the history that it will change something shut up there is no excuse at all not even history. The past is the past and you are why it continues. Because people like you give them permission to predjudiced and other people and do drugs and commit crimes. It’s like you who make it continue. They won’t let go of the past because of people like you. The whole world has has been through worse!! Boo hoo. Look what the Germans did to the Jews. Look around it happens to all of us. I’ve been here my whole life and I’ve suffered I’ve been a victim of their hate. I’ve never done anything to anyone yet I suffer. Just shut up and quit giving excuses. We live all together now ok it’s the past. Why do I have to suffer for something I or anyone in my ancestry have not done

  • Okay…so now what? How do we fix today? How do we live today? None of those earlier writings had to consider meth addiction, felony behaviors and social media. Way different world. Apples n oranges mix well in fruit salad but other places not so much. Step into 2020 and lets get this RESOLVED. They say if we do not remember history we are doomed to repeat it. Well how long do we stir the pot. How long do we travel worn roads? It is time for a new FREEWAY!!!

    • First step would be to pick up the wanted fruit from the ground which is spoiling the rest of the fruit. Plenty of outstanding arrest warrants which are outstanding right now, serve arrest and search warrants already posted to begin cleaning up, put in a Round Valley Substation request and seek grants from Bureau of Indian Affairs, Tribal Monies, and State and Federal Grant sources. The County has good grant writers, they are understaffed and underutilized, one $80,000 dollar position could bring in $5mill or more a year.
      Next is community outreach and social work, they county should be focusing its crime solving resources in areas like Covelo where therr is a large increase in Violent Crimes per Capita and leave the neighbprhoods with less violent crime alone. Its called prioritization of violent criminals. Covelo contains over 3/4 of the Violent crimes yet they have traditionally been the forgotten stepchild, left way out in the Middle of nowhere with no possessions, no resources and no opportunity and no safety, sanity or protection from Violent thugs, this has been the norm since the 1850s, Covelo was never ever domesticated.

  • Whats crazy about this is everyone has so much to say about everything and how other people should be and how they should speak up on certain events but why can’t they put their real name. Stand behind what your saying. Do as you say….come on right. nothing to be scared of..right. and if you haven’t lived life as a Native then your opinion is not even needed because you have no empathy or understanding what so ever for the life we live….as far as people who have been murdered with no one held responsible i believe most of us are falling victim to our history..we are killing eachother off like foolish people. We are doing the work for them no need to blame anyone else but ourselves. If we all could ever manage to understand its us verses the problem not us against eachother…without that understanding we are left right where we were to begin with… thats the difference between being a survivor and a victim. We are at war with ourselves and its time to teach our people different…. its called healing .letting go. Getting to the other side. Being at peace. It will never happen until we all are on the same page….we are making our culture look like some hateful hurtful lost souls . We should have each others back not be the cause of majority of our own peoples deaths….and as we all know every death leads back close to home….what does that tell you….we are victims of what has happend to us and our history….

    • Can’t expect Natives to act different from any other humans (unless culture is still intact and/or other good conditions then there is a chance for some distinction). Most severely oppressed, victims of genocide etc. end up taking it out on one another because they are exhausted, depleted…nowhere for the anger and hurt to go..can’t travel far..have no place else to be, no influence, live in grief and fear; or they travel and conquer others…continue the cycle not unlike the “Pilgrims” did – some were just crazy ambitious but most we fleeing persecution, oppression etc. Sure some who haven’t been all that victimized use it as an excuse, true of any group of people anywhere and even then there is some social-psychological reason for it cause most people would just rather have a good life than have an excuse for a bad one. Most are suffering from so many layers of cultural, social and internalized pain that good luck untangling it all. As soon as we start to realize how fragile we are as a species perhaps we’ll see too both our physical and social ecosystems need a lot of TLC.

  • fuck covelo! Stupid wickid evil ass fucks! Rape torture and murder is the town mo. If you go to covering bring a fuckin gun period. Even if your a felon. White people ain’t the ones killing its the fuckin Indians doin all the killing. We need more police in covelo. Actually covelo deserves to have a fuckin military presence permanently. The fuckin Lincoln and brittons steady rapin and killing the other family’s daughters for 20 years… wtf? The shits not ok or normal. Somebody needs to put a stop to that shit.

    • @FUCKCOVELO who ever you I think you are so wrong who do all the mass shooting white people not only the Native American do all the thing you say white people and every other race out there do horrible things like that the world is full of evil people so please don’t just blame one race every color out there “Rape torture and murder” as you say

  • It’s very clear that whatever happened here was all over drugs because both the deceased and the aggressors look to spun the fuck out it’s just a disgusting site all of them….

  • Not sure I want to know and haven’t seen anywhere what “Torture” and “Great bodily harm” was done other than obviously the murder

  • Please post my edited version

    Im not from Round Valley and havent lived in Mendocino County since i was a child. This is a scary thought that places like this are real. My last name is Bland and Traci was my cousin. Traci, Kyle and all the other victims deserve justice. My family is suffering kyles family is suffering. My heart goes out to the mother who is left with the uncertainty of what happened too or the where abouts Of her child. I pray that someone who knows what happened grows some balls and speaks up. And anyone who defends these shit bags and trys yo justify their doings…well youre just as guilty as they are…Round valley needs Jesus…

  • I arrived in Covelo 46 years ago a few days after I turned 16. I met a man in SF whose sister lived there on what the locals called the hippie ranch. The Haight had turned from peace, love and pot to hard drugs and crazies. Lots of people had left SF looking for their dream of country living. Even the trust fund baby’s Mom & Pop pot farms hadn’t arrived. There was a handful of people trying to grow some for their own use. The main employment was the school system, logging, the forest service a few shops and cattle ranching. The school were integrated in 61′.
    The Indian community had a health center that was available to everyone. The nearest hospital is over an hour away. The road into the valley was paved around the same time. Chainsaws were revolutionizing the logging industry. There was some use of speed type drugs by the truck drivers hauling logs.
    Most Indian kids didn’t graduate high school so the 8th grade graduation was a big deal. Over the years there were notable exceptions kids that made it to Harvard. The kids often had babies quite young and would hand them over to the grandparents to raise. This worked out OK until the scourge of hard drugs fueled by the pot $$$ hit the valley it started with coke that quickly became meth and later heroine too. No one was left to raise a lot of the babies & kids.
    Covelo was a Siberia for Mendocino County’s bad cops. For the most part they were young, partied too much, coerced underage girls into sex. There was some blackmail. Check to see how Covelo lost their resident cops after they beat up a good Indian kid and brother half to death. The cop was found to be drunk and newspapers from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Ukiah, Anderson Valley and Willits revealed the terrible state of policing in Round Valley. The family collected a million dollars from Mendocino County The averted their eyes as area ranchers found a plant that was easy to grow as Grandma’s tomatoes worth the price of a market ready steer. They could & did sell the same piece of land to some long hairs, turn them in & keep their down payment and sell it again. They’d even show them where the springs were. The Mom & Pop grows started to hire Mexican citizens to lessen their liability. Then the cartels found it easier to grow pot and make their meth here . No borders to deal with. Rumor is like sex traffickers they were kidnapped and coerced into working these grows. I use the term Indian because long ago that is how “The People” referred to themselves. Now it is Native American or Indigenous or the First People. They are being offered money to use their land and sometimes they take it. I was fascinated as I have some Native blood all from the East Coast and way back. The church has saved some people from drugs. Perhaps the legal system has helped some others. Arresting some of these bad people would help. I don’t think the cops really want to go up against a bunch of machine guns. I can’t say I blame them. The feral packs of dogs have gotten so bad the health department came up to give away bear spray. If you want to contact me leave your email…

  • Old Britton looks like somebody dug up an old Neanderthal Man.

  • This makes me sad for the people of Covelo. I was born there. We had to leave when my sister died, we (kids) had asthma and my sister passed from pneumonia asthma. My parents loved it there. I’m in Alaska and one day would like to go back, again. I went back once, drove around, loved it there. I have so many good stories that my dad told me, when I was older, about his memories of Covelo, the Eel river, Salmon and Steelhead, deer, a cougar, coyotes, the fields, the orange poppies in the spring. I have such images in my mind of such a beautiful place. I really didn’t know anyone because I was little. Take care Covelo folks.

  • I was reading the above post. We lived there before the paved road. I remember the old logging road and going on “adventures” in my dad’s old jeep truck. It’s name was “You old Jerk.” Funny.

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