Man Says He Was Cleaning a Marijuana Grow When He Found a Firearm and Accidentally Shot Himself in the Leg

Gunshot Victim featureOn Thanksgiving Day about 8:48 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department received word that a man with a gunshot wound was being taken by his father in a private vehicle down Alderpoint Road to the Jerold Phelps Community Hospital. According to a report over the scanner at the time, the son had accidentally shot himself in the leg.

According to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department, deputies then responded to the hospital.

“The victim, a 20-year-old male, told deputies that he was cleaning a property somewhere in Southern Humboldt when he discovered a firearm,” she explained. “While handling the firearm, the gun reportedly accidentally discharged, striking the victim in the leg.”

According to Karges, “[T]he victim told us that he was cleaning a former marijuana grow [when the accident occurred] and it took about an hour or more to get to the hospital.”

She said the victim was unable to give an exact location of where the marijuana grow was located.

When asked to explain the situation in more depth, Karges added, “Clearly there are some holes to the story, but we are only able to do so much when we have uncooperative victims and witnesses. Of course, if anyone has information indicating that this was not accidental, they are encouraged to call us.”

Karges reassured us, “The victim is expected to survive his injuries.” She added that the case is still under investigation.



  • … And his leg.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week, tip your waitress.

  • You don’t want to go to Phelps.

    • Mostly, what happens to GSW patients at JPH, is they die…

      Lucky it hit an extremity, hope you don’t lose your limb. Glad you didn’t shoot yourself in the head!

      Get ye to a real hospital, ASAP! Good luck!

      Like I said, mixing marijuana with dangerous tools is kinda inadvisable…

      • Without a tourniquet extremity wounds cause many annual deaths. You hit an artery and many times you are past the point of no return in 1-2 minutes. You’ll live much longer with a bullet hole through your collapsed lung until tension pneumothorax takes hold.

        • Agree, and a GSW is a good thing to not have under any conditions…

          Guns are dangerous in the hands of the “not careful”, and I wonder about this guy’s story, as much as I wonder about all stories told in SoHum to LEOS…

          I did witness the victim of a GSW at JPH, gut-shot with a tiny automatic pistol, the patient bled all over the ER, was transferred to Redwood, eventually discharged with the bullet removed, and later died from the incurable infection in the gut.

          Bullets are unpredictable, can kill now or later, and guns are a crude tool to rely upon, if personal safety is desired.

          I no longer feel competent to own firearms, and once negligently discharged a Glock 19 that I thought was cleared, seriously injuring my desk and scaring myself into only owning single action pistols, which I eventually disposed of completely.

          Guns are not for the intoxicated, the unindoctrinated, persons who refuse to practice safety, or for persons who think they can’t be hurt by their tools.

          • Yes it sounds like you shouldn’t own one, thank you for realizing that! Always treat a firearm as if it’s loaded even if you “know it’s cleared” I have carried a glock 19 for 20 years never once had an issue.

            • The Glock 19 is perfectly safe, with no round in the chamber!

              I feel most comfortable with my High Standard .22, which is over 40 years old and for which I own no bullets. I do still have an S&W CS-9, somewhere, could probably find the magazine in 10 minutes or so, and I think there’s a half-cup of hollow points, uh, in the garage…

  • Got to love it! Can’t tell you how to get to the garden or where the garden is at but he is there cleaning it up! LOL LOL LOL. Made my morning

  • Never, never let your gun, pointed be, at any one. Not an accidental discharge, as there is no such animal, it was a NEGLIGENT discharge! Keep your boogerhook off the bangswitch, numbnuts…

    • This is a prime example of how young people need to be educated about proper handling of firearms. I learned the four rules in boy scouts when I was six, have yet to injure myself or anyone else (knocks on wood). Hope that young man recovers quickly and learns his lesson.

      • I got a smack on the head as a kid if I ever swung the gun in the direction of anyone by accident. When you learn that as a kid it stays with you. If more young people were taught to respect guns and use them correctly, there would be less fascination with high powered automatic guns, I think. And less problems with guns in our society, maybe.

    • OMG, I learned two new words today!
      Boogerhook and bangswitch.

  • King of Staten Island

    “I fell into a thorn bush!”

  • Boogerhook is my new favorite word

  • 🕯🌳Got stop smoking what you grow or stop covering for the people trying to rob you.🖖🖖

  • Puff puff pass. No wonder every time a recount is done more votes for biden our found. Some body else has been mysteriously shot in the leg to. Talk about a stolen system.

  • Maybe he did get shot by someone else. And instead of rely on shitty cops to help him find the person he’s gonna take care of it himself. Or he’s just an idiot. Both are very likely.

  • Rest assured he is on medi cal because he doesn’t declare his income ,doesnt pay taxes, pleads poverty and doesnt pay for his own healthcare. The reason healthcare is so terrible up here is because no one pays . Everyone is scamming medi cal.

  • “Guns” do not accidentally discharge.
    “Negligent people” accidentally discharge a gun.

    • When I was growing up, around & with guns in general, Gun Control was hitting what you’re trying to aim at & NOT SHOOTING YOURSELF with the damned thing

  • I was always worried about leaving my scene during Thanksgiving. I heard of guy who got cleaned out while having turkey away. Sounds like this kid thought he was going to clean up someone else’s grow and got shot in the leg instead 🤣

  • I always clean my former marijuana scenes at night after a coma induced Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully Dad was a hop, skip and a jump away.

  • He wasn’t cleaning nothing he was there to rip it off and they shot him…period.

    • Well Expect a lot more of this then, if you think about it legal grows are the perfect targets, you can get way more than a bank job at a 100th of the risk, I don’t want to get to into it and give any pointers but think about it for a min. Remote, soft targets with a hi probably of large amounts of # or money and minimal security if any, especially if someone has already worked there in the past and trust me someone has unless it’s under 5000 sq ft and that’s being generous.

    • Do you have direct knowledge? Or are you speculating?

    • Ahhh! I get it. Cleaning up like Wade Harris helped clean….got it!

  • Guest is exactly right about ripping a grow vs robbing a bank. Rob a bank and you get on the FBI shit list but rob a pot farm? As long as nobody gets hurt it’s local law only and they are mighty busy already.

    In “the good ol’ days” the victims couldn’t go to the cops for fear of being busted themselves so it was a slam -dunk. Especially since so many of the potential victims were pretty peaceable folks and their crop was off hidden in the woods.

    • On the other hand some “peaceful” people hated rip-offs so bad they were able to muster up enough gumption to kill them. Many rip-offs are buried in these hills. And maybe one drunken night it was leaked to the neighbor what happened. And maybe that neighbor thanked that enforcer for looking out for the neighborhood, insisting his lips were forever sealed and insisting he never wanted to know where the grave was. And then maybe that neighbor forever paid tribute to that guy…for keeping the neighborhood safe and protected. Maybe an altered tale of the event made it out as a cautionary story for would-be rip-offs -should they ever think of setting foot in that neighborhood again…Many may go out to rip but few return

  • Negligent people negligently discharge their weapon, guns do NOT go bang by their lonesome! (except for an 870 Rem 12 gauge with a worn sear we called “Hairy”)

  • Boogerhook and Bangswitch! hahahahaHAAAAAAAA

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