17 New Cases Reported Today; State Assigns Humboldt County to Purple Tier; Limited Stay at Home Order Takes Effect Thursday

Press release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

Covid purple Tier

A total of 801 county residents have tested positive for COVID-19, after 17 new cases were reported today. A previously reported hospitalization was removed after it was determined the individual had not been admitted to the hospital.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) today assigned Humboldt County to the widespread or “Purple” tier under the state’s “Blueprint for a Safer Economy.” According to CDPH, the county’s positivity rate and adjusted case rate are 2.3% and 6.1 respectively, which would place the county in the red tier. However, the state chose to assign Humboldt County to the purple tier due to concern over the recent acceleration in local COVID-19 activity and newer data showing a case count over 7.0.

In the purple tier, various industry sectors will be required to reduce capacity, move outdoor or cease operations until COVID-19 transmission declines. Some of the state’s requirements include:

  • Bars, Breweries and Distilleries – Closed.
  • Wineries – Open outdoors only.
  • Family Entertainment Centers – Open outdoors only.
  • Retail – Open indoors at maximum 25% capacity.
  • Shopping Centers, Malls, Swap Meets – Open indoors at maximum 25% capacity; Close common areas; Close food courts.
  • Museums, Zoos and Aquariums – Open outdoors only.
  • Places of Worship – Open outdoors only.
  • Movie Theaters – Open outdoors only.
  • Hotels and Lodging – Close indoor pools, hot tubs, spa facilities and fitness centers.
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers – Open outdoors only.
  • Restaurants – Open outdoors only.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich said these changes are a response to a very concerning increase in local transmission of COVID-19. “We all have to take action to slow the spread of this virus, which will allow us to move into a less restrictive tier and still protect each other and our health care system capacity,” she said.

Now that Humboldt County is in the purple tier, the state’s Limited Stay at Home Order will take effect locally on Thursday at 10 p.m.* Wednesday. This order requires residents to refrain from gathering with non-household members and stop any non-essential activities between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Members of the same household may leave their home during this time as long as they do not interact with other households, and activities related to “the operation, maintenance, or usage of critical infrastructure” are exempt, according to the state’s order.

Read state requirements under the purple tier at

Read the state’s Limited Stay at Home Order at

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit cdc.gov or cdph.ca.gov. Local information is available at humboldtgov.org or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.
Humboldt County COVID-19 Data Dashboard: humboldtgov.org/dashboard,
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*Corrected to reflect that the state’s Limited Stay at Home Order takes effect locally at 10 p.m. on Thursday. The Joint Information Center regrets the error.



  • Get used to it folks. Life is now a privilage. The rich buy their freedumb passes just like newsome. We gotta destroy the world we know in order to save it. And bring forth the new one of course. Godspeed and goodluck.

  • 🕯🌳This should make a lot of people on this blog happy after months of telling people it’s fake or a conspiracy or don’t wear a mask it doesn’t do anything you got want you want for a second time. Be happy. 🖖🖖

  • 🕯🌳And also get use to the fact that both sides of the issue are tried of being lockdown so by one sides negligence the new breed of snitches will emerge. 👁👁🤔

  • Try not to have a tubular Thanksgiving please

    It’s crazy to think someone would go for a haircut or to get a massage or get their nails done right now. Crazy I tell ya, crazy. But the bars are closed where you could literally be 20 feet away from anyone.

  • Our bubble appears to have been burst. Or as Billy Baker would say “shit just got real”. This is what it’s been like for the past few weeks everywhere else, and now here.

    It’s too late to stop the inevitable. The wave was coming no matter what, and right on time for Thanksgiving.

    • The good thing is that even though we hate lockdowns, they do work. Countries in Europe that went into lockdown two weeks ago have cut their numbers by 70% and are now coming out of lockdown. Lets hope it goes like that here and not a prolonged lockdown like last spring.

  • Were in the red tier, but the state decided to change us to the purple tier? Manipulation much? Such a joke. What’s the purpose of complying if they just change the rules when they feel like it.

  • I’d like to start by saying thanks to all the folks who made this Purple possible:

    — those who refused to take this seriously because a moronic “Leader” told them not to.
    — those who claim not wearing a mask is a Constitutional right (it isn’t).
    — those who said it’s only the elderly who are going to die so they can’t be bothered.
    — those who won’t enforce simple health mandates because they didn’t make them (that means you Honsal, amongst others).
    — those who steadfastly maintain it’s a hoax, or a scam, or a conspiracy by liberals to convert everyone to communism (there’s stupid and then there’s utterly moronic which includes these folks).
    — those snowflakes who fear that doing simple things to protect others will somehow weaken themselves.
    — those who feel like suggestions for masks and distancing and reducing travel are “for other people” and continue on with their vacations and gatherings.
    — those who feel like their religion demands that they gather together to spread the virus.
    — those who feel like having a family reunion or a wedding right now is more important than protecting the participants and folks they come in contact with from infection.
    — those who think a motorcycle rally with open bars and no mask requirements in the middle of virus outbreak was a good idea.
    — those who think killing only 2% of the people infected means it isn’t worth their time to wear a mask.
    — those who think this is only the flu and since we don’t do anything for that (we do, called vaccines), we shouldn’t do anything for this.
    — those who dig up and distort science studies or outdated quotes to support not doing simple things to limit the spread.
    — and let’s not forget those who think doing anything at all to limit the spread is an attack on their personal freedom and the American way of life despite a quarter of a million Americans dead from the virus already and what looks like 1000 to 2000 a day for the next couple of months at least.

    For all of you, you can thank yourselves for ending up where we are today.

    The rest of you who have been doing all of the simple things and dealing with all of the asshats listed above for the last 9 months have my actual thanks. It’s not worth anything and you’ll have to keep it up (both the simple things and dealing with the asshats) but you genuinely do have my thanks for this Thanksgiving. At least I’m still here to see it. So far.

    • Right there with you…

      • I am going to continue to not wear a mask.
        Neither is my friends or my family going to wear a mask.

        Truth is, we dont care at all about the rest of you that are scared.
        Im my perspective this is all total BS, and is a fake pandemic, its not a threat to any of us.

        Therefore people like myself will continue to disobey all of these rules, anyone who doesnt like it is welcomed to try and stop me and will fail miserably.

        Turns out i am in control, i have freedom and nothing you say or do can stop me.

        I will continue to do everything as normal and none of these fake covid rules will stop me.


        Have fun being scared of nothing!

        99.8% recovery rate!

        • Shouldn’t we remove our masks after surviving covid? Should there be fear of social stigma? I don’t know just how to say it, but wearing a mask just because of being “cowed” stinks.

    • Things that make you go hmm...


    • 👍👍👍👍👍

    • Lets not forget all the people that may die because the hospitals are filled up and they are not able to get immediate care that they may need. People with diseases, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, accidents, etc.

      Over 2,000 people will have died in the last 24 hours of Covid-19, when the clock strikes midnight tonight! Do the right things so we can turn this around!

      • life will go on regardless of lock downs or masks or not. Hiding in fear is not life.

        • Except, you know, for all those people for whom life doesn’t go on. 266,000 and counting.

        • It seems to me like the people that are denying that this pandemic is real and won’t acknowledge there are things we can do to try to keep each other from being infected, are actually the ones living in fear. They just won’t believe it! They just can’t go there.

          • Bfase- Your right, It’s not my job or my fault, it’s my opinion. And we all know I’m entitled to that. No one needs to be censored on a open blog. You have spread around plenty of your beliefs this evening. Your job is not to go around and correct everyone else.

      • People are dying for fear of going to the hospital when they should because they might become infected. Suicide rates are up too. Overdoses, delayed cancer screenings, domestic violence, etc. Lockdowns or even obsessing over covid-19 has its deaths and debiliations too. There is such a thing as keeping a moderate view that actions, no actions and reactions all have their associated problems.

        • Don’t forget that we have “only” as many covid deaths as we do because lockdowns have slowed the spread to where hospitals usually aren’t overloaded, bought us time to develop new treatments and find drugs that reduce deaths, and so forth.

    • Cy, pointing fingers at this point is meaningless IMO. Whats done is done, and for those who were one of the people listed they probably dont care anyway, which was always the problem.

      We deal with the situation as is is the best we can do. We are going to see what the rest of the world has been going through and we need as much positivity as we can squeeze out of the batteries to get us through it. I’m going out on a limb to say that the strain has mutated again and become more infectious. God help us if it also became more lethal like D614G.

    • “You’re either with us or you’re against us.” -GHW Bush

    • Yeah cause we’re all so lucky to have a corrupt inept socialist government take over. liberals can’t even run their own states maybe you should look at your own fearless ca leader who allows edd to send millions in unemployment benefits to death row in mates like Scott Peterson etc. you socialists are disgusting. #stopthesteal

      • Our governor is not personally responsible for processing unemployment claims. That a small number of claims were fraudulent is to be expected with how many claims were filed providing a good opportunity to slip them in. 22 people are currently being prosecuted for filing fraudulent claims for prisoners… because the law is catching up.

        How are “liberals” not running the state?

        The most corrupt and inept government I’ve seen in a long time has been for the last four years, and is currently totally failing to steal another four.

        • Well you are right about one thing, the last four years of government has been the most corrupt, but that’s always the case. Every four years. With out fail.

    • No blame on China in your rant? weird! Considering blame should be put 100% on them.

    • 💯
      Well said , well said Cy Anse

    • Cy Anse,


    • I’d like to start by saying thanks to all the folks who made this Purple possible:

      those who are members of the covid cult, invariably liberals, who cheer on these devastating lock downs

      those who elect democrats and embrace authoritarianism

      those who would gladly steal my rights at the point of a government gun

      those who are too stupid to even know what liberty means

      those who point fingers at those of us that recognize “the science” on masks DOES NOT recognize their efficacy


      those who ignore the places that didn’t impose strict lockdowns and ultimately suffered no worse


      those who are so fucking busy moralizing that they are too lazy to evaluate data that doesn’t support their view, yet they swear they’re right (invariably liberals)

      those who act like shutting down the country doesn’t have a cost, doesn’t kill people

      those who act as if it was just as simple as wearing masks and everything would have been fine, DESPITE THE EVIDENCE to the contrary in places with the most draconian mask mandates and lockdowns, WHO ARE ALSO SEEING SPIKES! Virus gonna virus dumbasses!

      For all of you, you can thank yourselves. Your intellectual laziness and lack of a spinal cord is how we wound up where we are today.

      The rest of you, 1911, Ullr, end of story and countless others have my actual thanks for tirelessly attempting, although in vain, to enlighten the asshats listed above. We are still a kind of free country, at least for now

      • Psst, you should also point out that the 2 percent is ten times over exaggerated. Kinda takes away from someone calling people morons when they don’t even know numbers.

      • There’s increasing amounts of data from reliable sources showing that masks work. There’s even data from multiple entirely unrelated methodologies, including animal studies, not just observations of human populations.

        I don’t think anyone cheers on lockdowns.

        Is it authoritarianism to tell you not to drink and drive? To not randomly discharge your firearm in a populated area? To not dump toxic waste in city sewers? To tell you to take precautions not to spread a deadly disease?

        Everyone knows shutdowns have a cost. That cost is a lot less than hundreds of thousands or millions of lives.

        You seem to be assuming that causation and correlation are both the same and only go one direction. Have you considered the possibility that places with the strongest lockdowns and mask requirements are doing it reactively to increasing cases? You know, like how we’re now moving to purple, with increased requirements, directly because of increasing cases? Saying that the strongest restrictions don’t work because they have high case rates is utterly nonsensical when you consider that the restrictions are implemented after the case rates.

        How about the countries that implemented strict lockdowns promptly and avoided widespread infection?

        How about those people who are so fucking busy moralizing about their freedom to kill others that they are too lazy to evaluate actual data instead of fictional data and yet swear they’re right (invariably religious whackjobs)?

  • 🕯🌳So who’s to blame for it this time? According to certain people it’s always one political party, but there not the na sayers.🖖🖖

  • I didn’t wear a mask when I was showering so, this is probably partially my fault.

  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    Trump’s vaccine will distribute December 11th saving our great country. Herd immunity by May. Joe Biden needn’t change the current plan in any way.

    • 🕯🌳For only 20,000,000 high risk Americans and that’s nobody here, maybe. Then there won’t be anymore until about April. And it takes two shots at about a month apart. 🖖🖖

    • Trump did not create any vaccines. Trump strongly resisted taking the actions that would have created them, and only relented when forced to. And, the vaccine we’re likely to get first, isn’t even part of the program he eventually did create.

    • Trump’s vaccine…? Trump doesn’t give a f*ck about you, or Covid! It was all just an act of twisted words and lies to entertain and keep his loyal followers captivated…ya’ll would believe anything! Like how he had and was miraculously cured of Covid in three days! Ya’ll actually believed that…”see it wasn’t so bad” routine. He says one thing, yet in reality what he’s doing is sabotage, he’s creating the problem! Now that he’s failed miserably, he’s not even pretending to care, because he doesn’t! Little Bo Tweet has abandoned his sheep…


  • Whose not wearing a mask? The one lady I read about at Costco? Is she responsible for all this? She’s the only person I’ve seen without a mask. The virus is here it’s not leaving. You can lock the country down for 100 years and when you come out of lock down the cases will surge again. You are either going to get the vaccine or there’s an 85% chance that wou will become infected with covid sometime in your life. That’s just the statistical nature of a virus like this. Vaccine or infection or hide for the rest of your life

    • I saw two just today when I was in the grocery store.

      • Hi, Kym. Thanks for your unrelenting dedication and hard work over the years. 👏🏽👏🏽

        There was a woman and her young daughter wearing their masks below their nose in a local grocery store because “…The only way to get immunity is to get it, and get over it. It’s what we’ve been doing for decades.” I shook my head, turned and walked to a checkout stand as quickly as I could get there.

        IMO it’s unbelievable arrogance to expose others in public places. To personally spread your theory of herd immunity? At what cost of life? And front line workers? And ill effects for survivors? And the economy? And…

        Wouldn’t that be considered a public nuisance? Please?

    • I’d say maybe 10% of people I see aren’t wearing masks or aren’t wearing them properly. Gas station clerks seem exceptionally resistant to them – I’ve seen three without them lately. I was at a store the other day where the cashier was not wearing one, and also did not sanitize their hands between snacking and bagging customers’ groceries. Random shoppers at all types of stores. A (to go only) restaurant employee with a valved mask. Lots of business employees who only put one on when immediately interacting with someone else wearing one, then touch it to remove it and touch that person’s stuff the first chance they get. No sign of masks at a couple construction companies’ offices. Some businesses where the person who interacts with customers wears one, but none of the other employees have them on. Law enforcement, according to recent photos on this site. Most businesses do not refuse service to customers not wearing them.

      I don’t personally object to people not wearing them while outside walking dogs and such, as the current data suggests that’s pretty low risk. But all these people are indoors, either interacting with the public or other employees, directly, for significant periods of time, which is what’s been shown to have the highest risk, and not taking any precautions at all.

      • Can’t buy common sense online!

        Well first of all, those employees shouldn’t be at work if they are sick! I work with the same people everyday, there have been zero cases of Covid in our community. So no, we don’t wear masks when we’re interacting with each other because we know we don’t have Covid. Tourists from the city are our biggest threat. So ya, when you walk up, we’ll put on a mask because you’re the risk, not us!

      • And today, went to a store… An employee with a mask on their chin, s customer with no mask, and an employee yelling at people for standing too far apart in line, telling them to stand closer together because the line was too long and getting in the way of the rest of the shoppers they were cramming into the store.

        Yes, really.

    • I know it’s a terrible thing to say but maybe this is God’s way of weeding out the garden, so to speak. You get rid of the weak or dying plants in order to maintain a healthy, productive garden…the sick and the elderly are mainly the targets of this virus. 🤔

      • Yep, that’s a terrible thing to say. Those sick and elderly are loved and may be contributing members of society in many ways.

        • I agree, their lives are much more valuable than the working poor, independent business owners, those needing regular medical care, the hundreds of millions/billions that live hand to mouth around the world such as the all encompassing tourist industry workers of the world. Heck i know medical workers who were among those layed off during this “major pandemic” but they all understand its for the greater good im sure. not everyone is so kind and great of a person so as to be able to understand this. But hey,
          “This is a planned, organized partial shutdown of the U.S. economy in the second quarter,”

          • I’ve decided your life doesn’t matter. I get to make this decision. Isn’t it nice that we get to make these decisions for others?

            • thing is what i said was sarcasm, what you said was irony.

            • Fact is you’re life dont matter to me if you’re scared stay home but I’ll be damned if I let a bunch of old and aids riddled humans tell me what to do I’m healthy and for not even washing my hands after shopping since this started yet to get covid I wear a mask in stores because its private property other than that my life didn’t change one bit and wont

      • An inconvenient truth.

  • Yes, thank you to all the selfish creeps in Winco today who weren’t wearing masks. My parents are both in their 80’s, live in Eureka, and are (happily) fairly independent people. They should be able to go to the store without worrying that some jerk who can’t be bothered to be safe is going to kill them with their Covid germs.

  • Every single person in Arcata is wearing a mask literally. And we have the most cases in the county

  • Hey ChettoBrah, I double dog dare you to sign your real name to your comments.

  • 🕯🌳Like some have pointed out come to Fortuna set on the bench across from the Playroom or the fake yoga place or just walk down the street you’ll see plenty and that includes police officers. 🖖🖖But since they will be closing down but still having their private parties in the fake yoga place.👁👁

  • I will proudly take the bidenVax when it’s available

  • I second SusanCombes comment to Chettobrah…she beat me to it. Or–were we supposed to assume Chettobrah was being sarcastic? Given what I’ve seen on this comment thread recently, I’m not so sure.

  • Kym, Has the health officer ever mentioned how many cycles are being run for the PCR test that is spitting out all these positive results that are being called “cases”. My understanding is the standard is 40 to 45. Is this something can be asked of the health officer?

    By Fauci’s admission, anything over 35 cycles is not reliable.


    Fauci himself said that “What is now sort of evolving into a bit of a standard,” Fauci said, is that “if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more … the chances of it being replication-confident are minuscule.”

    “It’s very frustrating for the patients as well as for the physicians,” he continued, when “somebody comes in, and they repeat their PCR, and it’s like [a] 37 cycle threshold, but you almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle.”

    “So, I think if somebody does come in with 37, 38, even 36, you got to say, you know, it’s just dead nucleotides, period.”

    Fauci noted that patients who receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis are not immediately given the cycle threshold of their test. “When someone comes in and it’s positive, they don’t give them the threshold until you go back and ask for it,” he said.

    • Here’s a short video of Kary Mullins (inventor of the PCR test) explaining how it can, essentially, find almost any virus in anyone with enough cycles and it doesn’t, in anyway, indicate if someone is sick from the virus.


      • He’s kinda hard to understand, talking fast like that.

        Ullr, when the PCR test came out didn’t they tout it as almost 100% accurate. Or 95. If they can be that accurate, and they know its covid, why wouldn’t they classify the person as infected. I think thats what you’re saying but I’m not sure. I’m just trying to understand the PCR test. Like I said I couldn’t get alot from the video. Way too fast a thinker and talker, couldn’t keep up.

        • Blueprint for a safer economy

          the lockdowns are relying on these tests to increase the growing authority, if these tests are questionable like the masks, could it be possible that we are being manipulated?

          What good is it to shut down the independent livelihoods of America.

        • It’s only a 3+ minute video. Perhaps watch it again. What he’s saying is the test is extremely reliable but the results don’t show if you’re infected or have ever been infected. It can pick up a single strand of RNA from a virus but that doesn’t show that the person is infected or has been infect or is contagious or ever will be contagious. The more cycles the test is run, the more likely it will find minute viral amounts.

        • Researcher, on most videos you can adjust the playback speed. You can watch at 75% speed or something like that.

    • Given as the majority of people who test positive either have or develop symptoms (60% or so, depending on which studies you look at), we can rule out any false positive rate higher than 40% right off the bat. Many people receive multiple tests, and not many are positive then negative, again showing a low false positive rate. Doesn’t matter what theory you come up with, it can’t contradict existing data.

  • It is absolutely communist to conform with this type of citizen control.

    We are inching closer towards 1910-20s northern europe every day. History repeats itself but its not always good history that repeats.

    • Damn commies and their citizen control. I should be able to walk around shooting people if I so please! It’s my god-given right, and I damn well want to use it!

  • 🕯🌳Sweden is now back tracking on its herd immunity projects because of a surge in cases in the younger population. 🖖🖖

  • Masks are “Health Theater”. “Purple” is arbitrary.

    I really hope the tax base tanks and .Gov finally gets a hair cut. Oh wait, the laws don’t apply to them and taxes are going up. Party time at City Hall (behind closed doors where masks aren’t worn and the sheeple. Any see them).

    A whole bunch of healthy people who will be little affected generally now carry the virus (despite masks for months & if the tests are accurate)…


  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    Be sure to call the cops on your neighbors if they have guests for Thanksgiving or start drinking alcohol.

  • Can you explain this to me, cause it sure doesn’t look like dems believe what they preach.


    After decades advocating for action on climate change as a U.S. senator and then secretary of state, John Kerry has been tapped for a newly created post — special presidential envoy for climate, based on the National Security Council.

    “America will soon have a government that treats the climate crisis as the urgent national security threat it is,” Kerry said on Twitter shortly after the announcement by President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team. “The climate crisis demands nothing less than all hands on deck.”

    end quote


    and then….


    John Kerry Is Trading Nantucket for Martha’s Vineyard

    The former U.S. senator and secretary of state put his Nantucket home up for sale last year and just purchased a house on Martha’s Vineyard.

    The former U.S. senator and secretary of state purchased a seven-bedroom waterfront house dating to 1924 in the Chilmark neighborhood of Martha’s Vineyard in March, the Vineyard Gazette first reported. It’s a signal that the longtime Nantucket fixture plans to trade the Grey Lady in for the Vineyard.
    John Kerry House Martha’s Vineyard
    Kerry reportedly paid $11.75 million for this house on 18.5 acres overlooking Vineyard Sound.
    Wallace & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty

    Kerry, 73, has been a Nantucket regular for decades; he married his wife, Teresa Heinz, on the island, and she has owned a home there since 1982. That property has been on the market with an asking price of $25 million since last spring.

    So why the switch from one preppy summer enclave to its slightly larger counterpart?

    “John Kerry loves the outdoor activities,” Trish Bridier, who co-owns the store that created Nantucket Reds, Murray’s Toggery Shop, told the Boston Globe. “The Vineyard had beautiful bike paths and bigger forests.”

    end quote


    Seriously not what I would do if I believe in climate change, you know move right up close to the rising seas.

    I seriously want to know how you see this stuff and then pretend ….well you know what you pretend.
    Hard to treat you more like fools than this, I can hear him laughing as I type. But hey, It’s a nice cushy job and you get to hang in the best EU luxury hotels at taxpayer expense.

    Now apply this to covid lock downs cause you know, do as I say not as I do, right?

    • OK.
      I give up.
      What’s your secret point?

    • So… I don’t get it. Because he believes in human-caused climate change, like virtually all scientists agree on and everyone else should too, he shouldn’t own a house in martha’s vinyard? Do houses there cause more greenhouse gas emissions than houses elsewhere? He’s moving from an island to an island, is the new island going to take more fuel to commute from? He’s selling a $25m house to move to a $17m house; will he be spending the resulting $8m on flaring off oil for fun? He’s going to drive a big diesel truck down those forests and bike paths? Or is it just that he’s filthy rich and may or may not deserve the house he’s buying, and… thus must be harming the environment?

      EDIT: You’ve greatly enlarged your post with a bunch of spam, but it doesn’t change anything I said.

      • LOL

        What spam I didn’t change or add any links.
        Just added quotes from the links at NPR and T and C.

        Didn’t the left whine and cry about Trump using inherited money?

        If the sea is rising at an alarming rate you might want to be a tad inland.


        Not All scientists agree some scientists think other factors such as magnetic pole shifts, sun spots, play a part. Also scientists work on theories not facts.

    • ????

      Like other commenters I dont see your point?
      I looked at the article and there is a picture of the house sitting on a cliff overlooking the water. Sea level rise will not effect that house in John Kerry’s lifetime with the highest scientific projections being correct. Living by a rising sea safely above it doesn’t prove or disprove any crackpot conspiracy on climate change or sea-level rise. Btw, Kerry is married to the hier of the Hienz food empire who is a billionaire. I’m sure they can afford to move where /whenever they’d like to and you support them everytime you’ve eaten/eat hienz ketchup or mustard.

  • I need more stimulus. I am not getting stimulated enough. Do I have to stimulate myself? Show me some money!

  • I find it interesting that as a society we impose fines for endangering other’s lives with activities like running stop lights or drunk driving and nothing for super spreading events or public covid negligence. Suggestions are nice, but lots of people would drive recklessly 100+mph on the freeway or blow through stop signs if there were no one writing tickets. This thing is rapidly closing in on 300k deaths and we’ve yet to have any enforcement at all to deter spread. Many tickets are written everyday for public safety issues and zero for this.

  • From my perspective on fines
    Those than are poor or can’t afford a fine just won’t pay.
    The wealthy don’t care cause paying it is a minor expense, like a meal at a French Laundry.
    The criminals are being released from prisons and jails, and the poor are being made criminals.
    The connected just have it fixed.

  • The US just set another record. 7 day average is 174,000 new cases per day.

    • What is a “case”?
      never before in medicine has someone been labeled a “case” without symptoms.
      The testing methods and new criteria for “case” label is fueling these numbers.

      Also, If someone receives a positive test (new case), then later re-tests positive……….that is counted as a “NEW CASE”…….and so-on.

      • The United States had nearly 2,100 deaths yesterday, not seen since longer than six months ago, May 6th.

        There are a record 88K hospitalized.

  • The cops don’t support your police state! Jokes on you Democrat’s.

  • If anyone doubts that lockdowns dont work go to this site, https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
    go down the list of countries until you get to Belgium, click on it and check the bottom right hand corner where the daily cases is. Youll see that they peaked at 22,000 new cases 18 days ago, implemented a two week lockdown and they are now at 1,500 new cases per day, over 90% reduction, and can now move to a different startegy.

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