Dr. Frankovich Says Contact Tracing Is Becoming Difficult, Asks Public To To Be Forthcoming If Contacted About A Covid Exposure, Talks About Testing, The Winter Surge And More

For this type of report, the Emergency Operations Center takes the questions from the media, and staff reads them on camera to officials for their response. The resulting video, called a Media Availability, is then provided to news outlets at the end of the day.

Here are some of the main points covered in the November 20th Media Availability session with a summary of answers from Dr. Teresa Frankovich, followed by questions we would have liked to ask in response if appropriate.

OC:  Would you like to start by addressing the community? 

Dr. Frankovich: 

Yes, I do want to mention a couple of things at the outset here before we begin answering other questions.  

A couple really important issues: One is if people in the community are concerned about what they’re seeing in terms of rising case counts per day, I want to make it clear I am also very concerned  and the trend that we’re seeing is alarming and it is very likely to land us in the  purple tier in short order. And I think that when we look at our local case counts we’ve more than tripled those in very recently, and acceleration at this pace is exactly the thing we’ve been trying to avoid throughout.  

We’ve been luckier than most for a very long time but again I think we’re seeing the drivers of moving indoors in colder weather and the fact that we are seeing gathering and travel and those  

drivers are getting us in trouble. There’s just no doubt about it and it’s important for people to understand that our contact tracing has been a big part of helping us to contain, and we can do that robustly when we are getting a scattering  of cases. When we start to see very large numbers of cases coming in as many other counties are experiencing, the type of contact tracing you do has to decrease, you cannot do as deep and expansive an investigation and that means cases will be unidentified in the community, increasing  spread further. So it’s a partnership with the community and the response team to try and keep the transmission rate down and I’m asking everyone to really join on board and stop the gathering. We  have to stop the gathering or we are not going to see this slow, and in addition the travel, and the two of those mixed are particularly challenging.  

The second point I want to make is that we know that when we reach out to positive cases sometimes people have been doing things that they know we have not been advising and I think there’s some, sometimes, some hesitation on people’s part to give the full details of what they’ve been doing.  

I just want to emphasize that particularly as our case counts rise we don’t have the time to  

wait three or four days or five days to be able to get a full picture of what exposures might be.  

It means that there is spread in that interval and we can’t afford that right now, so I again, would like to ask our community members- if we reach out to you, and we’re talking about, with you about your case, please be forthright right at the beginning.  Let us know what really happened and we’ll work with you to try and contain infection in your friends family and those others who may have been exposed.  

Thank you. 

3 min 5 secs in:

Question by The Times-Standard; There have been reports nationwide of spikes in demand for COVID-19 testing as the holidays approach. What advice would you give people who think that testing negative on a single day in advance of a holiday gathering ensures the safety of themselves and their families? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich: 

It’s a good question, what I would say is  there really is not a safe way to have a gathering around a table eating with masks  off indoors, there isn’t, there just isn’t.  And so I think people need to take that into  consideration when they’re dealing with friends and family members because again we are seeing  this, where a single gathering around a table leads to multiple infections in that group, you’re  just very vulnerable. 

So, I think if people are going to have even the three households gather, ideally that should be outdoors, I get it that that’s challenging here right now but it should be outdoors ideally. If you can’t be outdoors, you should be distanced, if you have to unmask you should clearly be distanced, for eating that means not all being around one table, it means people who are sick stay home, people who have been exposed potentially stay home, and again… make the room as well ventilated as possible, so that we can decrease transmission.  But the safest thing is simply not gathering.  

In terms of testing a day before gathering, that’s great, you know you’re negative that day, it means nothing about what you are the next day.  And so it does not ensure safety of those you’re gathering with.  


4 mins 20 sec in: 

Question by The Times-Standard:  What are Humboldt County’s contingency plans to deal with the possibility of post-holiday COVID-19 surge? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich: 

Well, we are looking at planning. We’ve been planning essentially around the possibility of a full surge meaning where we’re seeing a lot of impact on healthcare capacity and all that we’ve been planning for that for a long time. In terms of a marked increase in cases afterwards, we will be again kind of robustly staffing as much as possible through the holiday and after the holiday.

We’ll also, in our contact tracing, will also be trying to maximize testing availability and we’re asking the community of course to really follow the guidance that we really cannot be traveling and gathering. It just can’t happen right now. 

In the event that we do see an impact in our healthcare system, that we are getting  overburdened with you know filling beds, that type of thing.  We have been again planning with our Alternate Care Site and our partners around that and we would be talking about activating that site if it becomes necessary in order to serve as sort of a valve on the hospital to protect inside the wall capacity at the hospitals for the people who most acutely need it.  So, I would say that kind of is the thrust of what we do around planning as we go forward in this. The best case scenario is that we never need the Alternate Care Site. 

Media Followup questions we’re unable to ask because of the format: 

Are there additional skilled labor and healthcare workers being organized in the event that the Alternate Care Site is needed, and if there are additional healthcare workers being recruited, are they local?  

6mins 5 sec in:   

Question by The Times-Standard:  What are the most important lessons we’ve learned this year about the spread of the virus in Humboldt County? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich: 

Well I think there are some really good lessons learned: one is the effectiveness of facial coverings, something we did not know or have an appreciation for at the beginning of this pandemic, but we do now. It works, it is not a controversial issue at this point, from a scientific standpoint, people need to wear them.  

Distancing: we know that closer is clearly more  dangerous and one of the biggest things is, the indoor/outdoor distinction. You know there really has been very little linked to outdoor events, in terms of large outbreaks. That’s not all, but when we look at, even our in our cases locally, the things that have occurred outdoors have been less likely to spark an outbreak in cases than things that happen indoors, so that importance of being outdoors if you’re going to be with others is critically important. 

7 mins in:   

Question by The Times-Standard:  What long-term health effects of this pandemic will Humboldt County residents be dealing with in the months and years to come? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich: 

It’s a really good question again, and we don’t know, we simply don’t know. You know I’ve compared before, the fact that when you get influenza, if you recover from influenza typically you’re done, you know we don’t tend to see long-term impact of influenza per se, with COVID we really don’t know, we certainly know that there are people who are  experiencing more long-term and chronic effects of this, we know there can be cardiac effects of this. So again, it’s a reason why even people who are younger and healthier individuals we want to avoid infection because we don’t know how many of those individuals may have some sustained effects. 

Media Followup questions we’re unable to ask because of the format:  

8 mins 5 sec in:   

Question by The North Coast Journal:  While the state has changed its time frames under its reopening blueprint to be more responsive to immediate conditions, does that change the requirement that a county meet the criteria for a lower-risk tier for three consecutive weeks before being moved into that tier? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich: 

Well the short answer is we don’t know yet.  Again, in recent discussions with the state there isn’t a significant expectation that anyone’s going to be moving into a less restrictive tier in the near future, that would be quite surprising.  I think it is very possible that intervals may be changed because of this going forward but I don’t know yet. 

8 mins 30 sec in:   

Question by The North Coast Journal:  Given COVID-19’s incubation period, do you expect local case numbers to increase, remain consistent or decline over the coming two weeks? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich:  

I expect them to increase, I would be surprised if locally we saw a decrease, I think we are still in a position where we could contain this and help to stabilize, particularly again if people’s activities over the holidays don’t push this forward, but my expectation is we’re going to see an increase in activity. 

9 mins 15 sec in:  

Question by The North Coast Journal:  You mentioned during Tuesday’s supervisors meeting that you believe part of the reason young demographics locally represent a large percentage of new cases is because they are more likely to be front line workers. 

Does the county have any data regarding what percentage of community transmission cases or known contact cases are employed in front line positions? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich:

You know, we really don’t track the data that way so I’m really not able to give specific percentages on this. What I can tell you is some of the examples of this have been, for instance in agricultural settings,  where we have a relatively young workforce and working in close contact often and we are  seeing you know infections in that setting.  

You know, it’s more anecdotal from our standpoint as we look at sort of the histories on the cases that are coming in and I think nationally data suggests that as well, that not only are younger people more part of that essential frontline workforce, but a lot of vulnerable communities and communities of color are part of that frontline essential workforce and it is part of the reason that we’re seeing a disproportionate impact in  those communities. 

10 mins 20 sec in:   

Question by Redwood News:  Earlier this week, you were asked about any cases tied to gatherings, specifically on Halloween or voting in-person/gatherings for Election Day… with more cases and time to trace our existing cases, are you able to give more of an update on whether any cases are tied to these two types of gatherings? 

Why do you think there may be more cases tied to one than the other? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich:  

<I think that for the voting for instance on Election Day, what we know about significant contact is it’s usually again unmasked within six feet for 15 minutes or more, so by nature, I think the voting on site is going to be far less of an exposure than activities such as gathering, which are typically, we’re seeing at least now, indoors, often unmasked and not distanced.  

11 mins 15 sec in: 

Question by Redwood News:  You mentioned that the demand for testing had increased recently.  At this point in the pandemic, can you talk about how limited accessibility to testing would impact our case count, amount of virus circulating in the community? 

Is anything being done to increase testing and make sure those community members that are wanting to get tested can do so safely and in a timely manner? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich:  

Absolutely right, testing is an underpinning of response in this and so we’ve been working for a very long time at trying to  continually bolster our capacity locally.  We’re doing that a number of ways. Our internal  lab is testing at a higher rate than they have ever done and there are days I believe where we’re  testing you know as many as 250, 260 samples.  

When you consider that when the pandemic started the lab was doing 30 samples, actually at the very beginning we had, there  wasn’t local testing available, we had to send it out to the CDC, but we started it kind of that 30  specimen a day, so it’s been a dramatic increase in what we’ve done internally. 

We’re also working with Optum, the state has now guaranteed Optum through the end of April which is great. Optum is now feeding specimens to the state lab at Valencia instead of to a commercial lab. They’re just getting ramped up, their expectation as they’ve said publicly is to get 150,000 or so tests per day run, but they’re not there yet, and there’s you know obviously some stumbles and issues when you first get a system up and running. But the expectation is that we’ll be able to have very reasonable turnaround times with that. We’ve also asked for some additional expansion of Optum locally and so I think we’ll be talking about that next week, about what that’ll look like and  that increased capacity will be hugely helpful.  

And then again we’re really working on our regional lab asset as well that we’ve referenced before and we’ll talk more about that as well when we have a go live date. So again I agree completely with the question, it’s incredibly important and we’re building it quickly.  

Again it’s helpful if we can sort of calm this acceleration so that we get all these pieces up and in place so that we can address the increasing need. 


13 mins 40 sec in:

Question by Lost Coast Outpost:  You’ve mentioned that the state’s CAL-REDIE system assigns or attributes cases to an infected person’s legal place of residency, regardless of where that person contracted the virus.  What happens when an infected person is from out of state, or from out of the country? 

Answer by Dr. Frankovich: 

What happens is that when we have for instance someone visiting our area who is from another state, another county, we may test them here, they may become part of a case investigation while they’re here, but that case is reported in their county of residence. 

So, I can certainly tell you that we are following cases here that are really not reported out as local cases, so they don’t count in our tally for Humboldt County cases and by the same token if we have our county residents traveling elsewhere, getting tested and are  positive, they get reported back into our system, it’s just the way the system is set up for consistency. 

14 mins 50 sec in:  

Question by Lost Coast Outpost:  Given that the state assigns cases in this way, is the county obliged, for its own purposes, to keep a separate ledger of cases acquired here, or cases that the local medical system is handling, in order to have some idea of the spread of the virus in the local population? 

Are the discrepancies significant?

Answer by Dr. Frankovich: 

I would say that in this instance it’s probably not a significant difference, we do keep a log of cases and we either put them in our case count or don’t put them in depending on the county of residence.  It’s a relatively small proportion, actually a quite small proportion of our total cases, so it doesn’t have a big impact on our numbers, but of course this movement between counties or states is a driver of infection. So I, you know, we do have that data, we do follow those cases, but you know again, we do not count them in our daily numbers as they’re non-residents. 

Community members with questions or concerns are encouraged to call 441-5000 for additional information.  

For the most recent state and national COVID-19 information, visit cdc.gov or cdph.ca.gov

Local information is available at the Humboldt County COVID-19 Data Dashboard: humboldtgov.org/dashboard, on Facebook @HumCoCOVID19, Instagram @HumCoCOVID19, Twitter @HumCoCOVID19, and Humboldt Health Alert humboldtgov.org/HumboldtHealthAlert



  • The fear is much worse than the virus…we can now see these health officials are paid spokesperson…lets put in a curfew to curb the over testing and fear mongering that should do it..who cares if u get covid youll be asymptomatic.

    • The people you infect will care.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Its really not that bad. I’m just pissed I can’t taste my coffee or beer. Hopefully my taste comes back in time for thanksgiving, that would be the real tragedy.

        • What a mindless, ignorant and compassion-less comment. But with a ‘username’ like that, I would expect no less. Grow up [edit]

      • Or not notice at all as many have little symptoms. There is a problem when a disease has the capability of killing some and of barely bothering others. Then to get community action, those who believe they are very unlikely to be seriously effected need to value community enough to be willing to join in actions that are so unpleasant as those ordered by public health.

        Most the values that go to make a community have been sacrificed in America for more than a few decades- we stopped valuing old people in preference to encouraging children to feel good about themselves no matter what, we valued self indulgence over a work ethic, materialism over spirituality, non citizens over citizens and, most important, we were quite willing to belittle those who still held different values. We shot gaping holes in a community which is hard enough to mantain in a diverse country. We gave ourselves no credit for good and all the blame for bad. We made our bed and now we must lie in it.

    • There are mobile testing busses being offered to every county in the state. Kym, do you know if Humboldt is going to get one? Other counties will have them operation within a month. Humboldt could have one too, seems it would benefit many in our rural community.

  • As much as I’m really tired of having to think about COVID every time I want to go do something that might put me in contact with others (which is part of my job), I’m utterly fucking exhausted with people who refuse to take simple precautions and continue to deny that a problem even exists and that this is all some great big conspiracy to take away your rights.

    It makes you just want to scream at them, “Quit Being A Fucking Idiot!”

    Simple precautions taken by EVERYONE would have prevented this spike and allowed the economy to continue to recover and sort of trundle along until the vaccines become widely available and we can once again approach a new normal, whatever that is. Instead a significant number of people just don’t seem to give a crap about anything other than their own personal desires and need to invent conspiracy theories to justify their choices.

    They’ve been said before but apparently need to be repeated:

    Wear a mask if you are near or potentially near anyone who isn’t in your household.

    Avoid travel and gatherings that puts you in contact with others who aren’t in your immediate household.

    Don’t spend time in crowded indoor environments.

    If you are sick then stay home except to seek medical attention. Blowing it off as “just a cold” is how this keeps spreading from folks who have minor cases of it.

    • I just want to make the end of the story.

      ***makes you just want to scream at them, “Quit Being A Fucking Idiot!”***

      You think the CCP model of governing is preferred?

      Maybe, ( just maybe), you are seeing the eugenics angle here.

      SPOKEN LIKE A true public servant.

        • YF… You first.

        • I just want to make the end of the story.

          How do you feel about telling people they are “fucking idiots”?

          Go practice looking in the mirror, and saying it with a straight face.

          Then have your partner put some makeup on your face, maybe some to indicate bruising and possible contusions around the mouth area, etc..

          Then sit for a moment and really examine the possible consequences of being an idiot.

          You might actually want to apologize to yourself for thinking that you have any clue how powerful ideological Subversion is.

          You are in no place to recommend what others do or don’t do, neither do you have any authority nor the capacity to do anything but kneel and kiss the feet of the experts who look as healthy as Dr Frankovitch.

    • Not sure who is more ignorant, if people aren’t following guidelines at this point, then they never will. After people reach their 30s they don’t change. This notion that people think they can change other people’s ways of living , never gonna happen. But just like the people you want to change but won’t, you can’t let it go and accept the fact that they’re not gonna change. But alot of shrinks and attorneys tend to make tons of money off this type of thinking. But this is purely common sense ,no science involved.

    • “It makes you just want to scream at them, “Quit Being A Fucking Idiot!”

      We equally want to scream that at you, especially when you say stupid ass shit like: “Simple precautions taken by EVERYONE would have prevented this spike and allowed the economy to continue to recover”.

      How can you be both so indignant and so clueless at the same time? It is almost ALWAYS the people that know the least who are the most outraged. And almost invariably they are liberals. Let me guess, you’re a lib?

      Lots of places took “simple precautions”, in fact, they had hard core lockdowns and thev are no better off. And when the states that have NO MASK MANDATE or lockdowns are inevitably no worse for the wear, will you change your mindless opinion in light of the mounting evidence. Not a chance. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

        • Cy anse- the thing is this- these people are hearing and believing a completely different set of ‘facts’ as the rest of us. I have a cousin who sends me links to his ‘news’ – it’s from a different universe. They are claiming still that trump is winning Michigan, etc. it’s very bizarre. But perfectly explains people who live in that bubble of nonreality and fake facts.

          • That news is from the same universe, the media has become the biggest form of entertainment. No more factual than the as the world turns soap opera.

            • There are facts, that has not changed.

              The thing is, when people used to read The Onion, they knew it was satire.

              But now, lots of fringe right wingers are buying satire and confusing it with reality.

              • And the same goes for the left wings.

                • that’s what they want you to thing. The right wing news outlets have been reduced to Parlor. even newsmax said no to trump style news which is always fake. parlor is no different than the news media that Putin has full control over in Russia. the reason why Fox and now Newsmax has said no and started steering the boat in the right direction, is because they know there isn’t enough ignorant trumpers to keep them afloat. a solid portion of the US that voted for trump is not on board with what he is doing right now.

                  • Bottom line , news is just entertainment, if you take it for more than that you are a fool, and I didn’t vote for Trump but couldn’t bring myself to vote for a 47 year politician . Career politicians suck. Can’t wait to see who the Republicans pick next to run, cause the democrats are stuck on the good ole boy standby. You either change with the times or get LEFT behind, and the democratic party is lagging.

              • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

                If you’re buying the CNN view of the world then you’re the played brain dead idiot.

                • “But the other guy is doing it too” is a really lame excuse. I never said CNN was the go to source. Any media that is ad-based is going to be slanted one way or the other. The truth is that right wing media is going way farther these days, down the Trump hole. There is media that isn’t biased, that isn’t advertisment- based. That’s where the truth lies. ‘You can get it if you really want.’

                  • However you are quite willing to dismiss people who share a different opinion as bizarre while having no better source of information. Really? You think non-advertisement media is unbiased? Or even exists? Someone always pays for ‘news’. If not to sell, then to promote. Or to opine. Which is probably the most biased there is. If you have a media source that is devoted to facts and avoids opinion-spin like the plague, please provide a link because the only one I can find that comes even close occasionally is Reuters and most of that is a commercial product not available to the general public.

          • I just want to make the end of the story.

            Is It not clear that the level of intelligence required to be a government mouthpiece is simply to take talking points and put a human face to it?

            People on both sides need to hold the experts accountable, and come together to stop ineffective courses of action from being mandated, when they have been shown to be questionable.

            What we are seeing is a rise in cases, and a drop in deaths. Any rational scientific observation would agree that infection rates do not correlate to increase deat rates.

            The human body has survived this long by having its immune system tested repeatedly, and those who are strong, survive, the weak generally die, or don’t reproduce.

            Your ability to ignore human biology is a testament to how removed so many people are from the nature of our collective awareness as to why a species survives.

            It understandable that the priest class has been in control of information for hundreds, if not, thousands of years, and the peasants were always controlled by the few, by appeasing their base, emotional and irritational response mechanisms.

            Psychiatric studies on human behavior has been used to manipulate the response to stimuli for over a hundred years.

            • As Cy would say… QBAFI.

              In the time we have bought ourselves through lockdowns and such, we have learned how to better treat the disease, thus causing lower death rates. Multiple drugs have been found that significantly lower death rates. Anticoagulants are now a first-line treatment to prevent organ damage. Steroids that reduce lung damage. Even simple things like “proning” patients. We’ve built a testing infrastructure that catches cases earlier and gets people care at earlier stages of the disease. We’ve implemented extra controls to try to prevent cases in the people most likely to die, like nursing home patients. Doctors and hospital staff are now more familiar with the disease, and treatment is done promptly and with less guesswork. Hard work and science is why we have a lower death rate now.

              But, no, the lower death rates are a conspiracy!

              • YF. Some of what you said about the death rate is true. Better treament has lead to lower deaths. But is also true that there were wild exaggerations to make headlines early on. Even here the same people who berate people for not being as obedient and as fearful as they wanted now were berating people for not taking their prognostications of a death rate of 10% to13% seriously enough then. If you are not careful about your facts to start with, you have no basis to demand people accept your word for much now.

              • I just want to make the end of the story.

                *Hard work and science*

                What you are saying is the human biological system is fragile, and sensitive, and in need of outside influence to survive.

                I have little doubt who would survive if we were put in a cage.

                I’m very connected to my primitive, and yet the intelligence tries very hard to remind a people who were once warriors, the problem with giving the slaves the steering wheel.

                Its just a different kind of jungle and weak genetics need not procreate if they can’t survive with standard issue biology.

                There’s an odd relationship to the population problem, and if you want to start complaining about people wearing masks and keepin old sick people alive who really shouldn’t be, then you begin to understand the importance of why our species has been domesticated for industrial applications, and that our purpose here on the planet is closely becoming a parasitic one.

                You think the great reset is focused on making sick, feeble, stupid people live longer…?

                If you haven’t noticed, we dont need the size population we have. You can deal with your attitude about death and mortality like a man, or like a child.

                The experts who tell you what to do, are as unnecessary, as are you.

                Getting over the idea of your significance is the first step in a honest self assessment.

                We can’t even feed all the hungry people, shelter the homeless, prevent alcohol, drug abuse , child abuse, sex trafficking, endless wars,…

                Why the fuck should we think the experts can do anything but put bandaids (masks ) on gunshot wounds?

          • The bizarre thing is that people who maintained Clinton lost because of Russian collusion and took it to the stage of cheerng impeachment can not see that they are just what they are so angry in others benf. Facts don’t matter in a world where the self satisfaction of spin is most closely held.

            • Lost Croat Outburst

              Hillary gave a gracious and honorable concession speech without childish whining and moaning, as did Al Gore, and Bush I and II and Harry Truman, Obama and most, if not all modern presidents with the glaring exception of Donald Trump. These facts are irrefutable; you can look it up, as Casey Stengel said. But Trumpistas would rather live in a mystical, magical world where any fantasy or lie, regardless of substantiation, is happily believed because it supports their distorted and evil world-view.

              Good health is wasted on the healthy, youth is wasted on the young, and America is wasted on the Americans.

              BTW, did you miss the impeachment hearings? Trump was impeached for offering military assistance to an ally under attack by Trump’s buddy, Putin in exchange for bogus charges against Trump’s assumed opponent, Biden. That money was authorized by bi-partisan Congressional vote.

              The most important thing to Trump IS Trump, not the success of the USA and democracy or freedom and TRUTH anywhere.

              BTW, Moronic Trump attacked Biden’s son while Trump’s progeny is slimier than a family of banana slugs, slimier than a net full of hagfish. Biden refused to attack Trump’s kids based on his personal scruples. Yes, HONOR. Something Team Trump has left far behind.

              • TDS is apparently incurable. Did Obama make any concession speech at all? Did he not say that if he has been permitted to run instead of Clinton, he would have won? That “because I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could have mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it?” Which is just more words than Trump uses to say the same thing- “me, me, me, it’s all about me. ” That is not seem anything like “gracious and honorable.”

                • Get a new saying. tDS is sooo 2016. It’s like listening to an old recording being played over and over,
                  There’s nothing new going on for you guys. Stale and dusty.

                  • I just want to make the end of the story.

                    Weak humans must die.

                    At least I’m not going to blame someone, not wearing a mask, for my health.

                    Life is a full contact sport, and what happens when you and the soft serve humans start telling healthy people to vaccinate so sick people can keep dragging the human gene pool down.

                    • I know your comments containing lack of empathy would impress any Nazi eugenics enthusiast but they don’t impress me. I can’t tell if you are trolling or if your heart is really that cold.

                    • I just want to make the end of the story.


                      Some people want to keep that binky in their rearend as long as possible.

                      There is a massive gap between wisdom and intelligence.

                      The political class thinks very little of the ignorant masses, and i completely agree with them on the general populations apathy towards their blind obedience to ideological Subversion. .

                • Obama did not give a concession speech, as he did not lose. He did, however, give a speech the day trump won, congratulating him on his win, inviting him to the white house to talk about the transition, and so forth. He also did everything he needed to do to ease the transition to a trump presidency, rather than obstruct it. His speech was gracious and honorable, to use your words, in every way.

                  • As Rice (who lied on tv about a video being the reason for Benghazi) was writing her CYA emails to herself (by the Book) and, Benghazi Hillary was on a hate America and especially Trump world tour that lasted 4 years.

              • Do yourself a favor and watch this


                Or stop pretending you know who you voted for.

                • Newsmax is a poor source for information.

                  “A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence (Learn More). Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact checked on a per article basis.” https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/newsmax/

                  • The entire content is Joe speaking in his own words. Is media bias fact check calling Joe a liar?

                    Imagine left fact checkers not approving, what right leaning site do they approve of?

                    I don’t think you watched any of it but just went straight to your fact checker as soon as you saw newsmax.
                    I apologize ahead of time if I’m wrong.

                  • “Newsmax is a poor source for information.”

                    Yeah go to RHBB instead, where the owner won’t bother to debunk Newsmax with facts to show you why Newsmax is not trustworthy, but instead will post a link, also offering no evidence, but more importantly, confirming her opinion by saying the same thing she said; circular logic. Nice job Brian.

                    • I just want to make the end of the story.


                      IdeologicalSubversion has finally come home to roost

                    • end of story,

                      Why would I believe a virologist with credentials like that when I can just listen to TRB or Kym Kemp posting CNN links?

                    • Jason Meath, the maker of the well done video, has been posting about Bidens emails, election fraud and other BS Trumpism conspiracies.

                      The guys a loon.

                      Biden has his faults and has apologized for many of them, which are easily traced with such a long public record.

                      Wall St and the market did not collapse with Bidens election.

                      Trump and Guiliani have become a “national embarassment” according to fellow Republicans.

                      Get over the bullshit Trump show already.

                • Do yourself a favor and quit filling your noggin with crap. Get outside, exercise, get a healthy hobby. I can’t even imagine how much time a lot of people who post here regularly spend in the webs.

              • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

                Hillary said never concede. NEVER! I take “never” to be beyond inauguration.

              • Correct on all points.

                Trump’s supporters are devoted, above all, to Trump. Not America.

                And that’s why they can continue to deny the reality of his malfeasance and live an alternate world where Trump’s naked attempts to undermine democracy are spun as his selfless effort to “save elections.”

                • Not at all. That is just the bullying of haters. It is possible to dislike Tump personally for many reasons while being pleased he is a roadblock to the damage that politicians have inflicted on America for decades. Luckily the newly elected are just as unlikely to turn what is really dishonesty into facile policy as their pre-Obama predecessors so radical change is unlikely. But there goes the only real chance that we’ve had since Vietnam for negotiation replacing military intervention. People tend like the devil they know than risk insecurity even if it promises improvement.

        • “QBAFI”

          Standard liberal response. ZERO substance, zero rebuttal.

          And when the states that have NO MASK MANDATE or lockdowns are inevitably no worse for the wear, will you change your mindless opinion in light of the mounting evidence. Not a chance. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

          • I just want to make the end of the story.

            I’ve been hearing that for quite some time, but it’s finally starting to sink in.

            Liberalism is that fat girl, with a baggy Che shirt on, at the end of the bar, the BFF to the really smoking hot Triathlete, bartender, whos putting herself through law school, who is wearing that *don’t tread on me* form fitting Teeshirt.

            One woman will go home with you, the other never will.

            We must fight against the need for immediate gratification.

            Which woman has healthy and strong boundaries?

            Which one has self discipline and self respect?

            Which One Is the Better Long Term investment?

            One gene pool on the way up, the other on the way down.

            Liberalism is more than just a mental illness, it’s a tragic genetic disorder.

          • rollin, you are wrong about those places with a no mask mandate or lockdowns not being worse off. Of course, it took some time for best practices to show up in statistics but there is mounting proof that those places that mask, etc. are much less slammed by the virus than those that don’t.

            Here’s a study done in Kansas of the counties that did mask and those that didn’t: “The governor of Kansas issued an executive order requiring wearing masks in public spaces, effective July 3, 2020, which was subject to county authority to opt out. After July 3, COVID-19 incidence decreased in 24 counties with mask mandates but continued to increase in 81 counties without mask mandates.” https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6947e2.htm?s_cid=mm6947e2_w

            And this really fascinating moving graph that shows the deaths per million in states with Republican or Democratic leaning governments.
            The majority of the top death states are Republican.


            • Strangely enough the states with least deaths per capita are well represented by non Democratic dominance even though the date was chosen to exlude the early hit, Democrat states. Could it simply that those with early waves now excluded from the chart had both a certain level of immunity and elimination of the most vulnerable by the time that was chosen for a start date thus eliminating Democrat states? And that as new waves hit that changes? Or even that Republican dominated States are older and poorer because they tend to be places that retirees tend to go to escape high cost of living and taxes and so are more vulnerable? https://dangoodspeed.com/covid/state-by-state-total-deaths-by-date
              Cherry picking data to boast over is pretty- well- not unifying.

              • “Cherry picking data to boast over is pretty- well- not unifying.”

                Exactly! The first thing I noticed is that the data begins in July and that New York is missing. And therein lies the problem. Like TRB, I don’t believe Kym Kemp, that you are sincerely interested in the truth. You find the first thing you can to bolster your point and your done with it, moving on, no time.

                IF the goal of your website is to spread of truthful information than you should dig a little deeper. Is that the goal?


      • Lost Croat Outburst

        You’re kidding, right? Trump and his mendicants, supplicants, and sycophants are your idea of sanity? I suppose you would remove the liberal advancement of civilization by returning to slavery and institutional and societal racism, misogyny and religious intolerance? Why should women vote, anyway? These are the old ways, the conservative, feel-good ways of a privileged minority. thank our lucky stars for the advancement of liberalism worldwide, now in disarray thanks to Putin’s Punk.

        Vlad’s Vassal in the White House will be the greatest single achievement of Russian Intelligence in this or the last century. And Republicans are proud, so PROUD.

        • As I said, “The bizarre thing is that people who maintained Clinton lost because of Russian collusion and took it to the stage of cheerng impeachment can not see that they are just what they are so angry in others”

        • There is no longer a Republican Party. It’s called The Trump Cult.
          It’s Trumps Party. They all repeat everything he says. The Republicans in Congress and the House have lost their spine and gonads. They either have completely bought into the Cult or are too afraid to stand up to the Tyrant.
          It’s the most pathetic political thing I’ve ever witnessed.
          They can’t even tell him he lost the election. Scared little spineless babies.
          No moral compass, just the way Trump likes it as he grifts and golfs his way to January 20th.
          Fuck Donald Trump

          • I guess you’re the Echo party then, MSNBC, CNN, etc. all have exact same wording out of every mouth on every lib channel all day every day.
            Now giving the Cuomo Bros awards for daily comedy routine after murdering so many seniors in nursing homes.

            Just insane.

            • You regularly quote from questionable news sources.
              Repeating lies isn’t a matter of “opinion”, fyi, Lies are lies. Even FOX is pulling away from Trump. Twitter is finally calling out Trump and his lies. Your man Trump and his sycophants have taken a blowtorch to Democracy, Trump is trying to STEAL an election he lost, Republicans suppressed voting, love gerrymandering, and cheat every chance they get. That’s not “opinion”, that’s fact.
              You don’t know my news sources .
              And, you don’t fact check the links you provide, you THINK they’re facts because they tell you what you want to hear.

        • Thank god Biden is the next president, nothing will change.

        • ‘The Year Of The Republican Woman’: Here’s A List Of GOP Women Who Won 2020 Elections


          “The Associated Press reported a number of women Republican candidates who won their races: Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Kat Cammack and Maria Elvira Salazar of Florida, Mary Miller of Illinois, Lisa McClain of Michigan, Michelle Fischbach of Minnesota, Yvette Herrell of New Mexico, Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma, Nancy Mace of South Carolina, Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee and Ashley Hinson of Iowa.

          Republican women are cleaning up tonight”

          end quote

          Keep Lying to yourself.


      • No mask mandate in No. Dakota and look. They have worst covid infection rate in the world.


        • New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut all have mask mandates and have a worse death rate. North Dakota has a much higher testing rate than most other states by far so it is not unlikely that they would find more cases. They need nurses asap. California tests half as many per capita. It is not that easy to make such comparisons. Different populations have different behaviors that effect rates.

        • More sheriffs won’t enforce lock downs



          “Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said deputies will not enforce any part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s revised stay-at-home order, joining other sheriffs throughout the state Friday who affirmed that no resources will be dedicated to enforcing it.

          Sheriffs in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and other counties appeared to agree with Bianco, who issued a statement Thursday night saying, “To ensure Constitutional rights are not violated and to limit potential negative interactions and exposure to our deputies, we will not be responding to calls for service based solely on non-compliance with the new order, or social distancing and mask guidelines.”

          end quote

          Most Valley sheriffs say they won’t enforce California curfew



          “Local law enforcement agencies, including Fresno, Tulare, Kings, and Merced Counties say they will not be enforcing the limited stay-at-home order which prohibits non-essential activity like social gatherings and dining at restaurants from 10 pm to 5 am.

          Officials from Madera County have not yet commented on enforcement.

          Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said she took part in a phone call with California Office of Emergency Services, California Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Thursday.

          “We are not going to make criminals out of normally law-abiding citizens,” she said. “We have got our hands full with crime real crime issues and this is not a law enforcement issue.”

          end quote

          Sacramento already said they won’t enforce it.

  • Dr. Frankovich said: ” I think there’s some, sometimes, some hesitation on people’s part to give the full details of what they’ve been doing.”

    I think some, sometimes, some thought should be a given to it being a two way street. The good doctor and her ilk do not give the public the information to effectively avoid the virus. What we need to know is… where the virus is, how it is being spread, who is spreading it (within the confines of HIPAA laws). They could be much more informative if they would be more forthcoming.

    It does us no good to say “It’s everywhere”. Obviously it is not everywhere or we would all have it, and they wouldn’t be so upset when we don’t reveal to them how we got the virus.

    • I just want to make the end of the story.

      Very well said, Ernie.

    • “The good doctor and her ilk do not give the public the information to effectively avoid the virus.”

      1. Why has “ilk” become the Word of the Year?
      2. Ernie, a lot of the info is HIPAA protected and cannot legally be distributed.
      3. This virus is looking at you, kid.
      4. Be careful
      5. Wear a damned mask!

      • “Folks” (not “ilk”) is clearly the word of the year.

      • Good hearing from you turtle.

        I do wear a mask, and as do our customers to our store who will tell you, we are the most restrictive and careful business in town. At first people gave us a lot of trouble, but as it turned out most people openly thank us for being careful with them.

        Humboldt county goes way beyond the intent of the HIPAA laws.

        The word of the year, and the most world changing is certainly “Woke”.

        • Check the dashboard

          There is a zip code listing of known cases on the county’s dashboard.

          The data is backward-looking and asymptomatic cases, which are substantial, can’t be included in the list. People who don’t know they’re sick don’t go in for a test…. That’s just the way it goes.

          Not sure why it’s important to lash out at public health. It won’t change any of this…

          • But isn’t changing things the point of public health orders? The whole reason for shuttering businesses and restricting activities?

        • Imagine that, Business owners doing whats best for their businesses and their customers and not even needing governments nanny enforcement to do so.

          Your the best Ernie!

        • Thank you Ernie.

          I have to say, I’ve encountered maskless people almost every time I go to one of the grocery stores here. Also several other businesses in Redway/Garberville.

          One of the SoHum outbreaks happened at a party in town in Redway. It then spread to neighbors and the party-goers’ older relatives. I would bet many people who went to that party also went to one of the grocery stores at least once soon afterwards. Some of them from what I’ve been told and inferred did not seek help as they have no insurance and cannot pay for tests or treatment. Without a test I think it is easy for some people to just dismiss symptoms. A lack of social or affordable medical care is the biggest cause of the spread IMO.

    • “Obviously it is not everywhere or we would all have it.”

      If we were talking about the flu virus, there would be some truth in that. Flu spreads in a way that’s called deterministic, which means nearly everyone who comes in contact with it gets sick. Asymptomatic transmission is not really flu’s thing, either.

      SARS-CoV-2 spreads differently. Many people who come in contact with it will not get sick…but then there are these superspreader people and events. Asymptomatic transmission is a real factor too. This new virus is a lot trickier at propagating itself than the flu virus.

      Stay home (avoid the virus). Wear a mask outside your home (because it’s everywhere).

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Obviously, Ernie, it is getting everywhere or do you skip news reports that don’t support the world view of your heroic president? Is this what Truth and Reconciliation is going to be like? See, we conservatives decided to be just like our avatar, Donald John Trump; say what you WANT to be true, over and over until everybody believes our lies, even when contradicted by evidence or refuted by no supporting evidence whatsoever until the Great American Experiment collapses and the Kremlin runs out of Stoli for the first time ever.

    • Example- maybe she can tell us how many infections came out of that super-spreader Halloween party in south county that Diggin’ Dirt played at. It is A LOT. And some of those people had no idea until they got tested…so they were out probably spreading it in the community through their very public jobs. I think if the public health department cared more about the community at large than obfuscating the facts under some obtuse “privacy concerns” than the public would have more faith in their press releases. Look- either this Covid is Very Serious or it isn’t. And if it really is Very Serious than we should be given the basic facts around the spread, not a veiled run-around…So far the public health officers have acted exactly how the conspiracy people would suspect them of doing in an exaggerated “plandemic”.

  • The West has Failed to Contain Covid

    “What the East had that the West didn’t wasn’t money, power, or resources. But something deeper. A set of values and ideas. Social cohesion, trust. Respect for vulnerability. A sense that each life matters, no matter how frail and defenseless. An ability to pull together in the moment of crisis. And the wisdom to look beyond the narrow Western idea that money is the point of life — versus life being the point of money.”

    Compared to other countries that have been successful at holding numbers & deaths down.

    So many needless deaths…so much disability.

    And so much disinformation being spread by ignorance.

    We have to be alive to fight for _______.

    • “Imagine being a firefighter exhausted from fighting a forest fire everyday, and idiots keep running up and throwing flammable shit onto the fire, screaming “the fire is a hoax”. Everyone has a point where they just say “fuck this”.”
      level 3
      10 points ·
      56 minutes ago

      “Seriously. At some point your life is worth more than a paycheck. Thankful for those who haven’t left yet because I probably would have left already.”

      in regard to nurses striking for safer conditions–why should they lose their lives / health / finances for people advancing their erroneous ‘herd immunity’ myth?

      How many of you will gasp ‘it’s just a hoax’ as you are intubated? WHAT DOES IT TAKE??

      • Why did the cdc stop collecting data on pneumonia and flu cases in 2020? 🤔🤔🤔

        And why did they start back up when people noticed, only to show 1.2% infection rates for the entire country? 😂

        Why did elon musk take 4 covid tests? Why did 2 show positive and 2 show negative??🤡

        You people (NPC) cant even recognize basic patterns. Its as if there is a populous of soulless mindless beings in human form with a mild ability to communicate and understand humanity. You get distracted by spinny things that are shiney like an infant or bass fish. You were never taught actual history and never questioned your teachers!

        Why do you refuse to LEARN?!

      • Take a look at fringe right media, it will help you understand what they are thinking:
        This is the real reason no one understands each other. Completely different set of information.

        • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

          Believe everything CNN says for a week and you have no hope of returning to the rational world in your lifetime.

          • If you watch both it won’t take long to get a good grasp of what’s going on.
            You only get twisted by refusing to look at the WHOLE picture.

            Gateway does a pretty good job that’s why the libs are so desperate to censor it.

            • Gateway Pundit…..” publishes falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories”….Wikipedia…Another great source Coffee.

          • I don’t disagree. All advertisement generated news these days is crap. I have to say, the right wing shit is worse. But it’s all crap. I miss the days we could all watch some Tom brokaw, then some jeopardy, and the world was alright. Maybe some Conan Obrian if we could stay up late.

    • No, what most places you so admire have is that racism at all levels is perfectly acceptable, authority is enforced and pervasive, and face is now important tha principle. In other words, they value most what you most despise.

  • “Yes please put me on a government watch list!” Said the confused individual

  • NeighborsNotEnemies

    LMFAO.. be forthcoming??


    How about you tell us exactly where and when the positive test is… oh that’s right your the problem.

  • Follow the money.

  • We all really owe it to Big Brother to make his surveillance of us as easy, convenient, and effective as possible. Be a good comrade.

    • If you own a smartphone YOU have given them access to everything in your life. But go ahead and blame someone else.

      • True, and yet here is a government official asking for yet more. COMPLY! Resistance is futile.

        • Speaking of tracking I’d stay away from 123and me and ancestry.com also.
          I won’t be giving them as gifts.

          • I just want to make the end of the story.

            Anyone with common sense already knows this. Everyone else is comfortably NUMB, and dumber.

            The eugenics crew are laughing.

            Where’s the real story.

      • Even smart phones have an off button. But it is true that government has an unfortunate love affair going on with Google based applications. It’s become pretty hard find the interstitial between government and Google. It’s like the cigarette companies providing cigarettes to soldiers in WWII. It’s created a situation where the government itself is addicted to the commercialization by internet companies. A gift horse should be looked in the mouth lest it turns out to be a white elephant.

  • It’s not always about you .


    CNN)At least 24 veterans have died of Covid-19 and more than 80 have been infected since an outbreak last month at Kentucky’s Thomson-Hood Veterans Center, the state’s governor said Friday.

    Of the total 86 infections in the Wilmore facility, 48 veterans have now recovered, five are in the hospital and nine are being treated within the center, Gov. Andy Beshear said during a news conference.

  • Does anyone know the specific date when the government changed their policy from giving out small pox blankets to trying to help with diseases? Just curious.

  • I know the distancing and other protocols aren’t being followed on the hill. Bringing in out of town workers without testing. How is that industry able to shirk the rules, putting us all at risk? I’m talking about legal grows btw.

  • roflmao …. It’s a conspiracy ! …lol,

  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    50 million doses of covid vaccine developed under Operation Warp Speed are ready to save American lives. Who is responsible for withholding these from America and how many lives are they willing to sacrifice to keep Trump from claiming credit?

    • How are they doing that?

    • Trump has offered the vaccine free, set up distribution, and he bypassed approval to rules to expedite the vaccine and yesterday he…..” spoke on efforts to lower drug costs”


      Biden coughs on his hands and puts them on the podium and can’t complete reading a paragraph and biggest goal is to push Trump out of office before his term is even up.

      What’s the rush and why don’t you want the transparency of checking the ballots if your so sure you won?

      So many globalist trying to take him down leads me to believe he must have the football.

      • Your news sources are questionable, FYI

        • How would you know if you never read them?
          Just cause CNN said so??

          • Trump says lots of things.
            But he can’t be bothered as President of the United States to attend a virtual pandemic summit at the meeting of world leaders. Instead, he went golfing. Why? Because he doesn’t give a shit, never has, never will. He’s going to grift and golf the rest of his fraudulent sham of a presidency, sneak out the back door and cringe as the lawsuits, indictments and truth crashes down on him. And I can’t wait.

            • I just want to make the end of the story.

              Lots of spineless man boys round here.

              Human beings were once warriors, unafraid to face life and it’s potential dangers head on.

              Then, there are those who are just lazy, and need to drag the human genome down with them.

            • That unconditionally ugly in its hatefulness. And ignorance.

    • Why would big Pharma, whom hates Trump cutting into their profits keep vaccines away from you?

      Perhaps they just aren’t ready yet, or they are waiting for Biden so they can raise the price since they’re not big on giving it free.

  • No conspiracy, it’s a default setting. All my life it’s been fuck the government. The government says they put you in jail if you grow weed, fuck em. They say you can’t have these guns, fuck the government. They say you can’t modify your exhaust on your vehicle, fuck the government. Now when they say stat in your house and wear a mask, well up the old default setting pops up. I’ve never understood anyone that trusted the government.

    • Re, “I’ve never understood anyone that trusted the government” …

      I see those who trust the government as people who don’t trust themselves. I see them as inherently fearful creatures who gravitate to any entity that professes to offer any form of security.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Anyone who dies from this was on their way out. The biggest bummer for me is the fact I can’t taste my coffee, my beer, or my humboldt sungrown. Oh and the headache has been a bummer, I will give it that, longest lasting headache I’ve ever had.

      • I just want to make the end of the story.

        Bummer on the headaches. At least you can still see, hear, touch, smell.

        Life will take it all someday, you’ve been given a chance to appreciate what’s left.

  • Hold grows to the same standards

    Kym, would it be possible to ask Dr. Frankovich how safety protocols are being enforced at legal grows? Hint: They’re not. All while bringing in out of town labor. This is going to be a problem when they all come down from the hill soon.

  • It’s so scary, 80 something percent have very little systems, 99. Something will survive…

  • Wheres her mask? Fuckin hypocrite

  • 🕯🌳Didn’t she quit awhile back? And CDC hasn’t stop tracking the flu or colds it’s just that the virus has doesn’t have a solution yet.🖖🖖

  • we are living in a paranoid society / times

  • Iran Contra
    Fast and Furious
    Weapons of mass destruction
    Arab Spring
    CIA interference South of the border

    Clearly haven’t been taught in school.

  • Humboldt County had about 200 deaths from the Spanish Flu of 1918, with a population of 37,000. Today Humboldt County has 9 or 10 deaths with a population of about 140,000. I’d say we’re doing pretty good, so far. With the winter months ahead us, the recent spike should be of no surprise. Keep protecting the elderly and those with poor health.

    • Without a vaccine or anymore developments in the medical area humboldt county could expect 190 fatalities. At 70 percent herd immunity and .2 percent fatality rate. The 70 percent til herd immunity is just some experts “educated guess” but we’ll see this winter if the death rate will keep falling because of medical treatment advancements and understanding of the disease or if it was due to respitory Issues being less severe in drier weather. Probably both

      • Herd immunity has never referred to getting people sick as the way to achieve the goal..

        Herd immunity is discussed as a possibility through vaccines that are developed.

        • Wrong.

          But hey something has to be filling up the comment section. I respect folk’s commitment to the discussion! Amazing wind bags for the topic.

          Herd immunity (or community immunity) ACTUALLY occurs when a high percentage of the community is immune to a disease (through vaccination AND/OR prior illness)

  • South Dakota has a huge spike right now and still the people are free to choose, It will be interesting to see if they end up with herd immunity when the spike goes down.

  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    Major poll found 47% believe Biden won by vote fraud.

      • the poll on Parlor. it seems the right wing propaganda machine hasn’t been this fired up since 2011. McCain was the only one with a backbone at the time.

        • The old “Enemy of my enemy is my friend” nonsense. So far even antiTrump media is saying that Trump won over 47% of the popular vote so it’s not an unreasonable poll result. That combined with the irrationality of antiTrumpers and the fact that there is always voters fraud somewhere would not make it an untenable speculation.

          If people like you were not so hateful, it would be easier to ignore the fraud speculation. However you are and it isn’t.

  • And yet, when I know for a fact that someone at my office tested positive Public Health told another worker that no one in our office has tested positive. And then they contacted my Supervisor and told them they shouldn’t have told everyone they had been exposed…

  • “Media Availability” = spoon fed regurgitated crap from the CDPH.

    Color Coded Arbitrary County Control Scheme = based on what science?

    Why not target protections for the most at risk? Leave the rest free to continue to work and learn.

    This is morally bankrupt economic suicide just so the .Govs can say “look we’re doing something… oh and here’s a new .gov program giving away someone else’s money. Give up your freedom & Vote for us! “

    Where are the press conferences? Where are the follow-up questions? Where are the investigative reporters?

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