Mr. Bungle interview; Eureka-formed band receiving international attention

Mr. Bungle. Submitted. Credit: Buzz Osborne.

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week

(12:06) ‘Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn chats with Humboldt Last Week about teaming up with Slayer and Anthrax vets, the international attention they’re receiving, rumors about where they shot their Halloween show, their new release out now, Danny DeVito and his wife Rhea Perlman, drugs, former members, local haunts back in the day, freighthopping, the pandemic, the election, local shoutouts, and more.

Episode Description: An interview with Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle, a major honor for a local teacher, Tom Brady praises a former Arcatan, Guy Fieri somehow made political news, Taj Mahal is helping Del Norte, prescribed burns, a thumbs down from the ACLU, more details from the state about an interesting recent cannabis bust in SoHum, and more.

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  • It’s not funny, my ass is on fire.

    • Sorry, Fun. Anytime someone’s ass is on fire it’s just too damn funny!

      Not impressed though, with a bunch of geriatrics trying to play hard-core. Take a good look at Iggy Pop and it’s easy to see how bad aging rock stars look when it’s past their prime.

      Let it go, guys. It’s sooo not cool.

      • Post pop depression was one of Iggy’s best pieces work IMO and he did it at the age of 70 something.

      • No one says you have to listen to it if you don’t like it. Plenty of people enjoy these guys work. Count me in. Been waiting a long time to see Bungle go another round.

      • HOJ, You know nothing.

      • Slayer. Anthrax and bungle. Geriatrics????wow. You must not understand music. This is a must listen

      • Obviously, you’ve no exposure to which you opine.
        For if you had been of the initiated, you would know (way down in your heartspace) that what Mr. Patton et al. endeavours is far far beyond (and way more faceted) this “Hardcore” monad. M. Patton displays, and surrounds himself with auditory wizardry. His groups are assemblages of talent that time and time again reward it’s listeners. To put an age limit on how far into life an artist can practice their craft, is severely limiting to what experiences ne can expect from ones peerset as they age. If i had followed this line of thinking (god forbid), I would’ve never seen Kraftwerk (Some of them were in their 50’s-60’s when i saw them), nor would I have been able to see Faith No More. This would have been terrible, as both shows, and so many others have just peeled my face back.

      • Uh dude you have no clue what you are talking about. I Just saw Mr Bungle in SF before the lock down. The highest energy show Ive ever seen. Have you no respect for Mike Patton?! Nothing like IGGY pop

  • OHHHHH! Squeeze me, Macaroni!

  • So, playing strange metal-ish music on Halloween… is that like, a job?

    Love the Portlandia beards, but they may well be OVER!!

    Charming, quirky, very Ewreeka…

  • Just want to thank Mike for, “The Real Thing,” and Dave for “Seasons in the Abyss.” Two of the best albums ever!

  • Wow Anthrax and Slayer. Fits right in with ‘Murder Mountain’.

    HOJ. If you think that getting old stops the musical flow you’re not seeing the truth. Alot of your old time rockers (I been doing it since 1964) are rockin harder than ever. Check out Jeff Beck or the Stones or Bruce Springsteen and you tell me thats not cool. Jeff Beck is still better than anyone else when it comes to drivin lead guitar. Need to open your mind. You’re missing good stuff.

  • Mike Patton is also responsible for one of the all time great movie soundtracks, Crank 2! A modern masterpiece!

  • Mr. Bunghole is my favorite band since the Partridge Family broke up!

    Play Freebird!

    • I have a rule to protect my sanity that if you use your email address to project rude commentary my way, you get deleted. This one is your warning. Any further ones are deleted.

  • Trevor Dunn tested mentally gifted in grammar school. His father was a top fuel dragster owner builder driver who competed with the big boys on a shoestring budget. The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I applaud his success.

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